Baseball, Softball & Intercrosse

Baseball, Softball

MARKWORT Plastic Bat

plastic ball bat Combo. Very light weight 5 oz. Bat in 28 inches long, made of plastic in black colours with white 11'' ball.

ATWB Incl. Ball Set

KINGMORE Aluminium Baseball Bat

sturdy aluminium bat, with maximum grip. Available in 32 & 34 inches. Assorted colours.

Aluminium Tee-Ball Bat

28'' (approx. 71cm, 480 g) W0-IL2264107

32'' (approx. 81cm, 737 g) W0-IL2264110

íP        Hardened special coating

íP        Made from special aluminium

íP        Balanced weight distribution

íP        Optimally sized impact area

íP        Power Cap precision weighting

Tee-ball bat made from special aluminium íV the right bat for a high batting average

íP        With exceptional weight distribution

íP        Optimally sized impact area (sweet spot)

íP        Exceptionally strong and durable

íP        With special hardened coating and Power Cap precision weighting

íP        Maximum power íV providing you with the power required to ížhit a line driveíĘ.

A bat with a Power Cap precision weighting has a rounded head. This design provides extra acceleration. How hard one can drive a ball is dependent on the aluminium composition and the thickness of the batíŽs material, as well as the type of ball used.

íP        Made from aluminium

íP        Non-slip rubber grip on handle

íP        Also suitable for softball


íP        28 inches (approx. 71 cm), ø 2.25 inches (approx. 5.72 cm), approx. 480 g, colour: red

íP        32 inches (approx. 81 cm), ø 2.25 inches (approx. 5.72 cm), approx. 737 g, colour: silver

Our Tip: here is how to choose the correct size tee-ball bat:

íP        26 inches = Children

íP        28-30 inches = Youth

íP        32 inches = Adult

Beechwood Tee-Ball Bat

26'' (approx. 66cm, 530 g) W0-IL2264149

32'' (approx. 81cm, 600 g) W0-IL2264152

The sturdy beechwood tee-ball bat íV the ideal bat for schools and leisure.

íP        Ideal for schools and clubs

íP        Very sturdy

íP        Suitable for soft tee-balls

íP        Versions:

íP        26 inches (approx. 66 cm), ø 2 inches (approx. 5 cm), approx. 530 g, colour: natural / black

íP        32 inches (approx. 81 cm), ø 2.5 inches (approx. 6.35 cm), approx. 600 g, colour: natural / black

íP        Good to know: how to choose the correct baseball bat:

íP        26 inches = children

íP        28-30 inches = teenagers

íP        32 inches = adults

Ash Baseball Bat

30'' (approx. 76cm, 720 g) W0-IL2264123

32'' (approx. 81cm, 740 g) W0-IL2264136

The ash baseball bat is exceptionally sturdy and robust, meaning it is also suitable for hard tournament balls.

íP        Specially hardened impact surface

íP        Very precise, good balance

íP        Unvarnished handle for more grip

íP        Increased durability and resistant to breaking

íP        Increased acceleration
The long, flexible wood grain of the ash enables increased acceleration of the ball.

íP        Available versions:

íP        30 inches (approx. 76 cm), ø 2.5 inches (approx. 6.35 cm), approx. 720 g

íP        32 inches (approx. 81 cm), ø 2.5 inches (approx. 6.35 cm), approx. 740 g

íP        Good to know: how to choose the correct baseball bat:

íP        26 inches = children

íP        28-30 inches = teenagers

íP        32 inches = adults

Softball Set W1-IL1170304

The softball set for beginners.

íP        Injury-free training

íP        Beginners will be able to practise and play safely with these softball bats and balls.

íP        Bat made from virtually indestructible plastic

íP        With a soft rubber coating

íP        Catching plate is covered with Velcro to which the ball sticks

The set consists of:

íP        1 bat (27'' = approx. 68.5 cm)

íP        1 ball

íP        1 catching plate

The bat is made from virtually indestructible plastic and coated with a soft rubber foam. Also included in this softball set is a soft, fleecy ball as well as a catching plate with Velcro straps, which the ball sticks to.

Bonkerball Set W1-IL1177709

Shockproof foam bats:

íP        With plastic handle

íP        Covered with high-quality shockproof foam

íP        Corresponds with the weight and size of standard baseball bats

íP        Cover makes it very safe

íP        Baseball bat length approx. 69 cm

íP        Weight per bat approx. 325 g

íP        With high-quality foam cover

íP        Completely safe to use

íP        Bats and balls in 6 different colours

íP        Ideal for training the basics

íP        Ideally suited for school sports

The set consists of:

íP        6 bats

íP        6 balls

No-Bounce Balls W1-IL1183405

íP        Made from high-density dense foam

íP        Foam rubber balls

íP        No-bounce balls

íP        Reduced bounce strength

íP        Good flight characteristics

íP        Diameter: approx. ø 9 cm

íP        Weight: approx. 40 g

íP        Assorted colours

Safety Plastic Ball, White

Size: 11 inches

Size: 9 inches

Safety Plastic Ball, Red

Size: 11 inches

Size: 9 inches

MARKWORT Safe-T-ball 11íĘ

11'' hollow core absorbs some of the impact of a child gets hit. White synthetic cover with white stitches. Weights only 6.2 oz.


