Boxing Ring

Sport-Thieme® Boxing Ring, collapsible

5 x 5 m W0-IL1512700 6 x 6 m W0-IL1512713
The collapsible Sport-Thieme boxing ring transforms every sports hall into a boxing arena.

  • Ideal for multi-use sports halls and areas where space is at a premium

  • Sturdy and safe

  • Easy to set up and put away

  • Available in 2 sizes

  • Saves time and space

    Turn your sports hall into a boxing ring
    The collapsible ring is a unique innovation in boxing rings. The ring is set up within minutes and training or the fight can begin. You don't need a separate space to store the ring because thanks to its patented concept, the ring can be collapsed (to a width of 70 cm) and set aside using the smooth-running castors
    Included in delivery:

  • 4x steel tubing corner post, diameter: 100 mm each

  • 1x steel tube frame, 5x5 m with 2 fixed sides and 2 collapsible sides

  • 3x steel ropes, 4x4 m, 40-mm diameter with foam coating, white synthetic leather cover and anchor rings

  • 12 rope tensioners, each with a diameter of 12 mm (fixings)

  • 8 textile connecting straps (fixings)

  • 4x foam corner padding with PVC cover (2x white, 1x red, 1xblue)

  • 4 corner castors and 1 central plate on castors

Protective Cover for Collapsible Boxing Ring

5 x 5 m W0-IL1512739

6 x 6 m W0-IL1512742

The protective cover is the perfect addition for your collapsible Adidas boxing ring. It protects the ring from dust and dirt, meaning you can enjoy the equipment for longer.

Sport-Thieme® Inflatable Boxing Ring W0-IL1512726

The inflatable Sport-Thieme boxing ring offers boxing fun to young and old athletes alike.

  • Ideal for sports events, school and leisure activities

  • Easy to set up and put away

  • Sturdy and safe

  • Incl. storage bag

  • Practical and saves space

    Sport-Thieme inflatable boxing ring – the mobile boxing arena for schools and clubs
    The inflatable boxing ring consists of a PVC cover and can be filled with air using an built-in compressor (230 V). The sports arena is ready for use in minutes and training or boxing competition can begin. Whether in a sports hall or outdoors, this boxing ring will be the highlight of any event. After use, simply deflate, pack together and store away in the storage bag.
    More information:

  • Outer dimensions: 6.50x6.50 m

  • Dimensions between the ropes: 4x4 m

  • Inflatable structure, PVC cover, 300g/m²

  • Diameter per inflatable post: 75 cm, height: 150 cm

  • Diameter of the inflatable border: 75 cm

  • Anchoring of the 4 corners with the tension cable and peg

  • Built-in fan blower, 230 V

Punching Bags & Balls

Sport-Thieme® Free-Standing, Anti-Aggression Punchbag Set W0-IL2358000

Burn off excess energy in a fun way

The Sport-Thieme anti-aggression set: the ideal piece of equipment for use in nurseries, schools and clubs or at home.

  • Ideally suitable for children

  • Perfect for use at home and on courses

  • Lets of steam in a sporty and fun way

  • Increased safety due to the thumbs being sewn to the main body of the gloves

  • Breathable thanks to perforations on the palm of the boxing glove

    The Sport-Thieme anti-aggression set: with free-standing punchbag
    The Sport-Thieme anti-aggression set consists of a free-standing punchbag and size S, 8-oz boxing gloves which are ideally suitable for children. The punchbag is filled with PU foam and is attached to the base by a spring, giving the punchbag the necessary freedom of movement. The base can be filled with water, allowing it to stand freely and securely in any room. The weight when filled is approximately 37.4 kg.

    Product information:

  • Outer material: PVC

  • Filling: PU foam

  • Base made from PE

  • Metal spring

  • Colour: black/red

  • Weight when unfilled: 7 kg

  • Weight when filled: 37.4 kg

  • Height: 153 cm

  • Punchbag diameter: 26 cm

  • Base diameter: 48 cm

    Boxing gloves:

  • Outer material: 100% polyurethane (washable)

  • Inner lining: 100% polyester

Sport-Thieme® Free-Standing, Anti-Aggression Punchbag W0-IL2356004

The Sport-Thieme free-standing, anti-aggression punchbag is ideal for use at home, in clubs, nurseries or in schools.

  • Lets of steam in a sporty and fun way

  • For indoor use

  • Base can be filled with water

  • Ideally suitable for children

    The Sport-Thieme free-standing, anti-aggression punchbag: durable and resilient
    The Sport-Thieme free-standing, anti-aggression punchbag is particularly durable and resilient thanks to the robust materials used in its construction. The upper section, which is filled with PU foam, is attached to the base by a spring, giving the punchbag the necessary freedom of movement when being punched. The base can be filled with water, preventing the punchbag from moving or falling over during use.

    Product information:

  • Outer material: PVC

  • Filling: PU foam

  • Base made from PE

  • Metal spring

  • Colour: black/red

  • Weight when unfilled: 7 kg

  • Weight when filled: 37.4 kg

  • Height: 153 cm

  • Punchbag diameter: 26 cm

  • Base diameter: 48 cm

    Effectively burn off your built-up energy
    With the Sport-Thieme free-standing, anti-aggression punchbag your children and teenagers can comfortably let off any steam or aggression. Whether they kick or punch the bag, the punchbag allows kids to burn off excess energy and blow off steam in a sporty manner. Another positive side effect is that coordination and stamina are promoted by the punchbag's uncontrolled rebounding. For increased safety, we recommend that boxing gloves are worn during training.

Sport-Thieme® Punch Cylinder Set W0-IL1484700

Perfect for training everyday

With the Sport-Thieme cylinder set, you are ideally equipped for full-body workouts.

  • High-quality complete set: everything you need to begin straightaway

  • Versatile: for punching and kicking training at home or at the gym

  • Fitness boxing as a perfect total body workout

  • Strong and long lasting

    The Sport-Thieme punch cylinder set: for punching and kicking training
    The set consists of robust and long-lasting training gloves, handwraps and a punch cylinder ("Basic" or "Flex"). They can withstand the most intensive use. This set contains all you will need for boxing training – whether for punching and kicking training at the gym or at home.

  • 1 pair of 10 oz. leather training gloves with Velcro fastening

  • 1 pair of boxing handwraps (60% cotton, 40% elastane)

  • 1 punch cylinder (5), "Basic" or "Flex"

    More information on the Sport-Thieme standing punch bag:

  • Height: adjustable from 165-205 cm

  • Size of the impact area: 130x40 cm

  • Diameter of the base: 75 cm

  • Weight unfilled: approx. 14.5 kg

  • Full volume of the base: approx. 100 litres (water)

  • Impact area cover: PVC

  • Colour: yellow/grey

  • The "Flex" has a flexible connection (spring) between the base and cylinder; the "Basic" version does not

    More information on the Sport-Thieme boxing gloves:

  • Size: 10 oz.

  • Outer material: 100% real leather

  • Inner surface: 100% polyester

  • Padding: 3-layer hand-shaped foam (latex, foam)

  • Sewn-on thumbs for extra safety

  • Wide Velcro fastening supports the wrist

  • Ventilation holes on the palm

  • Long slit and wide Velcro fastening makes the gloves easy to take off

Sport-Thieme® Free-Standing Bag

Improve your punch and kick technique

''Return Red'' W0-IC1484407

''Return Air Blue'' W0-IC1484410

The Sport-Thieme free-standing bag is ideal for precise and targeted combat sport training.

