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Medicine Ball

GoFit Medicine Ball

GF-MB4 (Green)

GF-MB6 (Purple)

GF-MB8 (Red)

GF-MB10 (Yellow)

GF-MB12 (Grey)

GF-MB15 (Blue)

Medicine Balls build core trunk strength and joint integrity. Core trunk strength is the key to most athletic moves. The trunk is generally the weakest link. All sports trainers now recognize core strength training as the logical starting point for an effective training program. Often athletes over-strengthen muscles at the expense of joint strength and no matter how strong your muscles are you are only functionally as strong as your joints. You see this often in injuries to shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. Medicine Ball training is designed to strengthen these areas and allows you to more fully access your muscle strength.

Available Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 LB

Sport-Thieme® Rubber Medicine Ball

0.8 kg, Ø 19.5 cm W0-IL2390606

1.0 kg, Ø 19.5 cm W0-IL2390619

1.5 kg, Ø 19.5 cm W0-IL2390622

2.0 kg, Ø 22 cm W0-IL2390635

3.0 kg, Ø 22 cm W0-IL2390648

4.0 kg, Ø 24 cm W0-IL2390651

5.0 kg, Ø 24 cm W0-IL2390664

The popular weight ball

The Sport-Thieme medicine ball made from rubber is a popular training ball for schools, clubs or physiotherapy.

·        Suitable for schools and clubs

·        Very good grip and good handling

·        Excellent bounce

The Sport-Thieme® rubber medicine ball: the modern medicine ball
The Sport-Thieme medicine ball is made from rubber, has a very good grip and is skin-friendly. Its grained surface is hygienic, can be wiped clean and is very hard-wearing. The bounce can be adjusted via the needle valve. Its versatility means that this fitness ball is ideal for school and popular sports. The balls are also used in physiotherapy as a form of rehabilitation after injuries.
Product information:

·        Material: rubber

·        Hygienic, wipe-clean

·        With needle valve

Available versions:

·        0.8 kg, ø 19.5 cm

·        1 kg, ø 19.5 cm

·        1.5 kg, ø 19.5 cm

·        2 kg, ø 22 cm

·        3 kg, ø 22 cm

·        4 kg, ø 24 cm

·        5 kg, ø 24 cm

Togu® Medicine Ball made from Ryton®

1 kg, Ø 21 cm Red W1-IL1096617

1.5 kg, Ø 28 cm Brown W1-IL1096620

2 kg, Ø 28 cm Brown W1-IL1096633

3 kg, Ø 28 cm Blue W1-IL1096646

4 kg, Ø 34 cm Green W1-IL1096659

5 kg, Ø 34 cm Red W1-IL1096662


The Togu medicine ball made from Ryton is the perfect weight ball for strength and coordination exercises in functional training.

·        Excellent abrasion resistance

·        Easy-care and wipe-clean

·        With a needle valve for re-inflating

·        Good bounce

·        Suitable for indoors and outdoor use

Strength training with the Togu medicine ball
Medicine balls made from high-quality plastic are a popular and effective training aid. They are part of basic equipment in sports halls and sports facilities of schools and clubs. The Togu medicine ball is made from Ryton. This special material provides an even more robust and abrasion-resistant ball. The special feature of this medicine ball: it has a very good bounce so that exercises such as bouncing it on the floor or against the wall are even easier to carry out. The built-in needle valve means that the required level of bounce can be adjusted to suit. 
Available versions:

·        1 kg, red, ø 21 cm

·        1.5 kg, brown, ø 28 cm

·        2 kg, brown, ø 28 cm

·        3 kg, blue, ø 28 cm

·        4 kg, green, ø 34 cm

·        5 kg, red, ø 34 cm

Sport-Thieme® "Black" Medicine Ball

1 kg, Ø 18 cm W1-IL1089400

1.5 kg, Ø 19 cm W1-IL1089413

2 kg, Ø 22 cm W1-IL1089426

3 kg, Ø 22 cm W1-IL1089439

4 kg, Ø 25 cm W1-IL1089442

5 kg, Ø 28 cm W1-IL1089455

The Sport-Thieme medicine ball has been popular in school and popular sports for many years. Now this classic is also available in black.

·        Made from real leather

·        With top-quality cork granulate filling

·        Available in 6 sizes

·        Without valve

·        Ideal for schools and clubs

·        Good quality is a must
The Sport-Thieme medicine ball is made from real leather. The material is dyed and completely non-fading. Thanks to a mixture of cork and granulate and without a valve, the ball keeps its roundness for years. There are a wide variety of possibilities for children and adults to train with the medicine ball thanks to the six different sizes.
Product details:

·        Made from leather

·        Dyed in black

·        Non-fading

Escape® Slam Ball

5 kg W1-IL2690807

10 kg W1-IL2690810

15 kg W1-IL2690823

20 kg W1-IL2690836

For all fitness enthusiasts

The Escape slam ball is the ideal piece of equipment for use in multifunctional training. It is guaranteed to get your body moving and trains every muscle.

·        For practising slams and throws

·        Ideal for beginners and professionals

·        More grip thanks to non-slip surface

·        Soft structure

Every muscle is guaranteed to be challenged with the Escape slam ball
The Escape slam ball is the ultimate fitness ball for training slams and throws. The different weights mean that everyone can tailor their workout to their own fitness level. Thanks to the ball
s textured surface, it provides more grip than a conventional medicine ball and its robustness means it also outperforms them in terms of longevity.

Product information:

·        Different weights

·        Surface material: rubber

·        Filling: iron particles and quartz sand

·        Diameter: 23 cm

Particularly challenging training using the slam ball
Regardless of whether you
re a beginner or a pro the particularly high and unstable net weight make training a real challenge for all athletes. This results in every muscle in the body being targeted. Due to its soft structure, the ball is harder to throw and wont roll away. The grippy surface makes it possible to slam the ball into the floor at full force.

Sport-Thieme® "Classic" Medicine Ball

1.0 kg, Ø 19 cm W1-IL1089240

1.5 kg, Ø 19 cm W1-IL1089237

2.0 kg, Ø 22 cm W1-IL1089224

3.0 kg, Ø 24 cm W1-IL1089208

4.0 kg, Ø 28 cm W1-IL1089253

5.0 kg, Ø 29 cm W1-IL1089211

The Sport-Thieme medicine ball is the classic medicine ball. For years the ball has been popular with both young and old, in school and popular sports. 

