Aquatic Fitness

Shark Bike W0-IL2089603

Aqua cycling is the new trend. It is ideal for the body and circulation.
This stationary bike is made from 316 litre stainless steel and is only suitable for use in water. A certified medical product so it is suitable for use in clinics and rehabilitation centres. Its simple design and handling will win over many fitness fans. The wateríŽs resistance when aqua training is much higher than if training with air resistance. This means:

íP        You will reach your training target faster and with less stress on your body

íP        The constant massage effect will help circulate blood in the skin, connective tissues and muscles

íP        Your heart and lung functioning is improved

íP        Quicker regeneration after injuries and operations.

Shark Jumper W0-IL2273004

Jumping makes you fit and happy. The new type of aqua fitness training.

íP        The Shark Jumper is made from high quality steel and secured with six suction cups

íP        Suitable for shallow water

íP        The bed has been approved by TÜV for its chlorine and salt water resistance

íP        Total diameter: 102 cm, diameter of bed: 75 cm

íP        Height 26 cm, 9 kg

íP        Aqua-Jumping works the whole muscular system

íP        Activates the heart, circulation and lymphatic systems

íP        Develops balance and coordination

íP        The buoyancy of the water relieves pressure on the joints

íP        When jumping on Shark Jumper in the water there is even more relief for joints than jumping on a normal trampoline

íP        Tension is released

íP        Stress is reduced

íP        Happiness hormones are released

íP        Shark Jumper offers the perfect prerequisites for getting children active, aqua fitness and rehabilitation sport.

íP        Suitable for shallow water


íP        High quality stainless steel

íP        Jumping sheet: TÜV approved chlorine and saline resistant

Product Details:

íP        Total diameter: 102 cm

íP        Jumping sheet ø 75 cm

íP        Height 26 cm

íP        Weight: 9 kg.

Handle Bar for Shark Jumper


íP        The handle bar is easy to attach

íP        Provides excellent training possibilities

íP        Creates safety for beginners and people with physical impairments

íP        Made from high quality stainless steel

The handle bar for Shark Jumper is easy to attach and offers excellent training opportunities for those who enjoy fitness. The bar also makes the product safer for beginners and people with physical disabilities. Made from high quality stainless steel.

Underwater Trampoline W0-IL2241601

Eurotramp revolutionises the aqua aerobics sector! The completely innovative and very high-quality underwater trampoline can be used with other training aids (e.g Thera-Bands, weights, sticks, dumbbells, pool noodles), is very versatile, provides effective fitness training and 100% fun. As well as in aqua aerobics, this underwater trampoline can also be used in training, therapy and for fun.

íP        The first trampoline for bouncing under water.

íP        Frame construction, 28 steel springs and 4 removable legs made from V4A stainless steel

íP        Suction cups made from chlorine resistant rubber mix. Trampoline bed (73.5x73.5 cm) made from PVC coated mesh. Shock absorbing frame padding made from high-quality neoprene sewn into trampoline bed, 19 cm wide, 5 mm thick.

íP        100x100x27cm. 15 kg.

Product details:

íP        Frame construction made from V4A stainless steel, 100x100x27 cm

íP        4 removable legs made from V4A stainless steel with suction cups

íP        Trampoline bed made from PVC coated mesh material 73.5 x 73.5 cm

íP        28 steel springs made from V4A stainless steel

íP        Shock absorbing frame padding made from high quality swimming pool liner, securely connected to the trampoline bed with Velcro

íP        Chlorine water resistant

íP        Weight: 15 kg

íP        Patent pending

Sport-Thieme® Aqua Step W0-IL1129609

Train your aerobic stamina, muscular stamina and strength with the aqua step.