  • With target zones for precise training

  • Can be filled with water or sand

  • Ideal for improving technique

  • Boxing dummy straightens itself after every strike

  • With hand straps

    The Sport-Thieme free-standing bag: the perfect training companion for combat sports
    The Sport-Thieme free-standing bag can be filled with water or sand and is therefore very stable. The bag has target zones, meaning that you can train your punching and kicking technique in a precise way. Your advantage: the dummy straightens itself up after every strike. The target zones mark key areas of the human body. Compared to the "Return Air", which has an air chamber, the "Return" punch bag is made from PU foam. With this version, the impact is optimally absorbed.
    Product information:

  • Height: 162 cm

  • Base dimensions (Hxø): 45x54.5 cm

  • Base filled: 38 kg

  • Blue and red

Sport-Thieme® "Duo Flex" Punching Ball W0-IC1484609

Ideal piece of training equipment for boxing workouts!

The Sport-Thieme "Duo Flex" punching ball is the perfect piece of training equipment for improving punching technique.

  • Height adjustable from 145-168 cm

  • With spring for quick and accurate pendulum movements

  • For improving movement, technique and reflexes

  • Promotes speed, endurance and coordination

  • Can be filled with water or sand

    The Sport-Thieme "Duo Flex" punching ball: suitable for everyone
    The Sport-Thieme "Duo Flex" ball consists of a base and PU ball. The base can be filled with sand or water which makes it secure and steady. The base weighs approx. 30 kg when filled. Thanks to the height adjustment between 145-168 cm, the punching ball is suitable for shorter people.
    Product information:

  • Grey

  • PU ball

  • Punching ball dimensions: 20x26 cm

  • Weight of base when filled: 30 kg

Wavemaster® "2XL Pro"

Black W0-IL1493708

Blue W0-IL1493711

Red W0-IL1493724

  • Developed in conjunction with martial arts sports people

  • Improved stability even when knocked hard thanks to improved base

  • High density foam for maximum energy absorption

  • Large target area and low centre point for punch and kick training

  • No tools required for assembly

    The punching surface is made from durable vinyl which covers high density foam. The low base and the large sand bag provide the best conditions for punch and kick training. The low central point of the base offers stability and functionality. An extra large filling hole and an integrated closing cap ensures the filling is secure and at the same time allows the base to be easily filled with sand or water.

  • LxW: 174x45 cm (pad: 135 cm long)

  • Filled weight approx. 140 kg

  • Red, black or blue

Wavemaster® 2XL Pro with Target Zones W0-IL1493737

  • Low base with very good weight distribution

  • No tools required for assembly

  • Developed with sports people and trainers from a variety of combat sports

  • With 10 target zones for specific impact technique training

  • Durable cover and padding made from high density foam

With 10 target zones which represent key body areas.

Green Hill® Leather Punch Bag

90x35 cm, 25 kg W0-IL1503630

100x35 cm, 27 kg W0-IL1503643

120x35 cm, 40 kg W0-IL1503656

150x35 cm, 48 kg W0-IL1503669

180x35 cm, 60 kg W0-IL1503672

  • Retains its shape well

  • Attaching the chain to a steel ring prevents ''unhooking''

  • Hanging brackets are double the width of others and double stitched!

  • Enormously increased durability compared to traditional mounts

  • Made from double laminated high quality bovine leather. With steel carrier ring on the upper side to prevent unhooking and therefore appreciably extending the lifespan of the bag.

Sport-Thieme® "Luxury" Punch Bag

The extra robust punch bag

100 x 35 cm, 33 kg W0-IL1513804

120 x 35 cm, 38 kg W0-IL1513817

150 x 35 cm, 44 kg W0-IL1513820

180 x 35 cm, 50 kg W0-IL1513833

The Sport-Thieme "Luxury" punch bag is the indestructible premium punch bag for training at home, at the gym or in a boxing club. Thanks to its 3-layer construction consisting of 2 inner covers and an outer cover, it is among the toughest punch bags on the market.

  • This punch bag lasts forever! Extremely resilient thanks to the 3-layer cover

  • With 2 inner bags (canvas, PU) and an artificial leather outer cover

  • Sewn and riveted hanging brackets with metal eyelets

  • Filled with fabric remnants – optimal energy absorption

  • Swivel and 4-point hanging chain are included: suspend and off you go!

    The Sport-Thieme "Luxury" punch bag never loses its shape
    This high-quality punch bag can withstand the most intense training sessions and daily intensive boxing workouts at home or at the gym. It consists of a 3-layer construction with an inner bag of PVC-coated cloth. a second PU bag and an outer cover made from durable artificial leather. The Sport-Thieme "Luxury" punch bag therefore keeps its original shape even after intensive use. The filling is made from fine piece of fabric, ensuring optimal absorption of impact energy and joint-friendly training. Also important when used in a gym: the artificial leather outer layer is easy to wipe clean.
    More information on the Sport-Thieme "Luxury" punch bag:

  • Inner bag: 1 x canvas, 1 x PU

  • Outer cover: high-quality artificial leather

  • Filling: fabric remnants

  • Colour: brown

  • Incl. 4-point hanging chain and swivel

    The Sport-Thieme "Luxury" punch bag – a top punch bag
    The suspension consists of a sturdy 4-point hanging chain and is connected to the punch bag by 4 wide, sewn and riveted brackets. The attached swivel ensures that the chains do not twist together and the bag can continuously be hit. The firmness of the filling offers ideal conditions for effective punching and kicking training – from jabs to side punches, hooks, uppercuts and high kicks. The selection of 4 different punch bag lengths with weights from 33 kg to 38 kg, means that we offer the right punch bag for everyone.

Sport-Thieme® "Studio Line" Punch Bag

80 x 35 cm, 20 kg W0-IL1500309

100 x 35 cm, 30 kg W0-IL1500312

120 x 35 cm, 35 kg W0-IL1500325

150 x 35 cm, 45 kg W0-IL1500338

180 x 35 cm, 55 kg W0-IL1500341

The "Studio Line" punch bag is the ideal daily workout partner.

  • Professional punch bag for gyms, combat sports schools or private use

  • There is a size for all uses: available in 5 different versions

  • Robust and long lasting – made from an especially tear-proof material

  • Versatile: fitness device, combat sport training, cardio workouts

  • The "Studio Line" punch bag: made from tear-resistant material
    The "Studio Line" punch bag is available in different versions. The right size can therefore be selected for every use. Thanks to the very tear-resistant material, the punch bag is robust and long lasting. Very practical: combat sports training, cardio workouts and fitness classes are all no problem for this punch bag. Whether for endurance training at the gym or regular training at home, this professional punch bag does it all.
    Product information:

  • Outer material: PU

  • Filling: small piece of fabric

  • Colour: black

  • Incl. swivel and 4-point hanging chain (length 10 cm)

    Available sizes:

  • Version 1: length 80 cm, width 35 cm, weight: 25 kg

  • Version 2: length 100 cm, width 35 cm, weight: 30 kg

  • Version 3: length 120 cm, width 35 cm, weight: 35 kg

  • Version 4: length 150 cm, width 35 cm, weight: 45 kg

  • Version 5: length 180 cm, width 35 cm, weight: 55 kg

Sport-Thieme® "Professional" Boxing Set W0-IL1501966

  • Specially for organisational use - very robust and long lasting

  • Releasing stress and aggression, fitness workouts and boxing training

  • Exceptionally high quality set - made for long term and continuous use

  • Washable gloves with wide Velcro fastening - easy to put on and take off

  • Everything is included: punch bag, boxing gloves and ceiling mount

    This training set for boxing has been assembled from professional materials and is therefore suitable for institutional use. 
    The set consists of:

  • 1 strong 100x35 cm vinyl punch bag (30 kg) with a four point hanging chain,

  • 1 ceiling holder (without fixing material)

  • 1 pair of 10 oz. gloves with a velcro fastening and sewn in thumbs.

Sport-Thieme® "Uppercut" Punch Bag W0-IL1514706

For targeted uppercut training

The Sport-Thieme "Uppercut" punch bag is your durable partner for training of targeted uppercuts and body shots.