·        Ideal for schools and clubs

·        Made from real leather

·        With top-quality cork granulate filling

·        Available in 6 sizes

·        Without valve

The popular classic ball
The Sport-Thieme medicine ball
who doesn't remember it from their own school days? Whether throwing it into the air, circling it around your hips or balancing it around your legs in a figure of eight, the medicine balls are loved by young and old.
Medicine balls are also used in health promotion for prevention and rehabilitation after injury.
Available designs:

·        1 kg, ø 19 cm

·        1.5 kg, ø 19 cm

·        2 kg, ø 22 cm

·        3 kg, ø 24 cm

·        4 kg, ø 28 cm

·        5 kg, ø 29 cm

Sport-Thieme® "Tradition" Medicine Ball

1.0 kg, Ø 19 cm W1-IL1076048

1.5 kg, Ø 22 cm W1-IL1076006

2.0 kg, Ø 28 cm W1-IL1076019

3.0 kg, Ø 33 cm W1-IL1076022

4.0 kg, Ø 37 cm W1-IL1076035


The Sport-Thieme medicine ball is the popular training ball in clubs or schools and popular sports.

·        Durable ideal for schools and clubs

·        Without valve

·        Available in 5 different sizes


Sport-Thieme medicine ball: robust quality
The Sport-Thieme medicine ball has a real-leather cover and is hand-stitched. It is filled with cork and special hair filling. This provides optimal stability and the ball holds its shape well. The ball is available in 5 sizes and weights respectively which makes the Sport-Thieme medicine ball suitable for children as well as adults

Sport-Thieme® Sling Ball

800 g, Ø 16 cm W1-IL1088524

1000 kg, Ø 18 cm W1-IL1088511

1500 kg, Ø 24 cm W1-IL1088508


·        Real leather sling ball

·        Hand-stitched

·        Reinforced strap

·        Hand stitched

·        Strong loop

·        Filling from cork and polystyrene

WV Sling Ball

800 g, Ø 18 cm W1-IL1088902

1000 kg, Ø 18 cm W1-IL1088915

1500 kg, Ø 20 cm W1-IL1088928


The WV sling ball is ideal for use in schools and clubs. The leather strap provides a comfortable hold during training.

·        Ideal for schools and club sports

·        Especially moisture-resistant and thick

·        With sewn in leather strap

·        Product details:

·        Material: rubber

·        With sewn in leather strap

·        Available in 3 different versions

·        Colour: blue

Dynamax® Elite Medicinebal

2 kg W0-IL2474009

3 kg W0-IL2474012

4 kg W0-IL2474025

5 kg W0-IL2474038

6 kg W0-IL2474041

8 kg W0-IL2474054

9 kg W0-IL2474067

10 kg W0-IL2474070

12 kg W0-IL2474083

The Dynamax Elite is stronger than the normal Dynamax Medicinball and has a standard diameter of 35,5 cm. The Dynamax Elite Medicine Balls are a great way to exercise any area of your body including the core, upper and lower extremities. They improve core strength, joint integrity, coordination, range of motion, and flexibility. Can be used to train explosive power and improve coordination. Scuff resistant and it holds its shape even after repeated use.

Dynamax® Medicine Ball

2 kg W1-IL2324005

3 kg W1-IL2324018

4 kg W1-IL2324021

5 kg W1-IL2324034

6 kg W1-IL2324047

8 kg W1-IL2324050

10 kg W1-IL2324063

The top medicine ball from the USA

The Dynamax medicine ball is a high-quality training ball in a class of its own. Specially developed for coaches, athletes and physiotherapists, it is used and recommended by leading US sports experts.

·        Developed by trainers for trainers and athletes

·        90% of all NFL, NBA and MLB teams use Dynamax balls

·        Developed in accordance with ergonomic principles optimal size

·        Good handling and permanent shape also after many uses

·        Comfortable surface with durable vinyl and nylon covering

·        Dynamax medicine balls the innovation in medicine ball training
The Dynamax medicine ball allows you to make your training more varied and effective. The large, soft balls can be optimally used in rehabilitation, as well as in strength and athletics training. Thanks to their high-quality workmanship, the balls are very strong and hold their shape, even with regular use. They retain good handling, even after the influence of high impacts and retain an even distribution of weight. The balls' bounce is reduced to a minimum. This means that the ball can be thrown with maximum strength and speed. All weight categories of the Dynamax medicine balls have a diameter of 35 cm. This ensures effective, bio-mechanic efficiency for the exercises and has a gentler training effect on the body. 
Product information:

·        ø 35 cm

·        Made from 70% recycled materials (durable vinyl and nylon coating)

·        Colour: black/white

WV Medicine Ball The Original!

1.0 kg, Ø 20 cm Green W1-IL1089716

1.5 kg, Ø 22 cm Red W1-IL1089729

2.0 kg, Ø 27 cm Brown W1-IL1089732

3.0 kg, Ø 27 cm Blue W1-IL1089745

The modern medicine ball for sport and therapy use.

The WV rubber medicine ball is the perfect training ball for schools and clubs and is also great for physiotherapy.

·        Very good grip and pleasant to handle

·        Made from thick rubber

·        Easy-care: quickly and easily wiped clean

The WV medicine ball: limitless uses
The WV medicine ball is made from a natural rubber mix and therefore is good-grip and skin-friendly. Thanks to its wide range of sizes it is ideal for use in school and popular sports. The balls are also used in physiotherapy for rehabilitation after injuries. Training with the ball improves coordination and strengthens your muscles. The WV medicine ball is available in 5 different sizes.


Product details:

·        Material: natural rubber mix

·        Available in 5 different versions

·        Colours: brown, green, red and blue


Sport-Thieme Medicine Ball with Handles

3.0 kg Yellow W1-IL2200200

4.0 kg Pink W1-IL2200213

5.0 kg Orange W1-IL2200226

6.0 kg Red W1-IL2200239

7.0 kg Blue W1-IL2200242

8.0 kg Green W1-IL2200255

9.0 kg Purple W1-IL2200268

10.0 kg Black W1-IL2200271


·        Very durable and abrasion resistant

·        Keeps its shape well even with regular use

·        More uses compared to a traditional medicine ball

·        Suitable as a dumbbell, medicine ball or kettle bell

·        Trains whole body strength and stamina


Sport-Thieme medicine ball with handle s: robust and versatile
The Sport-Thieme medicine ball with handles is made from rubber and is especially durable. Its non-slip surface material is very abrasion resistant which means that even with regular use, it retains its nice round shape. Very important: the medicine ball can be wiped clean and is therefore hygienic.