íP        Height-adjustable aqua step

íP        Total weight 13 kg

íP        Size: approx. 68x36x19 cm

íP        Ideal for stability and stretching exercises

íP        Includes integrated galvanised weights (2x1.4 kg)

íP        Ideal also for stretching and stability exercises

íP        Shock-proof plastic

íP        Very strong and stable thanks to the rubber stoppers on the base

íP        Height-adjustable

íP        Recommended water depth between 80 and 150 cm

íP        Incl. integrated galvanised weights (2x 1.4 kg)

íP        Approx. 68x36x19 cm

íP        Total weight 13 kg

Aqua Step with Suction Cups W0-IL1129638

Secure positioning is guaranteed by its high net weight, textured surface and suction cups. Designed with a slip-resistant surface.

íP        Made from hard-wearing plastic

íP        Suitable for chlorinated water and UV-resistant

íP        Size: 68x35x17 cm

íP        Weight: approx. 6 kg.

íP        Specially developed for aqua exercise.

íP        High-quality plastic training aid

íP        Designed for the use in water






"Puzzle Step" Aqua Stepper

Green W0-IL2449904

Yellow W0-IL2449917

Orange W0-IL2449920

The Puzzle Step aqua stepper doesn't just bring colour to the swimming pool. Thanks to the clever stacking system with suction cups and 'docking sites', the stepper can also be stacked to form stairs and platforms. This provides completely new possibilities in aqua fitness training and creates new challenges, even for seasoned users! 

íP        Stackable aqua step for constructing stairs and platforms in the water

íP        With 6 suction cups for secure positioning on the pool floor and on other steppers

íP        Suction cup recesses on the surface ensure secure stacking of the steppers

íP        The bright colours improve the mood and can easily be seen underwater

íP        Structured surface for slip-resistant positioning of the feet

More information on the Puzzle stepper

íP        Dimensions (LxWxH): 70x35x19 cm

íP        Material: polyethylene

íP        Surface: slip-resistant structure with 10 suction cup docking sites

íP        Number of suction cups: 6

íP        Weight: 6 kg

íP        Recommended water depth: 120-140 cm

Aqua Balance Board W0-IC2431808

Balance training can now be done in the water.

Ideal for use in rehabilitation and water therapy. For improving coordination, body awareness and reaction times. For strengthening the core muscles and improving concentration.

íP        Max. load 100 kg

íP        ø 37 cm

íP        Made from plastic

Beco DynaPad W0-IL2272724

A must-have for all aqua fitness training in shallow water.

íP        Good posture begins with the feet!

íP        DynaPad develops balance and strengthens the entire musculoskeletal system.

íP        Muscle tone reduces and the foot loses its natural arch as a result of buoyancy and the resultant low impact on the feet.

íP        Develops balance and strengthens the entire musculoskeletal system

íP        Is particularly recommended for those with posture and balance problems

íP        The pimpled surface and curved shape massage and activate the muscles

Product information:

íP        Dimensions: 28x23x4.5 cm

íP        Colour: orange.

TYR Resistance Belt: LAQRES

Boost your water workout with the Aquatic Resistance Belt! This belt is a comfortable, stationary swim training device that builds strength and endurance. With quick drying capabilities, it offers optimum comfort and convenience.

The adjustable belt and clip system on this aquatic fitness equipment accommodates various body types and makes for a secure, perfect fit every time. Sporting a black and blue color combo, this aquatic belt has a fresh, attractive look.

TYR Floating Belt: LAQBLT

Boost your water workout with the Aquatic Flotation Belt! Featuring high density construction, the LAQBLT provides excellent flotation to help maximize your full body workout routines. The adjustable belt and clip system on this aquatic fitness equipmentaccommodates various body types and makes for a secure, perfect fit every time. 

Constructed with ergonomically designed EVA foam, it is one of the most soft and comfortable aquatic flotation belts on the market. It also sports a black and blue color combo for an attractive look. Size: 27'' íV 52''

Sport-Thieme® Hydro-Tone Aqua Jogging Belt W0-IC2570903

The soft aqua jogging belt

The Sport-Thieme hydro-tone aqua jogging belt provides you with great freedom of movement for power training in the water.

