Basketball 籃球

Basketball Men's Size 7 男子籃球


1. 正確充氣:使用專用氣針,並且濕潤針頭後,才緩慢地插入氣嘴充氣,禁止用高壓氣直接充氣。球的充氣氣壓應在七至九磅之間。

2. 測試方法:在平坦的硬地面上,把籃球從1.8(球下部計)的高度自由落下,反上來的高度彈至1.21.4(玻上部)為之五常。

3. 根據不同埸地,選擇不同系列質料的籃球:室內(木地板或塑膠場地)用真皮或pu球;戶外(水泥地或石屎地)pu或橡膠球。

4. 使用完畢後,應清潔球體表面,且存放在乾爽地方。

5. 不應用腳踢籃球,更不應坐在籃球上休息。

6. 注意清除籃球場地及周圍環境的尖銳物體,以免刺破籃球的球體和受到運動傷害。


Nike Elite Competition Four-Panel Size 7 Indoor Basketball Jordan BB0443


男子和女子籃球 (7) 表面以耐用的合成皮製成,加上深入的凹面坑紋,在柚木球場上發揮最佳的抓地力及觸感


·        綜合皮質表面,增強耐用度及抓地力

·        粗縫圓石圖案,增強抓地力

·        全包裹表面結構,改善觸感及持久轉動

·        深入的凹面坑紋提供更佳的指尖操控


·        室內使用

·        NFHS 認可用於高中比賽


·        7 號:男子

·        6 號:女子

·        5 號:兒童

Nike True Grip Nylon Size 7 Outdoor Basketball BB0638


·        室外使用

·        練習用


·        7 號:男子

Molten BG5000 FIBA Official Game Ball, Premium Leather

BG5000 takes full advantage of the natural leather properties to ensure better texture. All lettering design on the BG5000 is branded into the ball to offer an authentic look to the natural leather basketball.

·        Premium Grain Leather Cover.

·        12 Panel FIBA Approved Construction.

·        Original Leather Texture Surface.

·        Foam Backing Layer.

·        High Foamed Structure.

·        Branding Print.

Molten BG4500 SERIES Basketball

·        Premium Composite Leather material

·        Foam cushioning layer

·        Competition Grade indoor basketball

·        FIBA Approved 12 panel design

·        Butyl bladder

Molten BG4000 SERIES Basketball

·        Premium Composite Leather material

·        Competition Grade indoor basketball

·        FIBA Approved 12 panel design

·        Butyl bladder

Molten BG3800 SERIES Basketball - REPLICA 2019 WORLD CUP GAME BALL

Limited Edition - Replica 2019 World Cup Game Ball

·        Premium Composite Cover

·        FIBA Approved 12 Panel Design.

·        Unique China World Cup Artwork.

Molten GF7X SERIES Basketball

FIBA Approved Official 12 Panel Design

·        Premium Composite Leather Surface

·        Parallel Pebble Technology

·        Competition Grade Basketball

·        Butyl Bladder.

Molten GH7X SERIES Basketball

·        12 Panel indoor/outdoor Basketball

·        Synthetic leather surface

·        Parallel pebble technology

·        Butyl bladder.

Molten GG7X SERIES Basketball

Molten GG7X Basketball (BGG7X)


·        Premium Composite Leather Cover

·        Butyl Bladder

·        Indoor/Outdoor use

·        Game: Basketball

·        Official 12 panels


·        Country of Origin: Thailand

·        Construction: Laminated

·        Official Size : 7

·        Colour : Brown/Tan

Performance and design unite to create Molten's renowned BGG Basketball Series. FIBA Approved, its durable composite cover allows for exceptional grip and handling that elite athletes demand while playing at the highest level. Molten's GIUGIARO® or 'G-Design' enhances visibility, helping you focus on the movement of the ball. Take control of your game with Molten's top of the line indoor basketball.

Molten GM7X SERIES Basketball

All New X Series Technology - parallel pebble construction for complete consistency of touch no matter where the ball is held.

Flat pebble surface and full flat seams to increase the contact area and create maximum grip and control. A more consistent back spin allows for precise shooting and passing.

All new colour increases visibility of ball rotation at greater distances allowing both players and spectators to see every detail of play.

·        FIBA Approved polyurethane leather basketball, perfect schools and club match ball.

·        Signature patented Molten 12-panel design.

·        Scuff resistance outer cover.

·        Nylon wound butyl bladder.

·        Construction: Laminated.

·        Official size and weight.

·        For indoor use only.

·        Size: 7

*Note - when inflating ball with a pump it is critical that the needle is lubricated before insertion. We suggest soft soap would be a suitable substance.