More information:

·        Material: rubber

·        Easy to wipe clean

·        Different weight levels


Available versions:

·        3 kg, yellow, ø approx. 23.5 cm

·        4 kg, pink, ø approx. 23.5 cm

·        5 kg, orange, ø approx. 23.5 cm

·        6 kg, red, ø approx. 26 cm

·        7 kg, light blue, ø approx. 26 cm

·        8 kg, black, ø approx. 26 cm

·        9 kg, green, ø approx. 26 cm

·        10 kg, dark blue, ø approx. 26 cm

Thera-Band® Weight Ball

0.5 kg Beige W1-IL1483707

1.0 kg Yellow W1-IL1483710

1.5 kg Red W1-IL1483723

2.0 kg Green W1-IL1483736

2.5 kg Blue W1-IL1483749

3.0 kg Black W1-IL1483752

The alternative to traditional wrist weights or dumbbells!

·        Thera-Band Soft Weights

·        Easy-to-use balls

·        Functional and comfortable to hold

·        Suitable for exercising one or both sides

·        Weights do not bounce

·        ø 11 cm

Colours and weights:
Beige (0.5 kg), yellow (1 kg), red (1.5 kg), green (2 kg),
Blue (2.5 kg), black (3 kg)

Sport-Thieme® Slam Ball

3 kg Ø 23 cm, Red W0-IL2353904

5 kg Ø 23 cm, Blue W0-IL2353917

8 kg Ø 23 cm, Black W0-IL2353920

10 kg Ø 23 cm, Red W0-IL2353933

15 kg Ø 28 cm, Blue W0-IL2353946

20 kg Ø 28 cm, Black W0-IL2353959

The Sport-Thieme Slam Ball is a weighted ball that is perfect for training slams and throws.

·        Suitable for crossfit and medicine-ball exercises

·        Suitable for all kinds of team training, core training and circuit training

·        Structured surface for more grip

·        Practise slams and throws

The Sport-Thieme Slam Ball: with a structured surface
The Sport-Thieme Slam Ball is a PVC-coated, weighted ball filled with steel shot. The ball is available in different weights and colours allowing everyone to train at the corresponding level. In addition the ball features a structured surface for even better grip.

Spordas® Yuck-E Medicine Ball

1 kg, Ø 12 cm, yellow W1-IL1073557

2 kg, Ø 16 cm, green W1-IL1073560

3 kg, Ø 20 cm, purple W1-IL1073573

Spordas Yuck-E Medicine Ball

Your new, flexible medicine ball for countless sports games or fitness exercises. Also ideal for rehabilitation and therapy use.

·        The medicine ball that adapts to your body!

·        For strengthening muscles

·        To improve coordination and balance

·        Filling: polymer balls in gel that contains no harmful substances

·        Weight training in three weight classes
This soft medicine ball is easy to grip with one hand and will not slip away. The medicine ball comes in three different weights, which allows you to train according to your fitness level. Thanks to its soft properties, it adapts perfectly to the body, trains balance, improves coordination and strengthens muscles.
Available versions:

·        1 kg ø 12 cm yellow

·        2 kg ø 16 cm green

·        3 kg ø 20 cm purple

Gymnic® Heavy Med

1,000 g, Ø 12 cm Red W1-IL1073515

2,000 g, Ø 15 cm Red W1-IL1073528

3,000 g, Ø 17 cm Blue W1-IL1073531

"Heavy Med" is the name of the small, modern medicine balls made from plastic. They are very popular and are used for handball, volleyball and basketball training.

·        Available in 3 sizes

·        Handy size

·        Good rebound characteristics

·        Filled with water

·        Hygienic and wipe-clean

Small medicine ball, big impact
The "Heavy Med" is very popular amongst children and youths alike. The small medicine balls are ideal for use in sports halls or gyms. The balls are also highly sought after in football training on sports fields or in sports events such as medicine ball throwing.
Available in:

·        1000 g, red, ø 12 cm

·        2000 g, yellow, ø 15 cm

·        3000 g, blue, ø 17 cm

Barbell, Dumbell & Weight Disc Rack

Kettler® 'Vector' Barbell Rest


Only for private use

Strong stepper with training computer. Displays training time, stepping frequency, steps per training unit, total height, energy used, heart rate (via ear clip), room temperature. Recovery rate with fitness marks from 1-6. Pre-programming: time, steps, energy, stepping rate, optimal training zones (acoustic signal). Adjustment of resistance from 1-12. Castors with height levellers. Maximum user weight:110 kg. Assembled size (LxWxH):95x80x155 cm. Only for home use.

Kettler® Model 2012 Dumbbell and Weight Disc Rack W0-IL2426206

Kettler® dumbbell and weight disc rack: practical storage for dumbbells, weights discs, barbells and curl bars.

·        Generous storage space for free weight training

·        Slightly inclined storage space for easy put down and pick up

·        Weight rack with high degree of stability


Product details:

·        Actual dimensions (LxWxH): 120x60x90 cm

·        Max. weight load: 500 kg

·        Sturdy square steel tubing frame

·        Rubberised storage surface for dumbbells

·        4 storage possibilities for curl bars or barbells

·        8 weight stacks for weight discs from 0.5-20 kg (25 mm hole)

Fit Belts & Weight Lifting Belts

GoFit Padded Etched Leather Lifting Belt 6PLB 舉重牛皮腰帶

·        Key Features

The GoFit Padded Etched Leather Weightlifting Belt is a great strength training accessory. Comfortable and durable, this is the tool you need to protect your back and promote proper lifting. Available in 3 sizes, one should be perfect for your build and your body building.