íP        Ideal for aqua jogging and aqua fitness in deep water

íP        Snug fitting and flexible: ideal for power training in the water

íP        Easy to handle and put on due to snap-in fastener

íP        Very soft, skin-friendly foam

íP        The Sport-Thieme hydro-tone aqua jogging belt íV supple for greater freedom
With the Sport-Thieme hydro-tone aqua jogging belt, you can really burn off energy in the water. The belt is made from flexible foam with a soft vinyl coating and fits snugly against your body. This ensures greater freedom of movement and optimum hold without slipping, even during intensive workouts. The Sport-Thieme hydro-tone aqua jogging belt is fastened using a dual-belt system for additional lower back support. Belt with snap-in clip.

Product information:

íP        Made from special foam with vinyl coating (antiseptic protection)

íP        Size of buoyancy panel: 74x22 cm

íP        Thickness of material: 3 cm

íP        Belt length: 135 cm

íP        Fastener: snap-in clip

íP        Max. bodyweight: 100 kg

íP        Colour: blue, belt black

Sport-Thieme® "Top Fit" Aqua Jogging Belt W0-IC1135709

The Sport-Thieme 'Top Fit' aqua jogging belt is a strong belt ideal for advanced group training.

íP        Belt made from EVA foam íV ideal for intensive use in classes

íP        Easy to use and quick to put on thanks to snap-in clip

íP        Flexible foam provides buoyancy without restricting movement

More information on the Top Fit aqua belt

íP        Size of buoyancy body (LxH): 73x23 cm

íP        Material thickness: 3.5cm

íP        EVA foam

íP        Strap length: 150 cm

íP        Fastening: snap-in clip

íP        Blue

íP        Max. body weight: 100 kg

Sport-Thieme® "Top" Aqua Jogging Belt W0-IL1135608

The Sport-Thieme "Top" aqua jogging belt is the perfect piece of training equipment for water exercises.

íP        Strong belt made from EVA foam: ideal for intensive use in classes

íP        Flexible foam provides buoyancy without restricting movement

íP        Easy to use and quick to put on thanks to snap-in clip fastener

íP        Higher back section increases safety for the wearer

íP        Extra wide strap for increased comfort

íP        For users of all ages: the Sport-Thieme "Top" aqua jogging belt
The high-quality "Top" aqua jogging belt has a wide strap which can be adjusted to suit the wearer and fits perfectly to the body. Whether for regenerative training following injuries to the musculoskeletal system or for aqua fitness for young and old. The heightened back section increases safety and the belt provides the required buoyancy for aqua jogging without limiting your movements. 

More information on the aqua jogging belt:

íP        Size of buoyancy body (LxWxH): 66x31 cm

íP        Material thickness: 3.5 cm

íP        Material: EVA foam

íP        Strap material: 100% nylon

íP        Strap length: 150 cm

íP        Fastening: snap-in clip

íP        Colour: blue

íP        Max. bodyweight: 100 kg

Replacement Strap for Aqua Jogging Belt W0-IL1135624

For the "Top" aqua jogging belt and "Top Fit" aqua jogging belt. 

Product information:

íP        Material: 100% nylon

íP        Length: 150 cm

íP        Important:
Only original replacement parts must be used for repair (in conjunction with the legal regulations), otherwise the certification is invalid. 

Sport-Thieme® Comfy Float/Fun Noodle Trolley, Box of 20 W0-IC2389804

Supplied with 20 Comfy floats.

íP        Trolley made from PP twin wall sheets with plastic wheels.

íP        Waterproof, mobile, quick water drainage

íP        Supplied with 20 Comfy floats/fun noodles, assorted colours.

íP        Trolley: 40x30x82 cm.

íP        Supplied with Comfy floats: 40x30x170 cm.

Comfy Float / Fun Noodle W0-IC1132205

The Comfy float is ideally suitable for water exercise, disabled sports or just as a fun swimming aid for schools.

íP        Closed-cell material: stays hygienic and clean for a long time and is bacteria-resistant

íP        Suitable for use in aqua fitness and therapy

íP        Very strong: ideal for swimming lessons in schools

íP        Waterproof and flexible

More information on the Comfy float:

íP        Length: 160 cm

íP        ø 7 cm

íP        Polyethylene foam

Comfy Mat W0-IL1132104

Another building block for the Comfy family.

