Titanium composite
Titanium composite frame supports a high level of durability with a lightweight feel.

Power Max String Pattern
A longer main string in racquets normally creates more Power because of the longer string bed. a fan string pattern gives you a larger sweet spot, giving the player more room for success and less margin for mishit shots.


  • Colour: White/Black/Blue

  • Weight: 195 g

  • Material: Titanium Alloy

  • String pattern: 16 x 18 (power max)

  • Head Size: 500 cm2

  • Level: Beginner

  • Balance: Head light

Dunlop Biotec TI Squash Racket

  • Head Size: 77.5in2 (500cm2); Frame Weight: 195g (6.8oz);

  • Balance: Head Light; Length: 27" (686mm);

  • Strung with Dunlop Silk; String Pattern: 14 x 19;

  • Grip: Dunlop Viper Dry; Construction: Alloy;

  • 3/4 Racket Cover Included

Joerex SQ368 Squash Racket

Joerex SQ168 Squash Racket

Squash Ball SB PRO

The official ball of Squash Australia, World Squash Federation (WSF), Professional Squash Association (PSA), and Women’s International Squash Players Association (WISPA) and the only ball used in all international professional competition. An elastic hydrocarbon polymer is impregnated with 12 compounds resulting in a construction material with unrivalled playability and durability characteristics. The ultimate performance squash ball for professional, tournament and club players.


Provides outstanding performance and great value for club play. Standard size with a 10% longer hang-time to that of the Pro. COMPETITION


Targeted at improvers and recreational players, the Progress provides the perfect playing characteristics to help players develop correct technique and therefore improve their skill level. The Progress is 6% larger than standard with a 20% longer hang-time than the Pro. PROGRESS.

Squash Ball SB MAX

Developed to ensure that players enjoy their initial introduction to the game and are able to quickly and easily develop correct technique and therefore improve their skill level. The Max ball is 12% larger than the standard size with a 40% longer hang-time compared to the Pro. MAX.

Dunlop i-Armor Glasses

The Dunlop i-Armor Glasses are an essential accessory for any serious squash player, constructed with diamond coated polycarbonate lenses that offer ultimate vision while reducing misting and preventing abrasions. These Dunlop squash glasses also offer ultimate stability and comfort thanks to the soft rubber nose pads and moulded rubber arms, finished off with the Dunlop logo to the sides and bridge. 

Squash glasses 
> Diamond coated polycarbonate lenses 
> Aculon frame 
> Elasticated headband and carry case included 
> Moulded nose pads 
> Adjustable arms 
> Dunlop logo

Dunlop Squash Junior Eyewear

  • Ergonomic profile for extra stability

  • Contoured lens shape for peripheral vision

  • Rubberised super-grip arms

  • Stabilising branded arm strap

  • Storage pouch

Super absorbent and super soft. Pink Overgrip

  • Pink_Overgrip

Max Absorber 3 Overgrip

  • Max_Absorber_3_Overgrip

Soft touch super absorbent chamois.


Speedminton® "S-JR" Junior Set W1-IL2073170

The Speedminton "S-JR" junior set provides children with an easy way to learn this quick and trendy racquet sport.

  • A set especially for children from 6-12 years of age

  • For enjoying the game and quick learning

  • Racquets with a reduced weight and a larger hitting area

  • Smaller handle - perfect for children's hands

  • With two slower "Fun" Speeders, racquet cover and instructions

    The Speedminton junior set – Start early, practice makes perfect...
    This set is provides children from 6 to 12 years old with a great introduction to the cool racquet sport. The components are perfectly designed for children and make the introduction easy. Thanks to the narrow handle, this children's racquet is comfortable to hold, the shortened shaft and the low weight both provide good handling. The slightly slower "Fun" Speeder are quickly hit with the enlarged head of the racquet. Children quickly have a sense of achievement, become better and practice with both fun and ambition.
    More information on the children's Speedminton set:

  • Racquet length: approx. 54 cm

  • Racquet weight: approx. 160 g

  • Racquet colour: orange/yellow/black


  • 2 "Junior" speed racquets

  • 2 "Fun" Speeders

Included free:
One 3/4 racquet cover with carrying strap for storage and playing instructions.

Speedminton® "S200" Set W1-IL1392702

The complete set to start playing right away. You always have everything ready for a spontaneous Speedminton duel. 

  • The all-round set with portable court

  • The perfect set for leisure games and first match experiences

  • Increased hitting power thanks to the Mega Power Zone and widened string eyelets

  • Selection of Speeders, Speedlight and wind ring – for any use

  • Thanks to the "X-Pack" bag, everything is quickly and safely stored away.

  • Product details:

  • Racquet length: approx. 59 cm

  • Racquet weight: approx. 180 g

  • Racquet material: hardened light aluminium

  • Widened string eyelets for better swing-through of the strings

  • Stringing: 12 kp

  • Racquet colour: blue/black/white


  • 2 "S200" speed racquets (3066283)

  • 1 mixed pack of 5 Speeders (1 "Fun", 2 "Match", 1 "Night", 1 "Cross") plus wind ring (1338212)

  • 1 "Easy Court" pitch marking (2073109)

  • 4 Speedlights

  • 1 racquet bag with shoulder strap

  • Playing instructions

Speedminton® "S400" Set W1-IL1392500

The Speedminton "S400" set is the professional version of the complete speed badminton set for even more dynamics and speed.

  • Racquet made from carbon-composite with multi-filament strings

  • Higher elasticity of the strings due to the U-profile frame

  • Mega Power Zone (MPZ) for more hitting power in the sweet spot

  • Choose from a variety of speeders for all game situations

  • Complete set for experienced players: everything included for immediate play

    Product details:

  • Racquet length: 58 cm

  • Racquet weight: 174 g

  • Racquet material: carbon-composite

  • Frame: U-profile

  • Stringing: multi-filament string (standard values 14 kp)

  • Racquet colour: black/white/re


  • 2 Speedminton racquets

  • 1 mixed pack of 5 Speeders® (1 "Fun", 2 "Match", 1 "Night", 1 "Cross") plus wind ring (1338212)

  • 1 "Easy Court" portable court incl. pegs (2073109)

  • 1 sling racquet bag with carrying strap

  • 4 Speedlights

  • 1 set of playing instructions

Speedminton® "S90" Set W1-IL1392904

The "S90" Speedminton set is the ideal combination for speed badminton beginners. In this sport, you can experience the limits of the badminton game.

  • The trendy fun sport for everyone – fun for young and old!

  • The quicker, further and more extreme version of badminton

  • Wind rings increase the wind stability of the Speeders

  • Start playing anywhere and any time


  • 2 speed racquets made from hardened aluminium, green/yellow

  • 1 pack of 5 Speeders (1 "Fun", 2 "Match", 1 "Night", 1 "Cross") plus wind ring (1338212)

  • 1 racquet bag with carrying strap

  • 4 Speedlights

  • 1 set of playing instructions

Speedminton® "School" Set W1-IL1338209

With the Speedminton "School" set you bring a breath of fresh air into the PE lesson. The trendy racquet sport is an extremely quick and flexible development of badminton.

  • The trendy racquet game for both indoors and outdoors

  • Basic techniques are easy to learn and there is early experience of success

  • "Cool" version of badminton that motivates children and teens

  • Is played without a net, therefore super quick to set up and put away

  • Trains reaction, speed, coordination and stamina

    Making PE lessons fun with the Speedminton "School" set
    The Speedminton "School" set is everything you will need for a PE lesson. It contains 12 Speedminton racquets made from hardened, light aluminium in assorted colours. Thanks to their light weight and easy-to-handle design, these speed racquets are perfect for beginners to this speedy sport.
    The Speeder "Big Pack" consists of ten slow beginner's balls, "Fun" Speeders, and ten quicker balls for advanced players, "Match" Speeders. There are 48 marking cones included which can be used to mark out courts for six pairs of players: each player stands in their square. Everything can be stored away quickly in the large bag and can easily be transported. In the blink of an eye you can create an exciting, active PE lesson with action and fun for your pupils – without the need to spend lots of time on preparation or setting-up.
    Included in the Speedminton "School" set

  • 12 aluminium speed racquets, 6 red and 6 blue (L: 58 cm, 169 g)

  • 2 packs of 5 "Fun" Speeders

  • 2 packs of 5 "Match" Speeders

Speed Badminton School Sport Set Badminton 100 W1-IC2370402

The Speed Badminton school sport set 100 gives you and your students an insight into the world of a fast-paced and trendy sport

  • Ideal for school sports

  • Light and strong racquets, perfect for beginners

  • In a practical set for several players

  • Easy to store in a carrying bag

  • Long-lasting Lawntex stringing

    The Speed Badminton school sport set 100 inspires simply everyone
    The Speed Badminton school sport set 100 consists of 10 strong aluminium racquets and five packs of 3 'Speeder' shuttlecocks. It offers game fun for several students and is an ideal beginners set for school sports. Speedminton combines large distances and extreme speed and is a cool and trendy sport that will not only be enjoyed by tennis and badminton fans. Especially practical: Pack the set quickly and easily into the carrying bag that is included.
    Product details:

  • 10 strong badminton racquets made from aluminium

  • Length: 58 cm

  • Weight: 175 g

  • Colour: green/black

  • 5 packs of 3 nylon Speed Badminton shuttlecocks

  • Incl. rules poster and solid carrying bag (LxWxH: 68x32x30 cm)


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