New Products

Roll Tunnel W0-IL2642909

The roller tunnel guarantees lots of exercise fun, just like being in a hamster wheel: whether in a crawling position, sideways in a squatting position, or lying down whilst rolling – the roller tunnel offers children lots of exercise fun which promotes motor functions and coordination.

  • A hamster wheel which is highly stimulative

  • For nurseries and primary schools

  • Ideal for obstacle courses

    The roller tunnel – gets children rolling
    With its bright colours, the roller tunnel is a real magnet for every play corner. The tunnel consists of a long, soft, foam mat which attaches to 2 hoops with Velcro fasteners. With its bright colours, the large roller won't stay unused for long and encourages children to play imaginative, active games. Children can move forward on the roller in a number of different ways – crawling, in a squatting position or lying down.

    Product information:

  • ø 86 cm

  • Material: foam with a vinyl coating

  • Can be folded up to save space and is easy to store

    The roller tunnel – makes exercise fun!
    The roller tunnel gets children moving – whether they're in nursery, primary school or a sports club. The roller tunnel is a fantastic moving part of any obstacle course. It can be used as part of sensory integration therapy to stimulate the vestibular system, if children are gently rolled whilst in the tunnel.

Sport-Thieme® Gymnastics Bench Cushion W0-IL2583206

The Sport-Thieme gymnastics bench cushion provides you with greater comfort for exercises on the gymnastics bench.

  • Ideal for exercises with older people

  • Nubby gymnastics mat material: sits absolutely securely

  • Makes training even more pleasant

    Sport-Thieme gymnastics bench cushion: cushions and protects
    Exercises on the gymnastics bench are now even more fun thanks to the Sport-Thieme gymnastics bench cushion. Whether lying on your stomach or on your back, gymnastics benches are really hard and uncomfortable. The Sport-Thieme gymnastics mat cushion now provides a remedy for this. It is simply placed on the bench, allowing exercises to begin straight away. The cushion has a soft foam core and is covered with a nubby gymnastics mat material. Since the sides of the cushion are longer, the mat cushion does not slide off the bench.

    Product information:

  • Foam core

  • Cover: nubby gymnastics mat material (72% PVC, 27% polyester, 1% polypropylene)

  • LxWxH: 100x36x3 cm

Sport-Thieme® Rocking Balance Board W0-IL2353500

Improves body perception

The Sport-Thieme rocking balance board is perfect for therapy and rehabilitation thanks to its low height.

  • Perfect for balance exercises

  • Trains body awareness and perception

  • Non-slip surface for secure footing

  • Versatile combinations

  • Rocks left and right

    The Sport-Thieme rocking balance board: small, robust and particularly durable
    The Sport-Thieme rocking balance board is made from plastic and weighs 1.1 kg which makes the board easy to transport. The balance board's compact dimensions also make it space saving. The board is particularly robust with a maximum load of 120 kg and its structured surface reduces the risks of slipping. The balance board will rock from left to right.

    Product information:

  • LxWxH: 42x30x8.5 cm

  • 1.1 kg

  • Plastic

  • Maximum load: 120 kg

    The versatile, combinable fitness and therapy board
    The Sport-Thieme rocking balance board is ideally suitable for improving coordination and balance. In addition, due to the instability it also trains body awareness. Suitable for exercises using the hands or feet, making it even more versatile. While stood balancing on the board you can, for example, throw a ball to a training partner. By shifting your weight left and right the board can be used for rehabilitation following knee or ankle injuries.

Sport-Thieme® Swing Jumper W0-IL2645201

Jumping – just like on a trampoline

You can use the Sport-Thieme swing jumper for lots of different exercises in therapy, fitness and children's sport. Mounted on 4 urethane springs, it provides a highly dynamic effect and spring, just like on a trampoline.

  • For therapy, fitness and sport

  • Board with a stable honeycomb structure

  • With rounded corners for increased safety

  • Particularly quiet

    The Sport-Thieme spring jumper: effective exercising and lots of fun
    The bed of the Sport-Thieme spring jumper is supported by 4 urethane springs in the corners, which provide the balance board with bounce strength and a dynamic effect. The firmly attached puzzle matting provides stability. When you move on the board, your body has to react in order to compensate for the movement in the unstable base. The sensory board can be used to promote movement in nurseries, primary schools and sports clubs. Includes a spring set.

    Product information:

  • Size LxWxH: 70x70x13 cm

  • Weight: approx: 5.3 kg

  • Can hold up to 100 kg

  • Includes orange spring set

Sport-Thieme® "Flex" Hand Trainer

Pink, Low W0-IC2208839

Orange, Medium W0-IL2208842

Blue, High W0-IC2208855

The latex-free Sport-Thieme "Flex" hand trainer: train individual fingers and all the muscles in the hand. Thanks to its special shape and the integrated ball, the flexible hand trainer opens up lots of effective training options.

  • Train the strength, mobility and agility of your fingers and hands

  • The hand trainer can be used on both sides, with two different surfaces

  • For flexor and extensor exercises for the fingers and entire hand

  • Fits every hand ideally due to the flexible gel

  • Available in three resistance levels, from low to high

    Effective and diverse hand training with the Sport-Thieme "Flex" hand trainer
    The latex-free "Flex" hand trainer provides you with everything you need for effective finger and hand training. With the triangular, gel hand trainer you can mobilise individual fingers or all of the muscles in the hand. As a result you can target and improve the fine motor function as well as gross motor function of your hands and fingers. The triangular finger trainer has five holes, four are in a line – one for each of your fingers. – and the fifth underneath, for your thumb. The finger openings are flexible allowing the hand trainer to be used by hands with any size of finger. Bend and extend your fingers and try and clench your fist, squashing the gel material. The Sport-Thieme "Flex" hand trainer can be used on either side: on one side there is a hemisphere for you to squash, allowing you to train the entire hand. On the other side there are pads for the targeted training of individual fingers.

    Available versions

  • Pink, low

  • Orange, medium

  • Blue, high

Sport-Thieme® Soft Massage Ball

The soft massage ball – a real all-rounder

Orange Ø 5.5 cm W0-IL2648402

Green Ø 7 cm W0-IL2648415

Yellow Ø 8 cm W0-IL2648428

Red Ø 9 cm W0-IL2648431

Blue Ø 10 cm W0-IL2648444

The Sport-Thieme® soft massage ball is your massage studio for use at home and when on the move. Whether for baby swimming or for use in the office, or in nurseries or schools. Take the time to relax.

  • For finger massages and grasp and release exercises

  • For therapy and exercise

  • Plastic ball with soft pimples

  • Suitable for use in water

  • Available in 5 different sizes

  • You can relax wherever you are with the Sport-Thieme massage ball
    The soft Sport-Thieme massage ball can be used at home and whilst on the move. The massage balls are used to relax muscles, promote circulation and improve perception. They are practical and ideal for massaging hand and feet. To do so, simply place the massage ball on the floor or the table and roll it using your foot or hand. You'll soon notice how good it makes you feel.

    Technical Details

  • Ball type - Grab ball, Massage ball, Reflex ball

  • Possible uses - Body perception

  • Material - PVC

  • WeightAvaiable in 20g, 50g, 100g, 75g, 140g

  • Diameter5.5cm, 7cm, 8cm, 8cm, 10 mm

  • Colour - Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue

Sport-Thieme® Firm Massage Ball

Pink Ø 6 cm W1-IL2648301

Turquoise Ø 7 cm W1-IL2648314

Yellow Ø 8 cm W1-IL2648327

Orange Ø 9 cm W1-IL2648330

Blue Ø 10 cm W1-IL2648343

The Sport-Thieme firm massage ball is a massage device for use on the move: relax whenever you want and wherever you are. Whether it's for use after sport or in the office, there's always time for a quick break.

  • Relieves tension

  • For finger massages and grasp and release exercises

  • For therapy and exercise

  • Small plastic massage ball with firm pimples

  • Ideal for use on the go – relax anywhere

The Sport-Thieme firm massage ball: the compact massage studio
The Sport-Thieme massage balls are used to relax muscles and encourage the flow of blood to cold feet and hands. The small and practical balls make a reflex zone massage possible on the hands or feet even without the help of another person. Simply place the ball on the floor or table and roll it with the help of your foot or hand.

Can Knockdown W0-IL1850606

Knock them all down in one go

The can throwing game has been played by young and old for generations and is a must-have at fetes, parties or at country shows. Now you can play the popular fair game at home or in the garden.

  • For children from 3 years old

  • A popular game of skill

  • Promotes and improves hand-eye coordination

  • Ideal for small competitions

  • Easy to set up and knock down

    Can throwing is a game of skill 
    The throwing game consists of ten red, numbered cans and three colourful throwing bags. With this game children can practise their aim and knock down the cans with small bags. Simply stack the metal cans and the game can begin. Whether arranged as a pyramid or set up in a row, the possibilities are endless. Alone or in a team – who can knock down all the cans with the bag?

    Product information:

  • 10 numbered, metal cans

  • Height approx. 10 cm, ø 6.5 cm

    Throwing bags

  • 3 colourful bags

  • Filling: fabric remnants

  • Approx. 12x8 cm

  • Approx. 42 g

Marking Tape

White W0-IL3112700

Blue W0-IL3112713

Yellow W0-IL3112726

Red W0-IL3112739

The "Samy" pitch marking can be set up on any sports field. They make for quick and easy marking out of pitches for children and teens.

  • Ideal for clubs

  • For easy sector demarcation

  • Simply unroll and mark out

  • The flexible pitch marking
    With the marking tape, you can mark out sections very easily. It is made from robust polyethylene and is suitable for outdoor use. The marking aid is very easy to anchor to the floor with the securing brackets, which must be ordered separately. We recommend inserting a bracket every two metres.

  • Product information:

  • Polyethylene

  • Tape width: 50 mm

  • Roll length: 250 m

Ground Marking

''Numbers 1 – 30'' W0-IL1575402

''Letter A – Z'' W0-IL1575415

''Maths Symbols'' W0-IL1575428

The ground markers are ideal for creative educational and exercise games in nurseries, schools and sports clubs.

  • For nurseries, schools and sports clubs

  • Ideal for educational games

  • Extremely versatile

  • Made from robust rubber

  • Available in 3 versions

    The versatile ground markings
    You have the choice of 3 versions with the ground markings: numbers from 1-30, letters from A-Z or maths symbols. The numbers can be used for marking out specific pieces of equipment, or stations in circuit training. The non-slip, blue discs with yellow numbers are made from rubber. Thanks to their practical size, the marking discs are easy to transport and they can be used everywhere.
    Product information:

  • Available in 3 versions: 1-30, A-Z and maths symbols

  • Blue discs with yellow figures

  • Robust rubber

  • ø approx. 12.5 cm

  • One disc weighs approx. 60 g

    Ground markings – for variety in sport and PE lessons
    Thanks to the practical and proven ground markings, you always know where to go: whether for obstacle courses in nurseries, schools, sports clubs or sports for older people – the possibilities are endless. The numbers, maths symbols or letters can be used in PE lessons for relaxation. Combine exercise with concentration and memory training – use the ground markings to create games with certain criteria (number can be divided, consonant, vowel) etc.

"Flex" Marking Cone Set

One set – incredibly versatile

18 cm W0-IL1575646

37 cm W0-IL1575747

Make your training even more diverse with the "Flex" marking cone set.

  • 2 cones each in red, blue, yellow and green

  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors

  • Indestructible – made from unbreakable PVC material

  • "Flex" marking cones: the perfect training aid
    "Flex" marking cones are made of soft PVC material and are ideal for children's training. Whether for football, athletics or games, the colourful cones are incredibly versatile. Thanks to the flexible material the "Flex" marking cones are indestructible.
    Product information:

  • PVC

  • 2 designs available: height 18 cm and 37 cm

Automaten Hoffmann® "Hattrick" Football Table

''Standard Model'' W0-IL1623808

''Safety Model'' W0-IL1623811

The Automaten Hoffmann "Hattrick" football table guarantees and enjoyable match at home.

