Netball & Fistball

Netball 投球

Netball Posts, Local made

portable with heavy iron base that does not project onto

court. Counterweight for firm stand, rubber pads protect

the floor when the goal is in use. Height adjustment of

the official 305 cm to 210 cm by telescopic aluminum tube Removable goal ring with nylon net. Pair

Netball Net W1-IL1162400

Netball nets

  • Made from high-quality polyethylene

  • 12-point fastening

  • Material thickness: approx. 3 mm

  • White

  • Basket not included

Sport-Thieme® Weight Bags W1-IL1155440

For securing goals.

  • Weight bags for stabilising free-standing goals

  • Simply fill the two chambers with sand

  • Close with the special sealing strip

  • Lay on the ground frame

  • 6 bags are required per goal

  • Approx. 20 kg per filled bag

  • 50x39 cm

  • Set of 6 bags = 120 kg

  • Light polypropylene material

  • Coated and UV resistant.

Sport-Thieme® Netball W0-IL2772107

Perfect for training and matches: Good-grip netball made from strong rubber with a grained surface texture. Offers perfect control when throwing and catching the ball. Suitable for competitions – manufactured in compliance with International Netball Federation regulations. Red/white.
Size 5: 420-430 g, ø: approx. 22 cm

Technical Details:

Type of sport: Ball

Use: Competition

Users: Men, Women

Colour: Red/white

Sport-Thieme Netball W1-IL1079601

The Sport-Thieme netball for training and recreation.

  • Made from synthetic leather

  • Circumference and weight comply with regulations

  • With a latex bladder

  • Colour: white

    Sport-Thieme netball made from synthetic leather

  • Circumference 56-60 cm

  • Weight 400-500 g


32 panels, top quality synthetic leather, hand-sewn. Official size and weight. Size 5 & Size 4

MIKASA® 3500 Rubber netball

Size 5

Netball Bibs, mesh

Netball Bibs, cotton

If order 4 sets, free print for your School Name


Original Drohnn "New Generation" Fistball

Men 375 g W1-IL1070369

Women 345 g W1-IL1070372

Youth 290 g W1-IL1070385

The original Drohnn "New Generation" fistball is a quality competitive ball with outstanding game properties.

  • For all surfaces: grass, hard courts or indoors

  • With replaceable needle valve

  • Real Nappa leather

  • DFBL recommended and approved for competitions

  • Original Drohnn - Made in Germany

For any weather
The original Drohnn "New Generation" fistball is made from real Nappa leather and is suitable for indoors, grass and hard courts. Thanks to its inlaid stitching, this ball is even suitable for use in light rain. The original Drohnn "New Generation" fistball needs no warming up and has a great deal of bounce.
Available versions:

  • Men, circumference approx. 65 cm, weight 375 g, IFA approved

  • Women, circumference approx. 65 cm, weight 345 g, IFA approved

  • Youth, circumference approx. 65 cm, weight 290 g, IFA recommended, DTB approved.

Drohnn® ''Saturn'' Fistball W1-IL1070949

  • Suitable for indoor halls, lawn and hard courts

  • Made in Germany

  • Hand stitched and shape retaining

  • DTB approved

  • A quality German product. 1.2 mm thick natural Nappa leather half shells, shape retaining, hand stitched. Abrasion proof wet and dry ball for halls, lawn and hard courts. Interchangeable needle valve. DTB approved.

Original Drohnn ''Saturn'' Fistball - Top Notch
In this ball return game two teams, each with 5 players, play against each other. The aim of the game is to hit the ball either with arm or fist into the other half of the court not letting the opposing team near the ball. Whether young or old, this cliff hanging team game is suitable for all ages and develops team spirit along the way.

Drohnn® "Velours" Fistball W1-IL1079500

The Velours fistball is a hand-made and holds its shape particularly well. Suitable for indoors as well as on grass and hard courts.

  • International competition ball

  • Original Drohnn - Made in Germany

  • Abrasion-proof wet and dry ball for indoors, on grass and hard courts.

  • Made from velour leather half-shells, non slip and shape retaining

  • DTB approved

    Drohnn Velours fistball – simply great
    The Velours fistball is made from 1.2 mm thick velours leather half-shells. These make the ball dimensionally stable and particularly easy to grip. This gives you a perfect feel for the ball and the fistball won't slip out of your hands. The needle valve can be easily replaced.


  • Circumference: approx. 65 cm

  • Weight: approx. 375 g

Original Drohn "Profi" Bounce Ball W1-IL1083109

International competition ball

  • DTB approved

  • Leather fully imbued

  • Abrasion-proof

  • Deeply impregnated thanks to a special process

  • Water-resistant, self-polishing, easy to maintain

  • Colour: yellow

  • Special impregnation for a dyed through colour

  • Self-polishing and therefore also easy to maintain


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