·        Medium fits waist sizes 31" to 38"

·        Large fits waist sizes 35" to 42"

·        Extra Large fits waist sizes 39" to 46"

ALTUS 4 inches Leather Lifting Belt, Size S XL #1114 001


·        Competition Approved

·        Premium Leather Lifting Belt

·        4 in. Wide Belt Saddle Stitched

·        Two-Tongue Steel Buckle With Oval Belt Holes

·        Oil Treated

ALTUS 4 inches Padded Lifting Belt, Size S XL #1114 003


·        Traditional Leather Belt

·        4 in. Wide Belt Saddle Stitched

·        Two-Tongue Steel Buckle With Oval Belt Holes

·        Padded Suede Lining

ALTUS 5 inches Contour Lifting Belt Size, S XL #1115 001


·        Patented Contour Belt Design

·        Designed For Use By Men Or Women

·        Reduced Pinching And Chafing

·        Memory Foam Core

·        Overlapping Design With Cam Buckle And Torque Ring

ALTUS 4 inches Pro Web Lifting Belt Size, S XL # 1115 003


·        Extra Thick Web Body Support

·        4 in. Wide Belt Fits Most

·        3 in. Wide Belt Strap Surrounds Web Body

·        Steel Roller Buckle

McDavid Back Support

Size S, 61 81 cm W0-IL1017319

Size M, 61 107 cm W0-IL1017306

Size L, 91 132 cm W0-IL10173508

Size XL, 132 173 cm W0-IL1017319

Ideal for active people of all ages. The thin shape and lace-free design are ideal for tennis, squash, cycling, skiing, walking, golf, team sports and weight lifting. Supports the lumbar vertebra area, warm neoprene back belt with 6 supports, comfortable and cool because the side and front parts are made of a breathable material, lateral adjustment for additional hold, ergonomic shape for better fit, black.

Weight Lifting Belts

X2FIT Glove健身手套

·        [貨品編號: XF5280]

X2FIT Glove健身手套

·        [貨品編號: XF5290]

X2FIT Glove健身手套

·        [貨品編號: XF5300]

X2FIT Glove健身手套

·        [貨品編號: XF5510]

GoFit Men's Cross Training Gloves GF-CT

The GoFit Xtrainer Cross Training Glove has an advanced, ergonomic palm design with padded palm preasure points, offering great comfort with a confident grip. Durable, high-performance materials and progressive design, make the Xtrainer Glove, with ergonomic palm a superior entry-level glove in the GoFit glove line.

Available Sizes: M, LG, XL

Includes: One Pair Xtrainer Gloves

GoFit GF-WCT-LG Women's Cross Training Glove with Etched Synthetic Leather Palm (Black/Pink) GF-WCT

Key Features

The GoFit Xtrainer Cross Training Glove has an advanced, ergonomic palm design with padded palm pressure points, offering great comfort with a confident grip.

Durable, high-performance materials and progressive design, make the Xtrainer Glove, with ergonomic palm a superior entry-level glove in the GoFit glove line.

·        Ergonomic Padded Palm Pressure Points.

·        Superior Grip Etched, Synthetic Leather Palm.

·        Thermal Regulating Mesh Back.

·        Finger Pull Tabs for Easy On and Off.

·        Available Sizes: S, M, LG

 11.4cm x 4.45cm x 27.9cm/Peg.

GoFit Diamond-Tac Wrist Wrap Glove - Padded, Flexible, Supportive Fitness Glove GF-DTACW

·        GoFits Diamond-Tac Glove offers durable comfort with a confident grip. Included with the Diamond-Tac gloves is an interactive, 12-week workout CD demonstrating proper form and even nutritional tips!

·        FULL PROTECTION - The Diamond-Tac glove features a ¼ inch padded wrist wrap for superior wrist support along with a neoprene knuckle panel for extra flexibility.

·        ADJUSTABLE - GoFits Diamond-Tac Gloves are great for both men and women, offering a two-way stretch top for the best fit and flexibility. The featured pull tab fingers even make for easy removal!

·        DIAMOND DESIGN - The Diamond-Tac Gloves featured Daimond-Tac Palm offers a comfortable and elite grip. The rubberized, reinforced canvas on the thumb and forefinger add to the gloves gripping power.

·        GREAT FOR - From powerlifting to pull ups, GoFits Diamond-Tac Gloves can be used for any kind of training or workout you desire.

·        Available sizes: MED, LG, XLG, XXL


Product Description

Sport-Tac Palm for Superior Gripping

·        Reinforced stitching on fingers.

·        Terry Cloth Thumb 

·        Neoprene knuckle panel for increased flexibility.

·        Four-way stretch back for superior comfort. 

·        Pull-tab finger for easy removal.

·        Synthetic leather palm for durability.

·        Adjustable Closure

·        Easy-On Finger Loop

·        Available sizes: MED, LG, XLG


Product Description

GoFit Womens Pro Trainer Glove with Sport-Tac palm provides comfort and control for all weight training applications.

·        Sport-Tac Palm for Superior Gripping 

·        Reinforced Fingers

·        Diamond-knit back for superior stretch and comfort.

·        Reinforced split opening for easy on/off.

·        Adjustable Closure

·        Pull-tab finger for easy removal.

·        Synthetic leather palm for great durability.

·        Double-layer palm, padded for comfort.

·        Available sizes: S, M, L

Women's Pearl-Tac Pro Trainer Gloves GF-RTACP

GoFit Womens Pro Trainer Glove with Pearl-Tac technology provides comfort and control for all weight training applications. The unique design has an anatomically-cut palm with a tacky surface for extra grip as well as light gel padding. The fabric will breathe and is fully machine washable. Synthetic leather is used in the palm of the glove with a canvas reinforcement between the thumb and forefinger for extra durability. The back of the thumb has a terry cloth surface to wipe your brow without needing a towel. The middle finger has a pull tab to allow for simple glove removal.

Pearl-Tac Palm Provides Superior Gripping
Rubberized, reinforced canvas on thumb and forefinger for more gripping power.
Terry Cloth Thumb

Available Sizes: S, M, L

Includes: One Pair Womens Pearl-Tac Pro Trainer Gloves

Ankle Weight

GoFit Padded Pro Ankle Weights GF-P5W


The GoFit Padded Pro Ankle Weights are ideal for rehab and improving lower body strength. Ankle weights are one of the best ways in which to add resistance to your lower body training, by targeting certain muscle groups. The leg and hip joint are like a lever and fulcrum. With the hip being the fulcrum, the farther away the weight, the harder it is to lift and balance. The same can be said for the knee joint as well. By adding a minimum amount of weight, the leg muscles must exert considerable effort to lift and balance the weights, which provides maximum results.