  • Ideal shape for training uppercuts and punch combinations

  • For different combat sports, workouts and fitness boxing

  • Also suitable for training high kicks and knee strikes

  • Particularly durable and long-lasting PU material

  • Suspension from 6 sturdy, sewn-on nylon straps – will not fall off

    Sport-Thieme "Uppercut" punch bag – strong training partner
    The outer cover of the "Uppercut" punch bag from Sport-Thieme is made from durable PU material that can withstand intensive training with hard punch and kick combinations. The bag is filled with shredded textile fibres for ideal firmness and optimal shock absorption. Six sturdy, sewn-on nylon straps are used to suspend the Sport-Thieme "Uppercut" punch bag, which prevents the bag from falling off when hit with a high degree of force. With a weight of 35 kg, the punch bag can be used by athletes in a variety of weight classes and combat sports – at home, at the gym or boxing club.
    More information:

  • Length: 120 cm

  • Diameter at the top: 45 cm

  • Diameter at the bottom: 28 cm

  • Weight: 35 kg

  • Outer material: PU

  • Inside material: shredded fabric

  • Colour: black/red or completely black

  • Incl. nylon suspension with 6 sewn-on straps

Hammer® "Junior" Boxing Set W0-IL2317306

Ideal for beginners

The Hammer "Junior" boxing set is the ideal size for children to train at home. The perfect way to burn off any extra energy after school!

  • Durable and can be washed – made from strong, 100% nylon material

  • Has air holes to let sweat escape and keep your hands cool

  • Strong seams makes it durable

  • Velcro-fastening gloves to be put on and taken off easily

    The Hammer "Junior" boxing set – the ideal beginner's boxing set for children
    The boxing gloves weigh 6 oz. and are cushioned for maximum comfort. The sewed-on thumbs protect your fingers. Air holes let perspiration escape.
    More information:

  • Punch bag dimensions (LxW): 50x25 cm

  • Punch bag material: tear-proof nylon

  • Boxing gloves weight: 6 oz.

  • Boxing gloves made from skin-friendly PU material

  • Black


  • Punch bag

  • Boxing gloves

Hammer® "Chicago" Boxing Set W0-IL2317407

Count your punches accurately

The Hammer "Chicago" boxing set contains all you need to let off steam at home!

  • Durable and can be washed – made from strong, 100% nylon material

  • Has air holes to let sweat escape and keep your hands cool

  • Strong seams makes it durable

  • Velcro-fastening gloves to be put on and taken off easily

  • Training computer counts every punch or kick

    The Hammer Chicago boxing set is a great way for both men and women to train
    The excellent-quality punch bag is made from tear-proof nylon and has a length of 100 cm, making it perfect for practising kicking techniques. The 10-oz. boxing gloves are made from skin-friendly PU material and are ideal for strong punches. The padding makes them extremely comfortable to wear and air holes keep your hands cool. Your thumbs are protected by the device which counts every punch or kick so you can review your training session afterwards. 
    More information:

  • Punch bag length: 100 cm

  • Punch bag weight: 22 kg

  • Punch bag material: tear-proof premium nylon

  • Boxing gloves weight: 10 oz.

  • Boxing gloves made from skin-friendly PU material

  • Black


  • Punch bag

  • Boxing gloves

  • Training computer with LCD screen

  • PVC skipping rope which can be extended up to 3 m

  • Nylon pouch on punch bag to store the boxing gloves

Hammer® Sparring Punch Bag W0-IL1500237

Trains reactions and punching technique

The Hammer® "Sparring" punch bag with contact points, so-called "punch points", is the ideal piece of equipment for learning targeted hitting combinations.

  • Trains accuracy and punching technique – even for beginners

  • Ideal for reaction training and muscle building

  • Rotary movement repositions the punch points

  • High-quality, long-lasting punch bag made from tear-resistant nylon material

    Hammer® "Sparring" punch bag: the punch bag that swivels
    Reactions and flexibility are required here – the punch bag absorbs the hits and changes direction, which continuously moves the positions of the contact points. Thanks to the swivel and chain, this punch bag can be used for diverse boxing workouts and requires constant adjustment of impact sequences and angles.
    More information:

  • LxW: 80x28 cm

  • Weight: approx. 18 kg

  • Outer material: tear-proof nylon material

  • Colour: black with white contact zones

  • Comes fully filled

  • Incl. hanging chain, swivel

Sport-Thieme® Speedball W0-IL1122103

Trains coordination, reactions and power

The speedball is the ideal piece of equipment for boxers. You can use it to train hitting rhythm, endurance as well as reactions.

  • Learn different hitting techniques

  • Improve coordination, reactions and power

  • Coordination of strikes and footwork are trained

  • Perfect conditioning training

    The speedball – robust and indestructible
    Simply suspend and your workout can begin. Whether beginner or pro – you will get your money's worth with the speedball. The speedball features high-quality rubber granulate filling and robust polyurethane (PU) cover.
    Product information:

  • High-quality rubber granulate filling

  • 14 kg

  • PU speedball

  • ø approx. 35 cm, height: approx. 50 cm

  • Black

Sport-Thieme® Double-Ended Ball W0-IL1500514

Real leather. This high quality leather double ended ball comes with a tensioning belt, red/black.

The Sport-Thieme double-ended ball is the perfect training aid for preparing for a boxing competition.

  • Ideal for intensive interval and reflex training

  • Trains reactions and coordination

  • Trains accuracy

  • Can be filled with air

  • Incl. tensioning belt

    The Sport-Thieme double-ended ball: practise accuracy, coordination and reactions
    The ball is made from high-quality artificial leather and weighs approx. 1 kg. A tensioning belt with integrated snap hooks are included – so it is easy to suspend the ball from both ends and springs back and forth. Your advantage: the boxing trainer is filled with air, which allows you to individually control the hardness of the ball. By hitting the ball and it springing back and forth, you can train your coordination, accuracy and reactions.
    Product information:

  • Material: artificial leather

  • Dimensions (HxW): 35x20 cm

  • Weight: 1 kg

  • Colour: black/red

Sport-Thieme® Speed Ball Pro W0-IL1501227

Real leather. For wall boxing apparatus. Made from high quality PU material with outlet valve, black, WxH: 28x32 cm.

The Sport-Thieme pro speedball is a great addition to your boxing workout.

  • For wall boxing apparatus

  • Trains the speed of the boxer

  • With valve bladder

    The Sport-Thieme pro speedball: can be used anywhere
    With the Sport-Thieme pro speedball, you not only train endurance, coordination and speed, but also reactions. Thanks to its low dimensions, the speedball can be placed in any space.
    Product information:

  • Dimensions (WxH): 28x32 cm

  • Material: leather

  • Colour: black/red

Punch Bag Stand with Platform W0-IL1113701

The free-standing boxing station

The punch bag stand with platform is the ideal system for use at home. Train with a punch bag or speed ball.

  • Punch and speed ball suspension

  • Free-standing boxing station

  • Suitable for use at home

    The punch bag stand with platform – the free-standing boxing station for use at home
    The punch bag stand with platform is the ultimate piece of training equipment for use at home. When wall or ceiling assembly is not possible, the free-standing boxing station is the ideal solution for you. The black punch bag stand features two different boxing stations, on which you can hang a punch bag and speed ball.
    More information:

  • LxWxH: 130x140x210 cm

  • Wall assembly required

  • Steel black

  • Max. load: 60 kg

  • Weight: 40 kg

  • Accessories not included

    Keep fit – with the punch bag stand with platform
    Train simply and easily at home with the punch bag stand. The speed ball on one side and punch bag on the other enable you to carry out a wide variety of exercises.

Sport-Thieme® "Pro" Punch Bag Wall Bracket

Non Swivelling W0-IL1501940

Swivelling W0-IL1501911

Train safely

The Sport-Thieme "Pro" punch bag wall bracket: designed to meet the highest demands.

