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Gilbert® "Zenon" Rugby Training Ball

Size 4 W1-IL1088423

Size 5 W1-IL1088436

  • High-quality training ball

  • Good grip surface

  • Exceptionally good grip

  • Special rubberised surface

  • Lightly dimpled structure

  • Colour: white/red/black

  • Size 4: children between 8-13 years old, 340 g, length approx. 29 cm

  • Size 5: youths over 14 years old, approx. 435 g, length approx. 36 cm

Gilbert® "Omega" Competition Rugby Ball, Size 5 W1-IL1088465

The Gilbert® "Omega" competition rugby ball is a high-quality competition ball for school and club sports. It provides excellent grip thanks to its special "Gilbert-Grip" surface. 

  • Suitable for schools and clubs

  • Particularly wear-proof thanks to hard-wearing, synthetic material

  • Good ball feeling due to its unique shape

  • Pleasant ball feeling due to its good grip

The Gilbert "Omega" competition rugby ball – durable and hard-wearing
The Gilbert "Omega" competition rugby ball is a robust ball for use in club or school sport. It stands out thanks to its patented Truflight bladder. This gives the ball excellent flight characteristics. The hand-stitched rugby ball consists of a 3-layer polycotton and cotton laminate construction. Its functional rubber surface guarantees optimal grip in captivating duels. 

Product details:

  • Size 5

  • Length: 36 cm

  • Approx. 435 g

  • Blue/black


 American Football 


Wilson® "Duke Game Ball" Football W1-IL1072352

The Wilson® "Duke Game Ball" football has been the official match ball of the NFL since 1941. Its name comes from Wellington Mara "The Duke".

  • Developed for the highest level of competition

A ball made from real leather.

  • Developed for the highest competitive level

  • Excellent grip and durability

  • Handmade from real leather

  • Perfect grip for best playability

  • Size 9

Wilson® "NFL Duke Replica" Football W1-IL1072365

The Wilson® "NFL Duke Replica" is the ideal football for recreational and hobby players.

Premium composite leather

  • A mix of synthetic material and leather.

  • Patented ACL lacing system

  • Perforated surface for very good grip

  • Plays really well

  • Size 9, official size

Conti "American" Football

Size 6 320-340 g, length 26 cm W1-IL1861336

Size 7 345-380 g, length 27 cm W1-IL1861323

Size 9 397-425 g, length 28 cm W1-IL1861310

The Conti "American" football is a good-grip competition ball with nylon carcass and rubber surface. It is available in three sizes for children up to 15 years old, youths and the official competitive size for adults.

  • Good-grip competition ball with nylon lining and rubber cover

  • Also suitable for various warm-up games in sports lessons

  • For school sport, recreation, club training or competitions

  • Available in three sizes for children, youths and adults

  • The small balls are easier to grip for children

    More information on the football in children's size 6

  • Length: 26 cm

  • Weight: 320-340 g

  • For children up to 15 years old

    More information on the football in youths' size 7

  • Length: 27 cm

  • Weight: 345-380 g

  • For youths

    More information on the football in size 9

  • Length: 28 cm

  • Weight: 397-425 g

  • Official competition size

Sport-Thieme® Flag Football Team Set W1-IL1869369

The set consists of:

  • 2 sets of belts, Each set with 5 belts, each belt with 2 flags (50% polyester, 50% polypropylene. One set with red 1869301 and one set with yellow 1869343 flags

  • 1 football, size 6 (1861336)

  • Includes storage bag and instructions

Sport-Thieme® Flag Football

Red W1-IL1869301

Yellow W1-IL1869343

Flag football: improve fitness and endurance
Flag football is the non-contact form of American football. When the flags are pulled off a clear noise is heard making it easier for the referee and the onlookers to know what is happening. Flag football is a great variety for school sports. It can be played to the rules of football. Instead of targeting the body, the opponent is tackled by pulling the flag. It can also be used for training sessions (fitness/stamina) in team sports.

Product details:

  • Material: 50 % polypropylene, 50% polyester

  • Belt length: 110 cm

  • Available in two colours


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