Padded soft-touch interior provides superior comfort.
Weight-Bar-Pockets made of heavy canvas with durable rubber-capped Velcro closures.
Secure nylon strap with Velcro closure.
Heavy-duty edge trim.

Available Weights:
5 LB Pair (2.5lbs each/ 5lb pair)
10 LB Pair (5lbs each/ 10lb pair)

GoFit Adjustable Ankle Weights GF-5W


·        GoFit Ankle Weights are an excellent way to add resistance for both training and rehabilitation

·        These traditional ankle weights are weight adjustable

·        The 5lb and 10lb sets are constructed of heavy-duty nylon canvas for rugged durability, with removable granulated steel shot packets for comfort

·        Zipper closure holds the weight packets in place

·        Fastens securely with Velcro straps

·        Available Weights:
5 LB Pair (2.5lbs each/ 5lb pair)
10 LB Pair (5lbs each/ 10lb pair)

Kettler Foot Bands KA-412-110

Foot Bands 2kg/pair

Kettler Foot Bands KA-412-120

Foot Bands 3kg/pair

Kettler Ankle/Wrist Weights KA-413-000

Ankle/Wrist 2.5kg/pair

Kettler Ankle/Wrist Weights KA-413-010

Ankle/Wrist 5kg/pair

Kettler Ankle/Wrist Weights KA-413-020

Ankle/Wrist 7kg/pair

Kettler Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights KA-414-000


LP Wrist Bands FT3100


LP Wrist Bands FT3101


LP Wrist Bands FT3102


JOEREX Ankle/Wrist Weights, Pair

JW03 3 Lbs(2x1.5 Lbs)

JW05 5 Lbs(2x2.5 Lbs)

JW08 8 Lbs(2x4 Lbs)

JW10 10 Lbs(2x5 Lbs)

JW12 12 Lbs(2x6 Lbs)

JW15 15 Lbs(2x7.5 Lbs)


多種磅數可供選擇,3 磅到15磅,找到最適合您的訓練強度


ALTUS 5 LB. (2x2.5 Lbs) Standard Ankle/Wrist Weights #1117 001

Shape And Tone, Add Power And Strength 可調較腳綁

·        Use For Walking, Sport Training, Rehab

·        Comfortable Form Fitting Design

·        Adjustable - One Size Fits Most

·        Durable Nylon Construction

·        Adjustable Weight Packets

·        Download Multiple Exercise Routines

ALTUS 10 LB. (2x5 Lbs) Standard Ankle/Wrist Weights #1117 002

Shape And Tone, Add Power And Strength 可調較腳綁

·        Use For Walking, Sport Training, Rehab

·        Comfortable Form Fitting Design

·        Adjustable - One Size Fits Mos

·        Durable Nylon Construction

·        Adjustable Weight Packets

·        Download Multiple Exercise Routines

ALTUS 20 LB. (2x10 Lbs) Standard Ankle/Wrist Weights #1117 003

Shape And Tone, Add Power And Strength 可調較腳綁

·        Use For Walking, Sport Training, Rehab

·        Comfortable Form Fitting Design

·        Adjustable - One Size Fits Most

·        Durable Nylon Construction

·        Adjustable Weight Packets

·        Download Multiple Exercise Routines

Sport-Thieme Weight Cuffs

0.5 kg (2x0.5 kg) W0-IL2183608

1.0 kg (2x1.0 kg) W0-IL2183611

1.5 kg (2x1.5 kg) W0-IL2183624

2.0 kg W0-IL2183637

2.5 kg W0-IL2183640
The wider and longer velcro bands mean you can use these on both the wrists and ankles. 100% polyester.

Ironwear® Adjustable Wrist / Ankle Cuffs

2 x 1.10 kg W0-IL1982448

2 x 2.25 kg W0-IL1982451

These Adjustable Ankle Irons can be added to in 200g weights. Bands for hands and feet for aerobics, kickboxing, fitness and running training. The wide Velcro fastenings mean they fit the wrist perfectly.

·        100% nylon

·        Can also be used in water because of the "Flex-metal" inlays.

Available in two weight classes:

·        2x 1.10 kg

·        2x 2.25 kg

Ironwear® Wrist and Foot Cuffs

2 x 0.45 kg W0-IL1982435

2 x 1.10 kg W0-IL1982464

Wrist-Ankle Irons are hand and foot cuff weights for aerobics, boxing, kick boxing, karate, fitness and running training. They will fit all hands perfectly as they have a wide Velcro fastening system. 

·        100% nylon

·        Can be used in water because of the Flex-Metal

Available in two weight classes:

·        2x 0.45 kg

·        2x 1.10 kg

Ironwear® Hand Irons Weight Gloves

(2x0.45 kg) W0-IL1982406

(2x0.90 kg) W0-IL1982419

(2x1.35 kg) W0-IL1982422

Hand Irons are glove weights for aerobics, boxing, kick boxing, fitness and running training. These gloves will fit all hands perfectly as they have a triple fastening system. 

·        100% nylon

·        Can be used in water because of the Flex-Metal

Available in three weights:

·        2x 0.45 kg

·        2x 0.90 kg

·        2x 1.35 kg

Weight Vests

ATLUS 1111 008 Standard Lifting Hook


ALTUS 1111 033 Weight Vest 40 Lbs


ALTUS 1111 035 Weight Vest Adjustable 12-20 Lbs


Sport-Thieme "Premium" Weight Vest 38 x 250 g W0-IL1489242

Ideal for fitness, strength and running training

This vest is suitable for fitness, strength and especially general running training thanks to the perfect fit. The 38 sewn-in pockets mean that it can be filled in a flexible way and means you can even out the weight across your upper body. 38 x 250 g weights. The double Velcro system ensures optimum hold. 100% polyester.

Ironwear® Short Weights Vest W0-IL1485615

Very comfortable sports vest

·        Durable and easy to clean

·        Offers maximum freedom of movement

Weight vest with 4.5 kg of additional weight. For more intensive and effective workouts. With 18 Flex metal weights each 230 g for bespoke adjustment. Ideal for running, strength and fitness training. Weight can be increased to a max. of 9 kg. Thanks to the Flex metal weights, the vest can also be used in water. 100% nylon.