  • Made to meet professional demands

  • Simple, quick to hang

  • For punch bags of up to 60 kg

  • Includes snap hook, without dowels

  • 5-year guarantee

    The Sport-Thieme "Pro" punch bag wall bracket: for punch bags up to 60 kg
    The Sport-Thieme "Pro" punch bag wall bracket ensures safe training for amateurs, advanced users and professionals. It is designed for bags weighing up to 60 kg. The swivel design means that it can be folded to the wall in both directions which saves space. Per side, the swivel arm can be locked in two parking positions (with and without punch bag). Please note: punch bag and wall plug materials are not included.
    Product information:

  • Suitable for punch bags up to 60 kg

  • Swivel arm can be locked at 90, 170 and 180 degrees

  • 1 'use' position

  • 2 parking positions without punch bag

  • 2 parking positions without punch bag

  • Overhang: approx. 106 cm

  • Incl. snap hook

Sport-Thieme® "Basic" Punch Bag Bracket W0-IL1501979

A practical bracket for punching bags.

  • Overhang approx. 75 cm

  • Will support up to 50 kg

  • Incl. eyelets, wall plugs and screws

  • With hanging eyelets

Sport-Thieme® Ceiling Mount for Punch Bag W0-IL1501908

The Sport-Thieme ceiling mount for punch bag offers ensures that your punch bag is securely attached.

  • Safe and sturdy attachment

  • Can hold up to 60 kg!

  • Ideal for boxing at home

    Product information:

  • Made from galvanised steel

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 250x50x53 mm

  • Can hold max. 60 kg

  • Incl. snap hook

    Advice for attaching the ceiling mount:

  • Distance between holes: 200 mm

  • Hole diameter: 14 mm

  • Wall plugs and screws not included

    Simple, sturdy and safe: the Sport-Thieme punch bag ceiling mount!

Sport-Thieme® Punch Bag Spring W0-IL1502116

A must-have for boxing training

The Sport-Thieme punch bag spring can withstand the hardest punches.

  • Optimal vibration absorption of the punch bag

  • Makes boxing training quieter

  • Easy attachment

  • Spring can hold up to 70 kg

Replacement Chain for Punch Bag W0-IL1502103

Replacement chain for punch bags.

  • With four hanging points (not illustrated)

  • Incl. swivel

  • Can hold up to 70 kg

Sport-Thieme® Platform for Speedball W0-IL1501230

Platform for speedball: suitable for professional use or use at home.

  • Easy to attach to a wall

  • Equipment for speedball

  • Platform incl. Swivel

  • The platform is the perfect piece of equipment for effective speed ball training and improving speed and endurance.
    Product information:

  • Smooth-running ball-bearing swivel

  • Sturdy and solid construction

  • Colour of frame/platform: black

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 55x55x45 cm

  • Maximum load: 3 kg

Punching Pads & Dummy

"Supercoach Pro" Boxing Trainer W0-IL2377302

The pad for boxing and kick-boxing training

You can greatly improve your punching and kicking technique with the "Supercoach Pro" boxing trainer.

  • Ideal for training your punching and kicking technique

  • With Velcro loop for hanging around the neck

  • Velcro fastening for attaching the pad to the body

  • Let the air in and out using the plug

  • Large target area

    The "Supercoach Pro" boxing trainer: the air-filled punch and kick pad
    The boxing trainer is the perfect companion for boxing and kick-boxing training. Your training partner uses the Velcro loop to hand the pad around their neck and the integrated Velcro fastening to attach it to their body. You can use the stopper to let air in and out, meaning you can store the pad in a space-saving way after use.
    Product information:

  • Height: approx. 68 cm

  • Colour: black

  • Material: PVC

"Superstrike Pro" Boxing Trainer W0-IL2377201

The training companion for intensive boxing workouts

The "Superstrike Pro" boxing trainer has a variety of uses: whether at the office, at home or outside.

  • Ideal for training punching and kicking technique

  • Multi-functional use in fitness

  • Can be attached to tree trunks, bars an door frames

  • Let the air in and out using the plug

  • For a full-body workout

    The "Superstrike Pro" boxing trainer: with a large target area
    The "Superstrike Pro" boxing trainer is a punching and kicking pad that is filled with air. Open the plug, let it inflate and training can begin. After training, simply deflate and store away. The pad has a height of approx. 76 cm. It is therefore high enough and offers an ideal target area.

    Product information:

  • Height: approx. 76 cm

  • Colour: black

  • Material: PVC

Sport-Thieme® Punch Pad W0-IL1501748

Punch pad. For partner exercises in kicking and punching. Red, LxWxH: 75x35x15 cm.

Sport-Thieme® Hand Punch Pad W0-IL1500123

  • Tear-proof

  • Ideal for punching and sparring with a partner. Durable, ø 27cm, filling approx. 6 cm.

Sport-Thieme® Makiwara / Wall Punch Pad W0-IL1501751

  • For training a variety of combat techniques

  • Durable surface

  • Includes 4 fixing plates

With a high quality PU surface and polyester foam padding. Includes four fixing plates. LxWxH: 60x60x25 cm.

Kick Boxing Arm Makiwara W0-IL1501719

  • With 4 handles for vertical and horizontal use

  • Hanging eyelets for attaching to the wall

Combination model, with 4 handles for vertical or horizontal use and eyelets for wall fixing. LxWxH: 60x35x25 cm, approx. 6 kg.

Sport-Thieme® "Curve" Punch Padding W0-IL1446702

Withstands the most intensive use!

The Sport-Thieme "Curve" punch padding: a great training companion for every fitness and combat sports enthusiast – whether for kick-boxing, boxing or fitness training.

  • Ideally suited to combat sports

  • Ideal for kick and punch exercises

  • Incl. looped handles

    The Sport-Thieme "Curve" punch padding: practise your technique
    The Sport-Thieme "Curve" punch padding is ideally suited to combat sports training. The looped handles give your training partner optimal support when exercising. You can practise both punching and kicking. The different loops give you the opportunity to hold the punch padding in various positions.
    Product informations:

  • 75x35x15 cm

  • 3 kg

  • Black

"BOB XL" Boxing Dummy W0-IL1493506

  • Suitable for beginners, recreational and professional sports people

  • For a large variety of techniques

  • Especially large surface for punches and kicks in boxing

  • Base can be filled with sand, water or similar

  • Height adjustable from 155-205 cm

    A more realistic training aid for many techniques. BOB's long body means more space both for body shots and for kicks.

  • Polyethylene base to be filled with sand or water. Round so that BOB can simply be rolled into place.

  • Weight when full approx.122.5 kg

Foeldeak® "Fit" 2 Leg Training Dummy

XS, 15 kg W0-IL1513048

S, 25 kg W0-IL1513051

M, 30 kg W0-IL1513064

L, 40 kg W0-IL1513077

  • For powerful and safe training

  • With anatomically correct weight distribution

Training dummy made from robust vinyl. Provides excellent conditions for safely training throwing, moving, gripping techniques and boxing punches. Suitable for all styles in the ring and Judo. With an anatomically correct weight distribution.

Foeldeak® "Team" 2 Leg Training Dummy

XS, 15 kg W0-IL1513006

S, 25 kg W0-IL1513019

M, 30 kg W0-IL1513022

L, 40 kg W0-IL1513035

Extremely durable leather training dummy. Suitable for all combat sports. Throw, punch and grip techniques can be powerfully and safely practised with this strong yet soft leather dummy. Its ideal weight distribution provides the athlete with optimal conditions for any upper body and leg attack training exercises.

Gloves & other Accessories

Sport-Thieme® "Workout" Boxing Gloves

8 oz. W0-IL1504037

10 oz. W0-IL1504008

12 oz. W0-IL1504011

14 oz. W0-IL1504024

  • High quality training gloves

  • Great protection for hand and wrist

  • With a practical and very wide Velcro fastening

  • For fitness boxing at home and in the gym

High quality training gloves with velcro fastening making them easy to put on and take off. With sewn in thumb for avoiding injuries. Ideal for workouts, boxing aerobics and home boxing. Outer material: 100% polyurethane. Inner padding 100% polyester.

Sport-Thieme® "Knock Out" Boxing Gloves

10 oz W0-IL1500022

12 oz W0-IL1500035

The "Knock Out" boxing gloves from Sport-Thieme are high-quality all-rounder boxing gloves for boxing training and fitness boxing made from real leather. The triple-layered, pre-shaped padding protects your hands even with the hardest of punches.

  • High-quality material

  • Incl. practical storage bag

  • Available in 10 and 12 oz. versions

The Sport-Thieme "Knock Out" boxing gloves: very comfortable
The Sport-Thieme "Knock Out" boxing gloves have sewn-on thumbs and have a wide Velcro strap around the wrist. The wide strap and long slit on the gloves make them easy to put on and take off.


  • Sewn-on thumbs

  • Wide strap supports the wrist

  • 5 ventilation holes on the inside

  • Long slit and wide Velcro strap make the gloves easy to put on

  • Incl. practical storage bag


  • Outer material: 100% real leather

  • Inside: 100% polyester

  • Padding: triple-layered, hand-shaped foam (Latex, soft and firm foam)

Green Hill® Focus Mitts W0-IL1487305

Improve your boxing technique

The Green Hill® focus mitts are ideally suited to technique training in combat sport.

  • With target point in the palms

  • Special and flexible wrist protection

  • Incl. wide Velcro fastening

    The Green Hill® focus mitts: very comfortable to wear
    These focus mitts are made from buffalo leather and are particularly breathable. The mitts are easy to put on and take off thanks to the Velcro fastening, which is wide and offers perfect support. The white target point in the middle of the palms improves accuracy.
    Product information:

  • Material: 100% buffalo leather

  • Black/red

  • Breathable

Green Hill® "Tiger" Boxing Gloves

10 oz. Red W0-IC1503425

10 oz. Blue W0-IC1503438

12 oz. Red W0-IC1503441

12 oz. Blue W0-IC1503454

Made from specially selected bovine leather, pre-shaped, joint friendly Velcro fastener. Perfect performance.

  • 10-16 oz

  • Red or blue

  • One of the most popular boxing gloves used by amateurs

  • Pre-shaped target area, padded and in a contrasting colour

  • High quality leather and double stitched for durability

  • Safe: fixed thumb and wrist protecting Velcro fastening

  • Classic boxing glove

Adidas® "Energy 200" Boxing Gloves

The redeveloped trainig companion

10 oz. W0-IL2320205

12 oz. W0-IL2320218
14 oz. W0-IL2320221

Adidas boxing gloves are the ideal companions for boxing training. They offer reliable protection and adapt perfectly to the wrists.

  • With redeveloped Velcro fastening

  • Made as one piece

  • Very comfortable thanks to the taffeta lining

    The Adidas "Energy 200" boxing gloves: optimal protection for hands and wrists
    The Adidas "Energy 200" boxing gloves have a redeveloped Velcro fastener – this is made from a 2-way pulling system and offers you an excellent fit and adapts perfectly to the wrist. The user is therefore protected against the hardest impact during fitness training. The gloves are manufactured in one piece and this keep your hands in a stable position. The taffeta inner lining makes the gloves very comfortable to wear. Integrated holes ensure that the hands are sufficiently ventilated.

Adidas® "Speed" Training Gloves

Reduces the risk of injury

S/M W0-IL2320306

L/XL W0-IL2320319

With the Adidas "Speed" training gloves, you are well-equipped for boxing and partner training.

  • Suitable for speedballs, punch bags and training with a partner

  • Perfect fit thanks to "Strap-Up" technology

  • With gel padding

    The Adidas "Speed" training gloves: can be used in a variety of sports
    The Adidas "Speed" training gloves are made from high-quality synthetic leather and calfskin. They have a "Strap-Up" Velcro fastening which gives your wrist ideal support when training. The padding offers excellent protection to the hands. The gloves are best suited to training with speedballs, punch bags or with a partner.
    Product information:

  • Palm: synthetic leather, outer hand: calkfskin

  • Black/white

  • With Velcro fastening

RDX® Children’s Boxing Gloves W0-IL2493709

The boxing gloves for children

Provide the optimal protection for children's hands during training with the RDX children's boxing gloves.

  • High gel content for ideal dampening

  • 360 wrap-around strap for the best fit

  • Velcro fasteners for additional security

The RDX children's boxing gloves: with ideal shock absorption properties
The RDX children's boxing gloves are made of leather and are particularly soft. The gloves provide optimal dampening thanks to gel padding. Velcro fasteners for additional security and hold during training. The training gloves weigh approx. 113 g each (4 ounces) and are therefore ideally suited for children between the ages of 4 and 14.

Product information:

  • Material: leather

  • Colour: black/green

Green Hill® "Target" Boxing Mitts W0-IL1515204

The "Target" boxing mitts are a must-have for any training sessions. The user can punch and kick the mitts as hard as they like and increase their accuracy by aiming at the target.

  • Made from high-quality real leather and long-lasting hard foam

  • For training at the highest level

  • Increases speed, conditioning, reactions and strength

  • Ideal for training punch accuracy and combinations

  • You can punch and kick as hard as you like

    Product information:

  • Outer material: real leather

  • Inner lining: high-quality velours leather

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 24x18x12 cm

  • Weight: 500 g

  • Colour: red/yellow/black with white target

  • More information:

  • The velours leather inner lining makes the mitts very comfortable to wear and prevents them from slipping off

  • The mitt sits perfectly in the hand thanks to its preformed curvature and the hemispherical shape of the palm

  • Extra safety: hand insert with finger covering

  • White target for accurate punches

Green Hill® "Fawn" Focus Mitts W0-IL1515103

The "Fawn" focus mitt is perfect for use in punching and kicking training with a partner and is an absolute must-have. The person being trained can strike the mitts with all of their strength and using the the white dots, improve their accuracy.

  • Made from very durable, high-tech artificial leather

  • Ideal for training combos and punch accuracy

  • Improves strength, condition, speed and reactions

Product information:

  • Outer material: high-tech artificial leather

  • Size (LxWxH): 24x18x12 cm

  • Weight: 500 g

  • Colour: black / red with white target

Further information:

  • Preformed padding guarantees comfortable use

  • Includes a comfortable hand and finger insert

  • Ideal for quick, professional training

Technical Details

Area of use: Focus mitts

Material: Imitation leather

Colour: Black/red

Adidas® "Mexican" Inner / Training Gloves

Optimal protection

S/M W0-IL1495049

L/XL W0-IL1495052

The Adidas "Mexican" inner / training gloves are ideally suited to sparring training.

  • Can be used as an inner or training glove

  • Ideally suited to sparring

  • Breathable inner surface

  • With "Climacool" technology and gel padding

  • Incl. Velcro fastening strap

    The Adidas "Mexican" inner/training gloves: supports the wrist
    The Adidas "Mexican" inner/training gloves have 10-mm-thick gel padding over the knuckles. The glove is made from 2-mm-thick neoprene with flexible finger loops. The area around the palm is particularly breathable thanks to the use of "Climacool" technology. Very practical: the Velcro fastening strap perfectly supports your wrist.
    Product information:

  • Strap length: 2 m

  • Gel padding: 10-mm thick

  • Colour: black

Hammer® "Easy Fit" Boxing Hand Wrap

S – M W0-IL2317508

L – XL W0-IL2317511
The new Hammer "Easy Fit" boxing hand wrap is the ideal training aid with additional padding to protect your fingers.

