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Swing yourself fit!

Kids W0-IL2009924

Sport W0-IL2009908

Intensive W0-IL2009937

Athletic W0-IL2009911

The Flexi-Bar oscillating bar is a multifunctional training product, which can be used in fitness, as well as for therapy.

  • Multifunctional fitness device for all ages

  • A bar for swinging in your hand

  • Ideal for body stabilisation

  • Can also be used in therapy

  • Includes a Flexi-Bar exercise poster

    The original Flexi-Bar vibrating bar – the multifunctional fitness product
    Thanks to its different designs, the Flexi-Bar is suitable for everyone, regardless of age. This product is a real all-rounder for fitness and therapy – from stamina training to coordination training to body stabilisation to movement stability. The oscillating bar is particularly used in therapy for back and joint treatment. To make sure that your training sessions at home, at the gym or outdoors remain varied, the Flexi-Bar comes with an exercise poster and a DVD. 
    More product details:

  • A bar that oscillates in your hand

  • Available in different versions

  • Comes with Flexi-Bar exercise poster

  • A multifunctional training product

  • Endurance training

  • Coordination training

  • Body stabilisation

  • Movement stability

    Available versions, please select from:

  • "Kids" Flexi-Bar: 472 g, 118 cm, for children from 6-12 years old, vibration frequency 4.6 Hz

  • "Sport" Flexi-Bar (standard): 508 g, 153.5 cm, for beginners and improvers, vibration frequency 4.6 Hz

  • "Intensive" Flexi-Bar: 516 g, 153.5 cm, for higher intensity, vibration frequency 4.6 Hz

  • "Athletic" Flexi-Bar: 746 g, 152.5 cm, for professionals, vibration frequency 4.6 Hz

Flexi-Bar Club Set W0-IL2125565

Ideal for group training

The Flexi-Bar club set is the ideal training set for every fitness level thanks to its different levels of difficulty.

  • Develops stamina, coordination, movement and posture

  • Under supervision, this can be used as a therapy aid to treat back and joint injuries

  • Incl. training DVDs

The Flexi-Bar club set – for different training zones
The Flexi-Bar club set consists of different Flexi-Bars and training DVDs. The Flexi-Bar combines coordination training, endurance training, movement stability and posture stabilisation. This set is also ideal for use in therapy. Under supervision, you can treat back and joint injuries. A carrying bag is included so that the Flexi-Bar can be compactly stored

Product information:

"Sport" Flexi-Bar

  • Length: 153.5 cm

  • Weight: 508 g

  • "Intensive" Flexi-Bar

  • Length: 153.5 cm

  • Weight: 516 g

    The club set consists of:

  • 13x "Sport" Flexi-Bars

  • 2x "Intensive" Flexi-Bars

  • 3 training DVDs (wellness, toning & back)

  • Carrying bag for 15 Flexi-Bars

Sport-Thieme® "Fitness Bar" W0-IC2310002

Sport-Thieme oscillating fitness bar

  • Ideal for endurance and coordination training

  • Intensive use of deep muscles

  • Improves posture and stability when standing

  • Suitable for young and old

  • Includes carrying bag

The top-quality fitness bar at a low price
The Sport-Thieme fitness bar is a multifunctional training aid that is essential for all aerobics sessions. Whether for targeted strengthening of back muscles for endurance training or for a strenuous full-body workout – the fitness bar is the ideal product for your needs. When used under expert supervision, the Sport-Thieme fitness bar can also be used for rehabilitation.

More product information:

  • Very sturdy

  • Flexible fibreglass bar

  • Handle and ends made from hypoallergenic PU foam

  • Length: 155.5 cm

  • Weight: 575 g

Swing Sider® W0-IL1004407

The Swing Sider is the optimal training product for the whole body. Whether for physiotherapy, rehabilitation or fitness training – it can be used anywhere.

  • For all ages and fitness levels

  • Effective training for all muscle groups

  • Stabilises the whole body

    The Swing Sider – effective training for the whole body
    This training product gets you moving. The Swing Sider offers diverse and effective training for intra- and intermuscular stabilisation. Whether standing up or sitting down, the numerous usage possibilities allow the perfect workout for all ages and fitness levels.

    More information:

  • Incl. exercise poster, workout video and carrying bag

  • 360-degree training

  • Set of 2 with ergonomically shaped handles

  • Made in Germany

XCO® Trainer

Keep your body in shape!

Rehab (S) W0-IL2041605

Standard (M) W0-IL2041618

Sport (L) W0-IL2041621

Athletic (XL) W0-IL2041634

The XCO trainer ensures an effective full-body workout and is a must-have for exercising.

  • For sport, fitness and rehabilitation

  • Trains arms, legs, shoulders, back and abs

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Ideal for walking and running

  • For both men and women

    The XCO trainer: for an effective full-body workout
    The XCO trainer is perfect for sport, fitness and rehabilitation. When the user moves the XCO® trainer backwards and forwards, the granulate inside shakes quite vigorously from side to side. This increases muscle strength and trains arms, shoulders, abs and back during a walking or running session. The trainer is available in different sizes which allows users with small or large hands to exercise effectively.
    Product information:

  • Weight per trainer: approx. 620 g

  • Granulate filling

  • Colour: red/black

Hanging Unit for Flexi-Bars W0-IL2009995

For safe storage

The hanging shelf for vibrating bars is a must-have for all equipment rooms.

  • For approx. 25 oscillating bars

  • Allows for compact storage

  • Space-saving

    The hanging shelf for oscillating bars ensures that the equipment room remains tidy.
    Registered design. The hanging shelf for oscillating bars can hold approx. 25 Flexi-Bars. Extremely practical: your training equipment doesn't have to be stored on the ground, but can be hung up safely and neatly. This ensures that your equipment room always remains tidy. 
    Product information:

  • Size: (LxWxH): 27x49x20 cm

  • Weight: 3 kg

  • Material: wood

Flexi-Bar® Stands W0-IL2009979 

The practical transport stand

The Flexi-Bar stands ensure a practical means of transport for all types of Flexi-Bars.

  • Suitable for all types of Flexi-Bars

  • Ideal for gyms and clubs

  • For optimal storage

  • For up to 30 Flexi Bars

  • Can be moved easily

  • The Flexi-Bar stand guarantees easy transport
    The Flexi-Bar stand is well suited to all types of Flexi-Bars and can hold up to 30 of them. The 4 transport castors can be easily stored away after the workout. Flexi-Bars not included.
    Product information:

  • Size: approx. 49x43x12 cm

  • Incl. 4 transport castors

Flexi-Bar® Carrying Bag

For 10 Bars W0-IL2125507

For 20 Bars W0-IL2125510

The practical storage option

The Flexi-Bar carrying bag lets your store your Flexi-Bars extremely compactly.

  • Protects from damage and dirt

  • Suitable for all Flexi-Bar models

  • Allows for compact storage

  • Available in 2 versions

  • Robust material

  • The Flexi-Bar carrying bag – extremely strong
    The Flexi-Bar carrying bag is suitable for all types of Flexi-Bar and is available in 2 designs for 10 and up to 30 Flexi-Bars. The large carrying bag is particularly strong and protects the equipment from damage and dirt. 
    Available options:}

  • For 10 Flexi-Bars

  • For 30 Flexi-Bars

  • Product information:

  • Length: 155 cm

Sport-Thieme® Steel Weighted Bar

The effective whole-body trainer

1 kg Grey W0-IL1401107

2 kg Lt.Blue W0-IL1401110

3 kg Red W0-IL1401123

4 kg Green W0-IL1401136

5 kg Yellow W0-IL1401149

6 kg Purple W0-IL1401152

7 kg Bright Red W0-IL1401165

8 kg Orange W0-IL1401178

The steel weighted bar offers different weights from 1-8 kg to suit all training requirements.

  • Different colours show the different weights

  • Ideal for warm-ups

  • Effective whole-body training

  • The steel weighted bar for strengthening your entire body
    The steel weighted bar is available in different weights which are shown using different colours. Whether for core or aerobics training, for use in therapy or the gym – they can be used almost anywhere. Thanks to its large number of uses, you can increase your power and strengthen your chest, back, buttocks and shoulder muscles. The compact synthetic rubber foam gives a comfortable feel.
    Product information:

  • Length: 122 cm

  • 1-5 kg: ø 30 mm

  • 6 kg: ø 33 mm

  • 7 kg: ø 35 mm

  • 8 kg: ø 37 mm

    Steel core:

  • 1 kg: hollow bar

  • 2-4 kg: hollow bar with additional weights

  • 5-8 kg: heavy hollow bar

    Handle section:

  • Synthetic rubber

Trolley for Weighted Bars W0-IL1169023 

Easy transport and space-saving storage

The trolley for weighted bars is the ideal collection, transport and storage container.

  • For storage and transport

  • For up to approx. 24 weighted bars

  • With handle and wheels

  • The trolley for weighted bars: the mobile transport aid
    The trolley is the perfect transport aid and storage option for your weighted bars. Thanks to the handle and wheels, you can move your equipment to another location quickly and easily. There is another space in the container for 24 weighted bars with a diameter of 40 mm. More weighted bars with a smaller diameter can fit in the container.
    Product information:

  • Metal handle

  • Total height: 95 cm

  • Diameter: 28 cm

Fitness Bands & Tubes

GOMA Training Tube HEAVY



  • : 300cm

  • 直徑: 9.5 - 9.8mm

  • 拉力強度: 黃色(), 藍色(), 綠色(), (特強)

  • 承載重量: 籃色() - 20 kgs (直徑 9.5mm, 管厚2mm)

  • 綠色() - 30 kgs ((直徑 9.8mm, 管厚2.5mm)




  • : 300cm

  • 直徑: 9.5 - 9.8mm

  • 拉力強度: 黃色(), 藍色(), 綠色(), (特強)

  • 承載重量: 籃色() - 20 kgs (直徑 9.5mm, 管厚2mm)

  • 綠色() - 30 kgs ((直徑 9.8mm, 管厚2.5mm)

Thera-Band® Tubing 7.5 m length

Light, yellow W0-IL1483101

Medium, red W0-IL1483114

Strong, green W0-IL1483127

Extra strong, blue W0-IL1483130

Very strong, black W0-IL1483143

In addition to the original Thera-Band, we now offer Thera-Band® tubing (7.5 m total length). The thin latex tubes match the bands in colour and strength. Diameter 0.9 cm. They are made from 100% natural latex.

Sport-Thieme® Vario Fitness Tube, 20 m Roll

green=light W0-IL1488832

pink=medium W0-IL1488845

purple=strong W0-IL1488858

red=strong W0-IL1488861

  • Can be adjusted individually

  • Can be changed easily in case of wear

  • Handles not included

When combined with the Reivo fitness tube handles, you can adjust the tubes to suit your height. It couldn't be easier: cut the tube to length and attach the handle. If the tube gets worn just replace it. The handles are not included.

X2FIT XF0725


  • [貨品編號: XF0725]

X2FIT XF0726


  • [貨品編號: XF0726]

Thera-Band® Bodytrainer Exercise Tubing, 1.4 m with Handles

The effective full-body trainer!

Red, Medium W1-IL1483202

Green, High W1-IL1483215

Blue, Extra High W1-IL1483228

Black, Extra Extra High W1-IL1483231

The Thera-Band Bodytrainer exercise tubing with handles is a versatile resistance training device designed to improve strength, flexibility and mobility.

  • For use at home, for fitness and therapy

  • Improves flexibility and mobility

  • Joint-friendly training

  • For whole-body training

  • Perfect for improving strength

    The versatile Thera-Band Bodytrainer tubing with handles
    The Thera-Band Bodytrainer tubing with handles is light, practical, space-saving and stands out thanks to its durability. It facilitates low-impact full-body workouts. The trainer can be used for anything from training at home, to therapy, to fitness training. Your training can be tailored individually to your fitness level using the 6 different resistance levels available. Particularly practical: the loop handles mean that you don't have to wrap it around your hands. 
    Product information:

  • Available in different colours and resistance levels

  • 6 different resistance levels

  • With flexible hoops

  • Length: 1.4 m

Thera-Band® Handles W0-IL1484003

  • Extends the use of your Thera-Band

  • Very easy to attach

  • Very comfortable to hold

  • More ways to use the Thera-Band exercise tubing and Thera-Bands.

Sport-Thieme® Fitness Tube Handles W0-IL1488803

  • Reivo© Fitness Tube Handles

  • Handles for Reivo® fitness tubes

  • With a quick fastening system

  • Comfortable foam handle

  • Easy to clean

Handles for Reivo® Vario fitness tubes with quick fastening system. Pleasant foam handle that is easy to clean.

GOMA Jelly Tube


GOMA Jejjy Stretch-heavy blue ( 44x34x38 cm)


Sport-Thieme® "X-Loop" Bodytrainer

Pink=Easy W0-IL1482906

Green=Medium W0-IC1482919

Blue=Strong W0-IC1482922

The Sport-Thieme "X-Loop" bodytrainer is a resistance band for full-body training.

  • 3 resistance levels

  • Ideal for strength training

  • Best suited to stretching

Sport-Thieme® Set of 10 Rubber Bands

Green=Easy 29x2 cm W0-IL1488702

Pink=Medium 27.5x2.5 cm W0-IC1488715

Purple=Strong 26.5x3 cm W0-IC1488728

Optimal stretch properties

A small but effective training aid for sports groups. The rubber band which is approx. 2cm wide and 22.5cm long is used for stretching and strengthening exercises. Delivery in a group set of 10 includes exercise instructions.

Sport-Thieme® "Loop" Bodytrainer

Pink=Easy W0-IL1482209

Yellow=Medium 0-IC1482212

Blue=Hard W0-IC1482225

Strength training for different muscle groups

The Sport-Thieme "Loop" bodytrainer is a resistance trainer for strength and stretching training.

  • For strength and stretching exercises

  • 3 different resistance levels

  • Also suitable for barbell training

Sport-Thieme® "Multiloop" Bodytrainer

Pink=Easy W0-IL1482805

Yellow=Medium 0-IC1482818

Blue=Hard W0-IC1482821

Train against resistance

The Sport-Thieme "Multiloop" bodytrainer is ideally suited to effective resistance training.