Perfect fit even during intensive training sessions
High demands are no problem for this short Ironwear weight vest: an extra large chest belt ensures a secure fit. The belt is flexible so that it does not restrict breathing during intense workouts. The extra stretch pockets help to prevent the weights from slipping. If the vest gets really dirty when used outdoors, it can easily be washed.

Ironwear® Weight Shorts W0-IL1485703

·        With 4.5 kg additional weight (can be extended further to 9 kg)

·        Very comfortable and full freedom of movement

·        Provides new training stimulation and increases exercise intensity

Strengthens and stabilises the leg muscles. Shorts with 4.5 kg additional weight (can be extended up to 9 kg of extra weight). Open inner thigh section ensures maximum freedom of movement. Adjustable Velcro belt from approx. 65-135 cm. Includes 18 Flex metal weights of 230 g each. Flex metal also enables use in water. 100% nylon.

Increase the intensity level of your training
The Ironwear weight shorts intensify your training and make running and jumping exercises even more effective. Whether for increasing performance in volleyball, basketball, football, athletics or running - these shorts with additional weights are suitable for all sports and are simply worn over your workout clothes. The Ironwear weight shorts fit well around the legs.

Ironwear® sports vest, short

Yellow W0-IL1485602

Black W0-IL1485631

Ironwear sports vest: for even more intensive training. Ideal for improving performance in lots of different sports.

·        Offers an additional training weight of 4.5 kg

·        With 20 'Flex-Metal' weights for individual weight adjustment

·        Flexible material for a high degree of comfort and optimal freedom of movement

·        Breathable, waterproof and quick-drying

Get more out of your training session!
With the short Ironwear sports vest, training sessions can easily be made more intensive and can be completed more effectively thanks to the variable weights. The thin and comfortable material fits perfectly to the upper body and allows maximum freedom of movement in all exercises. Thanks to the elastic stretch Velcro fastener, the Ironwear sports vest fits pretty much any body size whether young or old. The vest sits firmly on the body even during intensive workouts.

·        More product information:

·        20 'Flex-Metal' weights (each 230 g)

·        Weight variations between 450 g and 4.5 kg

·        Velcro belt adjustable between 55 and 135 cm

·        Material: 100% polyester

·        Easy to clean

·        Colour: neon-green/black

Sport-Thieme® Weight Vest W0-IL1489239

For fitness training in all types of sport. 100% polyester, approx. 10 kg. With nine removable weight bags suitable for people of all sizes.

Short Weights - Dumbells

X2FIT Fixed Dumbells

20 kg XF0638

17.50 kg XF0637

15 kg XF0636

12.5 kg XF0635

10 kg XF0634

7.50 kg XF0633

5 kg XF0632

2.5 kg XF0631

Kettler Neoprene Dumbells

啞鈴 (2公斤/) [貨品編號: KA-701-000]

啞鈴 (4公斤/) [貨品編號: KA-701-010]

啞鈴 (6公斤/) [貨品編號: KA-701-020]

Sport-Thieme® Compact Dumbbells

W0-IL2270207 2.5 kg

W0-IL2270210 5 kg

W0-IL2270223 7.5 kg

W0-IL2270236 10 kg

W0-IL2270249 12.5 kg

W0-IL2270252 15 kg

W0-IL2270265 17.5 kg

W0-IL2270278 20 kg

W0-IL2270281 22.5 kg

W0-IL2270281 25 kg

W0-IL2270308 27.5 kg

W0-IL2270311 30 kg

W0-IL2270337 32.5 kg

W0-IL2270340 35 kg

W0-IL2270353 37.5 kg

W0-IL2270366 40 kg

The classic dumbell set used by top athletes for training. Permanently screwed-on cast iron dumbells, non interchangeable. Individually priced.

Sport-Thieme® Compact Dumbbell Set W0-IL2270324 2.5-40 kg

Set of 24 dumbbell weights 2 pairs each of 2.5-30 kg.

Sport-Thieme® adjustable Dumbbell Sets

Set 1 = 10 kg W0-IL1465509

Set 2 = 15 kg W0-IL1465512

Set 3 = 20 kg W0-IL1465525

Dumbbells with adjustable cast iron discs, short bars 35 cm long, ø 30 mm, approx. 2.5 kg. Stacking 10, 15 or 20 kg.

·        Set 1: 2x 1.25 kg, 2x 2.5 kg + bar = 10 kg

·        Set 2: 2x 1.25 kg, 2x 5 kg + bar = 15 kg

·        Set 3: 2x 1.25 kg, 2x 2.5 kg, 2x 5 kg + bar = 20 kg

Sport-Thieme® Chrome Dumbbell

W0-IL2695408 1 kg

W0-IL2695411 2 kg

W0-IL2695424 3 kg

W0-IL2695437 4 kg

W0-IL2695440 5 kg

W0-IL2695453 6 kg

W0-IL2695466 7 kg

W0-IL2695479 8 kg

W0-IL2695482 9 kg

W0-IL2695495 10 kg

The Sport-Thieme chrome dumbbells with ergonomic grips are particularly well-suited to use in gymnastic exercises and free weight training.

·        Safe training: the weights are securely attached to the hand grip

·        Sit perfectly in the hand thanks to curved handle

·        In 10 weight levels for all training requirements

·        Suitable for the widest range of exercises

·        Seamless transition from the grip to the head of the dumbbell

The Sport-Thieme chrome dumbbells: for training in the gym or at home
With the Sport-Thieme chrome dumbbells the weights are securely connected to the handles
in contrast to conventional chrome dumbbells using spinlock collars, the weights cannot come loose. The dumbbells are available in ten weights, allowing for intensive workouts for the upper body and arms. Thanks to the ergonomic grip, the dumbbells will not slip from your hands during any kind of exercise. Whether theyre for use in gymnastics exercises, for strength training or for building muscle the compact chrome dumbbells with ergonomic grips are suitable for any requirements.

Product information:

·        Dumbbell made of chromed steel

·        1-10 kg

·        Ergonomic grip

Chrome dumbbells simply look good
Chrome dumbbells are the ideal piece of training equipment for those that are also interested in aesthetics. The very glossy, chromed and polished weights with rounded corners look just as good in the free weights section of the gym as they do in a home gym.