  • Odour-proof material

  • Quick and easy to put on

  • Special padding protects your fingers

  • Extra material to keep your fingers stable

  • Easily washable without losing elasticity

    Protect your knuckles with the "Easy Fit" boxing hand wrap
    The elasticated "Easy Fit" boxing hand wrap is easy to put on and has all the great features of a traditional boxing hand wrap. Your fingers are protected and kept stable by the padding and the 2.5-m-long wrap. The odour-proof material can be washed easily without losing its flexibility.
    More information:

  • Material: 97% cotton, 3% elastane

  • Colour: black

Sport-Thieme® Boxing Hand Wraps W0-IL1500963

Optimal protection!

The Sport-Thieme hand wraps are very flexible and therefore very pleasant to wear on the hands and wrists.

  • Wrists are stabilised

  • Incl. thumb loops and Velcro fastening

  • Flexible boxing hand wraps

  • The Sport-Thieme boxing hand wraps offer reliable protection
    The hand wraps are vital for every boxing training session – they protect and stabilise your hands and wrists. The thump loops and Velcro fastening provide the necessary support for boxing, punch bag and mitt training.
    Product information:

  • Black

  • LxW: approx. 400x4 cm

  • 90% cotton, 10% elastane

RDX® "Leather Shin Instep" Shin Pads

Size S W0-IL2493901

Size M W0-IL2493914

Size L W0-IL2493927

Size XL W0-IL2493930

The RDX "Leather Shin Instep" shin pads are ideal for use in martial arts such as kickboxing, Muay-Thai or Mixed Martial Arts.

  • For MMA, kickboxing and Muay-Thai

  • Maximum protection and a high level of flexibility

  • With Velcro fasteners on the calves

  • Elastic straps for securing around the heels

The RDX "Leather Shin Instep" shin pads: dependable protection for your legs
The RDX "Leather Shin Instep" shin pads provide optimum hold thanks to the Velcro fasteners on the calves. Using elastic straps they can also be fastened around your heels. These protectors are an essential accessory for keeping your legs in top shape when used in kickboxing, MMA and Muay-Thai. Thanks to the thick padding on the shins and tops of the feet, you can train realistically. Particularly practical: the shin pads are particularly flexible, meaning you retain the highest level of mobility.

Product information:

  • Colour: black/white

  • Different sizes

Green Hill® "Club" Head Guard

Size M, Red W0-IL1515318, Blue W0-IL1515305

Size L, Red W0-IL1515334, Blue W0-IL1515321

The high-quality "Club" head guard is the perfect training companion for training or sparring and the lacing provides excellent support.

  • Ideal for training and contact fights

  • Cheekbone protection and padded protection for the back of the head

  • Light and excellent shape

  • Available in 2 sizes and colours

    The "Club" head guard impresses with how well it adjusts to the head of the user.
    The "Club" head guard is easy to adjust by using the lacing on top. The light padding can be adjusted by hand. There is also a padded Velcro fastening on the back of the head guard, which provides excellent support and a great fit. The head guard is made from high-quality leather.

    Product information: Outer material: high-quality leather

  • Inner lining: PU lining

  • Cotton lining around the ears

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 30x30x30 cm

  • Weight: 500 g

More information: Velcro fastening on the back and chin for more safety and support

  • Suitable for light to medium fights

Adidas® "Response" Head Guard

Train safely

S W0-IL1500745

M W0-IL1500758

L W0-IL1500761

XL W0-IL1500774

You will be excellently equipped for your next fight with the Adidas "Response" head guard.

  • Individually adapts to head shape

  • Minimises the risk of injury

  • Quick to put on and take off

    The Adidas "Response" head guard – fits any head shape
    The Adidas "Response" head guard has a Velcro fastener at the back of the head – for individual adjustment and a secure fit. Additional gel cushioning in the forehead area as well as additional jaw and chin protection minimise the risk of injury. The inside of the head guard has a non-slip lining. Made from innovative and robust hi-tech artificial leather.

    Product information:

  • Hi-tech artificial leather (PU3G)

  • Inner lining fitted with the new "I-Comfort Plus" for optimum sweat absorption

  • Evoflex "G6MS" foam cushioning with gel insert on the forehead

  • Velcro fastening at the back of the head for individual adjustment

  • Additional cheekbone and chin protection

  • Available in 4 sizes

Green Hill® "Poise" Head Guard

Size M W0-IL2553203

Size L W0-IL2553216

The Green Hill "Poise" head guard is perfectly suited to use in ambitious boxing and fitness training.

  • Velcro fasteners on the top and back of the head

  • With chin, jawbone and ear protectors

  • Non-slip internal lining

The Green Hill "Poise" head guard: a high level of comfort
The Green Hill "Poise" head guard has optimum padding. The inside features a sweat-absorbing, non-slip internal lining which provide comfortable use even during particularly strenuous training sessions. Using the Velcro fasteners on the top and back of the head, the guard can be easily adjusted. This guard not only protects your head, it also provides protection for your chin, jawbone and ears. After training the head guard can be easily cleaned thanks to its smooth PU coating.

Product information:

  • Material: PU

  • Colour: red/black

Green Hill® "Sparring" Head Guard

Lowers the risk of injury

M W0-IL1487204

L W0-IL1487217

The Green Hill® "Sparring" head guard is an important piece of equipment for contact sports, e.g. boxing or kick-boxing.

  • Protects the head, cheekbones and nose

  • Padding for optimal protection

  • With Velcro fastening at the back

  • The size is adjustable using the lacing

  • Water-resistant inner material

    The Green Hill® "Sparring" head guard: adapts perfectly to the shape of the head
    The Green Hill® "Sparring" head guard is made from high-quality buffalo leather and the inner material is water resistant. Perfect when you sweat during training! Your advantage: the additional padding on the chin, ears and cheekbones provides even more safety. The guard is easy to put on and take off thanks to the Velcro fastening at the back. Individually adjustable shape thanks to the lacing.
    Product information:

  • Material: 100% buffalo leather

  • Sizes: M and L

  • Black/brown

Adidas® "Box Hog 2" Boxing Shoes

Provides the necessary level of grip

(UK) Size 7 W0-IL2357007

(UK) Size 7.5 W0-IL2357010

(UK) Size 8 W0-IL2357023

(UK) Size 8.5 W0-IL2357036

(UK) Size 9 W0-IL2357049

(UK) Size 9.5 W0-IL2357052

(UK) Size 10 W0-IL2357065

(UK) Size 10.5 W0-IL2357078

(UK) Size 11 W0-IL2357081

(UK) Size 11.5 W0-IL2357094

(UK) Size 12 W0-IL2357108

(UK) Size 12.5 W0-IL2357111

The Adidas "Box Hog 2" boxing shoes perfectly conform to the shape of your foot – you won't even notice that you're wearing them.

  • Very light boxing shoes

  • With EVA midsole

  • Particularly breathable

The Adidas "Box Hog 2" boxing shoes: for increased comfort
The Adidas "Box Hog 2" boxing shoes are made from mesh fabric and feature an abrasion-resistant rubber outer sole, providing you with optimal grip on any surface. The particularly light boxing shoes impress thanks to their breathability. The EVA midsole provides increased comfort, even during longer training sessions. The laces allow the shoes to be firmly secured and the high tops provide your feet with increased stability.

Product information:

  • Material: mesh fabric

  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outer sole

  • Colour: Black/white

Mouth Guard, Set of 3 W0-IL1481903

Reliable protection!

Mouth guards are used primarily contact sports, such as boxing, ice hockey, rugby and kick-boxing.