Tee-Ball W0-IL1185300

The soft, elastic tee-ball is the ideal ball for beginners, schoolchildren and teenagers.

íP        Weighs less than hard training and league balls

íP        Particularly suitable for beginners

íP        Also ideally suited for indoor training purposes

íP        Outer made from weatherproof Syntex material

Product information:

íP        ø approx. 72 mm

íP        Circumference: 9 inches (approx. 22.86 cm)

íP        Weight: 5 oz. (approx. 142 g)

íP        With soft-strike hollow safety core

íP        Shockproof

MARKWORT Synthetic Leather Softball

12'' synthetic leather cover softball, hi-visibility yellow cover, cork core center, nylon thread winding. Red stitch.


MARKWORT Soft 12'' Softball

Safe, lightweight, about 5.5 oz. Synthetic cover felt center. Yellow.


MARKWORT Soft 9'' Baseball

Lightweight, about 2.5 oz. Synthetic cover, acrylic felt center. With Red stitch. For youth leagues and T-ball. Age 4-7 or older. Yellow.


Taiwan Rubber Cover Softball

12'' rubber cover softball, white colour. Without thread winding.


MARKWORT Foam Softball

12'' molded traditional seams, one-piece sponge construction ball, will not scuff wall, floors and works in pitching machines, very light weight.


BRETT Baseball Glove

Left-handed W1-IL1183900

Right-handed W1-IL1183913

The baseball glove for teenagers and adults

íP        Left-handed glove = right throwing hand

íP        Right-handed glove = left throwing hand

Product details:

íP        Synthetic leather

íP        Size 12" (approx. 30.4 cm)

íP        Colour: brown

RAWLINGS Baseball / Softball Glove PM11BGS (New)


With the Players series from Rawlings, beginner athletes can wear the same brand as the pros they aspire to be while also having access to youth patterns and colors created specifically for them. Players series gloves are constructed with a soft, pliable shell for an easy close, soft inner palm linings along with deep pockets for sure-catch control and Velcro® straps for a custom fit.

íP        11˝ youth pattern

íP        Basket-Web®

íP        Neo-Flex conventional back with Velcro® strap for custom fit

íP        Reflective binding

MARKWORT Clover Open Web Baseball Glove, 12 1/2-Inch, G1240

íP        Chrome tanned selected leather.

íP        Rawhide leather lacing.

íP        Composite back shell.

íP        Deep pocket.

íP        Index finger opening back.

íP        Clarino welting.

íP        100% nylon stitched.

íP        Adjustable leather wrist strap with hook and loop fastener.

RAWLINGS Leather Palm Baseball / Softball Glove (Size 11'') PM11BRB

11'' pattern, basket-web. Modified conventional with Neo Flex back and velcro strap. Utility. For Beginner.

11.00 Inch Model

íP        Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap

íP        Basket Web

íP        Leather Pocket

íP        Neo Flex Conventional Open Back

íP        Perfect For Youth Players

íP        Zero Shock Palm Pad


MARKWORT (M55B) Softball Catcher's Mask íV ADULT


Vinyl padding
Solid steel wire w/vinyl coating
Matching color frame.

RAWLINGS RCFH Coolflo Batting Helmet

The Rawlings RCFH Coolflo helmet is a cost effective helmet that offers the style and safety you demand for your young baseball or softball players. The Coolflo design helps keep players cool and dry while playing.  The dual density EVA foam provides comfort and maximum protection and is NOCSEA approved.

íP        Fits hat size 6-1/2 - 7-1/2


íP        BB1WG face guard attached

íP        Coolflo design

íP        Molded finish

íP        EVA dual density foam

íP        Added side crown padding

íP        Includes attached chin strap snaps

íP        Meets NOCSAE standards

MARKWORT Professional Model Adult, BP-B Black

17" body length, ribbed foam rubber padding, plastic clips, color coordinated adjustable harness, nylon satin finish front. Canvas back.

MARKWORT Batting Tee MBT801-B

solid rubber home plate with beveled edges and waffle bottom. Height adjustable. Heavy duty betting tee. includes tough ball holder, stabilizing plastic inside tube and post, rugged rubber construction. Adjustable post telescope from 22'' to 36''.

Baseball Batting Tee W1-IL1185007

Baseball batting tee
The batting tee enables all players to hit the static ball accurately. 

íP        Strong hard rubber home plate

íP        With stable steel flange and height-adjustable hard rubber tube

íP        Height adjustable from 60-90 cm

íP        Ball not included

íP        aseball batting tee

íP        Height adjustable from 60-90 cm

íP        Stable steel flange with hard rubber tube

íP        Strong hard rubber home plate

íP        Enables all players to hit the stationary ball accurately

íP        The baseball batting tee is a must-have for all batting training.

Base Set W1-IL1185209


íP        Made from white vinyl

íP        Waterproof rubber bases

íP        Consists of bases, home plate and pitcher's plate

íP        Weatherproof, white vinyl rubber bases.

íP        The rubber base set can also be used indoors.

íP        The set consists of of:

íP        3 bases

íP        1 home plate

íP        1 pitcher's plate

MARKWORT Throw Down Bases Set

economy set of rubber bases including a home plate and pitcher's plate. Designed for indoor or outdoor use.

3 Base plates size: 13½'' x 13½'' x 1/8íĘ.

1 Home plate size: 17½'' x 17'' x 1/8''

1 Pitcher's plate size: 17½'' x 5'' x 1/8''

BB MTB7W Set of 5


Vinyl coated with foam filling. Designed for outdoor use. Two web straps and metal base spikes per base.

BB 15BX3 Set of 3


portable softball bases, all rubber construction. Beveled edges, underside has suction design, prevents slipping on gym floors. 13½'' square, no spikes, matches MHP6 home plate or MHPTD home plate.

BB MSV5 Set of 3


throw down home plate with beveled sides. Official size, white surface. Finest rubber, no spikes, matches MSV5 portable softball bases.



Sport-Thieme® Intercrosse Sticks

Blue W0-IL1168668

Red W1-IL1168671
Intercrosse sticks
High-quality aluminium stick for schools and clubs.

íP        70 cm-long aluminium shaft

íP        With strong plastic basket

íP        Head and shaft are screwed together

íP        Total length 102 cm

íP        Available colours: blue and red

Advantages of intercrosse:

íP        It is a quick team game

íP        Simple rules, meaning everyone can understand it quickly

íP        The game encourages the cultivation of relationships, as a team wins and not an individual

íP        International game

íP        A fair game: body contact and stick contact is not allowed

íP        Game for both indoors and outdoors

íP        The game can be played in different ways

íP        Ideal game for PE lessons

Super saver: intercrosse school set (1168684)

Sport-Thieme® Intercrosse School Set W1-IL1168684

15-piece intercrosse set for schools and clubs.

íP        Intercrosse school set

íP        6 red sticks

íP        6 blue sticks

íP        3 balls

íP        Ideal game for PE lessons

íP        The set consists of:

íP        6 intercrosse sticks, red (1168671)

íP        6 intercrosse sticks, blue (1168668)

íP        3 intercrosse balls

High-quality intercrosse sticks

íP        70 cm-long aluminium shaft

íP        With strong plastic basket

íP        Basket and shaft are screwed together

íP        Total length 102 cm

íP        Available colours: blue and red

Intercrosse ball:

íP        Made from soft plastic

íP        Diameter: approx. 67 mm

íP        Weight: approx. 62 g

íP        Orange

Intercrosse Ball W1-IL1168697

The appropriate ball for intercrosse.

íP        Made from soft plastic

íP        Diameter: approx. 67 mm

íP        Weight: approx. 60 g

íP        Orange

Information on intercrosse:
Intercrosse is a team sport, where a soft plastic ball is hit into the goal on the other side of the court using an intercrosse stick.

Intercrosse Goal W1-IL1945108

íP        Powder-coated steel tubing

íP        Easily foldable

íP        Easy to transport

íP        Incl. weatherproof net

íP        Sturdy intercrosse goal with weatherproof net.

íP        Assembled size (HxWxD): approx. 127x107x66 cm

íP        Made from powder-coated steel tubing (ø approx. 3.45 cm).

íP        Easy to fold away and transport

íP        With a weatherproof polyethylene net

íP        Weight approx. 6 kg.

Intercrosse GoalkeeperíŽs Mask W0-IL2587309

Reliable protection

The intercrosse goalkeeperíŽs mask is an absolute must-have and protects the head and face.

íP        For children aged 10 and above

íP        Can be adjusted to fit different head sizes

íP        Includes face shield

Intercrosse goalkeeperíŽs mask: perfectly protected
The intercrosse goalkeeper
íŽs mask is suitable for children aged 10 and above. It is made from impact-resistant plastic and has foam padding on the inside. As the mask comes in one size and may still be a little bit big, it can be easily adapted thanks to the foam pads supplied. The visor of the intercrosse goalkeeperíŽs mask is matt black and provides an optimum view of the game. 

Product information:

íP        Made from impact-resistant plastic

íP        With integrated air vents

Sport-Thieme® Intercrosse Bag W1-IL1140402

The intercrosse bag will store a complete intercrosse school set.

íP        Made from strong nylon

íP        With a zip and carry strap

íP        Dimensions (LxWxH:) approx. 124x19x28 cm

íP        100% Nylon

íP        Our bag is made from strong nylon material and provides room for a complete set of intercrosse sticks (1168684).



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