  • Table football fun for all ages

  • Raised corners ensures a disruption free game

  • Available with telescopic or fixed playing bars

  • Sturdy, robust construction

    The Automaten Hoffmann "Hattrick" football table for unbeatable fun
    If you're looking for a robust football table with a high fun factor, then get your hands on the Automaten Hoffmann "Hattrick" football table. The solid body is made from non-warping, veneered wood. The "Standard" version is equipped with 16-mm playing bars made from solid steel, while the "Safety" version is equipped with 15.8-mm, telescopic playing bars that don't protrude from the opposite side of the table. As a result the telescopic bars are recommended for tables that children will use. With the black plastic handles you can still retain control in even the most heated of matches. The playing surface is made from durable MDF with a PVC veneer, which allows the ball to roll quickly and smoothly. Thanks to the raised corners, the ball will always come back into play. The goalkeeper can rotate 360 degrees. The figures are particularly hard wearing and using the ball/goal baskets integrated into the sides of the table, the ball can be easily retrieved by a player. With mechanical score counter. Includes four red, high-speed balls ø 36 mm.
    Product information:

  • Exterior dimensions: 145x75 cm, height: 91 cm. Weight 69 kg ("Safety" model, 64 kg")

  • Playing surface size: 117x68 cm

  • Available with fixed ("Standard") or telescopic ("Safety") playing bars

  • Adjustable table legs to allow you to level the table

  • 360-degree rotating goal keeper

  • 22 compression-moulded plastic figures

  • Incl. 4 red high-speed balls ø 36 mm

Sport-Thieme® Jumping and Gymnastics Stool W0-IL1626605

The stool with a highly stimulative nature

The jumping and gymnastics stool with reworked construction makes gymnastics even safer and allows movement courses to be set up in even more ways.

  • For many exercises in nurseries and schools

  • Several stools can be stacked together

  • 90-degree legs – improved protection against tripping

  • Stackable to save space

  • With non-slip rubber feet for secure positioning

The stool with a highly stimulative nature
The jumping and gymnastics stool can be combined in a variety of ways and is suitable for school sport, children's gymnastics and gymnastics. It consists of a sturdy metal base and has non-slip rubber feet for secure positioning. The upper part is made from robust leather and has approx. 40-mm-thick padding. Thanks to the new arrangement of the legs at a 90-degree angle, the risk of tripping is prevented and the stools can be stored on top of one another to save space.

Product information:

  • Leather cover

  • Base made from oval metal tubing, approx. 5x2 cm, blue (RAL 5017)

  • With 4 non-slip rubber feet

  • Padding approx. 40-mm thick

  • Can hold up to approx. 160 kg

  • LxWxH: 70x63/50x41 cm

  • Weight: approx. 17 kg

Sport-Thieme® "Premium" Minitramp with 6-mm Trampoline Bed

112 Minitramp W0-IL2351302

125 Minitramp W0-IL2351403

The Sport-Thieme minitramp with 6-mm nylon strands offers more dynamic jumping to high-performance athletes.

  • Versatile: sports clubs, parkour athletes, athletes

  • With 6-mm-thick bands for dynamic jumping

  • Height and angle of the feet can be adjusted

Sport-Thieme minitramp: the trampoline for clubs
The Sport-Thieme minitramp is a high-quality trampoline with robust all-round padding. The frame and feet are made from galvanised special steel and can withstand the greatest demands. It is easy to adjust the height and angle of the feet, so the minitramp can be used both as an incline take-off trampoline and as a horizontal height adjustment for stationary jumps. Thanks to the 4 mounted rubber plates and transport castors, floors are protected and the minitramp can be stored in a space-saving way after training.

Available versions:
"112" minitramp:

  • Frame size (LxB): 112x112 cm

  • Trampoline bed (LxW): 60x60 cm

  • Weight: approx. 23 kg

    "125" minitramp:

  • Frame size (LxB): 125x125 cm

  • Trampoline bed (LxW): 70x70 cm

  • Weight: approx. 26 kg

    Product information:

  • Closed frame constriction

  • Frame and feet made from galvanised steel

  • Trampoline bed is made from 6x6-mm nylon strands

  • Steel springs (length: 185 mm)

  • Complete with all-round frame padding

  • Height and angle of the feet can be adjusted

  • Feet with non-slip rubber plates

  • Incl. minitramp action card

Polanik® Children's Hurdle W0-IL1572100

For children's athletics competitions

The Polanik children's hurdle is an easily constructed and particularly durable hurdle with chrome-plated steel frame.

  • With padded crossbar

  • Height adjustment using a push-button system

  • Hurdle base supplied unattached, simply screw them to the hurdle

    The Polanik children's hurdle: individually adjustable height
    The Polanik children's hurdle is ideal for use in children's athletics, it can be set to different heights: 40,50 and 60 cm using the push-button system. The advantage: at a height of 60 cm, they can be used at children's athletics competitions. Thanks to the padded crossbar children will overcome their fear of hurdling. The hurdles are delivered disassembled. The hurdles are assembled simply using screws (included).

    Product information:

  • Height: adjustable to: 40, 50 and 60 cm

  • Width: 100 cm

  • Material: chrome-plated steal frame

  • Colour: silver/blue/red

Sport-Thieme® Team Balancing Line W0-IL2165514

The team balance together!

  • For attaching to the middle vertical bar of wall bars

  • Up to 20 children hold the line while 1 child balances on it

  • Length: approx. 5 m, width: approx. 8 cm

  • With 20 loops, twist-lock snap hooks and wooden bar

  • Suitable for up to approx. 80 kg body weight

    This balancing line is attached to the middle vertical bar of wall bars at one end, secured with the snap hooks, tensioned with the help of the bar and aligned at the other end. The children holding the loops ensure the necessary tensioning and stability for a child to balance on the line. The line is also suitable for tug-of-war and chain tag.
    Material composition:

  • Balancing line: made from 100% polyester

  • Hand straps: made from 100% polypropylene

Gonge® Build’n’Balance Starter Set W0-IL2637307

The exciting and challenging balance experience

Combine creativity and balance fun with the Gonge Build'n'Balance starter set: children can plan and try out their own balance paths and increase the difficulty using the spinning disc.

  • Ideal for nurseries and therapy

  • Plan, build, balance

  • Easy to combine with other balance elements

The Gonge Build'n'Balance starter set – build various balance paths
The Gonge Build'n'Balance starter set offers children an introduction to the world of balancing. The pylons, pillars, boards and spinning disc can be combined together any way you wish. The large pylon and the two pillars can be attached to the boards at three different heights of 10, 17 and 24 cm. Reserved children are encouraged to have a go at a low height. The total length is approx. 260 cm.

The set consists of:

  • 1x Gonge Build’n’Balance spinning disc, dimensions: ø 22 cm, height: 14 cm, can hold up to 75 kg

  • 1x set of 3 Gonge Build’n’Balance boards, dimensions: LxW: 72x13 cm, can hold up to 100 kg

  • 1x Gonge Build’n’Balance pylon, dimensions: ø 27 cm, height: 10 cm, can hold up to 100 kg

  • 1x Gonge Build’n’Balance pylon, dimensions: ø 40 cm, height: 24 cm, can hold up to 100 kg

  • 2x Gonge Build'n'Balance pillars, dimensions LxWxH: 36x30x24 cm, can hold up to 100 kg

Sport-Thieme® Cooperation Band

Strengthens social skills and the body

3 m W0-IC2637509

4 m W0-IC2637512

5 m W0-IC2637525

The Sport-Thieme cooperation band invites you to play lots of group games, with which children can playfully improve social behavioural skills. The elastic continuous band can also suitable for use with people with neurological impairments in stretching and movement exercises.

  • Improves self-confidence and social behaviour

  • Latex band with skin-friendly, plush cover

    Sport-Thieme cooperation band – playfully train motor functions
    With its bright colours the cooperation band has a very engaging effect. The soft, fleece surface of the flexible band feels comfortable and offers additional tactile stimulation. The velvety cover fully encloses the internal latex band. The cooperation band is available in three different lengths – not suitable for use in tug of war or as a tensioning cord. The elastic continuous loop can be used like a gymnastic band in a range of exercises for strengthening the body and extremities.
    Available in different lengths:

  • 3-m-long cooperation band for up to 4 children

  • 4-m-long cooperation band for up to 8 children

  • 5-m-long cooperation band for up to 12 children

    Product information:

  • Latex band with skin-friendly, plush cover

  • Fleece cover: 75% polyacrylic, 25% polyester

  • Colour: blue, yellow and red

  • Max. load 50 kg

  • Not suitable for use in tug of war or as a tensioning cord

  • Washable

  • Suitable for 4-12 children

Sport-Thieme® "Plyobox"

Improve your jump strength

15 cm W0-IL1632008

30 cm W0-IL1632011

45 cm W0-IL1632024

60 cm W0-IL1632037

75 cm W0-IL1632040

The Sport-Thieme "Plyobox" is a standard piece of equipment for speed strength training. Perfect for improving explosive strength, jump strength and response times!

  • Ideal for speed-strength training

  • Develops jump strength, response times and explosive strength

  • Available in 5 different sizes

  • With non-slip jumping area

  • Stable

    The Sport-Thieme "Plyobox": for intensive jump strength exercises
    The Sport-Thieme "Plyobox" is an effective training aid for performance improvement
    It is ideal for use in plyometric training due to its shape and stability. It is made entirely out of steel and can withstand the greatest of loads. Thanks to its trapeze shape, the stool stays firmly in place. An anti-slip surface ensures maximum safety for intensive jump strength exercises. The 5 different heights enable you to perform a range of exercises for all fitness levels. Particularly practical: the Plyoboxes can be stacked on top of each other and therefore save space when stored.

    Product information:

  • Material: steel

    Step, base, height, weight:

  • 29x29 cm, 32x32 cm, 15 cm, 5.5 kg

  • 33x33 cm, 38x38 cm, 30 cm, 7 kg

  • 35x35 cm, 46x46 cm, 45 cm, 8.5 kg

  • 39x39 cm, 53x53 cm, 60 cm, 10 kg

  • 42x42 cm, 60x60 cm, 75 cm, 13 kg

Emoji® Plastic Balls Ø 11 cm W0-IL2637206

Ø 23 cm W0-IL2637219

The Emoji plastic balls come in a set of 6 with different emotions on each of the faces.

  • Printed on both sides

  • Can be used as a game ball

  • Comes in a set of 6

    Have a great time playing with the Emoji plastic balls
    The Emoji plastic balls can be used in lots of different ways – throwing, catching or shooting. Thanks to the different diameters, both adults and kids can play with the balls. Especially practical: each game ball has a different face so emotions can be incorporated into the game. These balls help to develop understanding between people when playing.
    Product information:

  • Comes in diameters of 11 cm and 23 cm

  • Material: plastic

  • Ball colour: yellow

    The game ball for kids and adults. Get your hands on the Emoji plastic balls now.

Sport-Thieme® Games Bin with Contents W0-IL1323753

This Sport-Thieme games bin with contents is ideal for active breaks. Thanks to the large selection of playing equipment, there is something for every child. Whether skipping or ball games, the wide variety of games means the possibilities are endless.

  • Strong plastic bin

  • Portable with 2 wheels

  • Bright yellow colour

  • Incl. equipment

  • Lockable, lock and two keys included

    Store your playing equipment securely in the games bin
    The Sport-Thieme games bin is a yellow plastic bin and has a capacity of 240 litres. Thanks to the 2 strong wheels, the bin can be easily transported from one place to the next during break times or at birthday and garden parties. To ensure that nothing gets lost, the games bin can be secured with a padlock.

    The set consists of:

  • 1 games bin, product code: 1323809

  • 10 soft balls, product codes: 1098222 and 1098118

  • 5 skipping ropes, product code: 1259605

  • 1 long skipping rope, product code: 1260814

  • 6 marking cones, product codes: 1300606-1 and 1300619-1

  • 1 Boccia game, product code: 1337408

  • 3 Indiaca, product code: 1338108

  • 2 pairs of badminton racquets, product code: 1171903

  • 1 set of shuttlecocks, product code: 1340714

  • 5 flying flipper throwing discs, product code: 1344501

  • 6 tennis rings, product codes: 1353802 and 1353815

  • 1 parachute with straps, product code: 1354414

  • 1 set of foam dice, product code: 1358605

  • 6 first step bat boards, product codes: 1373208 and 1373211

  • 3 ball catching games, product code: 1343609

  • 3 Catch balls, product code: 1327306

  • 5 howling tubes, product code: 1278301

  • 2 table tennis bats 1108415

  • 1 table tennis ball set, product code: 1108200

  • 6 speed ropes, product code: 1259113

SKLZ® Coordination and Hurdle Ladder W0-IL1600201

The SKLZ coordination and hurdle ladder is a training aid, with which you can target mobility and coordination improvement – be it in fitness or team sport.