  • Special protection for the upper jaw

  • Easy adjustment

  • Optimal fit

    Mouth guards: adapts to the shape of any mouth
    Mouth guards are special protection for the upper jaw. Simply place the guard in hot water, then bite the guard and it will permanently retain the shape of your mouth. However, it should no longer be used when it doesn't fit properly any more. 
    Product information:

  • Black

  • Shape retaining

  • Incl. storage box

McDavid™ Elbow Protection

Size S 23-25 cm W0-IL1560406-S

Size M 25-31 cm W0-IL1560406-M

Size L 31-33 cm W0-IL1560406-L

Size XL 33-38 cm W0-IL1560406-XL

Size XXL 38 cm+ W0-IL1560406-XXL

  • Quality protection

  • With EVA foam

  • Hex technology padding

  • Offers very high level of impact protection

  • 4-mm-thick neoprene

  • For support, protection and warmth

  • Black

  • 100% neoprene

Shock Doctor® "AirCore" Cup and Jockstrap

Size S W0-IL2587208

Size M W0-IL2587211

Size L W0-IL2587224

The Shock Doctor "AirCore" cup and jockstrap particularly suited to use in team sports, martial arts, hockey and handball or by goalkeepers.

  • Maximum comfort thanks to anti-chafe seams

  • 30% lighter than conventional protectors

  • Machine washable

The Shock Doctor "AirCore" cup and jockstrap: light and comfortable
The Shock Doctor "AirCore Hard Cup" cup is a particularly hard cup which is enclosed within a jockstrap and is ideal for use in martial arts. In comparison, the "AirCore Soft Cup" is particularly suitable for use in team sports such as handball, hockey or football. The practical advantage of both versions is that they are 30% lighter than conventional protectors. As a result of the optimal ergonomic shape of the cup, it is prevented from slipping and turning. The anti-chafe seams provide additional comfort, while the low profile of the copolymer core ensures unrestricted movement.

Product information:

  • Hard cup made from copolymer

  • Cover made from moulded foam

Groin Protection

S W0-IL1499605

M W0-IL1499618
L W0-IL1499621
XL W0-IL1499634

  • Non-sensitive groin protection in black

  • 50% cotton, 40% polyester, 10% elastane

  • Quick-release fastener for removing the protective cup

Hard wearing protection. 50% cotton, 40% polyester, 10% elastane. The protective shell can be removed for washing using the Velcro fastening.

McDavid™ Back Support

Supports, stabilised and provides security!

Size S 61-81 cm W0-IL1017319

Size M 68-107 cm W0-IL1017306

Size L 91-132 cm W0-IL1017508

Size XL 132-173 cm W0-IL1017511

The McDavid back support offers support, stability and security for non-specific back pain.

  • Compression and support of soft tissue

  • With 6 stays for protection and stability for people with back and side instability

  • Made from particularly breathable materiel

  • Adjustable Velcro fastenings ensure a comfortable and secure fit

  • Lace-free construction

    The McDavid back support: for supporting and stabilising
    This product from McDavid is a high-quality back support with elastic strap made from latex-free neoprene. It provides compression of the connective tissue and retention of heat. Six spring steel stays also ensure more protection and stability for a weak back or side area. Thanks to the support's anatomically shaped and breathable construction, it is comfortable at all times. Adjustable Velcro fasteners guarantee a comfortable and secure fit.
    Product information:

  • Material: 100% latex-free neoprene (CR), 62% polyester and 38% rubber

  • Ventilated, breathable material at the sides

  • Colour: black

    More information:

  • McDavid protection level 3: maximum protection

  • With 6 spring steel stays and elastic strap

McDavid™ Ankle Protector

Size S W0-IL1017003S

Size M W0-IL1017003 – M

Size L W0-IL1017003 – L

Size XL W0-IL1017003 – XL

  • All-round ankle guard made from neoprene with all the advantages of a thermal bandage

  • Easy to put on with nylon facing on both sides.

  • Keeps the body warm.

  • Supporting fabric gives a solid compression, protects from small injuries and impacts

Retains body heat, supportive fabric provides tight compression, protects from minor injuries and knocks, black.

McDavid Supports

Recommended by leading sports doctors. Made from 100% neoprene. These supports are used by the German national ski team and by the German handball team as well as large soccer clubs. The high compression effect of the bandages stabilises the joints, supports and warms the problematic body part and can ease and remove problems.

McDavid™ Knee Bandage

Size S W0-IL1017700 – S

Size M W0-IL1017700 – M

Size L W0-IL1017700 – L

Size L W0-IL1017700 – XL

Size L W0-IL1017700 – XXL

  • A neoprene thermal knee bandage that reflects body heat.

  • Bi-elastic fabric ensures tight compression, brace support.

  • Ergonomic shape and special stitching technique guarantees a very good fit

  • Maintains warmth, protects against minor injuries and bangs.

  • Colour: orange

Neoprene Thermo knee bandage that reflects body heat. Bi-elastic fabric ensures compression and support. Ergonomic shape and special seam technique ensures perfect fit, keeps you warm, protects from minor injuries and knocks, black.

McDavid™ supports

Recommended by leading sports doctors. Made from 100% neoprene. These supports are used by the German national ski team and by the German handball team as well as large soccer clubs. The high compression effect of the bandages stabilises the joints, supports and warms the problematic body part and can ease and remove problems.

Sports Tape

The tape for all athletes

2.5 cm W0-IC1426276 (6 rolls)

3.8 cm W0-IC1426205 (6 rolls)

3.8 cm W0-IC1426263 (30 rolls)

5.0 cm W0-IC1426289 (6 rolls)

The sports tape is perfect for all athletes who would like to stabilsie their joints.

  • For stabilising joints

  • Easy to use – can be used without any help

  • Strong adhesive and tensile strength

    The sports tape: particularly strong adhesive and high tensile strength
    The sports tape is the indispensable piece of kit for all athletes. Whether for the foot, knee, finger or hand: this tape will stabilise any joint. The tape is easy to apply and can be done without any assistance. Simply cut off the amount of tape required and stick it to the area concerned. The tape has a particularly strong adhesive and high tensile strength; it is, however, easy to tear. The sports tape comes in a length of 10 m and a roll width of 2.5 cm and 3.8 cm.
    Product information:

  • Roll length: 10 m

  • Roll width: 2.5 cm or 3.8 cm

Jovitape® Acupuncture Grid Tape

The original for sport and therapy

180 plasters 2.7 x 2.2 cm W0-IL2212308

120 plasters 3.6 x 2.8 cm W0-IL2212311

40 plasters 5.2 x 4.4 cm W0-IL2212324

The Jovitape acupuncture grid tape is ideal for injuries, sprains and strains. It is already popular in a wide range of sports.

  • Perfect for therapy, sport or private use

  • Stick directly onto pain, energy or trigger points

  • Waterproof, breathable, skin friendly and easy to remove

  • Easy to use – can be used without any help

  • Can be worn over a long period of time

    Jovitape acupuncture grid tape – alleviates and reduces discomfort
    The Jovitape acupuncture grid tape is specially designed for therapists, athletes and private. The tape is waterproof, breathable, skin friendly, is easy to remove and can be worn for a long time. The grid tape can be stuck directly onto pain, energy or trigger points. Another advantage: Any sports person and consumer can use the tape quickly and simply. The tape comes in 3 sizes, 20 grids each.
    Product information:

  • Material: 80% polyester, 15% polyurethane and 5% acrylic with thermoplastic adhesive

  • Hypo-allergenic adhesive does not leave residue and is free from chemicals

  • Latex and medicine free

  • Expiry: 3 years from manufacture

  • CE certified, has the German Medical Product (MPG) certification

  • With German instructions and examples of use

    Quick, easy and uncomplicated
    Whether it's handball, football, volleyball or tennis, many athletes have been using the grid tape for a long time. However this tape is also great for joggers, Nordic walkers or strength athletes. Walkers can easily apply the acupuncture grid tape before or during their walk and quickly and easily take it off when they have finished. Even after a shower, this tape doesn't lose its excellent adhesive properties – it stays firmly attached to your skin. There are lots of suggested uses detailed on the packaging and German instruction leaflet.