Sport-Thieme® Compact Rubber Dumbbell

W0-IL2200503 1 kg

W0-IL2200516 2 kg

W0-IL2200529 3 kg

W0-IL2205032 4 kg

W0-IL2200545 5 kg

W0-IL2200558 6 kg

W0-IL2200561 7 kg

W0-IL2200574 8 kg

W0-IL2200587 9 kg

W0-IL2200590 10 kg

W0-IL2200604 12.5 kg

W0-IL2200617 15 kg

W0-IL2200620 17.5 kg

W0-IL2200633 20 kg

W0-IL2200646 22.5 kg

W0-IL2200659 25 kg

W0-IL2200662 27.5 kg

W0-IL2200675 30 kg

W0-IL2200691 1-10 kg

W0-IL2200688 1-30 kg

Compact dumbbell made from rubber for professional gym equipment. The dumbbell is especially long lasting and gentle to floor surface. Ergonomically shaped, chrome plated and knurled.

Whether for workouts in a gym or for weight training at home: with the Sport-Thieme compact rubber dumbbells you are kitted out perfectly!

Sport-Thieme® Vinyl Dumbbell

Yellow, 0.5 kg W0-IL2706708

Orange, 1 kg W0-IL2706711

Red, 1.5 kg W0-IL2706724

Light Blue, 2 kg W0-IL2706737

Mint, 3 kg W0-IL2706740

Purple, 4 kg W0-IL2706753

Blue, 5 kg W0-IL2706766

Dark Red, 6 kg W0-IL2706779

Grey, 7 kg W0-IL2706782

Green, 8 kg W0-IL2706795

Brown, 9 kg W0-IL2706809

Black, 10 kg W0-IL2706812

The Sport-Thieme vinyl dumbbell offers a wide range of uses in gymnastics, aerobics and fitness training.

·        The smooth surface prevents sweat absorption and is easy to clean

The Sport-Thieme vinyl dumbbell: with a wide range of uses
The Sport-Thieme vinyl dumbbell is perfect for clubs, gyms or for use at home. With 12 different weights to choose from, the dumbbell can be used in many different areas
such as in group workouts at the gym, to support gymnastic exercises, for strength training or in therapy. The different weights of dumbbell are colour coded, making them particularly easy to identify. The dumbbells are made of cast iron and are covered with a high-quality, skin-friendly, coloured plastic layer. The dumbbells smooth surface prevents sweat absorption and is easy to clean. Even after long periods of use the dumbbell will not slip out of your hand.

Additional information:

·        Weights: from 0.5 to 10 kg

·        Easy to clean

·        Sold individually

Vinyl Dumbbell Set W0-IL1464607

Set consists of:

·        2 each of: 1.5 kg, 3 kg and 5kg weights.

·        1 practical storage rack to save safe when storing.

Perfect for gyms, clubs and home use. LxWxH: 38x38x28 cm.

ALTUS Dumbbell Set with Stand # 1112 002

Get in shape with the Altus Be Fit Look Fit 32-lb. This set comes with weights in three sizes, so you can choose just the right pair for any exercise. The neoprene coating gives you a comfortable grip. The included stand gives you a convenient place to store your dumbbells when you are not using them. Features:

·        Includes 1 pair of 3-lb. weights, 1 pair of 5-lb. weights and 1 pair of 8-lb. weights

·        Shape and tone

·        Build strength and power

·        Weights are coated with neoprene

·        Stand included for convenient storage

JOEREX Vinyl Plate (包膠星頭)

JD2020 Weight: 10 kg

JD2021 Weight: 15 kg

JOEREX Vinyl Plate (包膠平頭)

JD2024 Weight: 5 kg

I.CARE Bone Dumbell 骨頭啞鈴/Pair

JBO50507 0.75 KG X 2

JBO50508 1.0 KG X 2

JBO50509 1.5 KG X 2

JOEREX Chrome 電鍍啞鈴/Pair



JD8208-8 Lb




JOEREX Vinyl Cover Dumbbell/Pair


JD8101 Weight: 1 Lb 包膠一磅(每隻一磅)

JD8102 Weight: 2 Lb 包膠二磅(每隻二磅)

JD8103 Weight: 3 Lb 包膠三磅(每隻三磅)

JD8105 Weight: 5 Lb 包膠五磅(每隻五磅)

JD8108 Weight: 8 Lb 包膠八磅(每隻八磅)

JD8110 Weight: 10 Lb 包膠十磅(每隻十磅)

JD8112 Weight: 12 Lb 包膠十二磅(每隻十二磅)

JD8115 Weight: 15 Lb 包膠十五(每隻十五磅)

Aerobics Dumbbells/Pair

Black W0-IL1474305 0.5 kg(2x500 g)

Red W0-IL1474318 1.0 kg(2x1000 kg)

Green W0-IL1474321 1.5 kg(2x1.5 kg)

Purple W0-IL1474334 2.0 kg(2.0 kg)


Aerobics dumbbells

·        Soft rubber cover for comfortable grip

·        With adjustable hand and foot straps

·        Secure attachment thanks to Velcro fastener

Thanks to their low weight class, the aerobics dumbbells are especially suitable for fast-paced motion sequences for use in classes, for endurance fitness or, for example, for use in sports for senior citizens. The soft rubber handles make them particularly comfortable. Ideal for longer training sessions. The hand and foot straps are individually adjustable and can be adjusted to different sizes with the Velcro fastener.

Product details:

·        5 weight classes (0.5 to 3 kg)

·        Indication of weight on each dumbbell

·        Delivered in pairs

JOEREX Foam Dumbell/Pair

JD6063-3 Lb

JD6064-4 Lb

JD6065-5 Lb

祖迪斯海绵健美哑铃 锻炼手臂肌肉

Sport-Thieme® Mobile Dumbbell Rack W0-IL1459278

For gymnastics and aerobics dumbbells. Mobile storage rack for gym and club use. Holds up to 80 dumb bells. The strong double castors make it fast to transport to the next training location. 28 kg, Storage size: LxWxH: 112x65x86 cm.

Sport-Thieme® Wall Dumbbell Rack W0-IL1459281

For gymnastics and aerobics dumbbells. Space saving solution for up to 50 dumbbells. Made from strong rectangular tubing. Wall fixings not included. LxWxH: 150x48x24 cm, 13.2 kg.

Sport-Thieme® Mobile Storage Stand for Gym Weights

Small W0-IL1457634

Large W0-IL1389702

The Sport-Thieme storage stand for gym weights is an ideal space-saving option.