íP        8 holes for Comfy floats

íP        For wet and dry areas

íP        Made from strong, closed-cell polyethylene foam

íP        150x50x3 cm

íP        With 8 holes for Comfy floats

íP        Ideal for wet and dry areas

íP        Made from strong, closed-cell polyethylene foam

íP        150x50x3 cm.

íP        Will hold up to 80 kg

Comfy Connector

14 cm 2 holes W0-IC1132335

22.5 cm 4 holes W0-IC1132348

32 cm 6 holes W0-IC1132306

Comfy connector for Comfy float/fun noodle

íP        Available in 3 versions

íP        ø approx. 10 cm

íP        For creating your own play structures

íP        For use both in and out of the water

íP        Made from polyethylene foam

íP        Build your own play structures in and out of the water

íP        The openings in the connector means there are endless ways of joining and building

íP        Made from the same material as Comfy float

íP        Available in three versions: with two holes, ideal for creating rings; with four holes and with six holes, for creating imaginative training and play objects

íP        Approx. ø 10 cm

íP        Yellow

íP        Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.

Aqua Sphere® Aqua X Power Training Glove W0-IL2472401

The Aqua Sphere X Power Training Glove is the high-performance combination of glove and dumbbell. Effectively work out your upper body in the water.

íP        Helps to regenerate and prevents sore muscles

íP        To support upper body muscles.

íP        Integrated foam - making even more rigorous training possible

íP        Larger surface for a bigger resistance

íP        Ideal for strength training, kick boxing and interval training in water

Product details:

íP        Elastane polyester, PE foam and neoprene

íP        Green/black

Aqua Band

2 x 500 g W0-IL1485905

2 x 1000 g W0-IL1485918

íP        Suitable for use in water aerobics

íP        Easy to put on with Velcro fastener

íP        Two different weights for varied training requirements

The weight cuff for use in water
The Aqua Band is a wrist or ankle cuff for use in water aerobics. The band is attached with a Velcro strap. Cover and weights can be washed separately.

More information:

íP        Cover material: 70% nylon / 30% polyurethane mesh

íP        Weights: silicone composite

Aqua band versions:

íP        2 x 500 g

íP        2 x 1 kg

Sport-Thieme® Leg floats "Sportime"

Size L, Blue, Height 21 cm W0-IC2001601

Size XL, Blue, Height 31 cmW0-IC2001614

The leg floats offer great buoyancy and are ideal for aqua jogging and aqua fitness in deep water.

íP        Perfect training aid for whole body workouts

íP        Strengthen legs, bum and back

íP        Strengthen the cardiovascular system

íP        With the Competition lane line: wave dissipation improved by 29%

Available versions:

íP        Size L, blue, height 21 cm (slightly less buoyancy)

íP        Size XL, blue, height 31 cm (extra buoyancy)


Sport-Thieme® Aqua Jogging Dumbbells "Sportime"

Junior Length, approx. 28 cm, Ø 9cm W0-IC1129234

Senior Length, approx. 30 cm, Ø 15cm W0-IC1129247

The Sport-Thieme aqua jogging dumbbells are popular training products for aqua fitness. The light foam dumbbells increase buoyancy and resistance in the water allowing for effective training of the whole upper body. 

íP        Dumbbells for many uses in aqua fitness and water jogging

íP        Increase water resistance íV ideal for stamina training in the water

íP        Aqua fitness with aqua dumbbells trains the whole body

íP        Water buoyancy allows for training that is easy on the joints

Sport-Thieme® "Sportime" Aqua Jogging Dumbbells with Holding Strap

Water dumbbells for therapy and fitness

Junior Length approx. 28 cm, Ø 9 cm W0-IL2394406

Senior Length, approx. 35 cm, Ø 15cm W0-IC2394419

The Sport-Thieme aqua jogging dumbbells are standard aqua dumbbells with an additional holding strap over the handle. This holding strap also makes it possible to use the dumbbells for foot exercises and therapeutic movement patterns with an open hand.

