Water Polo Ball

Conti® Water Polo Ball

WP4 Ladies W0-IL1081060

WP5 Men W0-IL1081057

Official Conti ball.

  • Excellent grip thanks to the special rubber coating

  • Strong fluted surface texture

  • Colour: orange/yellow

  • Men's: circumference 68-71 cm, 400-450 g

  • Ladies': circumference 65-67 cm, 400-450 g

Water Polo Ball W0-IL1080908

A simple water polo ball.

  • Easy to grip surface

  • Plastic

  • Circumference approx. 63cm

  • 420g

  • Non-slip surface

  • Weight and circumference comply with regulations

Mikasa® "W6000W" Men's Water Polo Ball W0-IL1081031

The official game ball of the World and European Championships.

  • FINA Game Ball

  • New design for improved visibility

  • Circumference 68-71 cm

  • 400-450 g

Mikasa® "W6000W" Women's Water Polo Ball W0-IL1081044

The official game ball of the World and European Championships.

  • FINA Game Ball

  • New design for improved visibility

  • Circumference 68-71 cm

  • 400-450 g

Underwater Rugby Ball W0-IL2438506

  • The official underwater rugby ball

  • Black/yellow

  • TV motif

  • Anti-slip

  • Filled with salt water

Underwater rugby is a team sport which is unique in that the ball and players can move in three dimensions. UWR is the international standard abbreviation.

The game is played with a ball filled with saltwater (which is about the size of a handball and looks like a classic football). It has a higher density than fresh water and sinks with a speed of 1 to 1.25 m/s. It is always played underwater and the ball must not rise above the water's surface. 

If the water has a depth of between 3.5 m and 5.0 m the goals are positioned on the bottom of the pool. They are heavy metal hoops with a diameter of 39-40 cm.

A game lasts 2x 15 minutes. Each team consists of 6 players and 6 substitutes as well as 3 reserve players. As circulation is greatly affected by the fast game and the players do not breath underwater, the players swap regularly. When players swap, there is a rule that a substitute can only enter the water once the other has completely left it.

Under water rugby requires high stamina and the ability to hold your breath. A feel for tactics is also necessary because correct positioning is crucial for good passing. When the ball is passed, it is pushed away similar to a shot put. Depending on power and speed, the ball can be accurately passed over several metres. On the whole the game is characterised by different demands of the players: not only strength is required, speed and mobility also play a part under water. In order to orientate oneself in nearby "free space" of the three dimensions, a good overview is also essential because an attack can come from above or below in underwater rugby.

Water Polo Goal & Net

Water Polo Goal per pair W0-IL1127629

Free floating

Neptune special free floating, 3x0.90x1.6 m. A stable construction thanks to the tried and tested special 75x40 mm profile in combination with aluminium sheeting (edged) floats. As the floats are extremely wide, the goal sits very stable on the water. The rear can be folded up, cross bar and posts are white, float red, baking varnished, comes with net hooks, hangers, floats and calibration weight.

Aluminium Water Polo Goal W0-IL1127603

Aluminium Water Polo Goal - floating, folds, 3x0.90 m

  • Sturdy construction

  • Folds away, enabling compact storage

  • Front bevelled floats ensure it will not sink

  • Free floating

  • Posts made of 80 x 40 mm tubing

  • 3x0.9x1.35 m

  • Sturdy design

  • Tubing 80x40 mm

  • Real enamel finish in white

  • Collapsible net brackets - enables compact storage

  • Goal includes rust-proof screw-in net hooks

  • With aluminium net bracket

  • Angled foam floats at the front ensure it will not sink

    The crucial advantage of this goal: The floats and net brackets can be attached to the posts with very little effort and without requiring any dismantling.

  • Collapsible, study design, without rigid connections

  • All components work independently of each other therefore no risk of accidental breaking

  • Angled foam floats prevent sinking

  • Exceptionally quick and simple balancing. Only needs to be done once then will always be ready to use

  • Two-point line attachment to the special floats

  • Sits calmly in the water

  • Free-hanging nets - no distracting brackets in the middle of the goal

  • Quick and easy to put up and take down

  • Compact storage - can fit through the most narrow of doorways

    Recommended net

  • Water Polo Goal Net complies with regulations, polypropylene, 3 mm, green 1127

    Useful accessories

  • Aluminium ground sockets with cover, for attaching the goal to the edge of the pool 2255415

  • Tensioning rope for attaching Water Polo Goals to the pool edge. 2254829

Water Polo Goal W0-IL1127616

For fixing to side of pool

Pool edge fixing set for sockets with internal ø 34 mm. Comes without sockets.