·        Two different versions

·        Stand can be locked

·        4 smooth-running castors

Sport-Thieme® Double Storage Rack for Dumbbells W0-IL1459252

The Sport-Thieme® weight storage stand is suitable for:

·        Compact weights

·        Hand weights/Kettlebells

·        Chrome weights

·        Gym weights

The sloping storage area is designed for ergonomic use. The distances can be adjusted individually to enable the storage of different types of weights. Sturdy steel construction with double storage option. 150x65x73 cm. 

Sport-Thieme® Weights Storage Rack W0-IL1459294

Space saving and visible storage rack for four loaded barbells. Also can take dumbbells and Kettle Bells and discs. LxWxH: 77x71x79 cm.


GoFit Olympic Barbell Pad BPAD

Includes: One Olympic Barbell Pad.
Train in comfort. The GoFit Olympic Barbell Pad provides comfort and protection for your neck and shoulders during olympic barbell training.

The GoFit Olympic Barbell Pad provides comfort and protection for your neck and shoulders during olympic barbell training.

15mm High Density Foam
Nylon, Full-Covered Wrap
Hook & Loop Closure

Sport-Thieme® Barbell Set, 50 kg or 75 kg

50 kg Cast Iron W1-IL3003507

75 kg Cast Iron W1-IL3003510

50 kg Rubberised W1-IL3003549

75 kg Rubberised W1-IL3003552

50 kg Chrome with Rubber Inlay W1-IL3003523

75 kg Chrome with Rubber Inlay W1-IL3003536

The Sport-Thieme 50-kg or 75-kg barbell set is available in three different versions: made from cast iron, rubberised and chrome with rubber inlay.

·        Ideal for use at the gym and at home

·        Barbell incl. quick-release system

·        Comes in 3 different versions

The Sport-Thieme barbell set: train effectively with barbells
The barbell set is available with high-quality weight discs made from cast iron, rubber or chrome in a 50-kg or 75-kg version. A quick-release system on the barbell bar ensures that it is quick to change discs. The set can be used on a bench at the gym or at home. The different weights of the individual discs offer more variety for your workout.
Information on the weight bar:

·        Length: 180 cm

·        Approx. 10 kg

·        Grip width: approx. 114 cm

·        Max. weight: approx. 200 kg

Information on the weight discs:

·        Hole: ø 30 mm

Weight sin the weight set:
Set, 50 kg:

·        4x 1.25 kg

·        6x 2.5 kg

·        4x 5 kg

Set, 75 kg:

·        4x 1.25 kg

·        4x 2.5 kg

·        2x 5 kg

·        4x 10 kg

Sport-Thieme® 27.5 kg Barbell Set, Rubber-Coated or Chrome

Rubber-Coated W1-IL1465206

Chrome with Rubber Inlay W1-IL1465219

Put together for you: barbell sets with a choice between high quality cast iron or chrome weight discs with 180 cm long weight bar including quick release. Weights in set are as follows:

·        27.5 kg set: 2x0.5 kg, 2x 1.25 kg, 2x 2.5 kg, 2x 5 kg

·        Barbell Bar 160 cm, approx. 9 kg, Ø 30 mm

Hot Iron® Barbell Set

Standard Set W1-IL1465408

Premium Grey Set W1-IL1465424

Premium PU multicoloured W1-IL1465453

Premium PU SGR W1-IL1465479

The original Hot Iron barbell set is ideal for personal and group training.

·        Ideal for versatile barbell training in a group

·        Muscle building and burning fat for a toned body

·        Grips on the plates for individual exercises (kickbacks, lateral raises, arm curls)

·        Reduced noise and won't damage the ground

·        Stainless steel bar, powdered grip surface

Full-body workout with the Hot Iron barbell set
There are 2 different versions of the Hot Iron barbell set: "Standard" and "Premium". In the "Standard" version, the weight plates are round, made from plastic and have a concrete filling. The "Premium" plates, however, have 6 edges, an iron core and are covered in rubber. Both Hot Iron barbell sets have come with spring collar clips so that the user can quickly and easily adapt the weight to suit them. A quick and easy change of the weight discs is therefore guaranteed.
The Hot Iron barbell set consists of:

·        1 barbell (approx. 2.5 kg, 145 cm)

·        1 pair of 1.25 kg weight plates

·        1 pair of 2.5 kg weight plates

·        1 pair of 5 kg weight plates

Product information on the individual Hot Iron barbell sets:

·        Plastic weight plates with concrete filling

·        Black

·        28 mm hollow bar, with 25 mm knurling

·        Barbell can hold up to 50 kg

·        1 pair of spring collar clips with rubber grip

Premium colourful:

·        Iron weight plates with rubber covering (natural rubber)

·        Yellow, green, blue

·        28 mm, anodised hollow bar

·        Barbell can hold up to 80 kg

·        1 pair of spring collar clips with rubber grip

Premium grey:

·        Iron weight plates with rubber covering (natural rubber)

·        Different shades of grey

·        28 mm, anodised hollow bar

·        Barbell can hold up to 80 kg

·        1 pair of spring collar clips with rubber grip

Premium PU:

·        Iron weight plates with PU covering

·        Yellow, green, orange

·        28 mm, anodised hollow bar

·        Barbell can hold up to 80 kg

·        1 pair of spring collar clips with rubber grip

Premium PU SGR:

·        Iron weight plates with PU covering

·        Black, red

·        28 mm, anodised hollow bar

·        Barbell can hold up to 80 kg

·        1 pair of spring collar clips with rubber grip


Kit Fit'us Barbell Set

W0-IL1466658 8 kg

W0-IL1466661 16 kg

W0-IL2291606 26 kg

Especially for lessons in clubs and gyms

·        Plastic coating protects the floor

The set consists of:

·        1 long bar (ø 28 mm),140 cm, 1 kg

·        Weights discs

·        Set of 8 kg = 2x 2 kg, 2x 1 kg, 2x 0.5 kg

·        Set of 16 kg= 2x 4 kg, 2x 2 kg, 2x 1 kg, 2x 0.5 kg

·        Quick releases

This training set has been specially developed to meet the needs of courses in clubs. The weight discs are coated in plastic so that the floor underneath is protected when laying weights down or even when they fall on the floor.

Recommendation for gyms: Order the matching stand (product code 2291619) at the same time as ordering the Long Bar Set!