  • Switch between a coordination ladder and a hurdle

  • Folds up quickly and easily

  • Includes practical carrying bag and instructions

    The SKLZ® coordination and hurdle ladder – easy set up, effective training
    The SKLZ coordination and hurdle ladder isset up with minimal effort, so you can get straight into your training session. The training aid impresses with its reduced weight and ease of use. The equipment has six rungs in total, with a distance of 38 cm between them. When laid flat each rung is 66 cm wide. After use, you can fold the SKLZ coordination and hurdle ladder back up using the handle and stored it in the practical bag.
    Product information:

  • Length: 213 cm, width: approx. 66 cm

  • Set up as hurdles: height approx. 10 cm

  • With practical carrying bag and instructions

    The SKLZ coordination and hurdle ladder for fitness and club sport 
    The SKLZ coordination and hurdle ladder is an excellent piece of training equipment for functional training, fitness sport or as a training aid in club sport. Improve speed, coordination and mobility – attributes, that are indispensable in team sports like football or Handball.

Sport-Thieme® Latex-Free Exercise Band

Yellow, very low W0-IL2326708

Green, low W0-IL2326711

Red, medium W0-IL2326724

Blue, high W0-IL2326737

Black, extra-high W0-IL2326740

Grey, Ultra-high W0-IL2326753

The Sport-Thieme latex-free exercise band is the ideal resistance trainer for increasing flexibility and building up strength.

  • For building up muscles and mobility training

  • For therapy, club and home use

  • Excellent stretch qualities

  • Available in 6 different resistance levels

  • Incl. exercise poster

    The Sport-Thieme latex-free exercise band: the right resistance for every training level
    The Sport-Thieme latex-free exercise band is particularly suitable for those with allergies. Depending on training level, you can choose the ideal band from 6 different resistance levels. Excellent stretch qualities make joint-friendly training possible. Particularly practical: it comes with an exercise poster, allowing you to make your workout varied and interesting.
    Product information:

  • Length: 2.5 m

  • Width: 15 cm

  • Colour-coded resistance levels

Bat and Ball Game W0-IL1570306

The bat and ball game for leisure time, sport and therapy
Besides its use as a piece of sports equipment for speedball or bounceball, the bat and ball game has a high therapeutic and educational value for popular sports and disability sport. It is also great free-time fun! The set consists of twelve bats and one ball. The PVC rods have a foam head which has a heat-sealed surface. Hit the ball over a net, play it into a goal or skilfully dribble the ball around the rods. The bat and ball game is also suitable for people with disabilities.

Product information:

  • Set of 6 of each colour bat, blue and red and 1 ball

  • Length of the bat: approx. 90 cm

  • Weight: approx. 200 g

  • Suitable for speedball or bounceball

Sport-Thieme® Protective Mat Corner Set

The must-have accessory for soft floor mats

2 – 4 m W0-IL1568426

3 – 6 m W0-IL1568439

The Sport-Thieme protective mat corner set is a must-have for every sports hall. Optimal protection when mounting your mats onto the wall.

  • Ideal for use in sports halls

  • Ideal for use with soft floor mats and landing mats

  • With adjustable strap

    The Sport-Thieme protective mat corner set: for space-saving mounting on the wall
    Sport-Thieme's practical protective mat corner set allows you to effectively protect soft floor mats as well as landing mats. Quick and easy to set up. The mounting strap allows to you quickly and easily attach your mat to the wall. The 5-cm-wide fixing strap has a metal clasp on the end. The adjustable strap is available in the following designs: 2-4 m or 3-6 m. The protective mat corner set includes a pair of protective mat corners and a wall mounting strap.

    Comes with:

  • 1 pair of mat corner protectors

  • 1 wall mounting strap (100% polypropylene)

    Designs available:

  • Strap adjustable from 2-4 m

  • Strap adjustable from 3-6 m

Molten® National League Handball Set with carry bag

Size 2 W0-IL2700902

Size 3 W0-IL2700915

For training and for competitions

With the Molten national league handball set you're perfectly prepared for training and competitions.

  • Excellent playing characteristics

  • Balls adorned with IHF seal of approval

  • Good-grip surface

  • The set includes training balls and a competition ball

The IHF certified Molten national league handball set
The Molten national league handball set includes 7 training handballs and one competition handball. Both ball types are adorned with the IHF seal of approval, have a good-grip surface and exceptional playing characteristics. The Molten "HX 5000" handball is the official match ball of the women's national league and match ball for various national associations in the men's national league. So that you can store your handballs tidily after the game, the set contains a ball carrying bag.

The set includes:

  • 1 Molten "HX-5000BW" handball

  • 7 Molten "HX-3000" handballs

  • 1 Molten Ball carrying bag

Sport-Thieme® Break Time Set I, Balls in Bag W0-IL2427502

The break time set I is ideal for active break times in primary schools and promotes interest in exercise. All products are intended for use by children from 5 years old.

  • Break time set I, balls in bag

  • The products are intended for use by children from 5 years old

  • For set contents see product description

  • Primary school set for active break times

  • Includes competition as well as training balls

    The break time set I offers varied exercise ball fun
    The break time set I contains 14 high-quality balls for different ball sports such as football, basketball and volleyball. The balls are highly engaging and won't be lying around unused for long. Children can have a kick-a-bout, dribble, and dig or shoot hoops with them during break time. With a practical bag included, the sports balls can be transported with ease and tidied away and stored after use. 

    The set consists of:

  • Ball storage bag for transport and storage, product code 1069701

  • 3 Sport-Thieme® "Playground" basketballs, size 2, product codes 1092400, 1092413, 1092426

  • 3 Sport-Thieme® "Mini Play" footballs, ø 16 cm, product code 1069655

  • 3 PU foam footballs, ø 20 cm, product code: 1919208

  • 3 neon rainbow balls, ø 23 cm, product code: 1091218

  • 2 Kogelan "Yellow Line" volleyballs, product code: 2033453

Sport-Thieme® Break Time Set II, Balls in Bag W0-IL2427528

The break time set II is the perfect school set for active break times. All products are intended for use by children from 12 years old.

  • School set for active break times

  • Includes robust training balls

  • The products are intended for use by children from 12 years old

  • The break time set II, balls in a bag, for active break times in schools and clubs
    The set contains balls for a range of different ball sports such as football, basketball and beach volleyball. The included multi-purpose balls can also be used for several ball sports. Play with the balls indoors and outdoors on the pitches. The balls can be transported around easily using the bag which is included and once they are no longer needed they can simply be stored away.

  • A school set for active break times. The products have been chosen with children from 12 years old in mind.

  • The set consists of:

  • 2 PU foam footballs, ø 20 cm, product code: 1919208

  • 2 Sport-Thieme® "Core X Kids" footballs, 350 g, size 5, product code: 1864696

  • 1 Sport-Thieme "Street" football, size 4, product code: 2416117

  • 1 Sport-Thieme "Training" basketball, size 7, product code: 1085176

  • 1 Sport-Thieme "Street" basketball, size 7, product code: 1084144

  • 2 Sport-Thieme "Soft" beach volleyballs, product code: 1085714

  • 1 Conti "American" football, size 7, product code: 1861323

  • 1 multi ball, ø 21 cm, product code: 1092338

  • 1 pack of foot bags (containing 5), product code: 1350005

  • Ball storage bag for transport and storage, product code: 1069701

Sport-Thieme® Ball Storage Net W0-IL2638300

For transporting balls and space-saving storage

The Sport-Thieme ball storage net is the practical transport aid for balls.

  • Particularly robust

  • Practical storage net

  • For approx. 10-12 balls

    The Sport-Thieme ball storage net: for 10-12 balls
    The Sport-Thieme ball storage net is made from polypropylene is suitable for all balls with a diameter of 25 cm. The practical carrying net is great for carrying 10-12 balls. 
    Product information:

  • For balls with a diameter of 25 cm

  • Great quality

  • Material: polypropylene

Ball Transport Trolley W0-IL2635402

Makes it easy to transport balls

The ball transport trolley is also easy to pull on grass, thanks to large rubber tyres.

  • Perfectly suited to transporting balls

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Quick to set up and fold away

  • Easy to store

    The ball transport trolley: particularly strong and resilient
    The ball transport trolley is made from steel tubing and hard-wearing polyester. The lightweight transport trolley is suitable for transporting different balls and other products. Thanks to the robust steel frame, it can hold up to 80 kg. Particularly practical: the trolley can be folded for storage, saving space. Ideal for transporting other types of games equipment for active breaks.
    Product information:

  • Material: steel tubing

  • Outer material: polyester

  • Rubberised tyres, ø 17.5 cm

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 91x50x61 cm

  • Dimensions when folded: 80x20x30 cm

  • Can hold up to 80 kg

  • Weight: approx. 11 kg

Sport-Thieme® "Extra-Handball" Skin Ball W0-IL2636809

Above all else the Sport-Thieme "Extra-Handball" skin ball helps beginners with the learning process.

  • Textured surface

  • Particularly good grip

  • Ideally suitable for handball practice

The Sport-Thieme "Extra-Handball" skin ball: impresses with its perfect bounce characteristics
The Sport-Thieme "Extra-Handball" skin ball is a soft foam ball, is particularly easy to grip and doesn't have a smooth surface. As a result it lends itself particularly well to handball practice and as a methodology handball. Due to its softness and bouncy nature the ball is ideally suited for beginners and anxious players.

Technical Details

Ø 150 mm, Weight: 175 g

Sport-Thieme® "Softi Neon" Skin Ball Set W0-IL2634500

The fun exercise ball for adults and kids

The Sport-Thieme "Softi Neon" skin ball set is not only a soft, but also a particularly robust set of balls for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Particularly easy to grip and with limited bounce

  • Can be disinfected and wiped clean

  • Good flight characteristics and pleasant to hold

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    The Sport-Thieme "Softi Neon" skin ball set: ideally suited to children
    The Sport-Thieme "Softi Neon" skin ball set consists of 6 soft balls in various neon colours. So every ball is always easily visible. The short diameter of 160 mm and lower weight of 83 g, make the ball particularly popular among children. A further advantage is its softness. Particularly practical: the balls aren't just excellently suited to gaming fun, they are also ideal for use in therapy.

Technical Details

Ball Type: Ball sets, Skin-Ball

Features: Hardly any bounce

Material: Closed-cell foam

Weight: 83 g

Diameter: 160 mm

Colour: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow

Sport-Thieme® Slow-Motion Ball

The ball with delayed movement

Ø 20 cm, Yellow W0-IL2633709

Ø 30 cm, Red W0-IL2633712

Ø 40 cm, Purple W0-IL2633725

The Sport-Thieme slow-motion ball is a popular training and game ball. It flies throw the air very slowly and can be easily caught by both kids and adults.

  • Ideal for throwing and catching exercises

  • Can be inflated using a small plastic tube

  • Compact storage

    Sport-Thieme slow-motion ball: easy to catch and hold
    The Sport-Thieme slow-motion ball is not your normal ball. The ball with slow-motion effect flies slowly through the air and is therefore great for learning to catch and play. It is made from robust PVC and has a smooth surface. The ball can be inflated using a plastic tube. Advantage: the Sport-Thieme slow-motion ball can be compactly stored after playing.

    Product information:

  • Material: PVC

    Dimensions and weight:

  • ø 19 cm: ca. 120 g

  • ø 30 cm: ca. 140 g

  • ø 40 cm: ca. 250 g

Sport-Thieme® Throwing Ball, 200 g W0-IL1080650

The 200-g competition throwing ball is a must-have for schools and clubs. It is the most popular ball in school sports and athletics and is suitable for first competitions such as the German National Youth Games. 

  • Ideal for schools, clubs, competitions

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Size and weight according to DLV regulations

  • Made from leather for excellent grip

  • Does not bounce

  • 200-g throwing ball made from leather: for sports halls and playing fields
    The Sport-Thieme competition throwing ball is a must-have for children's athletics. Children of school age make their first throws with these balls and learn the right technique. Whether for German National Youth Games or for sports badges, the leather ball has a very good grip and does not bounce. You can use the Sport-Thieme competition throwing ball in the sports hall as well as outdoors.
    Product information:

  • Size: ø 8 cm

  • Weight: 200 g

  • Material: leather

Innova™ Disc Golf School Set W0-IL2519106

With the Innova disc golf school set you can now also play the iconic sport in sports lessons and break times.