íP        Water dumbbells with holding strap for aqua fitness and water therapy

íP        Holding strap allows exercises with open hand and foot exercises

íP        Increase water resistance and buoyancy for intensive whole-body training

íP        Train particularly effectively and joint-friendly

íP        Available in two sizes with different levels of buoyancy

Sport-Thieme aqua jogging dumbbells with holding straps: more possibilities
These aqua jogging dumbbells with a holding strap are the same as the Sport-Thieme standard aqua dumbbells 1129234 except for the additional holding strap. They are made from foam discs that are fixed to the plastic handlebar. The handle has an extra skin-friendly foam layer for a pleasant feel and firm grip. The holding strap is attached to the ends of the handle. This allows people with limited hand movements or hand injuries to train with water dumbbells by simply putting their hands through the holding straps. It is also possible to attach the dumbbells with holding straps to the feet and to carry out exercises for the lower extremities.

Available versions:

íP        Junior: total length approx. 28 cm, handle length 13 cm, ø 9 cm, foam discs approx. 7.5 cm wide, 200 g

íP        Senior: total length approx. 30 cm, handle length 10 cm, ø 15 cm, foam discs each 10.5 cm wide, 250 g

More information:

íP        Material: skin-friendly foam

íP        Colour: blue

AquaSphere® "Ergo Bells" Aqua Jogging Dumbbells W0-IL2180801

[Ergonomic water jogging dumbbellss in a modern design.]

íP        With ergonomic handles. Increase the resistance in the water therefore strengthen the whole upper body when stamina training in the water.

Ergonomic water jogging dumbbells in a modern design. New innovative and modern.

íP        With ergonomic handles

íP        Increase resistance in the water and therefore strengthen the whole upper body when stamina training in the water

íP        Made from skin-friendly foam

íP        Bright marbled yellow/orange colour

íP        Ideal for women

íP        Length approx. 35 cm

íP        Handle length approx. 13 cm

íP        Really light at approx. 100 g per weight.

Aqua nordicJET W0-IC2334804

The Aqua nordicJET is the perfect training aid for Nordic walking in the water.

íP        Ideal for aqua Nordic walking, aqua fitness, rehabilitation and sports for senior citizens

íP        Suitable for deep and shallow water

íP        Develops coordination, balance, strength endurance and flexibility

íP        Pleasantly lightweight

Product details:

íP        Size: 30x24x12 cm/each

íP        Weight: 150 g/each

íP        Material: high-quality E.V.A. foam


Aqua BeFlex Hand Paddles

Pink W0-IC2288518

Purple W0-IC2288521

Turquoise W0-IC2288534

Dark Blue W0-IC2288547

The Aqua BeFlex hand paddles are a versatile silicone aqua fitness product for both general aqua fitness training and water exercise for senior citizens.

íP        Ideal for aqua fitness, senior gymnastics, rehabilitation, performance training

íP        Suitable for shallow water

íP        Promotes coordination, endurance, flexibility

íP        Set of 10 íV extremely versatile

íP        Available in 4 different colours

Product details:

íP        Size: 29 cm long

íP        Weight: 500 g/pair

íP        Material: silicone

"Hydro-Tone Power Bells" Aqua Jogging Weights W0-IL2302209

The Hydro-Tone Power Bells are water weights with high resistance in the water, making them perfectly suited for intensive aqua fitness training.

íP        Excellent for intensive aqua fitness

íP        For ambitious recreational athletes

íP        Can also be used in therapy

íP        Training for the upper body and arm muscles

They are also great for ambitious sports people as well as for the use in therapy. You will get successful intensive muscle training for the upper body and arm muscles with the Hydro-Tone Power Bells. 

íP        Made from polypropylene.

íP        Yellow.

íP        L: 30 cm, W: 20 cm.

íP        Weight approx. 600 g per weight.

íP        Instructions included.

Aqua Paddles W0-IL1994100

Optimal shoulder training. Train your shoulders and develop your balance.