"Fun" Water Polo Goal W0-IL1126802

''Fun'' Inflatable Water Polo Goal

  • Made from very durable, strong and UV resistant canvas material

  • Includes hand pump, repair kit, two tensioning cords and a carry bag

  • 200x100x100 cm

  • Made from extremely tear-proof, strong and UV resistant canvas material

  • High-frequency welded

  • Material is the same as used in raft boats

  • 2.5 mm thick

  • Includes hand pump

  • Repair kit included

  • Includes 3 mm polypropylene net, mesh width 10 cm, white

  • 2 tensioning cords

  • 1 carry bag for

  • 200x100x100 cm

  • Weight per goal approx. 9 kg

Water Polo Goal Net W0-IL1127906

Water Polo Goal Net

For free-floating Water Polo Goal Nets 1127603, 1127629 or for Water Polo Goals for attaching to the pool edge 1127616

  • Polypropylene

  • 3 mm

  • Mesh width 12 cm

  • Green

  • 3x1x0.8x0.8 m

Water Polo Goal Nets W0-IL1127919

For 'Neptun Spezial' water polo goal 1127629

  • Special nets made from 5 mm polypropylene, high-quality

  • Fitting for free hanging inside

  • Mesh width 10 cm

  • Orange

  • Polypropylene

  • 3x1x0.8x0.8 m

Water Polo Goal Net W0-IL1126815

Polyethylene, 2.3mm. Mesh width 45 mm, white. Size: 1.80x0.7 m. Depth of net: 0.7 m.

Water Polo Scoreboard & Timer

Stramatel® "452 PS 900" Water Polo Scoreboard

Radio-operated W0-IL1317103

Cable-operated W0-IL1317116

Radio controlled, electronic scoreboard ''452 PS 900''

  • Electronic scoreboard

  • Radio controlled

  • Wall mounting

  • Includes a weatherproof carrying bag

  • Scoreboard with integrated klaxon

  • The high-precision score board for Water Polo.

  • Dimensions (WxHxL): 150x100x9 cm

  • Number height 15 and 16 cm

  • Range of vision 60 m

  • Wireless range approx. 40 m

  • Claxon with 116 dBa in a range of 1 m

  • For indoor use

  • Weight 24 kg

    This model has the following functions:

  • Water Polo programme

  • Display the score for both home and guest

  • Display elapsed and time-out

  • Display play time, forwards or backwards

  • Adjustable with 4 digit minute and second display

  • Automatic and manual claxon

    Display function

  • Elapsed time and distance: 8 red LED numbers (16 cm)

  • Play time: 1 green LED number (20 cm)

  • Time-out: 2x3 red LED luminious lights

  • Time: outside the game

    More information:

  • Operator panel/scoreboard connection via the integrated radio control

  • 5 language programme guide (German, English, French, Spanish or Dutch)

  • Information storage

  • Reliable, LED digital display

  • Luminious digits with ''double safety'' LCD segments

  • Polycarbonate front cover DIN 18032-3, protection if hit by a ball

  • 3 year guarantee on working parts

  • Diode display: 10 year guarantee on all parts

  • Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz, 200 VA


  • Score board with integrated claxon

  • Operator panel with manual control for starting and stopping the chronometer

  • Storage box for operator panel and manual control

  • Control panel charger

  • Operating instructions

Stramatel® "W-Top" Water Polo Scoreboard

Battery powered W0-IL1317204

Mains powered W0-IL1317217

''W-Top'' Scoreboard - Portable Scoreboard for Water Polo

The W-Top Scoreboard is a portable, battery operated score board. Ergonomically shaped, light and easily portable. The W-Top is designed towards an eco-concept, intended to minimise energy consumption and transport impact.

  • Portable scoreboard

  • Battery operated scoreboard

  • LCD Screen

  • Light and easy to transport

  • Programme in 5 languages

  • Dimensions (WxHxL): 73x36.8x11.5 cm

  • Number height: 9 cm

  • Range of vision 35 m

  • Table top version

  • 86 dBa klaxon with a 3 m range

  • For indoor use

  • Weight 6 kg

    This standard model has the following functions:

  • Water Polo programme

  • Display home and guest scores

  • Display the elapsed time and time-outs

  • Timer, forward or back countdown

  • Automatic and manual klaxon

    Display function:

  • Score and elapsed time: 8 red LED digit (9 cm) display

  • Playing time: 1 green LED digit (9 cm)

  • Penalties: 2x3 green LED lights

  • More information:

  • Hinged control panel on the reverse of the board

  • 5 language programme settings (German, English, French, Spanish or Dutch)

  • Information saving

  • Reliable LCD digital display

  • Luminious numbers with ''double safety'' segments

  • Polycarbonate front cover DIN 18032-3, prevents damage if hit with ball

  • Battery life approx. 20 hours


  • Score board with integrated klaxon

  • Battery charger

  • Instructions

    Don't forget to order:
    30 Second Timer (1317305)

Stramatel® "SC30 Eco" 30 Second Timer

'SC30 Eco' W0-IL1317305

'SC30' W0-IL1317318

'SC30' Mains powered W0-IL1317334

'SC30 Automatic' W0-IL1317321

'SC30 Automatic' Mains powered W0-IL1317347

'SC30'' 30 Second Timer

To display the 30 second attack time for Water Polo in accordance with the international regulations.

  • 30 second timer

  • Timing ball possession

  • Control panel with klaxon

  • Ball impact safe front

  • Includes a carrying bag for the control panel

Kienzle® "E-8" Table Stopwatch W0-IL1511707

E-8 table stopwatch

  • Face ø 207 mm

  • Clearly visible hands

  • Displays 1 sec. to 60 min.

  • Strong metal casing

  • A unique product on the market

  • In a strong aluminium casing

  • Refined finish

  • With shockproof glass

  • Glass is made in Germany

  • With black face

  • Clearly visible hands

  • Red seconds hand

  • Yellow minutes hand

  • Mechanical

  • Displays 1 sec. to 60 min.

  • Face ø 207 mm

  • HxW: 220x209.5 mm


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