  • Ideal for school sport or playgrounds

  • For children from 7 years +

  • For indoors and outdoors

  • Trains throwing and catching

  • Promotes motivation

One set with everything in it
In the Innova disc golf school set you have everything you need to play the popular fun sport in the sports hall or on the playground. Three robust DISCatcher "Traveller" (baskets) can be freely arranged and mark the target for each "hole". Also included are 30 throwing discs in blue, orange and yellow. With a diameter of 21 cm the robust, plastic discs are very handy, so even small children can successfully master their first throwing attempt. With the practical storage bag, your discs are always well protected from dust and dirt. It also allows you to take your discs with you any time you like.
The Innova disc golf school set consists of:

  • 3x DISCatcher "Traveller", 1 each in red, blue and yellow

  • 30x disc golf discs, 10 of each of putter, mid-range and driver discs in assorted colours

  • 1x practical carry bag for 30 discs

Nylon Flying Ring W0-IL1325498

The nylon flying ring is the throwing ring for any age. It helps develop your reactions, technique and motor skills. Its bright, striking colours and size give a great effect when throwing and catching.

  • Collapsible flying ring

  • Tear-proof nylon cover

  • Excellent flight characteristics

  • Includes handy carry bag

    Product information:

  • Ø 92 cm

  • Weight: 220 g

    Saves space, foldable
    The ring is foldable and can be taken anywhere. Includes a bag for easy storage.

Spieth® Flic-Flac Trainer

Small W0-IL2574006

Medium W0-IL2574019

Large W0-IL2574022

The Spieth flic-flac trainer is the perfect training aid for safely learning flic-flac and handspring movements.

  • Perfect for learning motion sequences with the flic-flac

  • Easy handling with practical carrying handles

  • Makes training easier for coaches

  • Available in 3 sizes

  • With velcro strip for fastening to the Spieth Stabiliser (not included)

    The flic-flac trainer: the perfect helper
    With this training aid, learning the flic-flac becomes child’s play. The foam module is reinforced and is elliptical in shape. In flic-flac moves, it is used a support and helps to really stretch the body and maintain the position. Thanks to its asymmetrical weight distribution, the training aid automatically returns to its original position for the next person to use.

    Product information for the Spieth “Small” flic-flac trainer:

  • LxWxH: approx. 78x50x65 cm

  • Approx. 7 kg

  • Maximum user height 130 cm

    Product information for the Spieth “Medium” flic-flac trainer:

  • LxWxH: approx. 100x70x87 cm

  • Approx. 15 kg

  • Maximum user height 160 cm

    Product information for the Spieth “Large” flic-flac trainer:

  • LxWxH: approx. 116x80x99 cm

  • Approx. 26 kg

  • For users over 160 cm in height

    Learning the flic-flac made easy
    The flic-flac is an aspect of artistic gymnastics, cheerleading, acrobatics and in modern dance choreography. It requires great perseverance and a high degree of body control – but once it has been mastered it is extremely impressive. To develop an initial feel for the motion, solid preparation for the motion sequence is necessary. Previously, gmynasts needed two helpers to practice the flic-flac. These stood opposite one another, joined hands and supported the gymnast in their backwards movement. Today just one practical training aid is required: the Spieth flic-flac trainer.

Runged See-Saw W0-IL2607708

The all-rounder for modular exercise areas

The runged see-saw made from beechwood is a gymnastics and balance product which lets children train their balance in a fun way. Can be used on both sides, individually or combined with other products. Great for use as a see-saw or bridge in a balancing course.

  • Can be used on both sides – see-saw and bridge in one

  • Made completely from natural wood

  • Rounded corners and sturdy rungs for safety

  • See-saws for fun muscle and coordination training

  • For nurseries and children's gymnastics: great for use in modular exercise areas

    Rock, swing and balance with the climbing see-saw
    The runged see-saw is made from solid beechwood. It has 2 long frames on the sides and 17 stable rungs. The frame's upper longitudinal edges are bent and its bottom edges are straight. The 3-cm-thick rungs are 2.5 cm apart along the curved edge. If the curve is upwards, the rocker board can be used as a stable, steady bridge for balancing on, walking over, climbing over or sitting on. If the curve is downwards, children can swing and rock back and forth – also great as a rocker and rocking chair. Can be combined with other runged see-saws or gymnastics equipment to create balance courses and exercise areas for children's gymnastics or for movement space in nurseries.
    More information:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 74x41x14 cm

  • Number of rungs: 17

  • Distance between rungs: approx. 2.5 cm

  • Thickness of rungs: 3 cm

  • Solid beechwood

  • Weight: 5.7 kg

  • Can hold up to 30 kg

Sport-Thieme® "Club" Line Marking Machine Set W1-IL1949719

The "Club" line marking machine – now with innovative pressure pump hose

Sport-Thieme "Club" line marking machine incl. 1 canister of "extra white" paint

  • With a newly developed pressure pump hose system

  • Large, air-filled balloon wheels smooth operation and accurate marking

  • Powder-coated metal parts for protection against the elements and wear

  • Incl. 2 large 13-litre plastic paint containers

  • Pump pressure is automatically generated when machine is pushed

    The set consists of:

  • 1 "Club" line marking machine (1949706)

  • 1 canister of Sport-Thieme "extra white" paint (1114906)


  • Sturdy steel tubing frame

  • All metal parts come with weatherproof stove enamel coating (powder coated)

  • Incl. device for marking

  • Galvanised small parts

  • With 4 inflatable pneumatic tyres, ø approx. 26x8.5 cm, adjustable from 50-120 mm

  • LxWxH: approx. 830x540x900 mm

  • Approx. 22 kg


  • 2 plastic paint containers, each with a capacity of 13 L

  • For approx. 26 litres of marking paint

  • Each container has a separate shut-off valve

  • Easy to empty and clean

  • Includes ø 20 cm paint funnel and sieve

Sport-Thieme® Varussel® "Carousel"

Essential for use in therapy and psycho-motorics


The Sport-Thieme Varussell carousel is a piece of equipment that trains balance in lots of different ways.

  • Versatile disc for use in psycho-motorics, games and therapy

  • Can be controlled with balance

  • Gradient incline adjustment

  • Particularly smooth running

  • Comes with a non-slip padding

  • The Sport-Thieme Varussell carousel: keep your balance
    The carousel is an easy-to-build piece of balance equipment that can be adjusted and held in place without the need for tools. Anti-slip padding ensures the disc will not slip when spinning. The base plate provides secure positioning. The equipment can hold up top 120 kg, and can therefore also used by adults.
    Effect disc (product code 1740631) not included, please order separately.
    Product information: 

  • ø 40 cm

  • Height: 20 cm

  • Can hold up to 120 kg

Sport-Thieme® Floating Ball W0-IL1294011

A colourful ball that is as light as a feather

  • Can be used outdoors or indoors

  • Suitable for every imaginable group game

  • Easy to manoeuvre

  • After about 15 minutes, the air volume reduces slightly

  • Particularly strong stitching

    Product details:

  • 100% nylon

  • Colours: blue, yellow, red

  • ø approx. 120 cm

Sport-Thieme® "Extra" Hand Pump W0-IL1100105

The hand pump: with foot plate to keep you steady
The hand pump is very handy and can be stored anywhere thanks to its small size. It is perfect for large-volume pieces of equipment such as Pezzi balls, floats and also push balls. Especially practical: the pump not only inflates, but also deflates. The pump has a foot plate to keep it steady.

  • Ideally suitable for Pezzi balls, inflatable islands, push balls

  • Foot plate to keep the pump steady

  • Also deflates balls

    Product information:

  • Plastic cylinder

  • LxWxH: 45x22x11 cm

  • Black

  • Output: 2,000 cm³ per stroke

Goalie Trainer W0-IC3097205

You want to improve the speed strength and reactions of your goalie? The goalie trainer makes it possible. The training aid is secured between the posts with minimal effort so you can get straight to training!

  • Train crossing, full-length diving and side stepping

  • Effective resistance training thanks to the bungee cords

  • Bungee cords with robust material coating

  • Simply fasten to the goal

  • With a practical net bag for storing

    The goalie trainer – so your goalie can get to the ball with lightning speed
    The goalie trainer can be used in any situation where it comes to fast reactions and getting there first. With this piece of training equipment, you can ensure your goalie can get to the ball with lightning speed. The goalie trainer consists of a hip belt, two highly elastic bungee cords with snap hooks at both ends and two securing straps. The hip belt can be easily put on using the clip fastener and the width can be varied for a comfortable fit. The two bungee cords each clip to a metal ring on the hip belt. The securing straps are fastened around the goal posts and are connected to the bungee cords by fastening the snap hooks through the metal eyelets. After use, the goalie trainer can be put away just as quickly and stored in the net bag included to save space. Any moisture from the grass can dry out thanks to the net bag.
    Product information:

  • Bungee cords with resistant material coating, length: 2.60 m (extendable up to approx. 8 m)

  • Incl. practical net bag for storage

  • Elastic resistance: 9.1-11.3 kg

Sport-Thieme® Soft Table Tennis Balls W0-IL2632302

Easy introduction to table tennis

The Sport-Thieme soft table tennis balls are the ideal piece of equipment for learning hitting technique.

  • Good bounce level

  • A set consists of 12 balls

  • Helps beginners to learn

  • Perfect for training and matches

  • Particularly quiet

    The Sport-Thieme soft table tennis balls: for training and playing
    The soft table tennis balls are very soft and have excellent bounce. The balls help beginners learn how to play. They are also great for using when training or for matches. The soft texture of the ball means that it makes next to no noise.
    Product information:

  • ø 40 mm

  • Weight: approx. 2 g

  • Yellow

  • Set of 12

Waboba® "Extreme" Ball W0-IL2479402

The ball that bounces across the water

The Waboba "Extreme" ball turns a visit to the swimming pool, lake or sea into an unforgettable experience. Skim it across the water like a stone!

  • For the perfect bounce across the water's surface

  • Made from high-quality material

  • Excellent grip – easy to throw and catch

  • The Waboba "Extreme" ball: great fun for young and old alike
    The Waboba "Extreme" ball is a must-have for your next visit to the swimming pool, lake or sea. Thanks to the high-quality materials used, which include polyurethane, rubber and Lycra, the ball bounces across the surface of the water like a stone. The funny pool toy doesn't sink and glides across the water as if by magic. Throwing and catching is also very easy thanks to the ball's excellent grip.
    Product information:

  • Polyurethane, rubber and Lycra

  • ø 6 cm

  • 76 g

    Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.

Waboba® "Blast" Ball W0-IL2479503

The ball with guaranteed fun!

The Waboba "BLAST" ball is a good-grip ball for any type of water! Be impressed by the bouncing water ball and get moving in the pool.

  • The new variation of skimming stones

  • Pool, lake or sea: can be played anywhere

  • Soft and light ball – ideal for children

  • Particularly easy to throw and catch

  • Fun in the water for young and old alike

  • The Waboba "BLAST" ball: unique fun in the water
    The "BLAST" ball is a good-grip game ball that bounces across the water. Whether in a swimming pool, lake or the ocean: the ball can be used anywhere. The ball has great grip, meaning that it is ideal for children to throw and catch. Skimming stones is yesterday's news: the Waboba "BLAST" ball gets kids, young people and adults excited and a unique kind of fun is guaranteed.
    Product information:

  • ø 7 cm

  • 59 g

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.

Bassalo W0-IL1448203

Great mix of play, fun and sport

Bassalo is the new trend sport: catch the red squash balls using the cups. A team game with a competitive edge, guaranteed action, relaxation and lots of fun!

  • Can be played both indoors and outdoors

  • Unbeatable fun

  • Promotes hand-eye coordination and dexterity

  • Rough handle on the cup for better grip

Bassalo – train your dexterity in a fun way
Bassalo is not just lots of fun, it also trains motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and dexterity in a fun way. The Bassalo cup is 25-cm high and is therefore ideally suited to high and far throws. The surface of the cup is rough, meaning it is easy to grip when throwing and catching. The conical shape of the cup makes it easy to catch the ball softly even if it is spinning. The small red squash balls are thrown and caught using the cup and are not allowed to touch the ground. Can even be played in strong winds and the balls will float on water.
Product information:

  • Set consists of 2 Bassalo cups, 2 red squash balls (ø 4 cm) and a lid for storage

Bassalo – ideal for PE lessons, club and recreational sport
Children and adults love the Bassalo as a great exercise activity. The new trend sport is therefore great for PE lessons or club sports. Can be played anywhere – the playground, garden, park or at the beach on holiday. It is easy to take the game with you anywhere. You can play alone against a wall or in teams for exciting matches.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.