Martial Arts Mats

Sport-Thieme® "Superlight" Children's Judo Mat

Blue W0-IL2360007

Yellow W0-IL2360010

Red W0-IL2360023

The Sport-Thieme "Super Light" children's judo mat is special flooring for judo and jiu-jitsu and can even be set up by children thanks to its light weight.

  • Very stable thanks to the PE/PU core with sandwich construction

  • Seamless combining of several Judo mats

  • Only 3 kg – therefore easy for children to set up

  • Easy to clean and friendly to the skin

  • Available in 3 colours

    Sport-Thieme "Super Light" children's judo mat – very light and compact
    This judo mat weighs 3 kg which means that children can set up the flooring themselves. The surface of the mat is made from special judo mat material. The underside has a non-slip waffle material which prevents the mats from slipping. With a mat core made from PE/PU foam and in a sandwich construction, this is a very stable and low-weight mat.
    Product information:

  • Upper and sides laminated with Judo mat material (100% polyester)

  • Underside made from non-slip waffle material

  • Core made from sandwich PE/PU foam

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 100x100x3 cm

  • Weight: 3 kg

Trocellen® "Tatami" Judo Mat W0-IL1197264

  • Excellent shock absorption

  • Interlocking teeth prevent the mats from sliding apart

  • Rice-straw embossing provides a non-slip surface

  • Anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, waterproof and washable

  • Can be used on either side

    The thickness of the Trocellen Judo Tatami Mat is a real breakthrough in technical mat production. Complex factors already influenced the development phase of this innovative Judo cover. This mat greatly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries thanks to its highly elastic shock absorption. The water jet cutting technology guarantees an absolutely homogeneous base and extremely constant bounce cushioning.

  • size of the individual elements: 100x100x4 cm,

  • weight: 3 kg.

  • anti-bacterial coating,

  • hypo-allergenic.

  • anti-slipt thanks to the special straw-rice surface impregnation

  • can be used on both sides,

  • colour combination: green/red

  • washable

  • waterproof

Tatami Mats Corner Set W0-IL1197280

For sealing off corners

To close off corners. The kit consists of 4 corners. Side length 50 cm. Grey

Tatami Mats Frame Set W0-IL1197277

  • To close off open edges

  • One pair is required per outer mat, grey

To close off open edges. One pair is required per outer mat. Grey. Length 100 cm, grey.

Sport-Thieme® Judo Mats, 100x100x4cm

Green W0-IL1197206

Red W0-IL1197219


Green W0-IL1197222

Red W0-IL1197235

The perfect floor mat for judo and jiu jitsu

The Sport-Thieme judo mat is perfect for all competitions and is nationally and internationally recognised.

  • The practical mat for training and contests

  • Excellent absorption properties

  • Very strong material reinforced with vinyl rice-straw fibre

  • In compliance with the European Standard NF EN 12503

  • Available in 2 different sizes

    The Sport-Thieme judo mat: light, handy and strong
    The Sport-Thieme judo mat has a foam core. It is commonly used in training and contests. The surfaces are covered in a vinyl rice-straw fibre for maximum stability and the underside is sealed with a non-slip, waffle base around the edges. It is particularly long-lasting thanks to its reinforced corners and edges. It is compliant with the European Standard NF EN 12503.
    Product information:

  • Upper-side and sides reinforced with 100% polyester vinyl rice-straw fibre

  • Underside non-slip, waffle base sealed around edges

  • Core made from 235 kg/m³ composite foam

  • Edges and corners reinforced

  • LxWxH: approx. 100x100x4 cm (approx. 10 kg) or approx. 200x100x4 cm (approx. 20 kg)

  • Green and red

  • Manufactured and certified in compliance with the European Standard NF EN 12503

    12x12 m layout, for example ju-jutsu
    1x1 m mat:

  • 144 m²

  • Green mats: 108

  • Red mats: 36

  • Total mats: 144

    1x2 m mat:

  • 144 m²

  • Green mats: 54

  • Red mats: 18

  • Total mats: 72

    14x14 m layout, for example judo
    1x1 m mat:

  • 196 m²

  • Green mats: 160

  • Red mats: 36

  • Total mats: 196

    1x2 m mat:

  • 196 m²

  • Green mats: 80

  • Red mats: 18

  • Total mats: 98

"Peter Seisenbacher" Judo and Universal Floor Mat W0-IL1197251

"Peter Seisenbacher"
This new mat was developed in cooperation with Peter Seisenbacher, the double Olympic winner (1984+1988) especially for use as a universal mat for school sport.
One mat offers small groups a full martial arts mat and four mats will cover 48 sq. m. enough for a whole class to train on.

  • When folded together, the mat is 300x200x8 cm, the same size as a soft floor mat

  • When folded out it is 400x300x4 cm

  • Core: polyethylene light foam (approx. 30 kg/m³)

  • Cover: upper judo mat material, 100% high-strength polyester is the base fabric with PVC coating with rice grass embossing

  • The under side is also tear-proof 100% polyester base fabric with an anti slip coating

  • Zips on the inside facings

  • Can also be stored on any soft mat trolley, as it is only 8-cm thick

  • Weight: 28 kg

  • Colour: green

Transport Trolley for Judo Mats W0-IL1221305

Perfect for storing and transporting mats without problems.

  • With 12-mm MDF plates screwed onto strong rectangular 70x40 mm tubing

  • Max. weight 400 kg, with 2 trestle and transport wheels ø 125 mm

  • Holds mats sized 100x100 cm

  • Suitable for up to 30 mats

  • Delivered partly assembled

Sport-Thieme® Gymnastics Mat Trolley

Transport your mats more easily!

150 x 100 cm W0-IL1221507

200 x 100 cm W0-IL1221510
The Sport-Thieme gymnastics mat trolley makes it quick and easy to transport gymnastics mats.

  • For easier transport and protective storage of your gymnastics mats

  • Manufactured from particularly high-quality birchwood

  • 2 versions for 2 different mat sizes

    The Sport-Thieme gymnastics mat trolley: high quality, robust and durable!
    The Sport-Thieme gymnastics mat trolley is ideal for easily transporting your gymnastics mats. Thanks to the use of high-quality birch plywood, the closed-cell platform is especially strong and durable. With 2 fixed castors and 2 swivel castors, it runs smoothly. One mat trolley has space for mats measuring 150x100 cm, the other for mats measuring 200x100 cm.
    Product information:

  • Closed-cell platform

  • Material: birch plywood

  • With 2 fixed castors and 2 swivel castors: ø 125 mm

  • Can hold up to approx. 300 kg


Adidas® "Military" Training Backpack W0-IL2320700

The Adidas "Military" training backpack is ideal for transporting equipment for martial arts and other types of sport. The backpack can withstand the most intensive of use.

  • Ideal for easy transport of sports equipment

  • Enough room for complete training equipment

  • Made from breathable mesh material

  • With adjustable shoulder strap: can be worn as a kit bag or backpack

  • In camouflage design

    The Adidas "Military" training backpack: the carrying bag for athletes.
    The Adidas "Military" training backpack is a robust bag for martial arts and other types of sport. The bag is made from easy-to-clean polyester and has several reinforced sections, guaranteeing a long lifespan. There is also a small zipped pocked at the front of the backpack. The mesh material inside bag can hang outwards if necessary – making it ideal for wet clothes. Can be used as both a kit bag and backpack thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap
    Product information:

  • Material: polyester

  • Breathable mesh material

  • With metal zip

  • Camouflage look with 3 orange stripes

  • Capacity: 61 l

  • Dimensions: 35x70x25 cm


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