Molten D3500 INDOOR/OUTDOOR Basketball ,BROWN

·        12 Panel Construction

·        Durable PU Leather Surface

·        Indoor or Outdoor Basketball

·        Butyl Bladder

·        Brown in colour

·        Size 7

Molten D3500 INDOOR/OUTDOOR Basketball ,BLACK

·        12 Panel Construction

·        Durable PU Leather Surface

·        Indoor or Outdoor Basketball

·        Butyl Bladder

·        Black in colour

·        Size 7

Molten 2017 Official Original GP7X Basketball

·        Indoor Ball

·        Size 7

·        PU Material

·        材质(构造):PU 丁基内胆

·        规格:参照标准规格

·        用场所:室内

·        生产国:泰国

Molten GD7X China National Team Durable Indoor Outdoor Size 7 Basketball

·        PU Leather Surface

·        Size 7

·        Indoor or Outdoor

·        摩腾旗舰店摩腾篮球真皮质感正品7号耐磨室内室外水泥地篮球

Molten High Quality GT71 Basketball

·        Made of excellent PU Leather material

·        Indoor or Outdoor use

·        Official Size 7 Weight 29.5'' Team Game Ball

·        Durable

·        材质(构造):PU 乳胶内胆

·        规格:参照标准规格

·        适用场所:室内/室外生产国:中国

Molten GW7 7 PU basketball

·        Official 12-PANEL design, durable indoor/outdoor composite cover

·        Material: PU

·        Colour: Brown

  • Circumference: 750-760MM
  • Weight: 600-650g

·        Size: 7

Molten BG7-CF200 Basketball

·        PU High Quality Leather Surface

·        Training Official baskeball

·        Indoor or Outdoor Basketball

·        Official Size 7

SPALDING® 74-096 NBA NEVERFLAT Comp S27 Outdoor Basketball

Tired of always looking for a pump and needle? Your worries are over with our NeverFlat® basketballs. The NeverFlat® balls house an exclusive membrane technology that tightens the natural pores in the bladder to improve pressure retention along with a valve cap that eliminates leaks and keeps dirt out. Additionally we use a proprietary technology called NitroFlate® molecules which are injected into the ball forming a protective barrier against air seepage.

·        Durable rubber cover

·        Official NBA size and weight

·        Designed for indoor/ outdoor play

·        Proprietary NitroFlate® molecules are injected into the ball forming a protective barrier against air seepage

·        Exclusive membrane technology tightens the natural pores in the bladder to improve pressure retention

·        Specifically designed valve with cap eliminates leaks and keeps out dirt.

·        Imported


SPALDING® 74-597 NBA Gold Tack-Soft I/O Basketball

The Spalding NBA Tack-Soft composite leather basketball offers a cover material that has an enhanced coating specifically designed to provide a superior grip. The Tack-Soft basketball conforms to the official NBA size and weight and is ideal for indoor and outdoor play.

·        Premium PU composite cover

·        Official NBA size and weight

·        Ideal for indoor and outdoor play

·        Imported


SPALDING® 83-016 Silver NBA Outdoor Basketball

·        Size:7號

·        銀章膠籃球

·        室外用球

·        香港學界比賽用球

SPALDING® 74-558 Platinum ZK FIBA Indoor Basketball

Authentic Spalding basketball nba flagship soft leather interior and exterior concrete Spalding basketball wear basketball package. Size #7.

·        Exclusive ZK® microfiber PU composite cover plus advanced moisture management technology.

·        Deep channel design for improved grip - great for shooters.

·        Official NFHS size and weight - NFHS approved.

·        Designed for indoor play.

·        ZK超細纖維,室內用FIBA球,7號。

SPALDING® 74-569 Indoor Basketball

·        Official NBA Game Ball

·        Exclusive, full grain, top grade leather

·        For Indoor only

·        真皮,橙色,室內用球,7號

SPALDING TF-1000 Legacy Indoor ZK Comp Basketball 74-450

·        Deep channel design for improved grip - great for shooters

·        100% Nylon Windings for improved structural integrity

·        85% Butyl Rubber Bladder for improved air retention

·        Exclusive ZK microfiber PU composite cover plus advanced moisture management technology

·        User Ref. : 康樂及文化事務署 LCQ3008/15 (G) FIBA Approved.

·        Size7號

SPALDING® Platinum Zio Excel Indoor & Outdoor Basketball 76-015

·        皮籃球,橙色,室內/外用球,7號。

·        香港籃球總會指定比賽用球

SPALDING® Platinum Z/K Legacy Indoor Basketball 76-017

·        皮籃球,橙色,室內用球,7號。

·        香港籃球總會指定比賽用球

SPALDING® 73-953 TF-150 Outdoor Rubber Basketball

The TF-150 is our basic rubber basketball. Enjoy playing with this ball on all surfaces, either indoor or outdoor.

·        Rubber Cover Material

·        Polyester Windings

·        Natural Rubber Bladder

·        Indoor/Outdoor


SPALDING® 74-556 NBA Silver I/O Basketball

·        Size: 7

·        Material: PU

·        Indoor or Outdoor play


SPALDING® 74-559 NBA Gold I/O Basketball

·        Size: 7

·        Material: PU

·        Indoor or Outdoor



Euroleague 'TF-500 Legacy' basketball SPALDING, black/orange, is designed by Spalding, is orange and black and will be used for the first time the quarterfinals in Euroleague.

·        Size: 7

·        Material: PU

·        Indoor play



SPALDING Crossover Brick COMP Basketball 74-690


SPALDING® gold series in/out door Basketball 76-014


SPALDING® Silver Indoor/Outdoor Basketball 76-018

·        皮籃球,橙色,

·        室內/外用球,

·        Size7號。

SPALDING LOGOMAN Indoor/Outdoor Basketball 83-192

·        Soft brip technology

·        橙色

·        室內/外用球

·        Size7號

SPALDING® Black Silver High Light Comp 7 Basketball 76-023

·        籃球,黑/銀色,7號。

SPALDING® NBA Force Brick Comp 7 Basketball 76-024

·        籃球,橙色,7號。

SPALDING® NBA Trend BB Snake Comp 7 Basketball 76-039

·        室內用球

·        PU Trend Series

·        Size7號

·        柔軟的表皮材料, 操控更出色, 優質的仿生蛇皮觸感

·        防滑, 耐磨

SPALDING® Composite Static, Black White Static, Neon Accents I/O Comp 7 Basketball 76-154

·        籃球,黑/白色,7號。

SPALDING® NBA Highlight Rubber Basketball 83-497

·        膠籃球,黑白色,7號。



SPALDING SP NBA TEAM LOGO Rubber Basketball 83-649


SPALDING NBA Chicago Bulls Basketball

83-503 Size 7

83-583 Size 5

83-601 Size 3

SPALDING NBA Cleveland Cavs. Basketball

83-504 Size 7

83-603 Size 3