Aerobie Throwing Ring

The throwing ring for unbeatable distances

''Pro'' W0-IL1329113

''Sprint'' W0-IL1329126

''Orbiter'' W0-IL1329139
No other flies further: the special shape of the "Aerobie" throwing ring gives it great lift in the air, the ability to cover a great distance and fly exceptionally well.

  • Flies much further then traditional throwing discs

  • Accurate, smooth flight

  • Flying technique is easy to learn

  • Light and easy to throw

  • Available in 3 different versions

  • The Aerobie throwing ring – no other flies further
    The Aerobie rings fly twice as far as traditional throwing rings. It's no wonder they have been used to break records which have been left unbeaten for years. They are easy to catch because they have two parts and have particularly soft edges. Get the best result by throwing them low and horizontally.

    Available in 3 versions:

  • Aerobie "Pro" ring: ø: approx. 33 cm

  • Aerobie "Sprint" ring: ø: approx. 25 cm

  • Aerobie "Orbiter" ring: triangular boomerang. Length of sides: approx. 28 cm.

Stroops® "Pro" Slastix

The flexible resistance trainer!

9 kg Medium W0-IL1442700

11 kg Heavy W0-IL1442713

16 kg Very Heavy W0-IL1442726

22.7 kg Super Heavy W0-IL1442739

The Stroops "Pro" Slastix consists of two resistance bands, which stretch and strengthen different muscle groups.

  • Available in different resistance levels

  • Trains endurance of the arms, chest, back and shoulders

  • Ideal for competition preparation, sports rehabilitation or fitness training

  • Light and compact

  • Can be used anywhere

The Stroops "Pro" Slastix: the flexible resistance bands
The Stroops "Pro" Slastix are resistance bands with a nylon coating. The cover protects the tubes from external factors. Both bands are made from latex. Each band has a handle at the end for ideal grip. Straps are integrated at the other end, making it easier to attach the rope without the need for any other fixings.
Product information:

  • Approx. 1.20 m

  • Orange

  • Nylon cover

Sport-Thieme® Resistance Band

The right band for every fitness level

Level 1 Green W0-IL2377403

Level 2 Pink W0-IL2377416

Level 3 Purple W0-IL2377429

Level 4 Red W0-IL2377432

You can carry out strength and stretching exercises right with the Sport-Thieme resistance ban

  • Incl. tear-proof cord

  • Particularly resilient and will not tear

  • Different resistance levels

    The Sport-Thieme resistance band: train against resistance
    The Sport-Thieme resistance band is made from natural rubber which is particularly friendly to the skin and resilient. With tear-proof cord inside the tube for more safety. Should the band tear, the cord will keep it together. The resistance levels are colour indicated so the user can use the band most appropriate to their level of fitness.
    Product information:

  • Length: 147 cm

  • Material: natural rubber

  • Colour-indicated resistance levels

Replacement Valve Plug for Belly Bumper W0-IL1338921

Replacement valve plug for belly bumper.

For use with the following products:

  • Aqua super float: 95 cm 2435406 and 190 cm 2435419

  • Boje swing 2607900

  • Rubber ring: size 1 1124503 and size 2 1124516

  • Belly Bumper for children 1328918 and adults 1328905

  • Anti-aggression punch cylinder 1337219

  • Mega rubber ring 2435305

"Superstrike Pro" Boxing Trainer W0-IL2377201

The training companion for intensive boxing workouts

The "Superstrike Pro" boxing trainer has a variety of uses: whether at the office, at home or outside.

  • Ideal for training punching and kicking technique

  • Multi-functional use in fitness

  • Can be attached to tree trunks, bars an door frames

  • Let the air in and out using the plug

  • For a full-body workout

    The "Superstrike Pro" boxing trainer: with a large target area
    The "Superstrike Pro" boxing trainer is a punching and kicking pad that is filled with air. Open the plug, let it inflate and training can begin. After training, simply deflate and store away. The pad has a height of approx. 76 cm. It is therefore high enough and offers an ideal target area.

    Product information:

  • Height: approx. 76 cm

  • Colour: black

  • Material: PVC

Sport-Thieme® "Duo Flex" Punching Ball W0-IC1484609

Ideal piece of training equipment for boxing workouts!

The Sport-Thieme "Duo Flex" punching ball is the perfect piece of training equipment for improving punching technique.

  • Height adjustable from 145-168 cm

  • With spring for quick and accurate pendulum movements

  • For improving movement, technique and reflexes

  • Promotes speed, endurance and coordination

  • Can be filled with water or sand

    The Sport-Thieme "Duo Flex" punching ball: suitable for everyone
    The Sport-Thieme "Duo Flex" ball consists of a base and PU ball. The base can be filled with sand or water which makes it secure and steady. The base weighs approx. 30 kg when filled. Thanks to the height adjustment between 145-168 cm, the punching ball is suitable for shorter people.
    Product information:

  • Grey

  • PU ball

  • Punching ball dimensions: 20x26 cm

  • Weight of base when filled: 30 kg

Sport-Thieme® "Curve" Punch Padding W0-IL1446702

Withstands the most intensive use!

The Sport-Thieme "Curve" punch padding: a great training companion for every fitness and combat sports enthusiast – whether for kick-boxing, boxing or fitness training.

  • Ideally suited to combat sports

  • Ideal for kick and punch exercises

  • Incl. looped handles

    The Sport-Thieme "Curve" punch padding: practise your technique
    The Sport-Thieme "Curve" punch padding is ideally suited to combat sports training. The looped handles give your training partner optimal support when exercising. You can practise both punching and kicking. The different loops give you the opportunity to hold the punch padding in various positions.
    Product informations:

  • 75x35x15 cm

  • 3 kg

  • Black

Green Hill® "Sparring" Head Guard

Lowers the risk of injury

M W0-IL1487204

L W0-IL1487217

The Green Hill® "Sparring" head guard is an important piece of equipment for contact sports, e.g. boxing or kick-boxing.

  • Protects the head, cheekbones and nose

  • Padding for optimal protection

  • With Velcro fastening at the back

  • The size is adjustable using the lacing

  • Water-resistant inner material

    The Green Hill® "Sparring" head guard: adapts perfectly to the shape of the head
    The Green Hill® "Sparring" head guard is made from high-quality buffalo leather and the inner material is water resistant. Perfect when you sweat during training! Your advantage: the additional padding on the chin, ears and cheekbones provides even more safety. The guard is easy to put on and take off thanks to the Velcro fastening at the back. Individually adjustable shape thanks to the lacing.
    Product information:

  • Material: 100% buffalo leather

  • Sizes: M and L

  • Black/brown

Green Hill® Focus Mitts W0-IL1487305

Improve your boxing technique

The Green Hill® focus mitts are ideally suited to technique training in combat sport.

  • With target point in the palms

  • Special and flexible wrist protection

  • Incl. wide Velcro fastening

    The Green Hill® focus mitts: very comfortable to wear
    These focus mitts are made from buffalo leather and are particularly breathable. The mitts are easy to put on and take off thanks to the Velcro fastening, which is wide and offers perfect support. The white target point in the middle of the palms improves accuracy.
    Product information:

  • Material: 100% buffalo leather

  • Black/red

  • Breathable

Mouth Guard, Set of 3 W0-IL1481903

Reliable protection!

Mouth guards are used primarily contact sports, such as boxing, ice hockey, rugby and kick-boxing.

  • Special protection for the upper jaw

  • Easy adjustment

  • Optimal fit

    Mouth guards: adapts to the shape of any mouth
    Mouth guards are special protection for the upper jaw. Simply place the guard in hot water, then bite the guard and it will permanently retain the shape of your mouth. However, it should no longer be used when it doesn't fit properly any more. 
    Product information:

  • Black

  • Shape retaining

  • Incl. storage box

Adidas® "Semi-Contact" Kick-Boxing Glove

S W0-IL2320508

M W0-IL2320511

L W0-IL2320524

The Adidas® "Semi-Contact" kick-boxing glove is a particularly robust and long-lasting hand guard for kick-boxing training.

  • Reliable protection of the hands

  • WAKO approved

  • With Velcro fastening

    The Adidas® "Semi-Contact" kick-boxing glove: particularly non slip
    The Adidas® "Semi-Contact" kick-boxing gloves are specially developed for this type of sport. The gloves have a particularly non-slip material on the inside. The outer hand is made from artificial leather. The gloves are easy to put on and take off thanks to the Velcro fastener. WAKO (World Association of Kick-boxing organisations) approved.
    Product information:

  • 100% PU3G artificial leather

  • Black/white

Adidas® "Super Safety Kicks" Foot Guard

An absolute must-have for kick-boxing training

S W0-IL2320407

M W0-IL2320410

L W0-IL2320423

You will always be well-equipped for kick-boxing training with the Adidas® "Super Safety Kicks" foot guard.

  • Ideal for kick-boxing

  • Non-slip inside material

  • Different sizes

    The Adidas® "Super Safety Kicks" foot guard: for a safe kick-boxing workout
    This foot guard is made from very strong PU material and is ideally suited to use in kick-boxing. The inside material is non slip and the tow strap offers perfect support. The fastener provides additional support. The foot guard is WAKO (World Associations of Kick-boxing organisations) approved.
    Product information:

  • PU outer material

  • S: shoe size 38.5-40

  • M: shoe size, 40.5-42

  • L: shoe size 42.5-44

  • Incl. Velcro fastener and toe strap

  • Black/grey

Sport-Thieme® Finger Trainer Set W0-IL2637004

Strengthens the muscles in the fingers and hands

Strengthen the muscles and mobility of individual fingers or the entire hand with Sport-Thieme finger trainer set. The set consists of four hand trainers in different strengths.

  • The set of 4 finger trainers with different strengths

  • For therapy, fitness and home training

  • Promotes finger strength, mobility and dexterity

  • Ideal for stretching and strengthening exercises

  • Particularly robust and durable

The Sport-Thieme finger trainer set – simple handling, effective exercises
Using the Sport-Thieme finger trainer set is simple: feed your fingers through the five ring-shaped openings. The openings are ergonomically arranged in the natural positions of the fingers. The holes are also flexible allowing bigger fingers to fit through as well. All you need to do to train the finger is to slowly spread out your fingers and then slowly let the resistance return them to their starting position. There are lots of ways to vary the training in order train fine motor function and gross motor function – as sequential exercises. Don't carry out the exercises abruptly and relax the fingers after the stretching exercises.

Product information:

  • LxW: 8.5x8 cm

  • Material: flexible plastic

    The colours differentiate the strength of resistance:

  • Yellow = low

  • Green = medium

  • Red = high

  • Blue = very high


Small, practical and versatile!

Blue W0-IL1550304

Red W0-IL1550317

The TwistFit is like a mini gym for the whole body! Whether for the stomach, back or neck muscle systems – no problem for this centrifugal trainer.

"Fit" Slashpipe®

Challenge your body in a new way!

Orange W0-IL2376703

Blue W0-IL2376716

The "Fit" Slashpipe is ideally suited to medical, functional, personal, home and group training.

  • Stabilises the body and challenges endurance

  • Best suited to experienced users, adults, group fitness and personal training

  • For relaxation and sensory motor exercises

  • Similar to barbell training

  • Incl. hand straps and end caps

    The "Fit" Slashpipe: easy to store
    The "Fit" Slashpipe is a water-filled tube. Its 150-cm length means that it is best suited to experienced users and adults. Integrated hand straps provide the necessary grip. The liquid on the inside is available in both orange and blue. The colours serve no particular purpose, but are simply visually pleasing. The pipe weighs approx. 3.5 kg and can be stored away compactly after your workout. Ideally suited to core, stabilization, balance and strength-endurance training.
    Product information:

  • Length: 150 cm

  • Diameter: 7 cm

  • Weight: approx. 3.5 kg

    Exercise possibilities:

  • Knee lifts

  • Crunches

  • Lower back rotations

  • Squats

  • Rowing

  • Many more

    Effectively challenge power, coordination and stimulate your senses
    Thanks to the "Fit" Slashpipe's filling, the water on the inside is constantly moving, resulting in uncontrollable momentum. You have to stabilize the acting forces with your body. Your power and coordination are also excellently trained. Particularly practical: the training aid is suitable for ergo therapy and physiotherapy, as all senses are stimulated by the swishing and the movements of the water.

"Mini" Slashpipe®

A different kind of fitness training

Orange W0-IL2376602

Blue W0-IL2376615

The "Mini" Slashpipe is a water-filled pipe for effective functional training at the gym or at home.

  • For relaxation, balance, sensory motor, coordination and strength training

  • Training product for gymnastics and fitness training

  • Ideal for beginners, children, adults, older people, therapists and group fitness

  • Similar to barbell training

  • Incl. end caps with hand straps

    The "Mini" Slashpipe: with hand loops for optimal hold
    The "Mini" Slashpipe is a training aid suitable for beginners because of its length and light weight. It can also be used to extend your existing exercises, or as a stand-alone product. A real head-turner: the water within the fitness assistant is coloured either orange or blue. Two hand straps are integrated to ensure that the pipe sits perfectly in your hand. Simply store the fitness product vertically after your workout.
    Product information:

  • Length: 120 cm

  • Diameter: 6 cm

  • Weight: 2,250 g

    Fitness exercises:

  • Knee lifts

  • Crunches

  • Lower back rotations

  • Squats

  • Rowing

  • Many more

    Functional training for numerous muscle groups
    The "Mini" Slashpipe is innovative, functional and perfect for use at home or the gym. Lots of exercises allow you to carry out health-conscious training or a fitness workout for the whole body. Whether strength and endurance training, or improving coordination. The senses are also involved thanks to the water inside the pipe: listen to the swishing of the water, watch the movements or feel the movements with the body. Also best used for ergo therapy and physiotherapy.

Jumping Fitness Home Trampoline

Jump to the stars!

Green W0-IL2280921

Pink W0-IL2280934

The Jumping Fitness home trampoline has been specially developed for exercise at home.

  • New spring system with rubber cords and single suspension for dynamic flexibility

  • Safer, fixed position of the trampoline thanks to non-slip coating

  • Functional design perfected in numerous tests

  • Incl. 2 instruction DVDs for jumping training at home

  • TÜV approved

    The Jumping Fitness home trampoline – the special trampoline for exercise
    The Jumping Fitness home trampoline is a specially developed piece of sports equipment for jumping fitness classes. With its polygon shape, low weight below 13 kg, rubber cords and flexible cover, it will withstand the highest loads. Its frame construction, the most important part of a trampoline, is made from 2-mm-thick, anodized steel as this directly influences the springing movement. The legs are removable, ensuring simple and quick storage of the trampoline. The non-slip rubber coating on the underside of the support legs guarantees a fixed, stable position on the floor. The practical handlebar not only provides you with more stability, but also exceptional comfort when exercising.
    Product information:

  • Trampoline size: ø 130 cm

  • Jumping area: ø 110 cm

  • Weight: 13 kg

  • Max. weight of the user: 120 kg

  • Handle: height can be adjusted between 98-114 cm

    The professional for ultimate jumping fitness training
    The construction and shape of the Jumping Fitness home trampoline have been carefully selected and approved in many tests to facilitate the difficult compromise between stability, size, safety requirements, design and demands for freedom of movement in training. The new spring system with rubber cords guarantees excellent and dynamic flexibility without any unwanted noise. Compared to a trampoline with steel springs, the Jumping professional trampoline does not need regular maintenance. The hexagonal jumping area offers more room for exercises that wouldn't be possible on a round trampoline. The trampoline bed has double-sided stitching and consists of a specially developed non-slip surface made from anti-static fabric. Please note: for use in gyms, it is necessary for the instructor to be trained.

Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Fitness Trampoline W0-IC1482108

Let’s Jump – effective trampoline training for home use!

With the "Jump" fitness trampoline experience a highly effective full body workout with an unbeatable fun factor. Thanks to the soft suspension, training is joint and back friendly. 

  • With a handle for increased comfort and safety while jumping

  • Soft, sprung jumping mat for joint and back friendly training

  • Includes training DVD

  • Space saving, foldable

    The "Jump" fitness trampoline: jump yourself fit!
    With the Sport-Thieme "Jump" fitness trampoline you can train your entire body. Train up to 400 muscles simply by jumping gymnastically. The trampoline is equipped with a handle, which gives you more stability during your workout. The height of the handle can be easily, freely adjusted between 85-115 cm using the adjustment screw. 60 rubber cords guarantee a very soft suspension. Thanks to the training DVD included you can get started straight away. The trampoline has a folding mechanism to allow it to be conveniently folded up after use, saving space.
    Product information:

  • Dimensions: ø 140 cm, height: 40 cm. Trampoline bed ø 110 cm

  • Rubber cord thickness: 6 mm

  • Handle freely adjustable between 85-115 cm

  • Weight: 10 kg

  • Max. load: 120 kg

  • Folding mechanism

Heymans Trimilin® "Pro" Trampoline

Ideal for intensive use

Screw-on Legs W0-IL1279229

Folding Legs W0-IL1279232

The Heymans Trimlin "Pro" trampoline is equipped with strengthened springs. The fitness trampoline has an ideal bounce for users who weigh over 100 kg.

  • For sports rehabilitation, fitness or sports therapy

  • For effective, joint-friendly training

  • Available with screw-on or collapsible legs

    The Heymans Trimlin "Pro" trampoline – ideal for people with a higher bodyweight
    The Heymans Trimlin "Pro" trampoline means that larger people can incorporate the mini trampoline into their exercise regime. The trampoline can hold up to 180 kg. The therapy trampoline is equipped with joint-friendly springs and is suitable for use in sports rehabilitation after surgery. The trampoline provides effective cardio, running and endurance training. The large, extra-thick springs on the trampoline are designed for withstanding high weights and intensive use. The trampoline is therefore suitable for use in gyms, sports rehabilitation or medical use.
    Product information:

  • ø 102 cm, height: approx. 25 cm

  • Trampoline: mat blue, edge cover: silver

  • With 48 special springs

  • Weight: approx. 11 kg

  • Suitable for bodyweight between 40-180 kg

  • Available with screw-on or collapsible legs

    The Heymans Trimlin "Pro" trampoline – get your body moving
    Training on trampoline really gets you moving: exercising on mini trampolines works all of the body's muscles and connective tissue. But even more than that: bouncing stimulates metabolism and circulation. Training on the trampoline is therefore excellently suited to losing weight.
    The Heymans Trimilin trampolines are well-known for their excellent workmanship, long lifespan and great value for money. Should a part wear out after long-term use, it is easy to order a replacement. This makes the outstanding mini trampoline the best choice for sports organizations.

Sport-Thieme® Wall Mounting Strap

Store your soft mats in a space-saving way!

2 – 4 m W0-IL1568400

3 – 6 m W0-IL1568413

The Sport-Thieme wall mounting strap is ideal for fixing soft and landing mats.

  • Ideal for soft and landing mats

  • With adjustable strap

  • Incl. screws and dowels for attaching to the wall

    The Sport-Thieme wall mounting strap: a must-have in every sports hall
    With the Sport-Thieme wall strap, you can attach both soft and landing mats quickly and easily to a wall. The 5-cm-wide belt strap has a metal fastener on its end. Choose between the adjustable straps with lengths of 2-4 m or 3-6 m. The strap includes screws and dowels for easy attachment.
    Product information:

  • 5-cm-wide belt strap (100% propylene) with metal fastener

  • Incl. screws and dowels for attaching to the wall

    Available versions:

  • Adjustable strap from 2-4 m

  • Adjustable strap from 3-6 m

Protective Mat Corners


Patent number 102004039795. To dramatically extend the lifespan of your mats and landing areas. Nicking or cutting are avoided as the pressure is spread over a large area. Simple to attach to any 5 cm belt. Flexible plastic 20x10x5 cm.

  • For increasing the life span of mats and soft landing areas

  • Simple to attach to any 5 cm wide strap

  • Flexible plastic

  • 20x10x5 cm

  • Easy to use

Trial® FluiBall

Strengthen your muscles

Pink 0.5 kg, ø 12 cm W0-IC2206804

Yellow 1.0 kg, ø 17 cm W0-IC2206817

Orange 1.5 kg, ø 19 cm W0-IC2206820

Green 2.0 kg, ø 21 cm W0-IC2206833

Pink 3.0 kg, ø 23 cm W0-IC2206846

Lt. Blue 4.0 kg, ø 25 cm W0-IC2206859

Blue 5.0 kg, ø 26 cm W0-IC2206804

Orange 6.0 kg, ø 27 cm W0-IC2206875

Green 7.0 kg, ø 28 cm W0-IC2206888

Red 8.0 kg, ø 29 cm W0-IC2206891

Purple 9.0 kg, ø 29 cm W0-IC2206905

Lt. Blue 10 kg, ø 30 cm W0-IC2206918

The Trial FluiBall: challenge your physical abilities and get fit.

  • Optimal training ball for everyone

  • With liquid-filled medicine ball

  • Different weight levels for any type of training

  • Versatile piece of equipment for an intensive functional workout

  • Can be used anywhere

    The Trial FluiBall: impresses with its durability
    The Trial FluiBall is similar to a medicine ball. In comparison to a medicine ball, the weight in this ball comes from a liquid. The training ball comes in different weight levels which are colour coded – so you can choose the weight to match your level of fitness. The robustness of this ball is a key feature. The soft silicone material can withstand the most intensive use. Thanks to the smooth surface, the ball is easy to clean after use.
    Product information:

  • Material: silicone

  • Coloured water marks the different weight levels

    The Trial FluiBall: ideal for dynamic training
    The Trial FluiBall is a fitness trainer with a wide variety of uses – whether for training in the water, at the gym or at home. Throwing, pushing away from the body, squats, push-ups to step ups: these are just some of the exercises you can do this this all-rounder. Your advantage: these different workouts strengthen different areas of the body.

Sigma® "RC MOVE" Heart Rate Monitor W0-IL1447604

The multi-functional fitness watch for everyday use

The Sigma "RC MOVE" heart rate monitor is a high-quality silicone watch for almost any kind of sporting activity.

  • Ideal for monitoring regular fitness

  • Displays speed, distance, calories and much more

  • Can be used in combination with the Sigma "MOVE" app (only for iPhone)

  • Sigma "Move" app: clearly structured and easy to operate

  • Heart rate monitoring as accurate as an EKG

    The Sigma "RC MOVE" heart rate monitor: keeping an eye on your everyday fitness
    The "RC MOVE" is ideal for monitoring your physical fitness. Whether it's EKG-accurate heart rate monitoring, calorie consumption or displaying speed and distance: you are always well-informed with this practical sports watch. The heart rate monitor also displays up to 99 laps per day, which allows you to track your exercise on the display, visually analyse your performance and share on Facebook and Twitter. Other advantages include backlit display, favourites function, zoom function and much more.
    Product information:

  • As accurate as an EKG

  • Digitally coded wireless transmission via Bluetooth® Smart

  • Compatible with Sigma "MOVE" app

  • Speed/distance display

  • Music control

  • Voice coach

  • Adjustable interval training via "Data Center" or Sigma's "MOVE" apps

  • Current, average and maximum heart rate

  • Lap counter (99 laps)

  • Training with 1 adjustable target zone

  • Adjustable interval training

  • Favourites function

  • Best lap indicator

  • Easy lap view

  • Calorie counter

  • Intensity zones

  • Heart rate graph during exercise

  • Zone alarm, zone indicator

  • % max. heart rate with zone bars

  • Automatically calculates target zone

  • Zoom function

  • 260 hours of LOG capacity

  • Total values per week, month and sicne reset

  • myName function (only via "Data Center" app)

  • Wireless data transmission via Sigma's wireless dongle

Fitbit® "Charge HR" Activity Tracker

The strap with activity and sleep tracker

Black, Size S W0-IL1486908

Black, Size L W0-IL1486911

The Fitbit "Charge HR" activity tracker will keep you well informed about your daily movements and sleep patterns. At the same time, the fitness watch offers continuous, automatic monitoring of your heart rate. 

  • Perfect for tracking training sessions, steps, active minutes etc.

