Ball Compressors & Accessories

Ball Compressors

Sport-Thieme® Ball Compressor W1-IL2545006 

The ball compressor is the ideal product for quick use. Small, handy and very powerful.

  • Floor-standing version

  • Electric 230 V

  • Oil-free and maintenance-free

  • Also suitable for car and bicycle tyres

Small ball compressor - big results
Sport clubs can't risk losing precious playing time. They need to play quickly and discover that their balls are flat. Simply get this small ball compressor out of the cupboard, connect the 230 V plug and press the start button. You are now ready to go. In just a few seconds your footballs, handballs or volleyballs will be ready to use. Car tyres can also be quickly inflated with the car valve connector.

Product details:

  • 20 x 15 x 13 cm small

  • Only weighs 1.75 kg

  • Tube extends up to 90 cm

  • All replacement parts can be ordered online

  • Includes: 1 valve needle, 1 adapter, 2 plastic valve adapter

"MK40" Ball Compressor W1-IL1073111

  • Membrane compressor

  • Cast aluminium housing

  • Low revolutions (approx. 1700 RPM)

  • Pressure: approx. 3.5 bar

  • Capacity (litres/min.): approx. 70

  • Filling time for a football: approx. 25 seconds

  • 230 V/50 Hz

  • Maintenance free

  • TÜV approved

  • Weight: approx. 6 kg

"MK 110" Ball Compressor W1-IL1100206

  • TÜV approved

  • Oil-free 1-cylinder compressor

  • Capacity approx. 200 litres/min

  • Maximum pressure 8 bar

  • Connected value 1.1 KW, 230 V

    Plastic housing with carrying handle. Pressure adjustable via a control dial. Comes with a 1.2-m air hose with quick-release coupling and ball adaptor. Filling time for a football: approx. 9 seconds, 32x17.5x28 cm. Weight: approx. 12.5 kg. TÜV-approved.

"Volcano" Ball Compressor W1-IL1099212

A high-performance compressor (230 V)
Approximately 15 seconds are needed to inflate one football and 3.5 to 4 minutes for a ø 65 cm Pezzi Ball.

  • 156 watt output at 14 bar pressure

  • 21.5 litres/min

  • Oil-free

  • With manometer

  • Incl. valve needle and two plastic adaptors

  • Accessories can be stored in a separate compartment

  • Runs very quietly

  • Ideal for wheelchairs

  • Connects to a normal mains socket

  • LxWxH: 30x17x23 cm, 2.9 kg.

"Vigon 120" Ball Compressor W1-IL1073124

A strong piston compressor with oil lubrication for a longer lifespan.

  • Motor: 230/1100 W

  • 2,850 rpm

  • Suction capacity: 120 litres/min

  • Filling capacity: 85 litres/min

  • Noise level: 80 dB(A)

  • Air cylinder: 12 litres

  • Weight: 18 kg

  • Size (LxWxH): 51x24x48 cm

  • Strong piston compressor with oil lubrication for a long lifespan

  • Maximum pressure: 8 bar

  • TÜV approval not required

  • Standard features:

  • Pressure gauge for cylinder pressure

  • Regulator with gauge

  • Quality pressure switch

  • Rubber-coated handle

  • Rubber feet for stability

  • Hose for filling, with pistol

  • TÜV approval not required

"Vigon 240" Ball Compressor W1-IL1101401

With pressure tank.
The piston compressor with oil lubrication guarantees a long lifespan.
Standard features:

  • Manometer

  • Safety valve

  • Pressure regulator

  • Inflation pistol, different ball adaptors

  • Tyre inflation connector

  • Spiral hose

  • On wheels, with handle

Technical details: 

  • Suction capacity approx. 240 litre/min.

  • 160 litres per minute output

  • 24 litre container, approx. 26 kg

  • Operating pressure over 8 bar

  • LxWxH: 61x60x30 cm

  • Mains connection for 220/240 V, 1,500 W

Prebena® “Vitas 45” Ball Compressor W0-IL2645100

Oil- and maintenance-free

The “Vitas 45” Ball Compressor is a high-quality device for universal use.

  • Compressed air output via pressure regulator

  • Powerful, oil-free compressor

  • Compressed air stored in tank

  • Ideal for mobile use

  • Includes various connectors

    The “Vitas 45” ball compressor: for mobile use
    The “Vitas 45” ball compressor is particularly powerful – it only takes around 50 seconds to fill a football, for example. Thanks to its weight of only 10 kg, the compressor is easily transportable and therefore ideal for mobile use. Particularly practical: the piston compressor is oil-free and therefore also maintenance-free. Thanks to the various connectors supplied such as the car tyre connector, valve needle, ball adaptor and adapter for large valves, you are ideally equipped. The ball compressor also comes with accessories such as a spiral hose and pressure regulator.

    Product information:

  • LxWxH: 37x31x30 cm

  • Weight: 10 kg

  • Tank: 4 l

  • Motor: 230 V / 250 W

  • Revolutions: 2840 rpm

  • Filling capacity: 24 l/min

  • Sound level: 72 dB

  • Max. pressure: 10 bar

"Powergrip" Electric Pump W0-IL2648907

For all common air inlets

The Powergrip“ makes pumping up and letting the air out of objects easier. A must have for at home, at the sports club or at the gym.

  • Powerful pump for 240 V direct operation.

  • For inflating large-volume products such as Pezzi balls, Omnikin balls, mega balls, air mattresses and balloons

  • For inflating and deflating

  • GS-certified

  • Includes 3 adapters for all common air inlets

  • The “Powergrip” electric pump: with different-sized adaptors
    The “Powergrip” electric pump is suitable for pumping up and letting the air out of large-volume objects, such as Pezzi balls or air mattresses. But the pump is also ideally suited for smaller objects, since 3 adapters for all common air inlets are included. A further plus is the short inflation time. For letting the air out, you no longer need to use brute force – the electric pump takes care of that too, making it a genuine all-rounder!

  • Product details:

  • Height: approx. 13 cm

  • Approx. 0.7 kg

  • Black

APEX C2001 Electric Compressor

雙氣式, 可打氣及抽氣.


外盒為四方型, 及有抽手, 方使携帶


220 V


淨喉管 C2001SH

Ball Pumps

Airman® "OWL 222" W1-IL1070109

The cordless electrical air pump

  • Battery-operated pump with charger

  • Air pressure is 10 bar

  • For pumping up bicycle and motorbike tyres, wheelchair tyres, air mattresses, balls and other inflatable items

  • It takes approx. 45 seconds to pump up a football

  • Can be taken anywhere

JOEREX JP022 Hand Pump 12''

打氣筒類型: 手動打氣筒

氣犄材料: 鋼材、橡膠、銅

軟管長度及顏色: 12 吋紅, , , 黃色

氣嘴材料及顏色: 黑色塑膠

JOEREX JP023 Hand Pump 10''

打氣筒類型: 手動打氣筒

氣犄材料: 鋼材、橡膠、銅

軟管長度及顏色: 10 吋綠, , 黃色

氣嘴材料及顏色: 黑色塑膠

JOEREX JP016 Hand Pump 10''

打氣筒類型: 手動打氣筒

氣犄材料: 鋼材、橡膠、銅

軟管長度及顏色: 10 吋白色

氣嘴材料及顏色: 黑色塑膠

JOEREX 21322 Foot Pump

品 名:祖迪斯多用脚踏泵
材 料:塑胶/
颜 色:红色
特 点:豪华型高压脚泵,通用,紧密式豕计,结构坚固。18寸喉管,附指压表,加大缸豕计,防滑脚踏豕计。适用于篮球、足球、排球等球类充气,摩托车等车胎充气,救生圈、气球类充气。

JOEREX 31322 Foot Pump

品 名:祖迪斯多用脚踏泵
材 料:橡胶、塑料、金属配件
颜 色:
特 点:可用于自行车,摩托车、气垫,各类球等充气,是传统气筒的新型换代产品通用,紧密式豕计,结构坚固,防滑脚踏豕计。适用于篮球、足球、排球等球类充气,摩托车等车胎充气,救生圈、气球类充气。

Ball Bags & Nets

Sport-Thieme® Ball Storage Bag W1-IL1069701

Bag for 10-12 balls

  • Comes with strap so it can be carried like a rucksack

  • For approx. 10-12 size 5 footballs

  • With drawstring

The Sport-Thieme ball storage bag: large and strong
The Sport-Thieme ball storage bag is made from sturdy nylon and is therefore particularly long lasting. It is easy to close the bag with the drawstring and store the balls securely and compactly. Especially practical: the bag has a large capacity for ten to twelve size 5 footballs. The storage bag has a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

More information:

  • Diameter: 40 cm

  • Height: 80 cm

  • Material: 100% nylon

  • Colour: black / blue

  • Extremely strong

MIKASA® SDB Ball Duffle Bag

Reinforced Nylon with adjustable shoulder strap. 350x350 cm
for 16 balls
Color: Blue/Yellow

Mega Bag W1-IL1323841

  • Especially large transportation bag

  • Fill with your own choice of products

  • Lots of organisation pockets

  • With castors and carrying straps

  • Foldable, edges protected by plastic strips

  • Fill with your own choice of products. The bag is foldable and has castors and carrying straps. Organisation pockets and edges protected by plastic strips. 95x45x45 cm

MIKASA® M6B Volleyball Bag

made of firm, hard-wearing polyester. Premium manufacture with firm surround and washable surface. Padded, length-adjustable shoulder belt and carrying handle multiple sewed-up and tearproof riveted. Additional compartment for further accessories. Dimensions (LxWxH): 60 x 40 x 17 cm, Colour Black. For 6 Volleyballs.


HUCK Ball Carrier Nets

#269-3F for 9 balls

#26913-3F for 15 balls

Ball carrier nets with a mesh size of approx. 5 cm in approx. 2.5 mm high tenacity polypropylene with pull cord. A top-quality product suitable for balls. Three-colours per bag.

Ball Carrying Net W1-IL1101010

Carrying net for 10 - 12 balls

  • For ø 25 cm balls

  • Robust quality

  • Material: polyethylene

  • Particularly robust

Storage Net for Single Ball Holder W1-IL2728302

Create space in your equipment room

The storage net for the single ball holder enables compact storage and organisation in your equipment room.

  • Perfect storage opportunity

  • For up to 12 footballs

  • Easy assembly

  • Incl. 10 plastic clips

The storage net for the single ball holder – for up to 12 balls
The storage net for the single ball holder is very easy to attach to the holder using plastic clips. It has a mesh width of 5 cm and can hold up to 12 balls, dependent on their size. There is a drawstring on the opening of the net, meaning the ball bag can easily be pulled closed. This means your balls can be stored on the floor as well as on the holder using the clips. 

Product details:

  • 115 cm-long net

  • ø 35 cm

  • Mesh width: 5 cm

  • Yellow

Ball Racks & Trolleys

Sport-Thieme® Ball Carrier W1-IL1308701

  • Easy to fold up and transport

  • For approx. 20 balls, size 5

Transport and storage trolley

  • Space for approx. 20 balls, size 5

  • 168 litre storage capacity

  • Collapsible

  • Dimensions: approx. 62x62x84 cm

Mikasa® BCSPSH Ball Cart

  • Holds 24 Balls

  • SIZE: 25" x 25" x 40"

  • Classic Collapsible Ball Cart

  • Includes Matching Nylon Carrying Bag that doubles as a 6 ball tube

  • Sturdy, Aluminum Alloy Frame. Improved Larger Heavy Duty Wheels.

MARKWORT BCX16 Mobile Ball Rack

made of steel tube, chromed with casters. Practically for handy storage of 16 sport balls. Simple self-assembly. Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 101 x 22 x 132 cm.

Sport-Thieme® Wall Storage System W1-IL1069903

With the wall storage kit, you can safely store your large and small exercise balls away saving space. Whether in an equipment room or directly in the gym - keep everything tidy.

  • For concrete and other walls

  • Galvanised

  • For 3-5 exercise balls

  • For balls from 45-100 cm

  • Balls not included

Space-saving storage with the Wall Storage System
Bring order into your equipment room with the space-saving Storage System. Most rooms don't have enough space to store large balls. With this shelf system, this is no longer a problem. Up to 5 Pezzi and exercise balls can be tidily stored with this system.

Important information: 

  • Size: 240x75 cm

  • Including fixtures and fittings: screws 10x80 mm with washers and size 14 dowels

Stackable Ball Trolley W1-IL1311512

The stackable ball trolley is ideal for schools, clubs, nurseries and rooms where there is limited storage space.

  • Only suitable for use in dry areas

  • For storing balls and smaller items

  • Lockable (padlock not included)

  • 245 litre capacity - contents not included


  • Outer dimensions WxHxD: 69x94x53 cm (inc. wheels)

  • Load capacity: approx. 30 kg

  • Storage capacity: 245 litres

  • 4 smooth-rolling swivel castors

"Standard" Shelved Trolley

without additional railing W1-IL1311538

The 'Standard' shelved trolley is suitable for sports halls and equipment rooms. It provides storage space for all conventional balls and accessories.

  • Only for dry areas

  • Lockable (padlock not included)

  • Contents not included

Further details:

  • Maximum load 500 kg

  • Capacity 1,300 litres

  • 3 height-adjustable shelves

  • Maximum load per shelf: approx. 75 kg

  • 4 easy-rolling swivel castors ø 125 mm

Available versions:

  • Without railing, WxHxD: 150x140x62 cm, approx. 86 kg

  • With railing, WxHxD: 150x156x62 cm, approx. 91 kg

"Standard" Shelved Trolley

with additional railing W1-IL1311567

The 'Standard' shelved trolley is suitable for sports halls and equipment rooms. It provides storage space for all conventional balls and accessories.

  • Only for dry areas

  • Lockable (padlock not included)

  • Contents not included

Further details:

  • Maximum load 500 kg

  • Capacity 1,300 litres

  • 3 height-adjustable shelves

  • Maximum load per shelf: approx. 75 kg

  • 4 easy-rolling swivel castors ø 125 mm

Available versions:

  • Without railing, WxHxD: 150x140x62 cm, approx. 86 kg

  • With railing, WxHxD: 150x156x62 cm, approx. 91 kg

"Mini" Aluminium Shelved Trolley

140x150x62 cm W1-IL1309906

The 'Mini' aluminium shelved trolley is perfect for swimming pool areas and small equipment rooms.

  • Suitable for wet areas

  • Lockable (padlock not included)

  • Contents not included

Further details:

  • WxHxD: 125x125x62 cm

  • Made from aluminium

  • Capacity 970 litres

  • 2 shelves, adjustable to any height

  • 4 wheels (2 swivel castors and 2 fixed)

  • Contents, railing and lock not included

Sport-Thieme® "Jumbo XXL" Transport Trolley W1-IC1311785

The 'Jumbo XXL' transport trolley is a must-have for all sports halls. With the 'Jumbo XXL' you will have a sturdy and durable storage facility for balls and other sports equipment.

  • Organised, lockable storage for up to 50 footballs

  • Stable frame thanks to close-meshed galvanised stainless steel wire construction with additional struts

  • Also suitable for smaller children thanks to additional flap on the front

  • Compact storage

    Further details:

  • Made from stainless steel wire

  • Will hold approx. 100 kg

  • Dimensions when assembled: (WxHxD) 100x104x62.5 cm

  • Dimensions when folded down: (WxHxD) 100x104x20 cm

  • Capacity 600 litres

  • 4 easy-rolling guide castors ø 100 mm

  • Contents and padlock not included


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