  • Ideally suited to strength training and stretching

  • Comes in 3 different resistance levels

  • Resistance is regulated by the loops

The Sport-Thieme "Multiloop" bodytrainer: adapt to your fitness level
The Sport-Thieme "Multiloop" bodytrainer is a particularly stretchy rubber band with a length of 74.5 cm. The fitness band is available in 3 different resistance levels. It is therefore possible to adapt to your training level. The trainer has a total of 6 loops, which enable you to regulate the resistance. Whether exercises for the legs or arms – you are training different muscle groups.
Product details:

  • Length: 74.5 cm

  • Material: 100 % thermoplastic rubber

  • Resistance levels are identified by colour

  • Pink, orange, blue

GOMA Rubber Pull Exerciser 柔軟拉力管,橡膠管,海綿手柄


  • Length: 125 cm

  • Dia. 13 mm

  • Thickness: 3 mm

  • Material: TPR / PP

GOMA Rubber Pull Exerciser 3.0mm



GOMA Rubber Pull Exerciser 2.5mm 柔軟拉力管,2.5mm 1.25M,拉力:


GOMA Rubber Pull Exerciser 2.0mm 柔軟拉力管,2.0mm,1.25M,拉力:標準


Sport-Thieme® Premium Tube

Green=Light 127 cm W0-IC2250407

Pink=Medium 142 cm W0-IC2250410

Lilac=Strong 152 cm W0-IC2250423

Red=Extra Strong 152 cm W0-IC2250436

Incl. exercise poster

Premium tube with nylon coating for more product safety. Less chance of over-stretching, tear-proof for normal usage. No direct contact with the tube, therefore perfect for those with a latex allergy. PVC handles. Incl. exercise poster!

    Product details:

  • PVC handle

  • Length: 152 cm

  • Up to 300% (partially) stretchable

Physio Basic Pro

Blue=light W0-IL1493203

Red=medium W0-IL1493216

Extremely durable resistance tube for use in gyms and clubs. The handles are are coated in foam. A latex rope coated with a strong woven material, silicone protection on foot section or for use in combination with a step. Length: 1.80 m.

Sport-Thieme® Cuff Tubes, Set of 10

green=light W0-IL1488412

pink=medium W0-IL1488438

purple=strong W0-IL1488454

  • Ideal for intensive power training of legs and upper body muscles

  • Soft padded bandages with Velcro fastening

  • Incl. exercise poster

  • Cuff tubes, also known as ankle tubes, are perfect for legs, bums ‘n' tums exercises. With extra strong padded Velcro straps. Exercise poster included. The maximum circumference of the Cuff Tube is 80 cm, stretchable to up to 300 cm. Set of 10 Cuff Tubes in one strength.

Sport-Thieme® Fitness Tube Rings, Set of 10

green=light W0-IL1488601

pink=medium W0-IL1488614

purple=strong W0-IL1488627

  • Fitness and training device especially for the upper body and legs

  • Ideal for gyms and sports clubs

  • This fitness tube ring is perfect for short individual pulling exercises. With exercise poster.

Kettler Tube拉力繩

  • [貨品編號: KA-112-000]

Kettler Tube8字型拉力繩 (強度:中)

  • [貨品編號: KA-116-010]

Kettler Tube8字型拉力繩 (強度:)

  • [貨品編號: KA-116-020]

Sport-Thieme® Fitness Toners, Set of 10

green=light W0-IL1488311

pink=medium W0-IL1488337

purple=strong W0-IL1488353

  • Set offer: Club set with 10 toners (without exercise poster)

  • Exercise device for targeted training of individual upper and lower muscle groups

  • Strong yet soft handles for additional safety

Fitness toners suitable for short, individual pulling exercises. Available in three strengths. Incl. exercise poster.

Sport-Thieme® Fitness Tube

Light Green=Light W0-IC1488018

Pink=Medium W0-IC1488021

Purple=Strong W0-IC1488034

Red=Extra Strong W0-IC1488047

For training all large muscle groups.
The classic fitness product. Ideal for use at home, at the gym or on the go. You can train the most important muscle groups at any time and anywhere. Reivo fitness tubes come in four different strengths. Exercise instructions included.

Reivo® Fitness Step Tube

green=light W0-IL1488207

pink=medium W0-IL1488223

purple=strong W0-IL1488249

  • Designed for exercises in combination with a step

  • Ideal for a total upper body workout

  • Incl. exercise poster

This step tube has been specially developed for combining exercises with step equipment. Absolutely essential for effective aerobics and work outs for fitness and strength. High quality caoutchouc rubber material with extra reinforced 100% nylon centre. Ideal for training all the upper body muscle groups. Free exercise poster included.

Sport-Thieme® Resistance Band

The right band for every fitness level

Level 1 Green W0-IL2377403

Level 2 Pink W0-IL2377416

Level 3 Purple W0-IL2377429

Level 4 Red W0-IL2377432

You can carry out strength and stretching exercises right with the Sport-Thieme resistance ban

  • Incl. tear-proof cord

  • Particularly resilient and will not tear

  • Different resistance levels

    The Sport-Thieme resistance band: train against resistance
    The Sport-Thieme resistance band is made from natural rubber which is particularly friendly to the skin and resilient. With tear-proof cord inside the tube for more safety. Should the band tear, the cord will keep it together. The resistance levels are colour indicated so the user can use the band most appropriate to their level of fitness.
    Product information:

  • Length: 147 cm

  • Material: natural rubber

  • Colour-indicated resistance levels

Sport-Thieme® Fitness Step Tube, Set of 10

Green = low W1-IL1488210

Pink = medium W1-IL1488236

Purple = high W1-IL1488252

  • Pack of 10 fitness step tubes for gyms and clubs

  • Designed for exercises in combination with a step

  • High-quality natural rubber material, reinforced foot section (100% nylon)

  • Ideal for a total upper body workout

Reliable Reivo tube with a reinforced middle section, specially designed for step aerobic training. Pack of 10 fitness step tubes.

Thera-Band® Progressive Hand Trainer W0-IL1483664

Combines 6 resistance trainers in one

The progressive hand trainer from Thera-Band consists of a holding ring and 6 matching latex inserts in different resistance levels. Changing the resistance levels means that the finger trainer accompanies you step by step at each training level.

  • Keeps up with your training progress – variable resistance

  • 6 strengths in the well-known Thera-Band colour coding

  • Improves hand strength, finger extension, flexion and abduction

  • Easy to change the latex inserts in the holding ring

  • Ideal for rehabilitation after hand surgery

    Set of component parts for the hand and finger trainer:

  • 1 x holding ring for clamping the exercise inserts

  • 6 x latex inserts (in beige, yellow, red, green, blue, black)

  • Incl. detailed instructions for use

    The hand and finger trainer with variable training resistance – the Thera-Band progressive hand trainer.

X2FIT Band 橡膠帶(強度:

  • [貨品編號: XF0732]

X2FIT Band 橡膠帶(強度:強)

  • [貨品編號: XF0733]

Artzt Vitality® High-Performance Band

Blue W0-IL2707206

Black W0-IL2707219

The Artzt Vitality high-performance band is designed for a range of uses.

  • Particularly durable material

  • Easy to use and maximum grip

  • Powder-free

The Artzt Vitality high-performance band is the ideal fitness aid that fits in any sports bag
The Artzt Vitality high-performance band is the perfect piece of training equipment for any workout. Thanks to the durable and textured material, the high-performance band offers maximum grip and lasts a long time. Its ease of use make it perfect for designing individual training sessions. Regardless of whether it’s for intensive workouts or for warm-ups, you can rely on this high-performance band.

    Product information:

  • Material: polyisoprene

  • Length: 2.50 m

Fitness & Therapy Deuserband

Yellow = Light W1-IL1484902

Red = Medium W1-IL1484915

Green = Strong W1-IL1484928

Blue = Extra Strong W1-IL1484931

Black = Super Strong W1-IL1484944

Therapy Deuserband – the fitness band specially developed for use in physiotherapy and rehabilitation

  • Pleasant and non-slip surface grip

  • Extremely durable when used a lot

  • The bands don't stick together, so no powder required

  • Resistant to chlorine: also suitable for aqua therapy

    These bands are a must-have in all therapy facilities
    The therapy Deuserband was developed for various uses in physiotherapy or rehabilitation. The flexible bands are particularly durable. The right band thickness exists for every level of fitness and any requirement. If needed, the length of the band can be cut to meet your needs. Very practical: the Deuserbands do not stick together, so powder is not required. Another advantage is the excellent grip, which means that the bands are easy to hold on to regardless of the exercise. Suitable for people allergic to Latex.
    The therapy Deuserband is available in 5 thicknesses:

  • Yellow: light

  • Red: medium

  • Green: strong

  • Blue: extra strong

  • Black: super strong

    Product information:

  • Roll length: 20 m

  • Width: approx. 10 cm

  • Resistant to chlorine

  • Suitable for saltwater

  • Latex free

The therapy Deuserband is suitable for use in water
The therapy band also offers lots of opportunities for use in aqua therapy. It can be used in both chlorine water and saltwater without any problem.

Latex-Free Fun & Active Band

Orange=light W0-IL1485501

Yellow=medium W0-IL1485514

Green=strong W0-IL1485527

  • A strong band for your fitness!

  • skin friendly and non-tear

  • available in 3 different colours/thicknesses

  • material has pleasant feel

  • latex-free, neutral smell

  • In a practical sports box

  • 15x200 cm

Thera-Band® 250 cm in a Zip Bag

Yellow=light W0-IL1481509

Red=medium W0-IL1481512

Green=strong W0-IL1481525

Blue=extra strong W0-IL1481538

Black=extremely strong W0-IL1481541

The Original!

Handy and versatile. Thera-Band® is the smallest fitness studio in the world. It can be stored and taken anywhere in this zip up bag. 
Available in 5 different resistances.

Product characteristics:

  • 100% natural latex

  • With practical zip-up bag

  • Including 32 page instruction booklet

    Product advantages:

  • Suitable for young and old and all fitness levels

  • Versatile and easy to store

  • For isolated or general muscle training

  • UV protection thanks to the storage bag

  • The popular, original training band in the perfect length

Thera-Band® in 5.5 m length

Beige, extra light W0-IC2183103

Yellow, light W0-IC2183116

Red, medium W0-IC2183129

Green, strong W0-IC2183132

Blue, extra strong W0-IC2183145

Black, extremely strong W0-IC2183158

Silver, ultra strong W0-IC2183161

Gold, max.strength W0-IC2183174

The Thera-Band is the perfect stretching band for professional use.

  • Linear stretching characteristics: strength increases in proportion to the degree of stretch

  • Almost unlimited possibilities in strength and coordination training

  • Ideal for therapy, club and competitive sport

  • Beige to red: ideal for use in therapy

  • Available in seven different resistance levels

    The Thera-Band – keep fit with the original product for professional use!
    Use the Thera-Band for the linear build-up of strength by increasing the stretch of the exercise bands as well as your coordination. The exercise band from Thera-Band is kind to the joints and prevents injuries – an important benefit in therapy and fitness training. Thanks to the different resistance levels, you have the opportunity to perfectly adapt the bands to your level of fitness.

    Product information:

  • Roll length: 550 cm

  • Material: 100% natural latex

  • Width: approx. 12.5 cm

Thera-Band® in 45.5 m length

Beige, extra light W0-IC2183350

Yellow, light W0-IC2183305

Red, medium W0-IC2183318

Green, strong W0-IC2183321

Blue, extra strong W0-IC2183334

Black, extremely strong W0-IC2183347

Silver, ultra strong W0-IC2183363

Gold, max. strengthW0-IC2183376

45.5 m Thera-Band – the original version for professional use.

  • Ideal for therapy, recreational and competitive sports

  • The classic

  • 100% natural latex

  • Available in 8 different resistance levels

    Thera-Band – the classic for individual use
    Whether used for strength training for youngsters or for competitive and top-class sport – a choice of 8 different resistance levels means there is a Thera-Band for every need. The beige, yellow and red versions are particularly suitable for working with patients in therapeutic treatment centres. The 45.5 m roll can be cut into any number of different lengths – ideal for use during workouts with larger groups. The Thera-Band exercise bands can quickly be packed away into your sports bag and can be used anywhere.

  • Roll length: 45.5 m

  • Width: approx. 12.5 cm

Thera-Band® Set of 5 W0-IL1485006

Set consisting of: 1 each of: 550 cm long Thera-Bands, in yellow, red, green, blue and black.

Thera-Band® "CLX Band" 22 m long/Roll

The resilient resistance band

Yellow, low W0-IL1959808

Red, medium W0-IL1959811

Green, high W0-IL1959824

Blue, extra high W0-IL1959837

Black, super high W0-IL1959840

Silver, ultra high W0-IL1959853

Gold, maximum W0-IL1959866

The Thera-Band "CLX Band" is a versatile exercise band that is ideal for carrying out the widest range of exercises.

  • Can be used for effective resistance and strength training

  • Can be shortened by cutting between the loops

  • The all-in-one: exercise band, loop, tubing for use with handles, for use with door anchors

  • No knots or coiling necessary

  • With loops

    The Thera-Band "CLX Band": for arms, legs, back, chest and stomach
    The Thera-Band "CLX Band" is a latex-free resistance band and is wound into a 22-m roll. This allows you to adjust the fitness trainer to your individual requirements by cutting the band between the loops. The loops mean that troublesome knots and coils are a thing of the past. The fitness band combines four pieces of training equipment into one: it can be used as an exercise band, a loop and as tubing for use with handles or door anchors. The consecutive loops provide you with lots of possible grip positions allowing you to enjoy varied and effective resistance and strength training sessions. Particularly practical: you can cut the roll into individual, differently sized sections.

    Product information:

  • Different colours and resistances

  • Roll length: 22 m

  • Width: 5 cm

  • Latex-free

Thera-Band® "CLX Band" 2 m long

Suitable for any training level

Yellow, low W0-IL1959707

Red, medium W0-IL1959710

Green, high W0-IL1959723

Blue, extra high W0-IL1959736

Black, super high W0-IL1959749

Silver, ultra high W0-IL1959752

Gold, maximum W0-IL1959765

The Thera-Band "CLX Band" is an effective resistance band, ideal for building strength in fitness and therapy.

  • Band with 11 loops (patented Easy Grip Loop system)

  • Effective resistance training without tying or coiling the band

  • Suitable for use in fitness training and physiotherapy

  • 4-in-1: exercise band, loop, tubing for use with handles, for use with door anchors

    The Thera-Band "CLX Band": the resistance band with built-in loops
    The Thera-Band "CLX Band" is made from latex-free material and is therefore ideal for those with allergies. Thanks to the eleven loops, knots and wrapping bands around your hands are a thing of the past. The consecutive loops make gripping the band easy and provide you with lots of possible grip positions. The advantage being you can perfectly adapt the intensity level of your workout. The resistance band is 2 m long and is available in different colours and resistances.

    Product information:

  • Length: 2 m

  • Width: approx. 5 cm

  • Different colours and resistances

    The multifunctional resistance band
    The Thera-Band "CLX Band" combines four pieces of training equipment into one. It's ideal for use as an exercise band, a loop, tubing for use with handles and for use with door anchors. Whether for use in physiotherapy or for fitness workouts – thanks to the wide range of resistance levels, which can be identified by their colour, the band is suitable for any training session.

X2FIT環狀健身拉力帶 [貨品編號: XF9615]

60x5cm, 0.5mm

X2FIT環狀健身拉力帶 [貨品編號: XF9617] 60x5cm, 0.7mm

X2FIT 環狀健身拉力帶 [貨品編號: XF9619] 90x7.5cm, 0.7mm

Body Band Ring®, Set of 10 W0-IL2110602

Your personal fitness trainer!
Use the Body Band Ring:

  • As a mobile training aid for stretching and strengthening your muscles

  • For building up muscle tone and for daily fitness training

  • As a training aid for rehabilitation and prevention

This “endless band” is ideal for exercising the upper arm muscles, back and bottom muscles and the outer hips. Latex, red, 12.5x40 cm.

Sport-Thieme® "75" Exercise Band 2 m x 7.5 cm

Green=light W0-IC2270904

Pink=medium W0-IC2270917

Purple=strong W0-IC2270920

Red=extra strong W0-IC2270933

Black= ultra strong W0-IC2270988

  • For building and strengthening muscles

  • Incl. exercise poster

The classic Latex band or therapy band on 2 or 25 m rolls. Produced in compliance with ISO 9001 and with CE certification. Made from skin-friendly natural caoutchouc rubber that stretches extremely far and has a progressive pulling resistance. The 7.5 cm wide band for strength and stamina training.

The perfect band for increasing general fitness, strength and stamina. The Reivo Fitness Band is also used for muscle building and movement training during rehabilitation.
Includes exercise poster!

Sport-Thieme® "75" Exercise Band 25 m x 7.5 cm

Green=light W0-IC2270946

Pink=medium W0-IC2270959

Purple=strong W0-IC2270962

Red=extra strong W0-IC2270975

Black= ultra strong W0-IC2270991

  • For building and strengthening muscles

  • Incl. exercise poster

The classic Latex band or therapy band on 2 or 25 m rolls. Produced in compliance with ISO 9001 and with CE certification. Made from skin-friendly natural caoutchouc rubber that stretches extremely far and has a progressive pulling resistance. The 7.5 cm wide band for strength and stamina training.

The perfect band for increasing general fitness, strength and stamina. The Reivo Fitness Band is also used for muscle building and movement training during rehabilitation.
Includes exercise poster!

Sport-Thieme® Latex-Free Exercise Band 2.5 m long

Yellow, very low W0-IL2326708

Green, low W0-IL2326711

Red, medium W0-IL2326724

Blue, high W0-IL2326737

Black, extra-high W0-IL2326740

Grey, ultra-high W0-IL2326753

Flexible, handy and hard-wearing

The Sport-Thieme latex-free exercise band is the ideal resistance trainer for increasing flexibility and building up strength.

  • For building up muscles and mobility training

  • For therapy, club and home use

  • Excellent stretch qualities

  • Available in 6 different resistance levels

  • Incl. exercise poster

    The Sport-Thieme latex-free exercise band: the right resistance for every training level
    The Sport-Thieme latex-free exercise band is particularly suitable for those with allergies. Depending on training level, you can choose the ideal band from 6 different resistance levels. Excellent stretch qualities make joint-friendly training possible. Particularly practical: it comes with an exercise poster, allowing you to make your workout varied and interesting.

    Product information:

  • Length: 2.5 m

  • Width: 15 cm

  • Colour-coded resistance levels

    The resistance band for building up muscles The Sport-Thieme latex-free exercise band is ideal for building up muscles and movement training in therapy, in clubs and at home. The resistance band can also be used for accident prevention, improving balance, posture, stamina and pain reduction.

Sport-Thieme® "150" Exercise Band 25 m x 15 cm

Green=light W0-IC1487510

Pink=medium W0-IC1487523

Purple=strong W0-IC1487536

Red=extra strong W0-IC1487549

Black= ultra strong W0-IC1487552

The classic Latex band or therapy band on 25 m rolls. Produced in compliance with ISO 9001 and with CE certification. Made from skin-friendly natural caoutchouc rubber, that stretches extremely far and has a progressive pulling resistance. The 15 cm wide band for increasing strength and stamina training. 
The perfect band for increasing general fitness, strength and stamina. Exercise poster included!

Sport-Thieme® "150" Exercise Band 2 m x 15 cm

Green=light W0-IC2271008

Pink=medium W0-IC2271011

Purple=strong W0-IC2271024

Red=extra strong W0-IC2271037

Black= ultra strong W0-IC2271079

The classic Latex band or therapy band on 25 m rolls. Produced in compliance with ISO 9001 and with CE certification. Made from skin-friendly natural caoutchouc rubber, that stretches extremely far and has a progressive pulling resistance. The 15 cm wide band for increasing strength and stamina training. 
The perfect band for increasing general fitness, strength and stamina.Exercise poster included!

Sport-Thieme® Resistance Band Set for Schools and Clubs W0-IL2577500

The money-saving set in a practical bumper pack

With its 30 resistance bands, the Sport-Thieme resistance band set for schools and clubs is ideally suited to use in school sport and in group fitness sessions at clubs and gyms.

  • Ideally suited to use in larger groups

  • For strengthening muscles in your shoulders, arms and back

  • Particularly stretchy

    The Sport-Thieme resistance band set for schools and clubs: the practical set for group workouts
    The Sport-Thieme resistance band set for schools and clubs consists of 10 of each level of resistance band: low, medium, high. This allows you to choose from the 3 versions depending on your fitness level. Whether it's for use in lateral raises, mixed-grip or rowing exercises – the bands are ideal for building and strengthening muscles as well as for movement training. Every band is made of natural rubber and is CE-approved. After training, the fitness bands can be easily stowed away in the storage bag included, saving space.

Patented Clip for Exercise Bands

7.5 cm W0-IL1486403

15 cm W0-IL1493359

Pack of 10 patented clips for Reivo Fitness Bands 75

Deuserband "Plus"

Targeted training of your muscles

Easy W1-IL1485123

Medium W1-IL1485136

High W1-IL1485149

The Deuserband "Plus" is a fitness devices for hyper-mobile stabilisation and mobilisation.

  • Very versatile training device

  • Can also be used for pelvic floor exercises

  • Hyper-mobile stabilising and mobilising exercises

  • Flexibility, coordination and muscle building

  • Available in 3 versions

  • The Deuserband "Plus" – varied training device
    The Deuserband "Plus" allows targeted workouts for muscular deficits, weak posture, shoulder-arm syndrome or lower back problems. The Deuserband "Plus" is also ideal for pelvic floor exercises. This makes it an ideal addition to the well-known dynamic and static exercises, when there is a need to redevelop flexibility, improve coordination, strengthen weak muscles or improve power and endurance. The band is made from a very tough material, that is hard to tear. 
    Product information:

  • Easy: 27x4 cm

  • Medium: 29x5 cm

  • High: 29x6.5 cm

Original Deuserband W0-IL1485107

The Original Deuserband is a classic, physiotherapy fitness band and is a gym for your handbag.

  • Compact storage

  • Trains different muscle groups

  • Rubber resistance band

  • 100 cm long and approx. 35 mm wide

  • Incl. exercise instructions

Deuserband Light W0-IL1485110

  • Specially for rehabilitation and therapy

  • 40% less resistance compared to the Original

The light exercise band for physiotherapy with 40% less tensile force. Specially designed for rehabilitation and therapy. Endless rubber band approx. 15 mm wide and 100 cm long.

Kettler Tube強力橡膠帶 (強度:弱)

  • [貨品編號: KA-114-000]

Kettler Tube強力橡膠帶 (強度:中)

  • [貨品編號: KA-114-010]

Jump Stretch® Exercise Band

Red=level 1 W0-IL1058707

Black=level 2 W0-IL1058752

Purple=level 3 W0-IL1058710

Green=level 4 W0-IL1058723

Blue=level 5 W0-IL1058736

Orange=level 6 W0-IL1058749

  • For stretching and muscle strengthening

  • For athletics, swimming and running sports

  • Compact

Jump Stretch® exercise bands are ideal for general stretching, muscle strength training and stretching shortened muscles thanks to their progressive and strong level of resistance. For intensive athletics, swimming and running training. You can train selected muscle groups using the resistance of the Jump Stretch®. Available in 6 different strengths. Length: approx. 105 cm. Exercise instructions included.

    Size of Jumpstretch exercise bands:

  • Red = level 1: width 14 mm, thickness 4.1 mm

  • Black = level 2:width 14 mm, thickness 6.4 mm

  • Purple = level 3: width 30 mm, thickness 4.3 mm

  • Green = level 4: width 45 mm, thickness 4.6 mm

  • Blue = level 5: width 60 mm, thickness 4.6 mm

  • Orange = level 6: width 73 mm, thickness 4.6 mm

Ballet Band W0-IL3112407

Ideally suited to warm-ups

  • For supporting strength and body tension exercises

  • Made from extremely robust materials

The ballet band: the long-lasting band for all dancers
The ballet band is an excellent aid for ballet and dance training. You can increase flexibility through gentle and progressive stretching of muscles and bands. Strength and body tension exercises are supported at the same time. The band is made from skin-friendly natural rubber and is exceptionally durable. Both the circumference and resistance are optimally adapted to the area of use.

More information:

  • Size (LxWxH): 1120x38x2.5 mm

  • Colour: green

CM Band

Each W1-IL1877003

10 Pieces Set W1-IL1877032

A small band with a big training effect

The CM band is a versatile training band for full-body workouts.

  • Elastic and tear-proof resistance band

  • For effective full-body workouts

  • Includes instructions

  • The CM band: effectively trains all muscles
    The CM band is a elasticated and tear-proof band for effective full-body training. Its resistance and length can be adjusted, ensuring great training for all muscles. A secure hold is provided by the integrated straps which can be used with hands, feet and thighs. Can also be used in water. Allergic reactions can be avoided as the latex cord is completely covered. 
    Product information:

  • Material: 100% nylon covering

  • Cord made from latex

  • Length: can be adjusted from 80-120 cm

  • Width: approx 4 cm

  • Stretch: up to 2.5 times its length

  • Tensile strength: approx. 15 kg

Sport-Thieme® Rings, 10-Piece Set W1-IL1877061

Work against resistance

The Sport-Thieme ring set consists of 10 resistance bands, which are ideal for group fitness.

  • For exercising arms, legs and buttocks

  • Can be used in water

  • Incl. exercise poster

    The Sport-Thieme 10-piece ring set: versatile training
    The Sport-Thieme 10-piece ring set consists of high-quality, elasticated, rubber-coated fabric bands suitable for a wide range of training exercises for the arms, legs and buttocks. Can also be used in water! You're guaranteed to have a varied workout thanks to the exercise poster that comes with it. 
    Product information:

  • Length: approx. 42 cm

  • Rubber-covered fabric band

  • Fabric band: 100% nylon

Sport-Thieme® Performer Minibands

Keep yourself fit

Level 1, Green W1-IL1357804

Level 2, Pink W1-IL1357817

Level 3, Purple W1-IL1357820

The performer minibands are used for stretching and strength exercises.

  • Strengthens the hip and leg muscles

  • Smooth, soft surface

  • Available in different versions

    The performer minibands – for effective hip and leg muscle training
    The minibands have a smooth and soft surface – you can comfortably train thanks to this particular characteristic. Using the stretching exercises with the elastic bands, you can effectively strengthen your leg and hip muscles. Advantage: three different strengths mean that it is possible to use the right one for your fitness level.
    Product information:

  • Dimensions (LxW): 24x5 cm

  • Natural rubber

  • Level 1, green

  • Level 2, pink

  • Level 3, purple

Thera-Band® Stretch Strap W1-IL1391901

Perfect for therapy and training support

The Thera-Band stretch strap is perfect for static and dynamic stretching.

  • For static and dynamic stretching exercises

  • Trains your mobilisation and movement

  • Incl. instructions poster

    The Thera-Band stretch strap – perfect for mobilisation and rehabilitation
    The Thera-Band stretch strap is a light, stretchable tape that can be used for rehabilitation, mobilisation and movement. The colour coding and 8 loops make it easy to use and lets you progress to different levels in a way that is easy to understand. The material can be stretched by up to 35%, allowing it to be stretched precisely and smoothly.
    Product information:

  • Length: approx. 140 cm

  • Can be stretched by approx. 35%

  • With 8 loops for your arms and legs

Sport-Thieme® Flextrainer W1-IC1357905

Increase your fitness!

The Sport-Thieme flextrainer is the ideal resistance trainer for continuous improvement in performance.

  • With 6 interchangeable tubes

  • Suitable for different types of sport

  • Increases strength, endurance and speed

    The Sport-Thieme flextrainer – with different resistance levels
    The Sport-Thieme flextrainer contains six different interchangeable tubes whose three different strengths (easy, medium and hard) can be adjusted by taking away or adding tubes. The resistance trainer has shoulder and foot straps for perfect support. The padded strap also ensures that it is easy to carry during training.
    Product information:

  • With shoulder and foot straps

  • Padded strap so that it is comfortable to carry

  • Size of the strap can be adjusted individually

  • Black/petrol

Gymstick™ 2.0

For effective and versatile training

Low, green W0-IL2551702

Medium, blue W0-IL2551715

High, black W0-IL2551728

Extra high, silver W0-IL2551731

Maximum, gold W0-IL2551744

The Gymstick 2.0 is a resistance trainer that is perfect for beginners, advanced users or professionals.

  • A stabilisation trainer for the entire body

  • For strengthening the upper and lower extremities

  • Improves cardiovascular functions and strength

  • Can be split into 2 parts using the quick-lock mechanism

  • 5 resistance levels

The Gymstick 2.0: with quick-lock mechanism
The Gymstick 2.0 is 130-cm long fibreglass bar with a padded grip surface. A reistance tube with foot loop is attached to each end. The original Gymstick is available in 5 different colours: green (low), blue (medium), black (high), silver (extra-high) and gold (maximum). Depending on the colour of the stick and the exercise, the resistance level ranges from 1-30 kg. Besides the Gymstick and the resistance tubes, you also receive a fitness workout poster, a link to online training and a carrying bag. What's new? The quick-lock mechanism allows you to separate the Gymstick into 2 pieces.

Product information:

  • Length: 130 cm (disassembled: 75 cm)

  • Fibreglass

  • Padded grip


  • 1 Gymstick

  • 1 pair of resistance tubes

  • Fitness workout poster

  • Link to online training

  • Carrying bag

The Gymstick 2.0: stabilises, strengthens, improves cardiovascular function
When you order the Gymstick 2.0 you'll receive a true training companion for use at home, in the gym or in group classes at the club. Whether it is being used for exercises while lying down, standing or while lunging – this fitness trainer can be used in any exercise that can be performed with free-weight dumbbells. The Gymstick helps strengthen your upper and lower extremities, trains your cardiovascular system and stabilises your body. The resistance tubes can be wrapped around the fibreglass rod to make training even more effective. Make sure when wrapping the resistance tubes to only wrap them around the unpadded sections of the bar as this allows you to prevent damage and wear.

Sport-Thieme® Sprint Trainer W1-IC1358201

More resistance for even more speed!

The Sport-Thieme sprint trainer is an effective resistance trainer that improves speed, as well as spring and reaction capabilities.

  • Belt is individually adjustable

  • Wide belt for comfortable training

  • Strengthening of muscles

  • Improving endurance

  • Perfect reaction and sprint training

  • The Sport-Thieme sprint trainer – with adjustable resistance belt
    The Sport-Thieme sprint trainer contains two resistance tubes and a wide, comfortable training belt. The belt has two stainless steel rings inset, to which the tubes can be hooked quickly and easily. The belt is easy to latch on to thanks to the clip fastener. According to the size of the person, the sprint trainer can be individually adjusted.
    Product information:

  • Belt circumference: 60-100 cm

  • Tube length: each is 2.60 m long

  • Tube strength: 9.1-11.3 kg

  • Rubber tubes

  • Padded belt

  • With stainless steel rings for hooking on

Sport-Thieme® Multifunctional Door Anchor W0-IL1358009

The Sport-Thieme multi-functional door anchor for attaching to almost any door.

  • For effective full-body workouts

  • With freely adjustable snap hooks

  • Incl. diverse straps and metal rings

The Sport-Thieme multi-functional door anchor – freely adjustable
Thanks to freely adjustable snap locks, the Sport-Thieme multi-functional door is suited to every door. The diverse straps and metal rings allow you to do a full-body functional training workout from all angles. Bodylastics, jump stretch, tubing, fitness and elastic bands can be attached to the multi-functional door anchor.

Product information:

  • Width: from 70 cm to 105 cm

  • Height: from 190 cm to 235 cm

  • Colour: blue

Order conveniently online from Sport-Thieme today – the multi-functional door anchor.

Play & Theory Ball

LP FT7202 Support 65cm 健身球

LP FT7203 Support 65cm 健身球

Gymnic® Exercise Ball

Yellow Ø 45 cm, 700 g W0-IC1095500

Red Ø 55 cm, 1000 g W0-IC1095513

Blue Ø 65 cm, 1400 g W0-IC1095526

Blue Ø 95 cm, 2500 g W0-IC1095539

Red Ø 120 cm, 4000 g W0-IC1095542

The Gymnic® exercise ball is your training aid for therapy, rehabilitation and fitness. Do you want to relieve tension in your back, strengthen the muscles in your bottom or simply just relax? Then the Gymnic ball is right for you.

  • Universal exercise ball with stopper seal

  • Supplied in a presentation box with instructions

  • Latex-free

  • The large exercise ball can also be used as a sitting ball

    Gymnic ball: the universal exercise ball with a stopper
    The Gymnic® exercise ball is great for exercise during pregnancy and in physiotherapy as well as for fitness and rehabilitation use. Whether used for sitting, rocking or rolling around, the Gymnic ball provides a range of different exercises. A comprehensive exercise instruction manual is also included.

    Product information:
    Maximum load 300 kg

Prevent backache
The Gymnic ball is often seen in the workplace and at home. Swap your normal chair for this gymnastic ball. You will notice how you take the strain off your back and strengthen your back muscles at the same time. Experience new sitting comfort with the Gymnic ball. To ensure that your ball doesn't roll away, we would recommend our ball base 1097304.

Sport-Thieme® Soft Ball

The training ball for almost every area

19 cm Green W0-IC1491568

22 cm Grey W0-IC1491571

25 cm Blue W0-IC1491539

The Sport-Thieme soft ball is a soft exercise ball with a good grip surface. It is ideally suited for strengthening muscles, including exercises strengthening back muscles.

  • Ideal for gymnastics exercises and rehabilitation

  • Can be inflated using a small plastic tube

  • Compact storage

  • Maximum load 90 kg

    The Sport-Thieme soft ball – your practical training partner
    The Sport-Thieme soft ball is a soft fitness and exercise ball and very popular in the gymnastics and rehabilitation sector. Whether it is the pelvic floor, neck or abdominal muscles, various parts of the body can be trained with this ball. Thanks to its handy size and the pleasant good grip surface, the ball is easy to handle during all exercises, even by older participants.
    Product information:

  • Made from PVC

  • Different diameters and colours available

Togu® Redondo® Ball

Ø 18 cm, 150 g, Anthratice W1-IC1760053

Ø 22 cm, 150 g, Blue W1-IC1760037

Ø 26 cm, 160 g, Ruby red W1-IC1760040

The Redondo ball is a super soft exercise ball and has a wide range of uses. Whether strengthening muscles or relieving your spine, it is ideal for a variety of exercises.

  • Supplied in a presentation box with instructions

  • Available in 3 different sizes

  • Maximum load 120 kg

  • Can be inflated using a small plastic tube

  • Freely adjustable filling quantity

Powerball® Challenge ABS® W0-IL2129701

A safe ball for top level sport, strength training and sport physiotherapy.

  • holds its shape perfectly

  • guaranteed not to burst under weights up to 500 kg

  • Diameter can be individually set from 55-65 cm

Togu® Redondo® Ball Touch

Ø 18 cm, Anthratice W1-IC2428808

Ø 22 cm, Blue W1-IC2428811

Ø 26 cm, Ruby red W1-IC2428824

The Redondo Touch ball is the newest exercise ball with soft pimples! It is very versatile and is great for a wealth of fitness exercises.

  • Ideally suited for Pilates, general fitness and relaxation

  • Can be inflated with a small plastic tube

  • Freely adjustable filling quantity

  • Supplied in a presentation box with instructions

  • Maximum load 110 kg

Provides a wealth of exercise possibilities The popular Redondo ball now has a new design and is called Redondo Touch. Its soft pimples offer additional sensory stimuli and new ways of exercising. Whether used by children or adults, the super soft exercise ball is very popular and is great for gymnastics and rehabilitation use. Use this practical training aid for working your abs, legs and buttocks as well as relieving your spine. The Redondo Touch is made from foamed Ruton and has a pleasantly soft surface, making it easy to handle and therefore suitable for all age groups

Togu® Redondo® Ball Plus W1-IC2728504

The Togu Redondo Ball Plus is made in Germany and opens up new and exciting exercise possibilities thanks to its new size.

  • Plus size for new exercise positions

  • For safe workouts with health benefits

  • Also suitable for sitting and kneeling exercises

  • Freely adjustable filling quantity

  • Made in Germany

The Togu Redondo Ball Plus – even more grip during training
The Togu Redondo ball plus is a particularly soft ball that provides you with even more safety during balancing exercises and is comfortable to use thanks to its good-grip surface. Another advantage is that the fitness ball is exceptionally quick and easy to inflate and deflate without using a pump.

Product details:

  • Approx. 500 g

  • ø approx. 38 cm

  • Maximum load: 150 kg

  • Light green

  • Quick to inflate and deflate without using a pump

  • Soft and good-grip surface

Original Pezzi® Ball

Yellow 42 cm, 800 g W1-IC1094709

Orange 53 cm, 1100 g W1-IC1094712

Green 65 cm, 1400 g W1-IC1094725

Red 75 cm, 1700 g W1-IC1094738

The original Pezzi ball is a large exercise ball from Ledragomma. This ball is ideal for all age groups: whether in a baby and toddlers group, children's exercises class, in school or during sports for senior citizens.

  • Will support up to 400 kg

  • Available in 4 sizes

  • Made from robust plastic

  • Delivered in a polybag

  • Can also be used as a sitting ball

Perfectly suitable for sports and as a sitting ball
Even in modern school sports the Pezzi ball by Ledragomma is regularly used. With easy exercises, such as rolling, throwing and bouncing, it gives the PE lesson a playful character and takes away the children’s fear of large balls. The Pezzi ball is also perfectly suitable for use as a sitting ball: be it at school, at home or in the office, swap your chair for a Pezzi ball now and again. Sitting but still being able to move: you will automatically sit up straighter, can strengthen your back and feel good

Togu® ABS® Powerball®

Ø 45 cm, 900 g W1-IC1074563

Ø 55 cm, 900 g W1-IC1074576

Ø 65 cm, 1250 g W1-IC1074547

Ø 75 cm, 1600 g W1-IC1074589

The Togu ABS Powerball is the professional product from B.Co Concept and guarantees safe training.

  • Meets the highest safety and durability demands

  • Patented material composition (latex-free)

  • Maximum load 500 kg

  • Less springy than conventional exercise balls

  • With ‘Anti-Burst System’ - will not burst even when damaged

Safety is paramount with the ABS Powerball
The Togu ABS Powerball is made from a patented material and is burst proof. The abbreviation ABS stands for the 'Anti-Burst System'. This means that if the ball gets damaged, it will not burst. The air will just slowly leak out of the damaged area.

Product details:

  • Material: CRYLON®

  • Silver

BOSU® Ballast™ Ball W0-IL2184409

  • Trains coordination and stability

  • Ball does not roll away

  • Can be stacked easily and conveniently

  • Incl. exercise DVD

The simplest of ideas often have the greatest effect. Bosu® Ballast Ball is a large exercise ball, ø 65 cm, filled with small granules weighing approx. 2.5 kg. These granules can move freely in the ball. Ballast Ball will not roll away. This means classic exercises can be widely developed. Ballast Ball can also be easily stacked and you will not need any special storage equipment.

Togu® Actisan Balance Ball

Ø 80 cm W1-IL1091739

Ø 60 cm W1-IL1091742

The Togu Actisan balance ball is an oval-shaped training and therapy aid that is perfect for all age groups.

  • Ideal for therapy and workouts

  • Particularly suitable for beginners and over 50s

  • With two different types of surface

  • Guaranteed not to burst up to 250 kg

  • Comes with exercise poster and pump

    Balance ball: A different kind of sitting ball
    The Togu Actisan balance ball is an oval-shaped exercise ball and is great for fitness, therapy or just for relaxing. It has two different surfaces, on one side is has sensory pimples, on the other, a smooth and soft surface. Compared to other exercise balls, the oval shape and the large contact area with the ground prevent the balance ball from rolling away. These also provide the user with more control.
    Product information:

  • Made from robust Ryton

  • Inflatable

  • With a stopper

  • Colour: anthracite

  • Maximum load: up to 250 kg

    Training and exercise options
    Thanks to its surface texture, the Togu Actisan balance ball is particularly well suited for a full-body workout. From functional spinal training, to coordination, balance and fitness training – there are no limits to how this gym ball can be used. Strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, improve your balance and develop your core muscles.

Togu® Dynaswing® W1-IC1091755

The Togu Dynaswing is a balance trainer and dynamic exercise ball in one. As a further development of the Togu Pendel ball and the Dynair ball cushion, this allows users to carry out their standing exercises with more safety.

  • Suitable for fitness, sports training and therapy

  • Develops deep muscles, cognition and stability

  • Very resilient – up to 200 kg

  • Incl. Instructions

    Dynaswing – the dynamic fitness product
    The Togu Dynaswing is an exercise ball, which is fixed on to a stable base plate. The ball is unstable and at the same time the wooden plate provides a firm base, which results in a wide range of new exercise possibilities using this product. The rigidity of the semicircular exercise ball can easily be adjusted using the plug valve. The Togu Dynaswing develops cognition, stimuli processing and stability, as well as deep muscles.
    Product details:

  • Dimensions: ø 85 cm

  • Height: 20 cm

  • Weight: 10 kg

  • Material: Ruton and wood

  • Colour: red

Original Physio Ball®

Blue, Ø 85 cm, 1900 g W1-IL1094741

Red, Ø 95 cm, 2000 g W1-IL1094754

Orange, Ø 120 cm, 4900 g W1-IL1094767

The original Physio ball is an extra-large exercise ball that is often used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

  • For physiotherapy and rehabilitation

  • Available in 3 sizes

  • Made from soft plastic

  • Individually packed in a plastic bag

    The ball for therapy!
    The original Physio ball is used in therapy to strengthen abdominal and back muscles but also to improve balance. Its large size means it is particularly suitable for use in rehabilitation. The number of exercises that patients can do is endless. Lie on your stomach on the ball, lift it up, roll the ball or press the ball against the wall and hold it there.
    Product information:

  • Maximum load 400 kg

    Balance training with the original Physio ball
    The original Physio ball is not only used in therapy sessions but also in baby and toddler groups. Lie your baby on their tummy and then on a small towel on top of the fitness ball and slowly roll the Physio ball backwards and forwards or side to side. The children will learn how to balance themselves and can watch the other children at the same time. To inflate the ball we recommend the Sport-Thieme "Extra" hand pump.

Net for Large Exercise Balls W1-IL1097317

Makes transportation easy

The net for large exercise balls is a great for both storing and transporting your exercise balls.

  • For balls up to ø120 cm

  • Transport and storage net for exercise balls

  • Made from nylon with 2 pull strings

  • The net for large exercise balls: easy to open and close}
    The net for large exercise balls is made from nylon and has a mesh width of 40 mm. It is suitable for balls up to 120 cm and thanks to the 2 pull cords the net is easy to open and close.
    Product information:

  • Mesh width 40 mm

  • Material: nylon

  • Colour: black

  • Ball not included

Stacking Aid W1-IL1069916

The space saving storage option

The stacking aid is designed for stacking exercise balls and is available in sets of 3.

  • For exercise balls up to ø 75 cm

  • For a space saving storage solution

  • Easy to use

  • Heat and cold resistant

  • With Velcro fastening

  • The stacking aid for an organised sports hall 
    The stacking aid enables space saving storage. A further advantage: made from heat- and cold-resistant plastic and designed for exercise balls with a diameter of up to 75 cm. Additionally the product is equipped with Velcro fastenings, so that the plastic rings can't open unintentionally. Caution: the Velcro fastening is not adjustable.
    Product information:

  • 3 rings, without balls

  • Material: heat- and cold-resistant plastic

  • Diameter: 40 cm

  • Height: 15 cm

  • 1-mm-thick plastic

Sport-Thieme® Ball Base W1-IL1097304

The Togu ball base is suitable for all large exercise balls. It provides more safety and is great for learners.

  • For all large exercise balls

  • Extremely robust and strong plastic, easy-care

  • The ball will not roll away

  • Ideal for use at work or for storage of a ball

    Ball base for increased safety 
    The ball base is made from high-quality plastic and can be used for large and small fitness and exercise balls. The base prevents balls from rolling away and makes dynamic and sporty exercises possible. The ball base can be used as a holder for the ball at home or for your sitting ball in the office. 
    Product information: 

  • ø approx. 46 cm

  • Made from high-quality polyethylene (recyclable)

  • Easy-care plastic

  • Ball not included

Stopper Remover W1-IL1507007

The stopper remover makes it easier to deflate large balls with stoppers.

  • Deflate exercise balls with ease

  • An end to broken fingernails

  • Such a simple yet ingenious invention

  • Easily loosens the stopper

  • Fits all sizes of stoppers

    No more broken fingernails thanks to the stopper remover
    The stopper remover is a great aid for all sports lessons or gymnastics classes. It makes it easier to inflate/deflate exercise or gymnastics ball. The stopper has to have a tight fit and taking them out is a laborious task, quite often involving your finger nails.
    Product information:

  • Made from metal with smooth edges

  • 16x2 cm

  • 200 g

Sport-Thieme® Single Ball Holder W1-IL1069932

With the Sport-Thieme single ball holder your large exercise balls will always be stored away, saving space.

  • Optimal use of space

  • Holders can be attached individually with dowels

  • Suitable for all large exercise balls with ø 45-90 cm

  • Easy assembly

  • Keeps all equipment rooms tidy

    Tidy away exercise balls with the single ball holder.
    With the Sport-Thieme single ball holder you can tidy up your equipment or gymnastics room. There isn't much space in most rooms to store large balls such as the Pezzi, Gymnic or ABS powerball. With this single ball holder, this will no longer be a problem. Your exercise balls have a permanent place and will no longer roll around your hall or gym. The Sport-Thieme single ball holder is made from galvanised steel tubing and is easy to attach to the wall. You decide at which height. Alternatively you can place several holders next to one another to store several balls. 
    Product information: 

  • Galvanised steel tubing with dowels and screws

  • Ring inner diameter 35 cm

  • Distance from wall 65 cm

  • Ball not included

  • Maximum load: approx. 4 kg

Sport-Thieme® "Extra" Hand Pump W1-IL1100105

The hand pump is an absolute must-have for large balls, inflatable trampolines and small floats.

  • Ideally suitable for Pezzi balls, inflatable islands, push balls

  • Foot plate to keep the pump steady

  • Also deflates balls

The hand pump: with foot plate to keep you steady
The hand pump is very handy and can be stored anywhere thanks to its small size. It is perfect for large-volume pieces of equipment such as Pezzi balls, floats and also push balls. Especially practical: the pump not only inflates, but also deflates. The pump has a foot plate to keep it steady.

Product information:

  • Plastic cylinder

  • LxWxH: 45x22x11 cm

  • Black

  • Output: 2,000 cm³ per stroke

Togu® Dynamic Drums Set



Dynamic Drums is the new drum based fitness training and is ideal for strengthening the cardiovascular system.

  • Popular drums concept for studios

  • Suitable for all ages

  • The new drum fitness training

  • Total body workout programme

  • Includes instructions

    More details:

  • Ball: ø 65 cm, made from Ruton, can take up to 500 kg

  • Ball holder: Plastic

  • Drum sticks: wooden

IO-Ball W1-IL1404803

The IO-Ball is an elliptical, unstable and highly flexible training ball, especially impressing with its adaptability.

  • Highly elastic, elliptical fitness ball

  • Trains strength, speed strength, stamina and coordination

  • Improves stamina and flexibility

  • Forces are handled and returned

  • Muscles are strengthened through the actions of tensioning and relaxing.

Product details:

  • Weight: 150 g

  • Length: 29 cm

  • Material: plastic

  • Optimal ball diameter: ø 17 cm

  • Incl. ball diameter size template


0.5 kg W0-IL1879953

1.0 kg W0-IL1879908

The Handy, Comfortable Weight Ball.
Stonies are a real innovation in weight training, because they concentrate the weight in the hand and the wrist remains stable. The flexible filling and Ruton outer material mean that Stonies fit well in all hands and are especially good for gripping and holding. This means that the muscles in the fingers are also strengthened at the same time. Uses: exercises in physiotherapy, fitness and rehabilitation. 1 kg, ø 75 mm.

Togu® "Bodybone®" W0-IL1472644

Ideal for use in fitness and therapeutic training

  • Gentle stretching for loosening tense muscles

  • Effective as a massage aid

  • With acupuncture pressure point

  • Made in Germany

The Togu Bodybone: can also be used in therapy
The Togu Bodybone is made from Ruton and has a metal-sand filling. The training aid is equipped with an acupuncture pressure point, which can be used as part of a therapy session. Thanks to its size and firmness, it can also be used for foot reflexology. The Bodybone can hold up to approx. 200 kg.

    Product details:

  • Material: Ruton

  • With special metal-sand filling

  • Can hold up to approx. 200 kg

Thera-Band® Weight Ball

Beige 0.5 kg W0-IL1483707

Yellow 1.0 kg W0-IL1483710

Red 1.5 kg W0-IL1483723

Green 2.0 kg W0-IL1483736

Blue 2.5 kg W0-IL1483749

Black 3.0 kg W0-IL1483752

The alternative to traditional wrist weights or dumbbells!

  • Thera-Band Soft Weights

  • Easy-to-use balls

  • Functional and comfortable to hold

  • Suitable for exercising one or both sides

  • Weights do not bounce

  • ø 11 cm

Colours and weights:
Beige (0.5 kg), yellow (1 kg), red (1.5 kg), green (2 kg),
Blue (2.5 kg), black (3 kg)

Thera-Band® Weight Ball Set, Set of 6


The set consists of one ball of each colour

Sit 'n' Gym Sitting Ball

Ø 45 cm Yellow W0-IC1096314

Ø 55 cm Red W0-IC1096327

Ø 65 cm Blue W0-IC1096330

The Sit 'n' Gym sitting ball – for health promotion in schools, leisure and at work.

  • For health promotion in schools, leisure and office

  • Suitable for children and adults

  • Promotes dynamic sitting

  • Won't roll away

    Sit 'n' Gym sitting ball – the sitting ball with feet 
    The Sit 'n' Gym sitting ball is simply amazing. This exercise ball was especially developed to avoid sitting in only one position on chairs. It has six little feet to stop the ball rolling away when standing up. Therefore, this fitness ball is an ideal alternative to conventional office chairs and benches.

Use without limits
The Sit 'n' Gym sitting ball can be used anywhere, be it at a nursery, in the classroom or in the office. With gentle movements of the body, you promote dynamic sitting and stimulate blood circulation. And as an added bonus, thanks to the right sitting position you will also improve your posture. You can also use the Sit 'n' Gym as a normal exercise ball in a fitness class. The advantage over the Pezzi ball or Gymnic ball: the Sit 'n' Gym sitting ball doesn't roll away.

Functional Training

Kettler Adjustable Spring Grip

    Item No. KA-904-000

Kettler Deluxe Door Chinning Bar

    Item No. KA-961-000

X2FIT Junior Power Twister

    Item No. XF0820

"Rolling" Coordination Trainer W1-IL1272811

The "Rolling" coordination trainer is the fun way to work on your balance and coordination!

  • Simple concept – easy to use

  • Helps develop your coordination and skill

  • Strengthens your arm muscles

  • Recommended for sports therapy

  • Ideal for school sports, therapy, fitness and sports clubs

The simple and fun rolling coordination trainer
This coordination trainer is just as simple to use as it is fun! Swinging the hoop with your hands creates a "track" for the rubber foam ball. With the right movement, timing and technique you can keep the moving ball in the track. Enjoy improving your hand-eye coordination whilst working your arm muscles! Popular for use in therapy and school sports.

Product information:

  • Plastic track diameter: approx. 45 cm

  • Ball diameter: approx. 5 cm

  • Ball made from rubber foam

  • Includes 1x hoop track and 1x ball

  • Colour: range of fashionable colours, while stocks last

Original Bali Impander

3 kg, Green, Light W1-IL1490015

6 kg, Red, Medium W1-IL1490028

10 kg, Blue, Hard W1-IL1490031

The original Ball Impander is the ideal resistance trainer for all age groups.

  • Trains cardiovascular fitness and breathing

  • Muscle tone will be normalised with this fitness device

  • Straps not included

    The original Ball Impander – train against resistance.
    Training with Bali Impander will develop your cardiovascular fitness and breathing capacity very intensively. At the same time, it also strengthens your arms and shoulders. It cannot be compared with standard muscle strengthening equipment as these products mainly build up muscles. The Bali Impander has a very low resistance level, similar to resistance levels in the water. This product will return your muscle tone to normal. Straps not included.
    Product information:

  • Handles made from sweat-repelling plastic

  • Different colours and spring pressure

  • Particularly solid

  • Straps not included

Sport-Thieme® Wooden Plyo Box

30x40x50 cm W0-IC2337917

40x60x75 cm W0-IC2337904

Jump yourself fit!

Both fitness enthusiasts and top athletes can improve their performance with the Sport-Thieme wooden plyobox.

  • For intensive plyometric training

  • Trains explosive strength, maximum strength and jump strength

  • Improves mobility and speed

  • Box can be rotated providing three different usable heights

  • Rounded corners

The Sport-Thieme wooden plyo box: for three levels of plyometric training
The Sport-Thieme wooden plyo box distinguishes itself with its three different training heights. Depending on which side of the box you use, the height of the box changes. Particularly practical: the corners of the box have been rounded off to guarantee a safe workout. The plyo box also provides you with the ability to create an obstacle course and carry out an intensive plyometric workout at different heights.

Product information:

  • Material: untreated plywood

  • Weight, 30x40x50-cm box: 10.5 kg

  • Weight, 75x60x40-cm box: 21.5 kg

  • Incl. screws and assembly instructions (in English)

The piece of training equipment that demands strength endurance
Do you practise a sport that requires a lot of power development? Then this box is right for you. The Sport-Thieme wooden plyo box allows you to train your mobility, speed, explosive, maximum and jump strength by simply jumping onto and off of the box. Jumping on its own isn't enough? No problem. Exercises can easily be supplemented to increase the difficulty by adding a dumbbell or a ball.

Plyosoft Box

Level 1, 30 cm W1-IL1351200

Level 2, 45 cm W1-IL1351213

Level 3, 60 cm W1-IL1351226

There is a Soft Box for all fitness enthusiasts

The Escape 'Plyosoft Box' is the perfect fitness training for increasing performance and for strengthening muscles.

  • For explosive, dynamic workouts

  • Can be used together or on their own

  • Increases performance

  • Ideal for beginners

  • Strengthens muscles

    The Escape 'Plyosoft Box' – workout safely
    The Escape 'Plyosoft Box' particularly stands out thanks to its multi-functionality – not only can it be used on its own but also as a set of 3. Using the Velcro straps, the boxes can be attached to one another perfectly. In addition, the Plyosoft Box provides even more safety when jumping thanks to its non-slip strip made from Urethane on the lid.
    Product details:

  • Foam core

  • Non-slip strips made from Urethane

  • With Velcro straps for attaching the boxes together

    Size of the Plyosoft Boxes (LxWxH):

  • Level 1: 90x76x30 cm

  • Level 2: 90x76x45 cm

  • Level 3: 90x76x60 cm

FitW Fitness Dice W0-IL2569707

Requires control of your body!

With the FitW fitness dice you can exercise on a wobbly trainer and strengthen the muscles all over your body.

  • Wobbly fitness trainer

  • Inflatable by mouth

  • Air pressure can be individually adjusted

  • Strengthens muscles

  • Full-body stabilisation training

The FitW fitness dice: the wobbly muscle and stabilisation trainer
The FitW fitness dice consists of an inflatable core which can be filled with air without the need for additional equipment or tools. The amount of air can be individually controlled. The less air is inside, the more wobbly the dice is. The inflatable core is placed in the dice covering, which is closed using a zip. To begin with, you should exercise on the wobbly dice with support.

Strengthens your:

  • Calves

  • Thighs

  • Sacrum

  • Back

  • Spine

  • Shoulders

  • Stomach

  • Legs

  • Bottom

Product information:

  • 45x45 cm

  • 1.7 kg

  • PVC

  • Can hold up to 100 kg

  • Inflatable core

Gymstick™ Power Wheelz Pro W1-IL1495658

  • Specially for professional use

  • In each handle is an additional weight

  • For a challenging total body workout

  • Training against your own bodyweight

  • With comprehensive accessories

    The second generation of Power Wheelz is specially designed for professional use. The additional weight in the handles makes them even better to use. Developed for challenging full-body workouts, Gymstick Power Wheelz Pro is especially for core training. 

  • Incl. two pairs of tubes: red (light) and green (strong) - easy to change with mini snap hooks

  • Incl. X-Strap for attaching the tubes

  • Incl. DVD and exercise poster

  • With Power Wheelz Pro you can conduct efficient exercises in all positions; exercises on the floor are especially challenging. Rise to the challenge of your own bodyweight and gravity on Power Wheelz.

"Power Ab Roller" Abdominal Trainer W1-IL1491379

The "Power Ab Roller" abdominal trainer is the ideal piece of fitness equipment for strengthening the abdominal muscles.

  • Train abs effectively

  • With adjustable headrest

    The "Power Ab Roller" abdominal trainer: relieves joints and spine
    The "Power Ab Roller" abdominal trainer offers an optimal training position thanks to its ergonomically shaped.
    The ideal fitness instrument for young and old. The adjustable neck support ensures for the correct training posture and relieves pressure on the spine. The "AB Dominox" abdominal trainer comes with an extensive workout booklet.

Hanging Shoes/Gravity Boots

M Size approx. Ø 87 cm W1-IL1471407

L Size approx. Ø 97 cm W1-IL1471410

  • Made from sheet steel with foam padding for hanging

  • For wall bars or pull up bars

Made from sheet steel with foam padding for hanging from wall bars or pull up bars. Supports up to a maximum of 100 kg.

Togu® Dynair® Twist W1-IL2280804

The round balance cushion in a double pack

The Togu Dynair Twist keeps your muscles moving. Its curved underside is a particular challenge for your fitness training.

  • Versatile: for fitness, rehabilitation and functional training

  • Well-priced: in a 2-part set

  • Particularly challenging: with an arched base

  • With Senseo pimples

  • Individual inflation with a needle valve

    The Togu Dynair Twist – challenge in a double pack
    Whether in rehabilitation, in functional training or for fitness exercises: the Togu Dynair Twist offers lots of different opportunities. Thanks to the rounded underside, your muscular system is developed when the Togu Dynair Twist's movement is balanced out and your body is moved into an upright position. In addition, the air cushion is ideal for support exercises, which allow the shoulder muscles to be exercised.
    Technical details

  • Diameter: approx. 20 cm

  • Colour: red; black base

  • Made from Ruton

  • With needle valve

Battle Rope without Nylon Coating

10 m, 7 kg W1-IL1249402

15 m, 10 kg W1-IL1249415

Battle Rope with Nylon Coating

10 m, 8 kg W1-IL1249503

15 m, 11 kg W1-IL1249516

The "Battle Rope" is a specially designed training product for functional fitness training. It trains coordination, strength and endurance.

  • Perfect for beginners and professionals

  • Increases stamina

  • Joint-friendly training

  • Ideal strength and coordination training

  • Flexibility, strength and movement are stimulated

    "Battle Rope" – the swinging rope
    The "Battle Rope" is a swinging rope and is made from polypropylene and polyester. It is also ideal for outdoor use. The battle ropes are UV and moisture resistant. Because of the materials used, the fitness product retains its shape and is therefore long lasting. The fitness rope comes either with or without a nylon coating. Advantage of the rope with the nylon coating: it provides the rope with additional protection from external influences.
    Product information:

  • Colour: black

  • Material: 50% polypropylene and 50% polyester

  • ø approx. 35 mm.

  • With or without nylon cover

  • Available in different versions

Stroops® Accelerator

approx. 34 kg W1-IL2030601

approx. 48 kg W1-IL2030614

approx. 68 kg W1-IL2030627

The Stroops "Accelerator" – maximum resistance for maximum strength. The ideal training product specially designed for a targeted increase in strength, speed and stamina. The user has the option to perform a variety of additional exercises as well as sprint practices.

  • Challenges all major muscle groups

  • Ideal training to improve dexterity, speed and explosiveness

  • Padded harness can be adjusted to suit all shoulder sizes

  • Especially strong training product

  • Available in 3 resistances: medium, strong, extra strong

    Experience dynamic exercises with the Stroops Accelerator
    Whether a professional martial artist or a beginner, the Stroops Accelerator offers every user optimal training thanks to its three different resistance levels. By training with the Accelerator you will soon increase your speed, strength and explosiveness. Countless exercises to improve strength and stamina are possible with the Stroops Accelerator. In group workouts, other products also work well with the Accelerator.
    Product details:

  • Covering made from polypropylene

  • Available in 3 different resistance levels: up to 35 kg, up to 48 kg, up to 68 kg

  • Especially robust thanks to 300 cm textile sleeve around the tubing

  • Stomach strap and anchor sling

Lebert Equaliser W1-IL1078103

Give every muscle in your body a great workout with the Lebert equaliser!

  • Train power and endurance

  • Flexible workout for great results

  • Whole-body training

  • Compact design

  • Tailor your workout to suit you
    The stable, durable Lebert equalizer can hold up to 180 kg and is easy to assemble and tidy away again after use. Suitable for people of all age. Can be used for many different exercises for use alone or in a group.

    Product information:

  • HxW: 70x60 cm

  • Can hold up to 180 kg

  • Incl. DVD and exercise poster

  • Very robust

  • Yellow

Togu® Brasil® W0-IL1472631

The Togu Brasil is an innovative deep muscle trainer for your health and physique. Joint-friendly, handy and versatile, this mini trainer can be used for a variety of exercises and brings even more fun to training.

  • Promotes circulation

  • With sensory pimples

  • Handy and lightweight

  • Strengthens finger, hand and underarm muscles

  • For rehabilitation, aqua exercise, workouts or to take with you when jogging

    Motivation for body training
    The Togu Brasil is the small hand trainer for on the go. Whether for a workout or for use whilst jogging, it stimulates circulation of the user's skin and strengthens hand muscles. Thanks to the ergonomic, oval shape, the small massage ball sits neatly in the user's hand and is gentle on the wrist joints. 
    More information:

  • Colour: green/yellow

  • Weight: 270 g each

  • Size: 10x3x3 cm

  • Outer material: high-quality Ryton

  • Filling: air and weight/sand mixture

Togu® Brasil Set W0-IL1521809

The perfect introduction to Togu Brasil training

You can get moving straight away and shape up with the Togu Brasil set: the set consists of 2 Togu Brasils and the Togu Brasil base mat. The 2 deep muscle trainers allow for lots of different effective workouts, whilst the mat, with its 2,000 Senso pimples massages the foot reflex zones with every step.

  • The unbeatable duo – the Togu Brasil and the Togu Brasil base mat

  • Great for beginners and advanced users

  • For effective, joint-friendly core training

  • Workouts with the "feel-good" effect: mat with 2,000 Senso pimples

  • Promotes circulation

    The Togu Brasil set for effective workouts with lots of fun
    No more putting it off with the Togu Brasil set – with the 2 Brasil Togus and the Togu Brasil base mat, you can combine effective full-body training with fun and lasting motivation. Thanks to their ergonomic shape, the mini weights are very comfortable to hold and allow training that is very gentle on the joints. The Togu Brasil base mat is a fitness mat, that ensures you have a secure footing and that encourages body perception thanks to its pimples. 
    The set consists of:

  • 1 pair of Togu Brasil weights

  • 1 Togu Brasil base mat

    Togu Brasil product information

  • Colour: green/yellow

  • Weight: 270 g per weight

  • LxWxH: 10x3x3 cm

  • Outer material: high-quality Ryton

  • Filling: air and weight/sand mixture

    Togu Brasil base mat product information

  • Size LxW: 60x40 cm

  • Material: high-quality Ryton

  • Green

"Mini" Slashpipe®

A different kind of fitness training

Orange W0-IL2376602

Blue W0-IL2376615

The "Mini" Slashpipe is a water-filled pipe for effective functional training at the gym or at home.

  • For relaxation, balance, sensory motor, coordination and strength training

  • Training product for gymnastics and fitness training

  • Ideal for beginners, children, adults, older people, therapists and group fitness

  • Similar to barbell training

  • Incl. end caps with hand straps

    The "Mini" Slashpipe: with hand loops for optimal hold
    The "Mini" Slashpipe is a training aid suitable for beginners because of its length and light weight. It can also be used to extend your existing exercises, or as a stand-alone product. A real head-turner: the water within the fitness assistant is coloured either orange or blue. Two hand straps are integrated to ensure that the pipe sits perfectly in your hand. Simply store the fitness product vertically after your workout.
    Product information:

  • Length: 120 cm

  • Diameter: 6 cm

  • Weight: 2,250 g

    Fitness exercises:

  • Knee lifts

  • Crunches

  • Lower back rotations

  • Squats

  • Rowing

  • Many more

"Fit" Slashpipe®

Challenge your body in a new way!

Orange W0-IL2376703

Blue W0-IL2376716

The "Fit" Slashpipe is ideally suited to medical, functional, personal, home and group training.

  • Stabilises the body and challenges endurance

  • Best suited to experienced users, adults, group fitness and personal training

  • For relaxation and sensory motor exercises

  • Similar to barbell training

  • Incl. hand straps and end caps

    The "Fit" Slashpipe: easy to store
    The "Fit" Slashpipe is a water-filled tube. Its 150-cm length means that it is best suited to experienced users and adults. Integrated hand straps provide the necessary grip. The liquid on the inside is available in both orange and blue. The colours serve no particular purpose, but are simply visually pleasing. The pipe weighs approx. 3.5 kg and can be stored away compactly after your workout. Ideally suited to core, stabilisation, balance and strength-endurance training.
    Product information:

  • Length: 150 cm

  • Diameter: 7 cm

  • Weight: approx. 3.5 kg

    Exercise possibilities:

  • Knee lifts

  • Crunches

  • Lower back rotations

  • Squats

  • Rowing

  • Many more

"Pro" Slashpipe®

The effective full-body trainer

Orange W0-IL2376804

Blue W0-IL2376817

You can carry out effective functional training with the "Pro" Slashpipe

  • Ideal for use in fitness and gymnastics

  • For relaxation, balance, sensory motor, coordination and strength training

  • Stabilises and trains the whole body

  • For general as well as personal and functional training

  • Incl. end caps with hand straps

    The "Pro" Slashpipe: can be used in a range of ways
    The "Pro" Slashpipe is a 150-cm-long pipe that is filled with water. The fitness product can be perfectly used for functional training at home, for group or personal training, or also as part of a medical workout. Working out with the pipe is similar to barbell training. The pipe is especially suited to adults and experienced users due to its length and weight of approx. 5.5 kg.
    Product information:

  • Length: 150 cm

  • Diameter: 9 cm

  • Weight: approx. 5.5 kg

    Exercise possibilities:

  • Knee lifts

  • Crunches

  • Lower back rotations

  • Squats

  • Rowing

  • Many more

"Single" Slashpipe® in Pair

Train with water

Orange W0-IL2376501

Blue W0-IL2376514
Experience a new training feeling with the "Single" Slashpipe. Variety when training is guaranteed with this innovative and functional training product!

  • Ideal for use in fitness and gymnastics

  • For relaxation, balance, sensory motor, coordination and strength training

  • Stabilises and trains the whole body

  • For beginners, therapists, shoulder/back patients, tennis/golfer's elbow patients, seniors

  • Incl. hand straps and end caps

    The "Single" Slashpipe: the different kind of training product
    The "Single" Slashpipe: what is it actually?
    This training product is a water-filled pipe. It is 50-cm long and has a hand strap for optimum hold. The water in the pipe is coloured blue or orange. The colours serve no particular purpose, but are simply visually pleasing. Whether as part of personal or group training, for gymnastics exercises or for functional training at home – the Slashpipe is easy to use anywhere and offers you a varied workout thanks to the different exercises possibilities. It can be compactly stored away after your fitness training.
    Further information:

  • Length: 50 cm

  • Diameter: 6 cm

  • Weight: 0.9 kg

  • In pairs

  • Made in Germany

  • Patented training product

    Exercise possibilities:

  • Knee lifts

  • Crunches

  • Lower back rotations

  • Squats

  • Rowing

  • Many more

Blackroll® "Booster" W0-IL2328603

Stimulates your circulation and metabolism

The Blackroll "Booster" is the perfect addition to any Blackroll training session, making your Blackroll even more versatile.

  • ISO and TÜV certified, patent pending

  • Made in Germany

  • Suitable for use with all Blackrolls with a length of 30 cm

  • Stimulates your metabolism and circulation using vibrations

  • Intensity can be freely adjusted

The Blackroll "Booster": certified and pending patent
The Blackroll "Booster" is a patent-pending, vibrating add on for Blackrolls with a length of 30 cm. Furthermore, because every Blackroll has a hollow core, the "Booster" can easily be added to your existing equipment. When you turn on the device the entire roll will start to vibrate. You can tailor the intensity of the vibrations to suit you using two buttons on the end of the device identified with a plus and minus symbol. The vibration supports the massaging effect of the Blackroll, stimulates your metabolism and circulation, and relieves agglutinations more effectively. Particularly practical: stimulates and energises deep tissue. Made in Germany, the Blackroll "Booster" has been certified by the Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR – Campaign for Healthier Backs) e.V.


  • 1x Blackroll "Booster"

  • 1x Lithium-ion battery

  • 1x Charger

    Product information:

  • Frequency range: 12-56 Hz

  • Length: 30 cm

  • Colour: white

MOTR™- More than a roller W0-IL1449105

For a challenging, full-body workout

The MOTR is a multi-functional, core-trainer enhancement for Pilates, which allows you to carry out a range of exercises.

  • For users up to 193 cm tall

  • Easy to transport, practical and space-saving

  • For an effective fitness and full-body workout

  • Ideal for solo or group workouts

  • Particularly suitable for cardio, balance, functional, flexibility and strength training

    The MOTR: the space-saving fitness trainer
    The MOTR is approx. 109 cm high and with its low weight of 11 kg, it is easy to transport. Due to its compact dimensions the fitness trainer can be easily stored, saving space. Particularly practical: the high maximum load of 158 kg allows you to create an even more varied workout. The fitness trainer is supplied with exercise instructions as well as DVD.
    Product information:

  • Approx 109 cm high

  • Weight: approx. 11.3 kg

  • Max load 158 kg

  • Grey/green


  • Roller and arm with two variable resistance modules

  • Two stabilising wedges and hand straps

  • Cover flap

  • Tractive and carry straps

  • Exercise instruction and workout DVD

Sport-Thieme® Power Ab Wheel Pro W0-IC1483909

The somewhat different muscle trainer

The Sport-Thieme Power Ab Wheel Pro is an effective full-body training product.

  • Full-body training product

  • With strong handles

  • Incl. foot pedals

    The Sport-Thieme Power Ab Wheel Pro: improves balance and body control
    The Sport-Thieme Power Ab Wheel Pro is a versatile training product. The fitness product is fitted with strong handles and has pedals for your feet. This allows you to intensively train your arms, shoulders, chest and lower body in a variety of positions using your own bodyweight. It also improves balance and body control. Feet can be fixed in place using foot straps, ensuring a better foothold. Heels are held in place using the built-in red loops. Thanks to the rubber wheel, workouts on slippery surfaces are also possible. 
    Product information:

  • Ø 30.5 cmx50 cm

  • Thermoplastic rubber, metal and polypropylene

  • Black/red



  • [貨品編號: NT959P]

Kettler 0941-000

Figure Trimmer


X2FIT XF2801


  • [貨品編號: XF2801]

Kettler 0940-000

Double Wheel Exerciser


X2FIT XF2791

Double Wheel Exerciser


X2FIT XF2791

反應球 7cm

    貨品編號: XF1071

Fitness Scroll

Red W1-IL2251934

Black W1-IL2251947

The Fitness Scroll has been tested by sports medics and is a patented training device.

  • Tested and patented by sports medics

  • For use in gyms and for general fitness

  • Suitable for health-orientated, full-body workouts

  • Strengthens abdomen, legs and bottom

  • Incl. detailed exercise instructions

    The Fitness Scroll: for fitness and workouts
    The Fitness Scroll has been tested by sports medics and is patented. It has a polyurethane core and a synthetic leather cover. This training product is a real all-rounder: it can be used in fitness and workouts. It comes with detailed exercise instructions meaning that training is versatile and interesting. 
    Product information:

  • Cover made from synthetic leather

  • Polyurethane core

  • Available in red and black


  • Functional spine exercises

  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

  • Coordination

  • Balance

  • Reactions

  • Strengthening the stomach, legs and bottom

  • Pelvic floor exercises

  • And many more

Balance Equipment

Artzt Vitality® Stability Beam W0-IL1392308

Effective at-home balance training

The Artzt Vitality® stability beam combines the possibilities of a balance beam with modern balance training.]

  • The ideal piece of training equipment for at-home balance training

  • No assistance required thanks to low balance height

  • Solid wooden design

  • Techno gel coating for stability

    Get into balance training: the Artzt Vitality stability beam.
    The Artzt Vitality® stability beam is the ideal piece of training equipment for at-home balance training. It has a solid wooden design and the base feet on both sides provide stability. A techno gel coating prevents the stability beam from slipping. Advanced users can increase the challenge of their balance training with an unstable underlay such as the Artzt Vitality stability trainer.