íP        Made from plastic

íP        With an ergonomically shaped handle which guarantees optimal handling without making you tired

íP        Train your shoulders and balance

íP        Includes a poster with different exercises.

íP        300 g.

Beco Aqua Disc

A well-rounded affair!

Blue W0-IC2810805

Red W0-IC2810818

Yellow W0-IC2810821

Green W0-IC2810834

This Beco aqua disc is a must-have for aqua exercise, aqua gymnastics and power fitness. With this small fitness device, you can effectively train the upper body and cardiovascular system.

íP        Ideal for pool fun, cardiovascular training and performance training

íP        Suitable for deep and shallow water

íP        Develops coordination, balance, strength endurance and flexibility

íP        With ergonomically shaped grip holes

íP        Available in 4 different colours

The Beco aqua disc íV a must-have for swimming training 
The aqua disc from Beco is the optimum training device for use in water. It is made from coated solid foam and has two practical grip moulds for thumbs and fingers. With versatile uses, you can particularly train coordination, strength, endurance and balance with the aqua disc. By simply changing the angle and therefore the resistance individual load control is possible. Two discs alone provide enough buoyancy to keep one grown adult afloat. 

Product information: 

íP        Size: ø 25 cm

íP        Material thickness: 5 cm

íP        Weight: 100 g

íP        Material: PE foam, coated

Aqua Flower Colour Disc Set W0-IC2423500

Aqua fitness with colourful flowers.

íP        Boost motivation and group fun in aqua fitness with these colourful flowers.

íP        Innovative, versatile aqua fitness training discs. Buoyancy and difficulty level can be adjusted for shallow and deep water by linking two discs.

íP        Ergonomic design with handle in the middle.

íP        One disc for professional training in shallow water or two discs for enough buoyancy for power training in deep water.

íP        One set consists of 6 colours. Both front and back are a different colour.

íP        Included are 2 of each orange/lilac, red/green, yellow/blue.

íP        Made from high-quality, 2-ply, closed-cell foam.

íP        Material thickness approx. 2 cm.

íP        ø of each disc 22 cm

íP        Weight: approx. 150g per item

Beco Aqua BEnamic

Pink W0-IL2466011

Purple W0-IL2466024

Turquoise W0-IL2466037

Dark Blue W0-IL2466008

The Beco Aqua BEnamic is the ultimate water fitness aid for the upper body. Effective muscle workout.

íP        Ideal for training in shallow water

íP        Activates the muscle groups íV thanks to the various holding options

íP        Medium buoyancy: works in a stable position

The Beco Aqua BEnamic: for efficient swimming workout
The Aqua BEnamic from Beco is the perfect training aid for aqua fitness. When working out, the upper body muscles are targeted. Thanks to the various holding options, the "BEnamic" activates different muscle groups allowing the user to evenly shape their body. The flexible training aid for use in water is great for use in shallow water areas. In deep water, the Aqua BEnamic can be used in combination with other buoyancy aids. With just an average amount of buoyancy, the user can work in a stable position and achieve maximum success.

Product information:

íP        Colours: dark blue, pink, purple and turquoise

íP        Length: 45 cm

íP        Weight: 300 g

TheraBand Aqua Fins W0-IL2000709

A new product for strength training and body shaping in aqua fitness.

íP        Two fins are fastened to the wrist or ankle by means of a cuff and hook-and-loop fastening to increase the resistance

íP        Set of 2 complete fins and a carrying and storage net

íP        Aquafins

íP        Set of 2 complete fins

íP        Fins are fastened to the wrist or ankle by a cuff and hook-and-loop fastening

íP        For strength training and body shaping

íP        Incl. carrying and storage net

Aqua Disc Pro W0-IL2179201

The innovative Aqua Disc Pro is a combined disc for flexible aqua training. Ideal for exercises in shallow and deep water with two linkable discs.