  • Wireless synchronisation via Bluetooth with most smartphones and computers

  • Training statistics and summaries in real time

  • PurePulse heart rate: continuous heart rate measurement

  • With automatic sleep recognition

    The Fitbit "Charge HR" activity tracker: track your movements
    The Fitbit "Charge HR" activity tracker records your training and activities all day long. Whether training sessions, heart rate, distance, calorie consumption, levels, active minutes or steps: the movement monitor gives you an optimal view of your daily fitness. Thanks to Purepulse, the fitness wristband also provides automatic monitoring of your heart rate using your wrist pulse and simplified heart rate zones. Monitor your training: record your training sessions really easily and access a real-time display of training statistics and summaries. As well as daily movement, the Fitbit "Charge HR" activity tracker also monitors your sleep and wakes you with a silent alarm. 

  • PurePulse heart rate: continuous, automatic heart rate monitoring using wrist pulse and simplified heart rate zones

  • Training and activities from the entire day: training sessions, heart rate, distance, calorie consumption, levels, active minutes and steps

  • Training statistics and training summaries in real time

    Additional functions:

  • Saves 7 days of detailed, minute-based movement data

  • Tracks the overall daily values for the last 30 days

  • Saves heart rate values during the training session being tracked in 1-second intervals, otherwise in 5-second intervals

  • Caller ID and time: display of time and daily values as well as receipt of daily messages and incoming calls when used with compatible mobile phones

  • Automatic sleep recognition and alarm

  • Wireless synchronisation via Bluetooth 4.0 with tablets, computers and over 120 popular iOS, Android and Windows smartphones

    Product information:

  • Wristband width: 21 mm

  • Material: flexible, durable elastomer

  • Fastener made from surgical stainless steel

  • Battery life: up to 5 days

  • Battery type: lithium polymer

  • Charging time: 1-2 hours

  • Water-resistant

  • Black

    Size S:

  • For wrists with a circumference of 137-158 mm

    Size L:

  • For wrists with a circumference of 158-193 mm

    Comes with:

  • Charger cable

  • Dongle for wireless synchronisation

Fitbit® "Surge" Heart Rate Monitor

Reach new best performances!

S W1-IL1487103

L W1-IL1487116

The Fitbit "Surge" heart rate monitor is the perfect activity tracker for everyday life. Ideal for monitoring heart rate and sleep, for tracking your movement or for training summaries of runs, cardio training and lots more.

  • Continuous, automatic heart rate measurement without a strap

  • For tracking steps, distances, calorie consumption and active minutes

  • Operational for up to 7 days

  • With GPS tracking

  • Includes charging cable and dongle for wireless synchronisation

    The Fitbit "Surge" heart rate monitor: track more smartly using GPS and keep yourself fit
    The Fitbit "Surge" heart rate monitor allows you to track activities all day long. Whether steps, distance, calories consumed, levels or active minutes: the fitness "superwatch" keeps you informed at all times about all of your movements. Record your runs, cross training as well as cardio workouts and take a look at the detailed training summary. In addition, GPS tracking will allow you to retrieve route lengths, speed and differences in altitude. This gives you an insight into routes and interval times. During the entire training session, you can monitor your heart rate via your wrist pulse and simplified heart rate zones. The Fitbit "Surge" heart rate monitor synchronises wirelessly and automatically with most smartphones and computers. 

  • GPS tracking: retrieval of routes and interval times

  • Purepulse heart rate: continuous, automatic monitoring of heart rate via the wrist pulse and simplified heart rate zones

  • Activities from the whole day: steps, distance, calories consumed, levels or active minutes

  • Multiple sports: training summary for runs, cross training and cardio workouts

    Additional functions:

  • Saves 7 days of detailed, minute-based movement data

  • Tracks the overall daily values for the last 30 days

  • Saves heart rate values during the training session being tracked in 1-second intervals, otherwise in 5-second intervals

  • Alerts and music: call or SMS alerts on the touchscreen display

  • Automatic sleep recognition and alarm

  • Wireless synchronisation via Bluetooth 4.0 with tablets, computers and over 120 popular iOS, Android and Windows smartphones

    Product information:

  • Display size (LxW): 20.88x24.36 mm

  • Wristband width: 34 mm

  • Material: flexible, durable elastomer

  • Fastener made from surgical stainless steel

  • Battery life: up to 7 days

  • Battery type: lithium polymer

  • Charging time: 1-2 hours

  • Water-resistant

  • Black

  • Size S:

  • For wrists with a circumference of 140-160 mm

    Size L:

  • For wrists with a circumference of 160-198 mm

    Comes with:

  • Charger cable

  • Dongle for wireless synchronisation

Polar® "A300" Heart Rate Monitor

Get fit even more quickly!

Black W1-IL1542501

Pink W1-IL1542527

White W1-IL1542514

The Polar "A300" heart rate monitor tracks your movements around the clock. You'll keep a better eye on your daily target using this sports wristband and will get fit quickly!

  • 24/7: gives feedback on your daily, weekly and monthly activity

  • Tracking of sleep pattern using the online service and Polar Flow app.

  • Vibrates when you spend too long in a sitting position

  • Delivers precise calorie consumption values and lots more

  • 2 versions available: A300 HR incl. chest strap (H7)

    The Polar "A300" heart rate monitor: keep track of your fitness
    The Polar "A300" heart rate monitor tracks your daily activity at different intensity levels. The wristband also shows your number of steps, distance and calories consumed. The product, which can be paired with the Polar H7 heart rate sensor, measures every heartbeat and informs you if you are improving your fitness level with a particularly high degree of precision. Highly practical: if you are seated for a long period of time, the heart rate monitor vibrates to inform you of this. In addition, the heart rate monitoring device automatically summarises the length and quality of your sleep. This allows you to look at your sleep pattern using the online service and Polar Flow app and draw the necessary conclusions. The Polar "A300" heart rate monitor comes with a chest strap to measure your heart rate.
    Training functions:

  • Training objectives

  • Training diary

  • Heart Touch

  • Heart rate

  • Immediate analysis in the Polar Flow App

  • Sporty appearance

    Product information:

  • 48 g

  • 12.7 mm thick

  • Water-resistant (30 m)

  • 15 different language options available

  • Memory capacity up to 60 days (with daily activity tracking and 1 hour of daily training)

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Battery life up to 4 weeks

  • Easy to synchronise with Polar Flow App using Bluetooth Smart

  • Data transfer to PC and Mac with custom USB connector

    The most advanced everyday activity tracker
    Polar's "A300" heart rate monitor helps you to understand the effects of your activity and to track your progress over the long term. 24/7 measurement: the activity tracker measures your movements around the clock and guarantees that you get fit even more quickly! The modern wristband for everyday use; the A300 automatically registers the start of your sleep and the moment that you wake up. In Polar Flow you can discover more information about your daily fitness, sleep and much more.

Elephant® Slackline Freak Flash'line Set W0-IL2628501

The slackline set for individualists

You can attach and perfectly align the Elephant slackline freak flash'line set anywhere thanks to its universally applicable round slings, shackles and long-arm ratchet. The high-end slackline for professional and advanced users is suited to different uses: trickline, waterline, longline or for surfing.

  • High-end slackline for advanced and professional users

  • Quick and easy to assemble

  • Flash’line with trampoline effect: the force is absorbed

  • Can be used in different slackline disciplines

  • Maximum utilisation of the slackline (25m) made possible by the shackles and round slings

    The Elephant slackline freak flash'line set for the best safety
    The Elephant slackline freak flash'line set never lets you down: the slackline has excellent dynamics and rebound force. Advanced and professional users will love the trampoline effect. The durability and extreme breaking strength of 4.5 tonnes guarantees your safety. Assembly is carried out by the shackles and round slings and allows you to make the most of the slackline's full length – ideal for longliners. 
    Product details:

  • Total length: 25 m

  • Length of slackline tape: 24.8 m

  • Length of ratchet tape: 0.2 m

  • Width of slackline tape: 50 mm

  • Material: polyester flat tape

  • Stretch of the tape: 2% at 7 kN (~700 kg)

  • Tear resistance of the tape: 45 kN (~4500 kg)

  • Straps: reinforced 1.4 mm

  • Tensioning element: 50 mm long-arm ratchet

  • Weight: approx. 5.5 kg

  • Fastening system: impact slings 2m, shackles 2t, tree'skin 1.5 m

  • Pink

  • Can support up to 120 kg

"Slack 'n School" Slackline W0-IL2165804

  • Attractive, quick and easy to tighten slackline

  • Specially developed for slacklining in sports halls

  • For attaching to high bar posts

  • 10 m long slackline, line width: 30 mm

  • With 2 round slings, ratchet and ratchet protector

  • Line: 100% polyester

Approved for attaching to high bar posts up to a height of 50 cm. The flexible sleeves on the ends enable safe and non-slip positioning of the slackline on the posts. Thanks to the hook on the ratchet, it can be attached very close to the posts and the opposite side is also usable up to the post thanks to the seam. 
Weight: 2450 g
Breaking strength of system: 2000 daN
Elasticity at breaking point of slackline-webbing: 13%
Elasticity of slackline-webbing in normal use: at 600daN max. 5%
Load anchorage point: 7220 N

U Scooter W0-IL2034401

The safe, easy beginners introduction to the rollerboard system. As the U scooter is highly challenging, it will be a winner with your child. It makes it very simple to play educational games. A soft sitting shell made from strong PU foam. 27x17x31 cm.

  • U-Scooter

  • Size: 27x17x31 cm

  • Soft seat made from durable PU foam

  • Can withstand a body weight of up to 50 kg

  • 4 safe plastic rollers

Gonge® GoGo’ W0-IL2610900

This unusual vehicle is lots of fun for kids! Trains movement patterns, balance and coordination. The Gonge ‘Gogo’ con­sists of four wheels, two axles and two boards. First, the child steps on to the board and slowly sets the vehicle going. Back and forth carefully with the legs and off you go. Board made from plastic, red. Sturdy steel axle – ø 14 mm. Plastic wheels with rubber tyres. LxWxH: 36x48x16 cm. Can hold up to 50 kg. For children between 4-12 years old.

''obi" Rotating Rocking Board

''Kids'' W0-IL1288618

''Sport'' W0-IL1288605

Mobi involves rolling, running, turning and many other games. A new game and sports instrument for all. Supports up to 90 kg. Includes comprehensive exercise instructions.

  • Turning, running, rocking and many games.

  • A fun and sports product for everyone.

  • Trains balance and coordination

  • Will hold up to 90 kg

  • With instructions

Soft Play Gymbox™

W0-IL2560003 Mini’ Set W0-IL2560016 Kids’ Set

Patent 8296881. Ideal for daycare cen­tres, nurseries and preschools. Simply fold the cube apart: from the six sides come a sports mat which can be randomly combined with the parts contained. Ideal addition to ball play areas and other soft play building blocks. Sturdy imitation leather cover (outer material: 100% polychloride).

Available in two versions:

Mini’: for small children from 3 months to 3 years. 16 pieces. LxWxH: 80x80x80 cm, folded: LxW: 320x240 cm. 'Kids’: for children from 3-7 years. 15 pieces. LxWxH: 100x100x100, folded: LxW: 400x300 cm.

Gonge® Koala

Without anti-slip feet W0-IL255 7801 Each

With anti-slip feet W0-IL262 5108 Set

Kids can swing, rock and spin around to their heart’s content. The move­ments stimulate balance. Curvature of the outer shell prevents tipping over and fin­gers from getting trapped. Plastic. ø 58 cm. H: 44 cm, 3.5 kg. Can hold up to 50 kg. 1-6 years. Also as a practical set with anti-slip feet. Attention! To be used under the direct supervision of adult

Gonge® Carousel’ W0-IL2557902

Children set the ‘Carousel’ in mo­tion, during which they shift the body’s centre of gravity. Smaller children simply use their legs to push themselves from the floor. Generates body relaxation and targets many muscles. Balance is stimu­lated and benefited. Solid base made from steel tubing with rubber feet. Ball-bearing connector for smooth running. ø 56 cm. Height: 25 cm. Approx. 5 kg. Can hold up to 75 kg. 3-10 years.

Pedalo® "Sport" Stabiliser W1-IL2141406

  • Whole-body training aid with 3D movement

  • Increases input information to proprioceptors and receptors

  • Stimulates and improves the coordination of inter-segmental muscles

  • Improved response capacity and stabilisation of the skeletal system

  • A whole-body training aid

  • Develops the control of posture and movement

  • Adjustable difficulty levels

  • Non-slip rubber mat included

  • Frame size LxW: 58x58 cm, platform: 60x35 cm

Pedalo® Vestimed® W1-IL2096520

Universal whole-body training for fitness, therapy and rehabilitation.

  • Patent 102007048399

  • Strengthens arms, legs, back, trunk and abdomen

  • Improves coordination skills, as all exercises are carried out whilst standing, sitting or performing a plank on the unstable base

  • Can be used for exercising with or without resistance bands, hand and foot loops which can be easily attached with a snap hook.

  • Also suitable for neurological medical conditions (Parkinson's, MS)

  • The new Senso spring system creates a soft motion

  • The pre-tensioning of the resistance bands can be individually adjusted to suit the user's ability through the loop system.

  • Suitable for body weights from 30 - 110 kg

  • Product details:

  • Non-slip surface

  • Non-slip rubber feet ensures secure positioning

  • Milled positioning lines

  • ø 50 cm

  • H: 18 cm

  • Weight: 7 kg

    Consisting of:

  • Spring board

  • 1 pair of washable resistance bands with loops

  • 2 fixing straps

Braig Ballet Barre W1-IL1227505

The first perfect, portable yet sturdy ballet barre for intensive daily use in ballet academies and schools.

  • 2 mobile stands

  • 2 oval ballet barres (51x41 mm) made from glued wood , each 350 cm long

  • Fixed heights, 110 cm upper, 87.5 cm lower

  • Total weight: 72 kg

  • Suitable for all age groups

  • A corresponding transportation unit (product code 1227518) enables easy transportation over longer distances. Please order separately.

Spieth® Foam Training Balance Beam W1-IL1212004

Spieth® Foam Training Balance Beam

  • Made from special hard foam

  • Safe way to learn gymnastics routines

  • Perfect for use in training

  • A white line marks the centre of the running surface

  • Underneath has Velcro strips for fixing

    Dimensions and weight

  • LxWxH: 300x25x8 cm

  • Width of the running surface is 15 cm

  • Approx. 8 kg

Sport-Thieme® Mini’ Swimming Line Trolley W1-IL1145739

With reel lock. The small space-saving miracle. The ideal trolley when space is at a premium. Natural bare alumini­um, lines not included. 0.80x1.40x1.35 m. 10-year guarantee!

Lap Counter W1-IL2247205

Display complies with FINA/DSV for medium to long distances. Displays the lengths still to be swum for 25 or 50 m pools. Proven by use at World and Euro­pean championships. Made from impact resistant plastic with large numbers and integrated handle. Strong.

Sport-Thieme® Strandgut’ Changing Cubicle

Red W1-IL2450605

Blue W1-IL2450618

A real eye-catcher. Prac­tical changing cubicle that can be used anywhere. Ideal for all beaches, lakes and sunbathing areas! The cubicle has been newly de­signed and captivates with its size and light weight. It offers freedom and is particularly bright and well-lit with its fit­ted domed rooflight. The cu­bicle is fully-assembled, incl. curtain and can be set up any­where. Additionally, the cu­bicle can be anchored in the ground with three bolts. Weatherproof, made from fibreglass-reinforced polyester resin with a polished, weatherproof and easy-to-clean surface. Height: approx. 200 cm, ø above and below ap­prox. 120 cm, 136 cm respect­ively (edge dimensions). Deliv­ery incl. tear-resistant curtain in metallic grey, made from Saran material (100% polychloride).

"Flow" Floorball Combi Set W1-IL1838103

Floorball set for schools and clubs

The "Flow" floorball combi set has everything you need for 2 floorball teams. Ideal for youth and adult players 176-185 cm tall.

  • Complete set for use in schools and clubs

  • Includes floorball sticks, goals, balls and bag

  • Shaft made from high-quality polycarbonate

  • Can be stored compactly

  • Floorball equipment in a great-value set
    The "Flow" combi set provides all of the equipment for 2 teams. This means that you are perfectly equipped for floorball in club and school sports. 

    The floorball set consists of:

  • 9 floorball sticks with left-shot blade (1180927)

  • 3 floorball sticks with right-shot blade (1180930)

  • 6 floorball balls (1168509)

  • 1 floorball bag for sticks (1731705)

  • 2 floorball goals, 90x60 cm, (1174609)

    Suitable for:

  • Secondary schools and sixth forms

  • Clubs

  • Youth and adult players from 176-185 cm tall

    The perfect basic equipment for floorball games in school and club sports: the "Flow" floorball combi set.

A summary of the main advantages of floorball:

  • Trains motion sequences for a variety of other sports (e.g. handball, tennis, volleyball etc.)

  • Develops and trains side-stepping movements

  • Supports the development of team spirit

  • Coordinates different body movements

  • Does not require much space or many markings

  • Offers a high level of safety and protection from injuries

  • Develops strength, endurance and speed

  • Balls and sticks are affordable and easy to transport

  • Easy to understand, simple rules guarantee fun right from the start

  • Offers a wealth of different variations on the game and develops creativity

  • Suitable for all age groups, from nursery upwards

  • Provides lots of fun for everyone

Simba® "Seaweed" Diving Game Set W0-IL2479314

Something fun and different for the pool

There is no end to the ways the Simba "Seaweed" game can be used. Great fun and something a bit different for your next visit to the pool.

  • Ideal for use when swimming or diving, or for throwing and juggling

  • New water game offers something fun and different for your trips to the swimming pool

  • No complicated set-up needed – simply throw straight into the water

  • Children improve their swimming and diving skills in a fun way

  • Available in practical 9-piece set

    The Simba "Seaweed" diving toy: the fun children's diving game
    The "Seaweed" diving plant set by Simba includes 9 toys. These new water toys put the fun into trips to the swimming pool and are a great way to get children comfortable with the water, whether you use them when swimming or diving, or for throwing and juggling. Comes in a range of colours.
    Product information:

  • Set contains 9 toys

  • Length: 20 cm

  • With swaying leaves to resemble underwater plants

  • Assorted colours

Schildkröt® Neoprene Animal Diving Game Set W0-IL2488703

Diving game for all ages

The Schildkröt® neoprene diving toys bring fun and adventure to the swimming pool. All 3 animals are waterproof and will not fade in the light.

  • Fun in the pool or sea

  • Easy to grab thanks to its coating

  • Easy to see anywhere

  • Made from high-quality neoprene: waterproof and non-fade

  • Set includes 3 animals

Schildkröt neoprene animal diving toys: the fun diving aid
These neoprene animals by Schildkröt are made from very strong neoprene. Fun in any water. Their waterproof and non-fade surface makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor pools. They can be used for teaching and diving training, are easy to see and can be thrown accurately. Set includes 3 animals.

Product information:

  • 100% neoprene

  • ø approx. 12 cm each

  • Comes as set of 3

  • Includes:

  • 1 orange fish

  • 1 green seahorse

  • 1 purple seal

"Robbi" Neoprene Diving Game Set W0-IL2491309

Learning to dive made easy

The "Robbi" neoprene diving toy is a multi-use water toy.

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor pools or the sea

  • Suitable for children 3+

  • Perfect for learning to swim and dive

  • Improves confidence in the water

  • Includes handy storage bag

    "Robbi" neoprene diving game: swimming and diving fun
    The "Robbi" neoprene diving game offers fun for young swimmers for indoor and outdoor swimming pools or the sea. 
    The seals are made from smooth water-resistant neoprene and filled with a mixture of sand and foam. They have the numbers 1-6 on the back so the game possibilities are endless.

    Product information:

  • Outer material: neoprene

  • Filled with sand and foam

  • Size of 1 seal: approx 14.5x10 cm

    Set includes:

  • 6 seals containing the numbers 1-6

  • 1 mesh storage bag

  • Game imstructions

"Sea Shells" Diving Game Set W0-IL2135713

Each shell half contains a different animal and there are two of each kind. The winner is the person who can get the matching pairs up to the surface. Set of 3 sea shells in a plastic bag. ø of sea shell approx. 8 cm.

  • Sea Shells diving game

  • Diameter of sea shell: approx. 8 cm

  • Each shell half contains a different animal and there are two of each kind

  • An underwater memory game

  • Clam set

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

"Sea Lions" Diving Game Set W0-IL2135700

Set with 4 sea lions and different symbols underneath the sea lions. Dive for the different symbols. Figure size approx. 10 cm.

  • Sea lions diving game

  • Figure size approx. 10 cm

  • 4 sea lions in plastic bag

  • 3 sea lion symbols

  • 1 fish symbol

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

Water ‘Aquanastik’ Parachute W1-IL203 0005 ø 4 m W1-IL203 0018 ø 5 m

The attraction in every water sports team. For strengthening of the back and joints as well as cardiovascular training for people of any age. With very sturdy, sewed on straps for a better grip. The versatile parachute is water- and air-permeable. In humorous rainbow colours. Made from 100% polyester, very soft and pleasant to hold.

Finis® Mermaid Monofin For Children

The perfect fin for little mermaids

Pink W0-IL2487205

Purple W0-IL2487218

The Finis mermaid monofin makes swimming more fun!

  • Perfect for your child's first steps into the water

  • Learn to swim like a mermaid!

  • Fin for children under 12

The Finis mermaid monofin – the fun fin for younger swimmers
The Finis monofin is a high-quality swimming fin for children under 12. It can make girls feel like a mermaid whilst helping them get used to being in the water. The ideal training aid for your child's first steps into the water, the mermaid fin lets them learn how to swim like a dolphin instead of using traditional flippers. Much more fun than regular fins and is made from TPR for maximum comfort.

Product information:

  • For shoe sizes 33-39

  • Fin dimensions (LxW): 40x40 cm

  • Flipper made from TPR

  • Available in pink or purple

Sport-Thieme® Aerobic Step

More fun and fitness

Grey/Black W1-IL1398902

White/Blue W1-IL1398915

    The Sport-Thieme aerobic step is great for use in gyms and sports clubs.

  • Ideal for sports clubs and gyms

  • Height can be adjusted

  • 5-year guarantee!

    The Sport-Thieme aerobic step – can be adjusted to 3 different heights
    The height of the Sport-Thieme aerobic step can be adjusted to three different heights: 15 cm, 20 cm or 25 cm. The non-slip surface makes your training even safer. Additional non-slip rubber feet provides more secure support and ensure that the step will not move.
    Product information:

  • LxW: 97x36 cm

  • Grey/black or white/blue

  • Non-slip surface

  • Stable rubber feet

  • Can hold up to 200 kg

    A must-have for any workout!
    The aerobics step is essential when you are working out. Do you want to train your glutes and leg muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular system, burn calories and improve endurance? Do you also like to exercise to good music? Then the Sport-Thieme aerobic step is the perfect piece of training equipment for you. If you are a beginner, start off by stepping to slow music with the step at a height of 15 cm. As the step is height adjustable, advanced users can exercise at a quicker pace.

Polanik® Trolley for Training Hurdles W0-IL1437515

For easy transport of your hurdles

Using the Polanik trolley for training hurdles easier and more convenient hurdle transport is possible.

  • Broad handle

  • For up to 30 Polanik training hurdles

  • Makes hurdle transport easier and more convenient

The Polanik trolley for trianing hurdles: sturdy and robust
The Polanik trolley for training hurdles makes hurdle transport easier and more convenient, thanks to its ability to hold up to 30 hurdles. The galvanised steel tubing is particularly sturdy and robust. The broad handle ensures a high level of comfort during transport.

    Product information:

  • Galvanised steel tubing

  • Robust and sturdy construction

Polanik® Hurdle Trolley for Competition Hurdles W0-IL1437502

The easy way to transport your hurdles!

With the Polanik hurdle trolley for competition hurdles you can conveniently transport your hurdles from now on.

  • Makes transporting hurdles easy

  • Accommodates 30 Polanik competition hurdles

  • Incl. handle for easier transport

    The Polanik hurdle trolley for competition hurdles: the convenient transportation aid
    The Polanik hurdle trolley for competition hurdles is made from anodised aluminium and as a result is particularly sturdy and robust. The extra-wide handle ensures that you can transport your hurdles easily and conveniently. Particularly practical: the hurdle trolley fits up to 30 Polanik competition hurdles.
    Product details:

  • Silver anodised aluminium

  • Sturdy and light construction


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