    Product information:

  • LxWxH: 200x10x10 cm

  • Width of base feet: 50 cm

    Balancing fun with the Artzt Vitality stability beam.
    The balance beam offers a variety of possibilities for effective balance training, allowing you to improve your balance and strengthen your muscles at the same time. Starting with simple balance exercises: walk along the small balance beam and turn at the end. When you are stable enough, you can alternate between lifting one leg and standing still to improve your balance. Or why not hold your arms out to your sides holding two balls. The length of the beam allows you to practice with a friend or your children. Pass the ball as you walk forwards and backwards along the beam. No support required thanks to the low height – ideal for at-home use. Improve your balance, motor skills and coordination.

Sport-Thieme® Foldable Balance Beam W0-IL1113408

The balance and coordination trainer

The balance beam is a training aid for improving balance and coordination. The foam balance beam is a great shock absorber.

  • Improves coordination

  • Helps to develop balance

  • Non-slip surface

  • Different textured surfaces

    The balance beam – for safer training
    The balance beam is an excellent shock absorber thanks to its soft foam. The surface is anti-slip and the different textured top and underneath let you train comfortably.

    Product information:

  • When unfolded (LxWxH): 190x16.5x5.8 cm

  • When folded up (LxWxH): 95x16.5x11.6 cm

  • Blue

  • Material: foam (TPE)

  • Foldable

    Balance beam – possible uses:

  • Improving balance

  • For stability when standing

  • For reactions and coordination

  • In rehabilitation and therapy

    The balance beam: for optimal balance and coordination exercises
    The balance beam is a great training aid for improving balance and coordination. The fitness beam provides an unstable surface – perfect for proprioceptive training.

Sport-Thieme® Massage Balance Beam W0-IL1846906

Train your balance

The Sport-Thieme massage balance beam is an unstable piece of training equipment for improving your balance, motor skills and coordination.

  • For rehabilitation and relaxation

  • Encourages your blood circulation

  • Trains your balance

  • With smooth and pimpled side

    The Sport-Thieme massage balance beam: 2 in 1
    The Sport-Thieme massage balance beam is made from soft foam and has a textured with pyramid-shaped pimpled. This piece of training equipment is ideal for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and relaxation.

    Product information:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 92x15x10 cm

  • Material: soft foam

  • Colour: black

    For relaxation and rehabilitation
    Just like traditional beams, the Sport-Thieme massage balance beam trains your motor skills and balance, as well as strengthening your leg muscles and joints. Another advantage is the pyramid-shaped pimples as they are perfect for massaging and relaxing muscles. You can either walk barefoot along the beam or lie on it on your back. It is also narrower than other balance beams. Laying the pimpled side on the ground makes it harder to balance because it becomes unstable.

Airex® Balance Beam W0-IL1130254

Robust and long-lasting

The AIREX balance beam: for low-impact balance training.

  • Trains your motor skills, balance and coordination

  • Very durable

  • Non-slip surface

  • AIREX balance beam: BeBalanced!
    The AIREX balance beam is the ideal training aid for improving balance, motor skills and coordination. The soft foam material provides perfect absorption properties and ensures high instability – the perfect tool for proprioceptive training. The Airex balance beam is exceptionally durable and long-lasting. The hygienic material is both dirt and water repellent and is easy to clean.

  • Product information:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 162x24x6 cm

  • Material: special foam

  • Colour: blue

  • Balance training

  • Reaction and coordination training

  • Stability training

  • Rehabilitation and therapy

  • Fitness training

Club Balance & Coordination Set W0-IL1847000

The club balance & coordination set is ideally suitable for beginners as well as advanced users.

  • Balance training

  • Improves reactions and coordination

  • Trains stability

  • For use in rehabilitation and therapy

  • For fitness and strength training

    The club balance & coordination set: strengthen your muscles!
    The club balance & coordination set consists of ten balance pads and five softX® coordination foot rockers. The balance pad is made from special foam and has a non-slip underside for increased stability. With this piece of training equipment you can improve balance, coordination and strengthen your foot, hip and knee musculature. With the softX® coordination foot rocker you can increase the instability of the balance pads. Simply place the pad on top of the foot rocker to increase the training effect. Beginners can also use the device without a balance pad.

    Product information, balance pad:

  • Special foam with vinyl surface

  • 0.77 kg

  • 50x40x6

    Product information, softX® coordination foot rocker:

  • LxWxH: 50x45x9 cm

  • Max. load: 100 kg

AIREX® "Elite" Balance Pad

Blue W0-IL1130270

Lava W0-IL1138506

Pink W0-IL1138519

Kiwi W0-IL1138522

The AIREX® "Elite" balance pad: ideal for coordination, reaction and balance training

  • Effective stimulation of the foot receptors

  • Gentle on the skin

  • Long-lasting material

  • The AIREX® "Elite" balance pad: combines quality and functionality!
    The AIREX® "Elite" balance pad is made from closed-cell, super-soft foam, which is exceptionally durable and long-lasting. Even with regular use, the balance pad retains its shape and absorption properties. The hygienic material is both dirt and water repellent and is easy to clean.

  • Product information:

  • Size: approx. 50x41x6 cm

  • Material: foam

  • Max. load: 150 kg

  • Possible applications:

  • Balance training

  • Reaction/coordination training

  • Stability training

  • Rehabilitation/therapy

  • Fitness training

  • For leisure, competitive sports and therapy use
    The AIREX® "Elite" balance pad can be used as a training and therapy aid in a variety of ways. With its destabilising characteristics, all exercises develop proprioceptive performance – optimal strengthening of the knees, feet and hip joint muscles. The knobbly surface on both sides makes the AIREX® "Elite" balance pad non-slip and, at the same time, massages foot receptors.

Airex® "Mini" Balance Pad W0-IL2358404

Improve your coordination

The Airex "Mini" balance pad is a versatile base for therapy, leisure and competitive sport

  • For coordination, reaction and balance training

  • For use in rehabilitation, therapy and fitness training

  • Stimulates receptors in the feet

  • With a pimpled upper and underside

  • Durable, skin-friendly material

    The Airex "Mini" balance pad: withstands even the most demanding requirements
    The Airex "Mini" balance pad is made from soft, closed-cell foam, making the fitness pad very robust, hard-wearing and durable. Even after prolonged use the balance trainer maintains its excellent shock absorbing properties and shape. Particularly practical: the material is water- and dirt-repellent and is easy to clean.

    Product information:

  • Foam

  • Approx. 25x41x6 cm

  • Lava

  • 0.35 kg

    With a pimpled upper and underside
    Whether it's being used for coordination, reaction or balance training in therapy, rehabilitation or fitness training. The Airex "Mini" balance pad is versatile and can be used while sitting or standing. Thanks to the pimpled upper and underside, the pad also stimulates the receptors in your feet. Due to the pad's dynamism the body constantly has to make small adjustments to maintain balance – improving proprioceptive performance and strengthening the muscles in your feet, hips and knees.

Sport-Thieme® Vinyl Balance Pad W0-IL1483000

Extremely versatile

The Sport-Thieme vinyl balance pad is suitable for use at home, at the gym and for therapy.

  • Particularly robust thanks to the vinyl coating

  • Anti-slip underside: for secure positioning

  • Returns to its original shape after use

  • Ideal for balance and coordination exercises

  • For strengthening the foot, hip and knee muscles

    The Sport-Thieme vinyl balance pad: easy to clean
    The Sport-Thieme balance pad is made from special foam and has a soft and smooth vinyl surface, which makes cleaning easy after use. Thanks to its small size and low weight, the pad is easy to transport and store away compactly. After use, the training product returns back to its original shape.

    Product information:

  • Special foam with vinyl coating

  • Weight: 0.77 kg

  • Approx. 50x40x6 cm

  • Blue

  • Easy to clean

    Train your muscles and stabilise your joints
    The Sport-Thieme vinyl balance pad is perfect for strengthening the foot, hip and knee muscles. When sinking into the pad, the user has to hold their balance and that stabilises the joints. Coordination is also trained and strength is developed. This exercise product is also best used following any injuries. Proprioceptive abilities can be improved and the healing process supported.

Sport-Thieme® Swing Jumper W0-IL2645201

Jumping – just like on a trampoline

You can use the Sport-Thieme swing jumper for lots of different exercises in therapy, fitness and children's sport. Mounted on 4 urethane springs, it provides a highly dynamic effect and spring, just like on a trampoline.

  • For therapy, fitness and sport

  • Board with a stable honeycomb structure

  • With rounded corners for increased safety

  • Particularly quiet

    The Sport-Thieme spring jumper: effective exercising and lots of fun
    The bed of the Sport-Thieme spring jumper is supported by 4 urethane springs in the corners, which provide the balance board with bounce strength and a dynamic effect. The firmly attached puzzle matting provides stability. When you move on the board, your body has to react in order to compensate for the movement in the unstable base. The sensory board can be used to promote movement in nurseries, primary schools and sports clubs. Includes a spring set.

    Product information:

  • Size LxWxH: 70x70x13 cm

  • Weight: approx: 5.3 kg

  • Can hold up to 100 kg

  • Includes orange spring set

Sport-Thieme® Rocking Balance Board W0-IL2353500

Improves body perception

The Sport-Thieme rocking balance board is perfect for therapy and rehabilitation thanks to its low height.

  • Perfect for balance exercises

  • Trains body awareness and perception

  • Non-slip surface for secure footing

  • Versatile combinations

  • Rocks left and right

    The Sport-Thieme rocking balance board: small, robust and particularly durable
    The Sport-Thieme rocking balance board is made from plastic and weighs 1.1 kg which makes the board easy to transport. The balance board's compact dimensions also make it space saving. The board is particularly robust with a maximum load of 120 kg and its structured surface reduces the risks of slipping. The balance board will rock from left to right.

    Product information:

  • LxWxH: 42x30x8.5 cm

  • 1.1 kg

  • Plastic

  • Maximum load: 120 kg

    The versatile, combinable fitness and therapy board
    The Sport-Thieme rocking balance board is ideally suitable for improving coordination and balance. In addition, due to the instability it also trains body awareness. Suitable for exercises using the hands or feet, making it even more versatile. While stood balancing on the board you can, for example, throw a ball to a training partner. By shifting your weight left and right the board can be used for rehabilitation following knee or ankle injuries.

Pedalo® "Surf" Balance Board W1-IL1349506

The Pedalo "Surf" balance board combines the features of a surfboard, skateboard and snowboard: roll, tilt, turn in all directions, lift up and touch back down again safely – anything is possible!

  • The new sports training aid that's both addictive and fun

  • Combines surfboard, skateboard and snowboard

  • Rolls, tilts and turns in all directions

  • Safe, non-slip surface

  • Comes with a non-slip exercise mat

  • Pedalo "Surf" balance board – the exciting sporty challenge!
    The Pedalo "Surf" balance board is the ideal training aid for surfers, wakeboarders, snowboarders, skateboarders, in-line skaters and anyone who loves a challenge. The board has an anti-slip surface which provides stability even with fast movements. 2 runners on the underside of the board which the roller runs between. This combination offers maximum control, safety and freedom of movement. Rubber pads on the ends to prevent the board from sliding off of the roller.
    More information:

  • Roller made from beech wood, board made from multiplex birch wood

  • LxW: 70x30 cm, oval roller with a ø of 12 cm

  • Comes with a non-slip exercise mat

  • Can hold up to 120 kg

  • Patented (registered design 20 2011 109 582.0)

Health & Fitness Gyroboard W0-IL2171005

The health & fitness Gyroboard is ideal for health and fitness workouts.

  • Effective coordination and balance training

  • Strengthens foot, leg and trunk muscles

  • Adjustable difficulty levels

  • For use in gyms, clubs and at home

  • Comes with carry bag

    The health & fitness Gyroboard: suitable for all types of sport and all ages
    The health & fitness Gyroboard brings health and fitness training to the fore. All exercises can be carried out while standing with legs hip-width apart with the 60x40-cm board. The board is suitable for all age groups and types of sports. Gyroboard and Sensoboards differ in terms of function, how they are built and how they look. The Gyroboard wobbles more than the Sensoboard and can rotate, making it suitable for more advanced users. You can also attach handles to the Gyroboard, unlike with the Sensoboard.
    Product information:

  • Size of board (LxW): 60x40 cm

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 86x86x23 cm

  • Can hold up to 150 kg

Gyroboard Handle W0-IL2198705

  • Makes it easy to get started on the Gyroboard

  • Makes training safe

  • Ideal for use in therapy and rehabilitation

Includes: 1 complete handle, Gyroboard not included

Pedalo® "Sport" Stabiliser W0-IL2141406

Improve your performance

Top athletes improve their sequence of movements and reflexes.

  • Full-body training aid which moves in all directions

  • Develops the control of posture and movement

  • Increases input information to proprioceptors and receptors

  • Stimulates and improves the coordination of inter-segmental muscles

  • Improves reactions and stabilises the skeletal system

    The Pedalo "Sport" stabiliser: trains your coordination and reactions
    The Pedalo "Sport" stabiliser develops sensory control of posture and movement. The platform moves in all directions and shows when you make even the smallest movements. Improves coordination and reactions, and stabilises the skeletal system. Top athletes use the stabiliser to improve their reactions. 
    Product information:

  • Adjustable difficulty level

  • Complete with anti-slip rubber mat

  • Size (LxW): 58x58 cm

  • Platform: 60x35 cm

  • Can hold up to 150 kg

  • Weight: approx. 8.1 kg

Pedalo® Vestimed® W0-IL2096520

Universal full-body workout for fitness, therapy and rehabilitation.

  • Patent 102007048399

  • Strengthens arms, legs, back, trunk and stomach

  • Improves coordination skills, as all exercises are carried out whilst standing, sitting or performing a plank on the wobbly board

  • Can be used for exercising with or without resistance bands, hand and foot loops which can be easily attached with a snap hook.

  • Also suitable for neurological medical conditions (Parkinson's, MS)

  • The new Senso spring system creates a soft motion

  • The pre-tensioning of the resistance bands can be individually adjusted to suit the user's ability through the loop system.

  • Suitable for body weights from 30-110 kg

    Product details:

  • Non-slip surface

  • Non-slip rubber feet ensure secure positioning

  • Milled positioning lines

  • ø 50 cm

  • H: 18 cm

  • Weight: 7 kg

    Consists of:

  • Spring board

  • 1 pair of washable resistance bands with loops

  • 2 fixing straps

Pedalo® "50" Springboard W0-IL1313505

For all ages

The Pedalo® "50" spring board is great for jumping and bouncing on.

  • Senso springs for a fun swing and bounce experience

  • Anti-slip, water-resistant surface

  • Secure thanks to anti-slip rubber feet

  • Engraved lines to show positioning

  • Perfect for children over 15 kg

  • The Pedalo® "50" springboard with rubber feet
    The Pedalo "50" springboard is best suited for children over 15 kg and can hold up to 110 kg. Its anti-slip rubber feet make it very secure during exercises. Added advantages include an anti-slip and water-resistant surface.
    Product information:

  • Can hold up to 110 kg

  • Diameter: 50 cm

  • Height: 18 cm

  • Weight: 6.5 kg

  • Material: multiplex birch wood

Pedalo® "32" Springboard W0-IL1285228

New: Senso spring system with optimal spring effect for all weights. 

  • Reacts sensitively to changes in position which you have to immediately counterbalance

  • Best suited for exercises to stabilise ankle and leg joints

  • For exercising on one or both legs

    Product information:

  • ø 32 cm

  • H: 20 cm

  • Suitable for body weights of 15-100 kg

Pedalo® Balance Board W0-IL1324004

The Pedalo balance board lets you work out safely off the ground with its elaborate design.

  • Sturdy exercise base - regardless of the surface

  • For leg axis stability, balance and coordination

  • Large standing area for exercises performed with feet a hip-width apart

  • Balance exercises whilst sitting, lying and performing a plank are possible

  • Compatible with Sensamove Balancetest software

    The Pedalo balance board: for use anywhere
    Train anywhere with the Pedalo balance board – on any surface. Whether exercising on parquet flooring, carpet, tiles or grass, the balance disc is always ready to use thanks to its construction with a floor plate and rubber feet. This allows you to exercise on soft or smooth flooring, where most discs can't be used. The perfect addition to the balance board is the Sensamove Balancetest software, which is available separately. This lets you exercise with the help of your computer and track your results.
    More information:

  • Non-slip surface

  • Non-slip rubber feet ensure secure positioning

  • Milled positioning lines

  • Standing surface: ø 50 cm

  • Height: approx. 13 cm

  • Maximum angle: 75 mm

  • Birch plywood, natural finish

  • Soft dampers

  • End stops

  • Can hold up to 100 kg

  • Thera-band set not included

MFT® Fit Disc W0-IL1924901

The MFT fit disc is perfect for patients and all fitness enthusiasts.

  • Fitness training for your stomach and back muscles

  • Strengthens the spine and releases tension

  • Suitable for all ages and abilities

  • With exercise video (in German) and folder

    The MFT fit disc: for use anywhere
    The MFT fit disc is perfect for fitness training and strengthens stomach and back muscles. Trains your spine, stabilises your joints, keeps your pelvis and hips in motion, and relieves tension. Clicks when you exercise correctly. Ideal for home fitness, gym and physiotherapy.
    Product information:

  • Diameter: 40 cm

  • Can hold up to 120 kg

  • Colour: green/grey

  • Incl. exercise DVD (in German)

MFT® Trim Disc W0-IL1912500

Train your movement and coordination with the MFT trim disc.

  • Balance board, spinning top and rotating disc in one

  • Stabilises your musculoskeletal system and improves coordination

  • The versatile disc combines 6 important basic exercises

  • The MFT trim disc: versatile and effective
    The MFT trim disc is perfect for patients, fitness and sports enthusiasts for developing coordination, concentration and proprioception, full-body stability and leg axis training. Can be used for personal training, in the gym and for physiotherapy. Very practical: this versatile disc combines 6 important basic exercises and is a balance board, spinning top and rotating disc in one.
    Product information:

  • Diameter: 40 cm

  • With DVD exercise instructions (in German)

  • Can hold up to 120 kg

MFT® Challenge Disc, with USB port W0-IL1947104
Step on, get moving and get fit!

The MFT challenge disc offers the perfect workout for every fitness level with 5 difficulty levels.

  • USB connection for PC or Mac

  • Comes with software for 4 different training programmes

  • 5 different difficulty levels

    The MFT challenge disc: improve your performance
    Steer balls, cars or with skis etc. along imaginary courses on your computer screen by moving on the flexible discs. The fun workouts improve your sports performance. Targeted training is possible with 5 different difficulty levels. Make progress with just 3x 10-minute workouts every week. Tested by the University of Innsbruck.
    Product information:

  • ø 40 cm

  • Can hold up to 120 kg

  • Colour: green/black

    Complete with 4 different training programmes:

  • Warm-up

  • Self-check

  • 5 training levels

  • 6 games


  • At-home training

  • Personal training

  • Intensive training centres

  • Physiotherapy

  • Rehabilitation centres

  • Clinics

  • Achieving optimal and effective coordination training

  • Improving sports performance

  • Improving health (healthy back and joints)

  • Maintaining mobility

Togu® Spinning Top Balance Board

Balance yourself fit

Easy, Red W0-IL1299609

Medium, Green W0-IL1299612

Difficult, Blue W0-IL1299625

The Togu disc balance board is generally used to strengthen foot muscles as well as being suitable for improving coordination.

  • The fitness disc for studio use

  • Available in 3 different difficulty levels

  • Extremely robust

    The Togu spinning top balance board: keep your balance
    The Togu spinning top balance board is available in 3 different difficulty levels which are shown by the different coloured rings on the underside. The extremely robust spinning top is made from specially hardened solid plastic and is best suited for gym use. This training aid is particularly useful for developing your balance and coordination. 
    Product information:

  • Diameter: 40 cm

  • Can hold up to 120 kg

  • Specially hardened solid plastic


  • Level 1 (red): 8 cm

  • Level 2 (green): 9.5 cm

  • Level 3 (blue): 9.5 cm

"Wobblesmart" Balance Board W0-IL2162704

For beginners and more advanced users

The "Wobblesmart" balance disc is best suited to use in therapy, fitness and rehabilitation.

  • The smart balance board with difficulty levels which are adjustable to suit you

  • Adapts perfectly to your progress

  • Ideal for use in therapy, rehabilitation, sport and fitness

  • Non-slip underside

  • Universal use

    The "Wobblesmart" balance board: the smart balance board which you can adjust to suit you
    The "Wobblesmart" balance board can be set to 6 different positions by rotating the surface. The fact it can be adjusted means it can be used by both beginners and more advanced users. Wooden board with a diameter of 40 cm and can hold up to 120 kg.
    Product information:

  • Diameter: 40 cm

  • Material: wood

  • Surface: plastic

  • Can hold up to 120 kg

Sport-Thieme® "Classic" Sports Disc W0-IL1295809

The "Classic" sports disc – the original from Sport-Thieme. Perfect for recreational athletes as well as professionals in competitive sports.

  • Develops balance and coordination

  • Ideal for advanced and professional users

  • Non-slip – with a coated wooden board

  • Comes with detailed exercise instructions

  • Made in our own factory

    The classic disc!
    This sports disc sits on the floor in a stable position thanks to its integrated steel core. Even just a slight load results in immediate instability: it tips to the side and the user must react immediately. The hemispherical shape makes the tilt significantly greater than an elliptically shaped plastic disc. This means every balance exercise challenges your sense of balance and coordination. 
    Product information:

  • Coated wooden disc

  • With aluminium hemisphere

  • Can hold up to 180 kg

  • Includes non-slip rubber underlay

  • Height: 12 cm

  • ø approx. 37 cm

    Tips to help you achieve the best possible training effect:

  • Train barefoot

  • Gently supporting the shoulder of the person exercising, as having to support any body weight on the surface makes it much harder for them to balance on the device's central point

  • Beginners can put the sports disc next to the wall as touching the wall with it using your fingertips will not make the body overbalance

  • Try to maintain your balance without moving your arms, so that this has to be achieved through feet and legs only and by using the muscles in your core

    Exercise suggestions:

  • Lift up objects in different directions and distances whilst squatting

  • Move from standing up into a kneeling position. This can be done by using a strong lifting movement whilst resting your hands on the edge of the disc.

  • Kneel in an upright position on the centre of the disc

  • Place both knees over the centre of the disc. Place your hands on the side for support and rest your body weight on both knees.

The Sport-Thieme® "Pro" Sports Disc W0-IL1295838

Improves balance and coordination

The Sport-Thieme "Pro" sports disc is a reall all-rounder – lets you train numerous parts of your body.

  • Develops balance and coordination

  • Increased difficulty level

  • With a non-slip disc and detailed exercise instructions

  • Wooden discs with aluminium hemisphere

  • Incl. detailed exercise instructions

    The Sport-Thieme "Pro" sports disc – the classic disc!
    The Sport-Thieme "Pro" sports disc consists of a coated wooden disc and an 11-cm-high aluminium hemisphere with steel core which is screwed into it. The fitness trainer can hold up to 180 kg and has an anti-slip surface. To be able to train your balance correctly, the disc comes with detailed instructions.
    Product information:

  • Diameter: approx. 37 cm

  • Height: 12 cm

  • Can hold up to 180 kg

Therapy Balancing Tops

Medium W0-IL2072119

Develops balance and coordination

  • Ideal for use in fitness and therapy

  • Develop your sense of balance and coordination with these tops of different difficulty levels. The easiest top is used by therapists in rehabilitation for foot, knee and hip injuries. Depending on the rate of progress, the therapist will choose a more difficult top. There are many uses in gyms, clubs, surgeries and at home. Made from top quality beech wood. ø 37 cm.

Togu® Bike BalanceBoard®

Classic W0-IL1360107

Train as hard as you can

Take on the challenge and train as hard as you can with the Togu bike balance board. Ride on a ball – your movements resemble a bike. The balance board is not only great fun – it strengthens your muscles, uses the brain and nervous system and improves sensorimotor function.

  • Highly effective sensorimotor training

  • Great fun and a challenge every time

  • Suitable for beginners and professionals

  • Short and highly effective workouts

  • Easily adjustable difficulty level

    Take on the challenge and train as hard as you can with the Togu bike balance board. Ride on a ball – your movements resemble a bike. The balance board is not only great fun – it strengthens your muscles, uses the brain and nervous system and improves sensorimotor function.

  • Highly effective sensorimotor training

  • Great fun and a challenge every time

  • Suitable for beginners and professionals

  • Short and highly effective workouts

  • Easily adjustable difficulty level

  • Product information:

  • Ryton, birch wood, aluminium

  • Can hold up to 150 kg

  • Maximum ball pressure: 0.4 bar

  • Incl. instructions and pump

  • "Standard":

  • For beginners and professionals

  • With ball

  • LxWxH: approx. 65x52x76 cm

  • Approx. 8.5 kg

  • "Easy":

  • For beginners

  • With Togu ball cushion

  • LxWxH: 60x48x17 cm

  • "Pro":

  • For advanced users

  • With ball for increased difficulty

  • LxWxH: 86x57x28 cm

MFT® Sport Disc W0-IL1912526

Use the MFT sport disc to increase your body's strength and stamina. Improve reactions and technique specific to your sport. The large base and the additional rocking/tilting parts are all you need for multi-functional training.

  • The multi-functional training product

  • Ideal for strength, stamina and coordination training

  • Improve your response times

  • Unstable base makes workouts significantly more effective

  • The training aid for the whole body – the MFT® Sport-Disc
    The MFT sport disc is the optimal training aid for multi-functional training for therapy and intensive training centres, gyms, therapy gymnastics, personal training and exercising at home. The MFT sport disc brilliantly combines a rocking board and a disc with additional tilting plates for your feet. As a result, this fitness product offers a wide variety of whole-body training opportunities. Thanks to the varied rocking and tilting elements you can vary the demands of your workouts. This makes the versatile balance trainer ideal for use in gyms and and for therapeutic purposes. The MFT sport disc allows you to improve your coordination and fine motor skills for nearly all sports – whether for team sports like football or handball or individual sports like golf.

    Product details:

  • Disc ø 50 cm

  • Supplied with 2 tilting plates

  • Includes a DVD of exercise instructions

  • Can hold up to 120 kg

Non-Slip Underlay W1-IL1444911-7

Non-slip base for the balance disc

  • For increased safety during exercise

  • Non-slip base when using the disc

  • Very strong rubber mat

  • Diameter: 24.5 cm

The non-slip underlay increases safety during balance and coordination training using the sport and therapy discs. 

Sport-Thieme® Storage Trolley W0-IL2151801

The practical organiser

Everything has its place with the Sport-Thieme storage trolley: simply stow skateboards and coordination aids and roll into the equipment room.

  • Mobile with lockable castors

  • Practical rack for storing up to 14 discs or roller boards

    The Sport-Thieme storage trolleys: store your equipment compactly
    Keep your spinning tops and skateboards tidy with the practical Sport-Thieme storage trolley. Stow up to 14 pieces of equipment on the shelves with ease. You can also roll the stand around easily. Contains lockable castors for added security.
    Product information:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 75x50x125 cm

  • Shelves are 28 cm apart

  • Can hold up to 50 kg

Pedalo® "Pedasan" Bear Roll

Wheel Ø 22 cm W1-IL1296408

Wheel Ø 32 cm W1-IL1296411

Experience varied and versatile balance, coordionation and reactions training with the Pedalo "Pedasan" bear roll. When training on the roll barefoot, you strengthen the arch of the foot and stimulate the feet reflex zones.

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Practises balance, coordination and reactions

  • Barefoot exercises strengthen the arch of the foot

  • Massages the reflex zones in the feet

  • Promotes circulation in the feet

    The Pedalo "Pedasan" bear roll – effective training for all performance classes
    The Pedalo "Pedasan" bear roll is a balance trainer – suitable for beginners as well as advanced users and high-performance athletes. The bear rolls consists of 2 solid wooden discs, between which sturdy round timber bars are fixed. The bear roll is an excellent and versatile piece of equipment: when you train on the roll barefoot, you also strengthen the foot muscles and arch of the foot,
    Available in 2 versions:

  • ø 22 cm wheel or ø 32 cm wheel

    Product information:

  • Material: birch plywood

  • Can hold up to 100 kg

  • Weight: 2.4 kg

  • Incl. book of exercises

  • Width: 37 cm

Pedalo® Moving Drum W0-IL1342811

Movement on the Pedasan Moving Drum is highly challenging, will enhance your sports collection in schools and clubs and is a valuable help in researching and perfecting balance. Once training has been undertaken e.g. balancing on benches, beams or Pedalo, the use of this drum is recommended for sports classes, leisure and clubs. The Pedasan Moving Drum runs on external air filled 28" wheels. As a result the drum rolls much better and can also move very well over uneven outdoor ground. The standing area is made up to 44 round bars that have a massaging effect on the soles of the feet. Both ends are open. Dismantled for delivery. Supports up to 80 kg. Wheel diameter 75 cm. Wheel diameter 75 cm, width 70 cm.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.


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