íP        Ideal for every age group: women, men, teens, senior citizens, fitness enthusiasts and athletes

íP        Ergonomically centred handle guarantees a firm grip during training

íP        Variable level of difficulty and buoyancy thanks to two linkable discs

More information on the Aqua Disc Pro

íP        Approx. ø 22 cm

íP        Thickness approx. 2 cm

íP        Handle: ergonomically centred handle

íP        High-quality foam

íP        Yellow

Beco® Aqua Twin II

Small, shoe size 36-41 W0-IC2092007

Large, shoe size 42-46 W0-IC2092010


The Beco Aqua Twin II is the latest generation of the Aqua Twins. Be it fitness, therapy or rehabilitation, the Aqua Twins are particularly versatile.

íP        Very robust thanks to coated surface

íP        Optimum fit: individually adjustable thanks to foot straps and Velcro fastening

íP        Comfortable to wear thanks to new, deeper sole of foot

íP        Effective legs, bums and tums training in the water

íP        High buoyancy: free and independent movement in the water without additional buoyancy aids

More information on the Aqua Twin:

íP        LxW: 23x22 cm

íP        Solid foam

íP        Size S: shoe size 36-41, red

íP        Size L: shoe size 42-46, blue

Aqua-BElegx Leg Floats

Pink W0-IL2427603

Turquoise W0-IL2427629

Dark Blue W0-IL2427632

BElegx is the modern buoyancy aid. It comes in bright colours and a modern design.

íP        Ideal for aqua fitness, gymnastics for senior citizens and rehabilitation

íP        Suitable for deep and shallow water

íP        Develops coordination, endurance, flexibility

íP        Perfect fit without additional fastening

íP        Available in 4 different colours

Product details:

íP        Measurements: 30x10x5 cm

íP        Weight: 500 g

íP        Material: EVA foam

Aqua Fitness Cuff

Small, green W0-IL2394624

Large, Purple W0-IL2394637

íP        Extremely comfortable ankle cuff

íP        Made from soft, high-quality Evazote material

íP        Offers ideal buoyancy for aqua jogging and aqua fitness

íP        With an adjustable strap with clasp

íP        Very comfortable

íP        Available in small, 40x11 cm, 1-2.5 cm high for less buoyancy; large, 40x11.5 cm, 1-5 cm high for extra buoyancy.

Aqua BeTomic

Pink W0-IL2288619

Purple W0-IL2288622

Turquoise W0-IL2288635

Dark Blue W0-IL2288648

The Aqua BeTomic is a versatile fitness product for the water. Small and handy, enabling optimal endurance training for the whole body.

íP        Ideal for aqua fitness, senior citizens' gymnastics, rehabilitation, games and stimulation

íP        Suitable for deep and shallow water

íP        Promotes coordination, endurance, flexibility

íP        Ergonomic grip with hands or feet

íP        Available in 4 different colours

Product details:

íP        Size: ø 20 cm Weight: 200 g Material: EVA foam

Sportime® All-Trainer W0-IL1466906

All-Trainer: The classic aid for aerobics and aqua fitness with variable weights.

íP        Versatile weight

íP        Can be filled to meet users' requirements

íP        Training weights from 400g up to 5 kg

All-Trainer Training Weights:

íP        Water filled: approx. 2.5 kg

íP        Sand filled: approx. 3.5 kg

íP        Metal filings: approx. 5 kg

Professional Aqua Kickboxing Gloves W0-IL2250801

The latest generation of aqua kickboxing gloves.

íP        A new, special design made from high-quality PE foam.

íP        The surface is coated, making them extremely strong.

íP        Ideal for effective upper body training.

íP        Length approx. 26 cm.


Aqua Fitness Gloves

S, 23.5 x 16.5 cm turquoise W0-IC1129511

M, 25 x 18 cm red W0-IC1129524

L, 26.5 x 19 cm blue W0-IC1129537

The Aqua fitness gloves increase water resistance in aqua exercise and add to the training effect. With these gloves you can refine your technique and assist your strength training.

íP        Adjustable with Velcro fastener on the wrist

íP        Flexibility of the gloves: great wear comfort and improved feel in the water

íP        Goals: refinement of technique and strength training

íP        Uses: shoulder and arm training in aqua fitness exercises

íP        Available in 4 sizes

Available sizes: